Son Ye Jin Becomes a Winter Goddess for Allure Magazine

Son Ye Jin gets into the spirit of Winter for the latest edition of Korean Allure magazine. I find her breathtakingly gorgeous in any setting, and this photo spread is no exception. She actually channels a very warm personality in the dramas and movie performances of hers that I love, so it’s a nice cool breeze to see her chilly incarnation.

She (and Lee Min Ho) were the only reasons I bothered with Personal Taste, and even then I felt the urge to stomp all over that drama. Son Ye Jin has been predominately doing films for the last few years anyways, so I’m not holding my breath for her to do a drama in 2011 or the near future. I’m just happy to see her do a photo spread or watch her new movie(s).


Son Ye Jin Becomes a Winter Goddess for Allure Magazine — 4 Comments

  1. Hy ockoala,

    Woooowww.. I didnt expect she could be that gorgeous.. I like her acting as well.. But in personal taste, i think she over do it. Hehe. Too muchh.. Bt yeah, still love her.

  2. Yea, same here… I only bothered to watch Personal Taste because of her & Lee Min Ho… actually I’m still stuck on episode 12 and I don’t see any hope of me finishing the drama. EVER. T.T So sad.

    Anyway, she’s very pretty on these pictures… I wish she shared some of her beauty to me. lol XD

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