The Cast of Dream High Dance to SNSD’s “Genie” On the Streets of Seoul

The leads of Dream High were captured on fan cam on the streets of Seoul, filming a scene for the upcoming episode. The students of Kirin High’s loser class, Hye Mi, Jin Gook, Sam Dong, and Pil Suk, performed a cover of SNSD‘s “Genie”. All I know is – Kim Soo Hyun is dancing to an idol cover, and shaking his money maker. This I gotta see!

Fan cam of the Dream High cast dancing to Genie:


I don’t what is it about DH, but I find the impending love triangle deliciously my cup of tea. I think it’s because both guys are amazing, yet are so wholly dissimilar and offer completely different emotional outlets for Hye Mi. I’m reserving my decision for which ship gets my vote, but I consider it a bonus if DH toggles the love triangle so that I remain unable to pick a side until the very end.


The Cast of Dream High Dance to SNSD’s “Genie” On the Streets of Seoul — 13 Comments

  1. so true. both guys are soo fine. If only she can date both guys at the same time…
    Suzy perfectly fits the role. I looooove her role here.
    We now have a bratty heroine to root. ANd Kim soo hyun…. sigh

  2. even though I’m a Taec’s fan, I won’t ship any pairing on DH. I don’t mind either way – even I really hope Taec gets a girl this time! hahah.
    I ship Jason – Pilsook couple! so adorable those two..

  3. Not a fan of HyeMi or Baekhee as they are right now and I think the guys are too good for either of them at this moment but in the long run I hope SamDong gets the girl because KSH should be the male lead, he earned it. Also I really want to see Taec and Eunjung act together on screen cause they seem like awesome friends offscreen.

    I am not into shipping couples this early in the kdrama game but I am definitely looking forward to Pilsuk-Jason interactions cause they are ADORABLE.

  4. kim soo hyun….is so gorgeoussss <3
    this is the first time i've seen taec act, but i'm starting to like his character more and more :] i'm shipping for taec&hyemi, but that's just my bias ;]
    thank you very much Miz Koala! please do more on DH, i'm anticipating!!

  5. seeing kim soo hyun dancing genie made my day!!!

    i already love that kid for having good actings chops but hearing him sing and seeing him dance like an idol makes him more freaking adorable!

    as of the moment i love dream high! the love triangle or square or whatever shape this love hulabaloo would be, im on it!

    so, i hope that dream high wont let me down!

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