My Princess Episode 12 Recap

I need some help people. If you are enjoying My Princess, or enjoying my recaps of it, or hopefully both, can you leave a comment telling me? I need something positive to motivate me to finish recapping this drama, which I vow to do. I’m thisclose to tearing my hair out having to suffer through another interminable episode of “The Yoon Joo Fug-Face Show”, and want to know that what I’m suffering for actually brings enjoyment to people. MP episode 12 didn’t restore the last shred of hope I had that this drama would somehow regain its momentum and/or sanity. But at least I survived watching and recapping it.

I can’t even compare MP’s downward trajectory (created by gaping plot holes and character behaviors that are not logical) to the other two dramas that I have recapped (Playful Kiss and Mary Stayed Out All Night). PK had the fluffiest of all fluff plots, and M3 went turbo on the insanity train. But through it all, it remained entertaining for me to watch and recap. Okay, it was also fun to gripe about the things going wrong in it (see my PK ep 15 and M3 ep 15 recaps – hey, ep 15 seems to the universal crazy-of-all-crazy episodes).

But MP is not fun anymore, either on a pure watch level, nor on a snark level. Episode 12 had zero energy, and worse yet, it had no point. It was deader than road kill. I watched all the actors sleepwalk through this episode, and then spit out their lines on cue. Don’t get me wrong, I still love Seol, Hae Young and Jung Woo, but I’m shaking my head at how this peppy adorable little drama became this….dreadfully boring mind suck. Read on, and tell me if you agree with me, or I should shut my trap.

Episode 12 Recap:

OMG, what is this insanity!?! Episode 12 started with almost 8 whole minutes of scenes from episode 11! That amount of filler redundancy is unacceptable, I call foul and lameness all around. If you haven’t written or filmed enough new material, then keep the episode short and shove more commercials beforehand. End of rant.

Hae Young walks into the bedroom, asking Yoon Joo what happened since he can see that something is wrong with Seol. Yoon Joo says that she was just comforting Seol (by stabbing her with a thousand needles and pouring acid in the wound), who appears to be in shock after finding out the satchel does not belong to her.

Hae Young grabs Seol, turning her around, and telling her urgently that she needs to trust him, and tell him everything she heard. Only then can he protect her. Yoon Joo is all “yeah, go ahead and tell oppa what you just heard”, and Hae Young asks her again what Yoon Joo told her. Seol decides not to tell Hae Young, and goes along with the pretense that she was just shocked about the satchel.

I am so frustrated with these people, ugh, just tell him, Seol! Yoon Joo leaves, and Hae Young presses Seol again to tell him what happened. She keeps insisting that her shock was caused by Dan having the satchel, and tries to go rest. Hae Young stops her and tells her that he has something he wants to tell her.

She stops him, and tells him with a smile that she doesn’t believe what her sister said. Dan likes to make up stories, so neither of them should believe the crock of baloney Dan concocted. Hae Young looks grim, but turns and walks out of the room. Seol watches Hae Young leave, and breaks down in tears at all the crap she’s just found out. Hae Young walks outside, but he can hear Seol sobbing in her room. (Hae Young-ahhh, can you come and comfort me, too. I’m sobbing tears of blood in my heart for how indescribably stupid the plot of MP is spiraling towards. Please save me, too……)

Seol sits in her room and reads the notes that Hae Young left for her in the previous episodes. Rather than, I dunno, be productive and start thinking about ways to disprove backstabbity bitch-face Dan’s usurper pack of lies.

The next morning, Yoon Joo is drinking coffee in the courtyard and smirking, lest her face resemble a human beings. Seol comes up to her, and Yoon Joo is all smarmy and asks her whether she feels better, and is prepared to run away now. Seol says that Yoon Joo is a horrible person, even more horrible than she realized. She’s using two people against Seol, two important people that Seol cannot hurt, i.e. her sister and Hae Young.

Yoon Joo’s cruel gloating expression during this scene is so vile that I had this genuine uncontrollable rage to punch her in the face. Yoon Joo asks Seol whether she is planning to leave or not. Seol says that she will leave, as Yoon Joo smiles and says that it’s a wise decision. Seol tells her that leaving is not because she will not be the princess or will not return.

She’s leaving for now, and she plans to come back as the princess. At that time, Yoon Joo will be DEAD. Oh Seol, them is big words, but that doesn’t scare this hag. Yoon Joo asks her how she expects to come back? There is nothing Seol can do to come back here. However Seol gets back to the palace, everyone will know the truth about Hae Young’s dad.

Seol becoming a princess will ruin many people’s lives, especially Hae Young and his father’s lives. Yoon Joo tells Seol to just leave. You know what more I hate about Yoon Joo – how she doesn’t care a whit about Hae Young’s life or the dirty deeds of his father getting out, she just gloms on to that excuse to keep sticking a needle into Seol to make it hurt. It’s not just about winning for Yoon Joo, it’s a personal vendetta against Seol, and she wants Seol to hurt as much as possible.

Hae Young looks at the envelope his sunbae gave him in the last episode, containing the contact information for his father in New York. After some hesitation, he calls and leaves a message. It’s clear Hae Young misses his father, but there are more pressing matters at hand. Seol mopes her way back to her room.

Hae Young comes to see her, asking if she slept well. She protests that she never said he could come in, and he laughs and tells her that next time she can come into his room anytime she wants to. Oooooh, invitation for booty call, you sly dog Hae Young! On a more serious note, he asks Seol to make public the picture of her and her father that was given by the old couple by the seaside.

That picture will prove that she is the real daughter of Lee Han, and not having a satchel is not important to her identity. Seol objects – the picture is not enough, people can still cast doubt, and will ask for a DNA test, which means exhuming her dad’s remains. This can go on infinitely as long as people want to keep suspecting.

Seol says she will consider it, but she is tired and wants to rest. Hae Young gets up to leave, and Seol stops him, asking if he believes that she is the real princess. He says yes with a certainty, that until the day he died, he will believe that she is the princess who stole his inheritance. He tells her not to worry, he’ll handle everything. Seol watches him leave with a wistful expression on her face.

She packs her going-to-Egypt red suitcase to prepare for her departure from the palace. She looks over all her materials, including the picture of her and her dad. She uses the red strawberry hair band from her childhood and ties up her hair. A lady in waiting tries to stop her, but Seol says that Yoon Joo has given her permission already.

Yoon Joo and the older lady in waiting watch her leave, and Yoon Joo asks that someone keep an eye on her. Dan calls Yoon Joo, complaining that she has been cooped up all day. Yoon Joo tells her to stop being so stupid and let her handle things. Dan suddenly hears a pounding at the door, and its Hae Young.

Yoon Joo tells her not to open the door, and she will install Dan in a safe hotel. Yoon Joo seethes at the older lady in waiting, demanding to know how Hae Young found Dan. Hae Young tells Dan through the door, that even if Seol finds evidence, she won’t reveal it because she doesn’t want to hurt Dan. Instead of feeling ashamed, Dan mutters that Seol is just pretending to be kind. Hae Young offers to help Dan, and asks that she contact him.

Hae Young asks Secretary Oh how he verified that Seol was the princess in the beginning. What was the reason? Secretary Oh tries to leave, but Hae Young wants to know the truth, since it’s becoming clear that Secretary Oh has concealed even more information about his father’s wrongdoings. Secretary Oh asks Hae Young to stop trying to find out the truth.

Hae Young also puts two and two together, asking Secretary Oh if Yoon Joo also knows about the truth regarding his father. This time Secretary Oh tries to protect his daughter, asking if Hae Young is suspecting her. Secretary Oh tries to convince him that they are all one family, but Hae Young tells him that he doesn’t trust ANYONE at this point. Hallelujah, Hae Young!

The lady in waiting informs Hae Young that the princess has left the palace, with the permission of Yoon Joo. She tells Hae Young that the princess looked like she had been kicked out. Hae Young scrambles to find where the princess is. At the guest house, Hae Young is trailed by reporters, as he asks her mom where Seol could have gone.

Her mom asks if Seol disappeared because of the satchel situation? He leaves two lackey to protect her, and asks that she call him if Seol comes home. He promise to protect Seol and make sure she’s alright. Mom looks very upset at the turn of events. Hae Young’s calls to Seol all end up in her voicemail. He goes to her father’s grave, and sees a bouquet of flowers there already. Clearly Seol had been by earlier.

He promises to visit the grave again after he finds Seol. At this time, Seol is at the police station looking for criminal records about her father’s car accident. The police tell her that since her father’s accident was not deemed a crime but an accident, the records are deleted after 5 years. Seol goes to visit her father’s seaside friends.

They ask how she is doing? She wants to know if her father and her were being chased when they arrived in this village. The husband says that something did seem off, especially since her father ran away one night without saying anything. Afterwards, a rich man came by asking the whereabouts of her father.

Seol wants to know if anyone could have known her father. They explain that it took them a long time to even reach Seol last time. They called the number on the ad repeatedly, and reached someone, who brushed them aside and never passed along the information on how to reach Seol.

Seol calls the number on the newspaper, reading the front desk of the Daehan Group. She identifies herself, asking to see the list of people who called the number to respond to the ad. She is initially refused, on the orders that Secretary Oh had told them no one could see it. Seol threatens to go straight to Grandpa, and is given the list.

Seol calls everyone on the list, scratching off one lead after another. Hae Young is back in his swanky apartment, recalling the first night he brought Seol here and she had a tummy ache, and also when she got sick and he took care of her. He calls Seol’s friend, and finds out that she may have spent last night in the professor’s office. She promises to call Hae Young if she sees Seol.

Hae Young calls his father again, leaving another voicemail message. In this message, Hae Young asks his father if his father killed Lee Han? Not exactly the cuddliest of messages, especially since Hae Young ends up yelling into his cellphone of angst. Seol is still calling everyone under the sun. She sees a call listing from a James Park, who called from the US. Gee, I wonder who that can be.

She calls that number back, and it’s of course Hae Young’s dad’s voicemail. She leaves a message identifying herself, and asking for him to call her back. Hae Young is still moping in his apartment. He types in a message on the princess’s website, saying that a public servant can’t sleep because of her, signing off as P-kun.

Yoon Joo comes by, at the request of Hae Young. He cuts to the chase, and asks her whether she knows where Seol is right now. He feels bad towards Yoon Joo, but he knows that she likely asked that Seol be followed. He understands her motivations, but nothing matters now except finding Seol. She agrees to tell him where Seol is, but she can’t come back to the palace. Hae Young is all like “shut your trap and tell me where she is, I can’t hear another word you are saying” (okay, I’m paraphrasing just a tad here). Yoon Joo looks more bitter than ever.

Seol has fallen asleep at the restaurant and is recognized by the patrons. She tries to leave, but spills another customer’s coffee all over that person. She tries to apologize but that chick asks for coffee and cleaning money. Except Seol doesn’t have any money, so she keeps apologizing. Hae Young comes up to her and acts all upset with her.

Hae Young gives her money and drags Seol out of there. In the car, he asks if she’s alright? Will she run away again? She says that she will not go back to the palace unless she finds her father’s trail from when he was alive. Hae Young asks if she believes that his father hurt her father. He tells her to believe what she wishes, but he’ll go with her to find the truth.

Hae Young confesses that believing in his father’s innocence is the only thing keeping him going. Hae Young takes Seol to Jung Woo’s apartment, and barges in, saying that they are here to crash with him temporarily. Hae Young makes himself at home, and drags Jung Woo out to go grocery shopping. Yoon Joo is informed that Seol and Hae Young are staying with Jung Woo, and she is not happy.

Grandpa arrives at the palace, yelling at Yoon Joo and Secretary Oh about why the princess left the palace and nothing was done to stop her. Yoon Joo says that she will go bring the princess back. Secretary Oh asks his daughter privately whether this is all her doing? He tells her that Hae Young questioned him about whether he told Yoon Joo about Hae Young’s father.

Yoon Joo asks whether her father covered for her, and her response makes it clear to her dad that his daughter has been the mastermind behind this entire situation. She thanks her father for protecting her. Jung Woo wants to know why Hae Young dragged him out, and Hae Young says that he wants to let Seol wash up without feeling awkward.

Jung Woo picks the most expensive cut of meat for their dinner, leading Hae Young to gripe that he sure picks the most expensive stuff when someone else is paying. The younger lady in waiting and Gun are online, trying to stop all the princess antis and protect their princess.

Hae Young and Jung Woo come home to find Seol asleep on the sofa. Jung Woo covers Seol up, and Hae Young gets upset that he was so tender and careful in covering her up. Jung Woo wonders why he brought Seol here. Hae Young tells Jung Woo that he thinks this is a place that Yoon Joo won’t come to find Seol, even if she knows that Seol is here.

Jung Woo says that Hae Young is wrong about Yoon Joo, and then turns and tells Seol to get up since the guys are done talking. Seol gets up from her feigned sleep. The doorbell rings, and Jung Woo says that it’s likely Yoon Joo. Seol tells him to open the door, there is no reason not to see her. The demon lady walks inside asking to see Seol.

She wants to talk with Seol outside alone. Seol agrees, and they walk outside. Yoon Joo asks whether Seol ran away only as far as Jung Woo’s house. Seol says that she is currently with the two men that Yoon Joo claims that she (Yoon Joo) will never let go of. Is Yoon Joo jealous? Yoon Joo tells her to shut up, and Seol tells her that this ugly attitude is clearly her true self.

Seol says they should get along, now that she knows Yoon Joo’s real self. Yoon Joo says that they are getting along, she came all the way to see Seol in person to convey something that could have been done over the phone. Seol tells her to cut to the chase. Yoon Joo tells her to go see Grandpa, and tell him personally that she does not want to be the princess.

Seol asks her how Yoon Joo knew that that Hae Young’s father caused her father’s death. Yoon Joo tells her to confirm it with Grandpa, if he faints, it clearly must be the truth. God, she is such a disgusting human being. Hae Young comes to take Seol away, and Yoon Joo tells him that she has been ordered by Grandpa to take her back.

He tells Yoon Joo to inform Grandpa that he is forcibly taking the princess away. In the car, Hae Young tells Seol not to speak with Yoon Joo alone anymore. He tells Seol that he is taking her somewhere private, just the two of them. He just wants to spend time with her. Oooh, I hope he’s taking her to his secret love shack!

They drive up to a country cottage, and Seol stops in her steps as they approach the front door. Hae Young turns and looks at her expectantly, wondering why she stopped and has a look of recognition on her face. Seol sees Hae Young’s father walk out the front door.

Thoughts of Mine:

Alrighty, let’s just call a radish a radish and not dress it up in finery and pass it off as a turnip. This episode sucked. Big time. It was boring, had zero plot movement, and no real cute moments to speak of. I had to get talked off the ledge this morning by friends who huggled me and told me not to consider quitting the recaps. They all promised me stiff drinks as my compensation, so I shall soldier on.

First off, Hae Young’s dad clearly did not just magically arrive in Korea (where he is barred from returning) and walk out of a country cottage looking not a day older. It’s clear that Seol is having a flash back memory triggered by having been to this place in her childhood, likely with or to see Hae Young’s dad. What that all means I won’t bother to conjecture about at this point.

Seol also did the dumbest thing possible by trying to protect Hae Young and Dan. NO. Hae Young is a big boy and can handle whatever his dad did or did not do. Tell him, and you two work through it. Dan is a grade-A waste of a human being, who should be reincarnated as a ferret in her next life time, and promptly captured by trappers and skinned alive. Yes, I am a bloodthirsty wench. Why Seol feels the need to protect Dan from a lie she concocted voluntarily is baffling to me.

Dan has shown no love, affection, or consideration for Seol, during what looks like their entire lives together living as adopted sisters. Seol can treat her well for all I care if Dan was simply just a bitch, but Dan has now stepped over the line by doing something so reprehensible and criminal, I cannot support Seol’s continued compassion for her. Enough is enough, and I hate it when a drama character refuses to cut the cord on a lost cause. What’s worse, Seol is putting the country at jeopardy by allowing Dan to muddle up the legitimacy of Seol’s claim as the princess.

Hae Young, on the other hand, is the only person left that I can relate to as behaving like a rational, intelligent human being. He’s pretty much cut Yoon Joo off, having figured out and accused her of masterminding this entire debacle, and has no qualms about telling her to go fug off. He asked his father point blank if he killed Seol’s father. He continues to look out for Seol’s best interest, regardless of how it will affect his best interest. He’s not doing it mindlessly either, he’s aware of the potential consequences, and made his choice.

I….have lost the will power to discuss Yoon Joo anymore. She’s a waste of my breath, truly one of the vilest drama characters ever created. I’m not sure what the writer intended when she wrote Yoon Joo, but turning off entire swathes of your drama–viewing audience clearly was not her intent. And yet Yoon Joo has taken over the entire drama, her presence infecting the proceedings like an odorless poison gas that permeates the atmosphere. It’s suffocating for me to watch her, and she’s a major reason why MP has lost all enjoyment for me.

If I could airlift Seol and Hae Young out of that hell hole and install them in my personal island paradise, where my perfect couple could frolick in the sun and roll around the beach, I would happily do so. Sadly, both Hae Young and Seol looked exhausted in this episode, so the pretty was dialed down significantly as well. Sigh. For now, I’m counting down to the end. Four more episodes left. You are all in it with me to the end, right?


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  1. please please please keep doing MP recap episodes… I know the drama is slow & I hate that stupid Yoon Joo but please keep doing the recap episodes. I always check your blog on wed & thurs before viki complete their translations. Love your blog. I actually follow your blog. Thank you so much for your hard work!! Cayooo!!

  2. Thanks for your fast recaps though i admit I am enjoying this show more than you are. Still I am missing those snappy, funny zingers from our lead couple. But it can’t be all fun in a K-Drama ‘no? I hope they will have more moments together and “bond” with each other in that little cottage of Mr. P. Can I mention that SSH looks hot in jeans! and that blue sweater?!!! More casual wear pls and maybe an accidental peeking “shower” scene or “Bathtub” scene for Lee Seul and Mr. P while we’re at it? Hang in there please! I watch the episodes raw and wake up early just to check AKP for recaps! There’s a silver lining somewhere, don’t give up!

    I Know it’s not easy, even for me, a die hard fan of this drama. This week has been such a let down, but we a are only 4 episodes away, just endure it a little bit more…. I’m praying for more cute and lovely moments from now on…. I really appreciate your sacrifice… THANKS A LOT!!!! Aja Aja Fighting!!!

  4. Koala bear you must continue finish recapping this no matter what, or else you’re a mean person that hate puppies! 😛

    Okay, so I really relate to you on this… since ep 8 I was getting angry with MP.. I used to get excitement getting ready to watch this then i somewhat got tired of it but I watched it regardless because mainly of KTH and SSH and their cute interactions and bickering. But I know I will not give up in this drama like i did in Playful Kiss, i’d gave up after 8 episodes >_< I still see some potential in this drama.Anyways Thanks so much for recapping all this way through. Much Love, and hope nothing will stop you from continue recapping it because I love your recaps 🙂 MP FIGHTING!

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  6. Thank you for your recaps. I always make it a point to check your blog regularly as I like your writing style and your interpretation of each episode. You dose each recap with your unique blend of sacarsm and humour – LOVE IT! So please do keep up the good work!!!

  7. As usual Okala, your recap is superbly written. And I am over 100% in agreement with everything you said. I have my whole bunch of kdrama friends behind me rallying for you too and shouting hurrah! And that vile sister of the pretty princess, we all agreed to tear her to pieces, but not before we strangle to death the Big B curator!

    If the next 4 episodes will not make me and my friends happy, I suppose this drama can no longer be called a rom-com but a slow death drama!

    And yes, the only consolation that keeps me and my friends watching the drama are the two lead actors who we swear should date in real life!

  8. lets be positive! MAYBE, just maybe the last 4 episodes won’t be like this one or the last one.
    I have to say that I really still do enjoy watching MP even though the episodes lately have been BLAH, because every week I eagerly wait to see more Seol-Haeyoung interaction, no matter how terrible the rest of the episode may be (even though it wasn’t terrible…… just blah).
    So PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE keep doing the recaps because they always clear up anything that I didn’t really get when watching the episode.
    AND YOU NEVER KNOW, if whether the last 4 episodes (hopefully) will get back to the fun times of MP.

    I am a strong supporter of MY PRINCESS all of the way, because I still think that its just that great. 🙂

    • and also with Haeyoung and Seol staying together in ONE HOUSE ALONE, you never know what’ll happen…….. heh. 🙂
      I’m sure that there are lots of people who are secretly enjoying your recaps but just never commented, and so I speak for them, PLEASE KEEP RECAPPING!
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  9. Hi,

    Frankly speaking the story is really slow and i have very much hate of Yoon Joo. I can’t possibly think that people has no compassionate feeling at all..uugghhh.

    BUT I really need your recap every thur and friday, to follow MP. Sometimes i don’t have much time to watch the drama. I just follow your blog. I am supporting you and thanks for the hard work. Fighting!!!!


  10. PLEASE keep recapping! I can’t say I’m exactly “enjoying” MP right now, but I absolutely LOVE your recaps! They’re always so funny and well-written!
    We still have a few episodes left. We need to have hope! Maybe Yoon Joo will be shoved into an iron maiden in the first ten minutes of the next episode! And even if it completely goes down hill from here and slowly sucks away our will to live until we’re all crying in the corners of our bathrooms with about ninety empty bottles of vodka next to us, it’s almost over so you might as well finish what you started.
    STAY STRONG, KOALA! We all love you very, very much.

  11. Please keep recapping MP! Yes, you are right … this episode compared to others was poopy, but I still love Hae Young and Seol! And I can’t leave a drama just like that without knowing the ending! We have to finish it 🙂 I am sure it has a cute ending so let’s just look forward to that!

    Thanks for recapping MP!!! Love it!!!!

    • Please continue to recap because you made sense of the episode which has not been totally subbed into English. I can now sleep peacefully, knowing what I now know It’s a testament to the actors that we believe their charateri-zations. Keep up the good work P L E A S.E.!, PRETTY PLEASE WITH A CHERRY ON TOP 🙂 Thank you so much.

  12. Please keep doing recaps! I HATE YOON JOO WITH A PASSION just like you, which perhaps is why I haven’t been watching the episodes lately and reading just the recaps instead, but I’m so interested in how Hae Young and Seol will resolve this on their own. I’m a bit bummed that the royal restoration is STILL going on (I would have liked some princess lessons, a la The Princess Diaries), so I hope it’s resolved soon in order for the viewers to see public reaction to the restoration of the monarchy.

    I have faith in this drama though, because, contrary to the rumors, it isn’t written by Writer Kim of Secret Garden (which was lovely for the most part but became makjang towards the end) and therefore, I’m not worried yet about it not performing to its potential. This writer’s kept up the liveliness, in my opinion, and despite Writer Kim’s addition to the team, I have faith that My Princess will have the wonderful humor and a good ending. Hope next week picks up more. 🙂

  13. *last comment, promise~!*
    also, some of the OST songs are really catchy and great! My favorites would have to be Kasio by Taru and Sunet by every single da (such a great instrumental), and of course, the preview song Falling by Lee Sang Eun.
    So please stay motivated!

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      • i have a hunch that the secretary set-up hae young’s dad and that he really wanted yoon joo and hae young get married to get hold of daehan’s wealth.

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      • oh yeah.. chingu, i 100% agree with you. tis the worst episode and most boring of all that i fell asleep watching it. i was wondering too why can’t they even show them holding hands. grrrrr!!!!

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      • Yes, glad you enjoy it. 🙂 Too bad the car is only a display.. otherwise, they can run away riding their car and forget all fiasco to the house (I bet that house is HY’s; the birthday gift from his dad for his eighth birthday). So the car from her grandad, the house from his dad. That’s all their heritage they can take. No monarchy. 🙂

      • Oh, dee….that’s so sad…..the cottage for him is all that he has…. poor HY. I notice he doesn’t smile as openly and readily now compared to the first 4 eps. He looks grim all the time now, and frowns and sighs a lot; and he doesn’t eat anymore!!!!! ….poor baby, I will comfort you, my poor unhappy HY, I’ve got a car too…..much bigger and more comfy with 4 doors not 2, and my doors can auto-lock…..just say the word and I’ll go tint all the windows black….

      • Autolock? LOL. Don’t let Yoon Ju hear this. She will kill you and blaming herself for not thinking that idea.
        I think autolock is exist for action movie. Not a romantic one. Because of you, now I see autolock in different way.

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  18. PLEASE PLEASE KEEP ON CONTINUING YOUR RECAPS!!! I look forward to reading your recaps because like you sometimes I can’t continue the episode when Yoon-ju and Dan step in, like my whole mood gets messed up! But I’ll have to rely on your summaries to keep me going so that I can see those two get what they deserve! But all in all, I keep watching for SSH and KTH intereactions cuz what’s there not to love btwn those two!

    Thank you Koala! There’s only a few more eps to go, HANG IN THERE!

  19. Hi Ockoala – motivation?

    I am delurking now to say I’m with you, as in I feel just as “isolated” (your choice of words yesterday, which I was totally nodding to). While enjoying some sporadic moments (the couple interactions mostly) … in general I prefer reading your recaps (or previews) to actually watching an entire episode.

    Eye candy or not, Song Seung heun is NOT glueing me in his usual way to this drama, and I need some more convincing as to how/when he starting feeling for Seol. (aside comment – his hair needs more volume too .. to me, this plastered pared-down hairdo Hae-young sports is not enhancing the usual SSH level of attractiveness).

    Having said all that .. I am still tuning in for the HY-LS encounters! 🙂

    And while much improved since STH days ….. I am seldom drawn into any Kim Tae-hee. Her overall features are beautiful, when taken seperately. But together … I often find her mouth and it’s downturn too distracting … especially when coupled with her harebrained (un-cute) randomness like stuffing herself into a suitcase in yesterday’s episode.

    And nevermind the plot …. sour-plum Yoon-joo is also killing each episode for me.

  20. the past three eps have really zero effect on me and i actually dozed on some scenes. and yeah, yoon joo makes me wanna kick the screen everytime she appears. im really hating this plot developments but im giving it one last shot..

    please do keep up the recap. {you knw just in case, i drop watching I could still read the recaps hehehe}

  21. I am sooooo with you ockoala! I gave up on this drama after episode 10 because I could no longer take the endeavorent stupidity of it all! This drama had so much potential and they just threw it down the crapper.

    There is no way in hell Yoon Joo should have this much air time!


    Can she just get hit by a car already?

    Please? Please? Pretty please?

    The name of the drama should now be changed to “Wench-Monsters Torture the Lives of Others” ugh…. However, please don’t stop the recaps, thats my only hope of somehow believing that by some crazy miracle that I may have a somewhat pleasant experience from this cute-then not cute- great lead- idiotic formerly cute female lead-wench controlled drama! Soldier on and I’ll stick with you till the end!

    • I feel the same way about Dan. Seriously, I was sitting in the middle of the scene at the fountain and wondering if I would feel bad if she got knifed in an alley, or if I would complain about plot contrivances if someone “accidentally” poisoned her. I concluded ‘no’ to both.

      I like koala’s idea of having her be reincarnated as a ferret and having someone skin her alive. That sounds like a great idea.

  22. =) First of all thank you for doing the recaps… I really love them.

    I am as upset as you are with this Drama. I always screamed in my head, smacked my iPad when watching the live streaming whenever the evil robot duo appeared, having nightmare about furry bear turned into the evil robot Yoon-Boo, torture my boyfriend with rant about these two robots (Bless his patience). I feel like writing my thought about it but I am not a good writer. It will only be a curse words dictionary anyway if I write about those robots.

    You on the other hand able to sum up and convey your thought nicely, and I can honestly relate to your frustration, so it is always a pleasure reading your recap. It’s sort of like a therapy reading you recap… to soothe my soul 😀

    So truthfully my selfish wish it for you to continue, but I will understand if you stop 🙂

  23. I forgot to tell you Koala – I await your recaps always and am happy to see my inbox and see I got one from you. Please continue doing recaps. The dramas I follow won’t be the same without your wonderful recaps. As for MP, if it does not make my breathing and my bp normal in the forthcoming episodes, I swear I am going to write the PD’s and the writer(s) and lambast them!

  24. I love your recaps of MP. I will make it a point to read them on every thursday and friday before catching the episodes after work. SO PLEASE continue to do the recaps!!!!

  25. Dear Ockoala, Please Don’t. Give. Up. Just. Yet. I promise to give you stiffer drinks. hehehe. I can understand your disappointment, and sympathize with you. The work you do is really tough, but it does bring so much relief (joy? angst? entertainment?) to us drama addicts. So please continue with the recaps.
    I think (omo, reading blogs have transformed me into a thinking being!) that deep inside we cannot really accept the witch in this story because her role has not been given a good character foundation. Unlike HY, who comes across as more human (definitely with weaknesses, but grappling along to become a better person) the witch is just a poor caricature. What’s her angle? – so far, it seems to be just jealousy. Well, she was well loved by the 2 male leads at the start but she squandered whatever’s left of their seemingly loving relationships by turning into this poor excuse of a human being. Maybe she’s a psycho and suddenly developed a split personality? Your guess is as good as mine when it comes to what makes her tick. Furthermore, you’re right, the plot has become ridiculous. BUT: we already more than half way through, and there are only 4 episodes left. We should give the writers a chance to redeem themselves.
    Thanks so much for your efforts to keep us happy.

    • Oh, same comments hold true with the other wicked stepsister Dan, except that even her caricature is more poorly drawn. I hope and pray that further plot developments will surprise and enlighten us. Otherwise, we’ll just survive on the cute, and we will all end up more shallow than these two antiheroes.

  26. I may not have been leaving much comments on the MP trail but I’ve been avidly reading your recaps without fail!!! Yes – I agree the plot is deplorable and I HATE YJ and Dan to the very core!!! But I also love HY and Seol the couple so much! I don’t want to give up on them. True that this pair is the only thing keeping the show going for me but… yeah… I’m still diligently following the raw epis, followed by your recaps and then the eng sub vids (in that order). PLEASE don’t stop!! it’s only 4 more epis to go!!!! I’m hoping to come back to this playground for my MP fix….

  27. I really did try to give this drama a chance as I’m trying to cure my craving of MSOAN but I couldn’t get into for some strange reason and gave up after ep6. But I enjoy reading your recaps to see how the story is progressing.

    Those that are bored with MP, you could give Dream High a try, it is surprising good.

  28. I have so lost interest in MP that I can hardly even read the blogs on it, let alone think of watching it, so I totally understand your pain.

    Since there’s only 4 more episodes to go, how about just a short recap of what you did like (if any) of each episode?

    I still kind of want to know how it ends.

  29. Waaah really can’t believe that you’re not enjoying MP, I like this drama far better than Mary! Honestly I only like and finish watching Mary cuz of your happy recaps and good comments of the drama, seems like you encourage me to finished the drama… ^^

    I totally like both the drama so far, and your recaps [totally good and hillarios recaps]
    Please be strong and continue to see the drama in a happy and positive view!!! ^^

    • I have the same opinion, also believe that MP is far more better than M3 and I only ended watching it because of Koala’s recaps. This current drama has more romance and comedy, M3 had more insanity. Also,Pardon me JKS fans, but I find better to watch SSH… SSH is a piece of hunk and in this drama he is divinely well-dressed.

      To Koala:
      Hope you see this drama through another angle and don’t try to find in it something that it’s not there. MP is not a serious drama, it’s just as you said a rom-com.
      It’s impossible not to see MP as a fairy tale, there are a lot of similarites within its characters and for that matter you will see a lot of stereotypes. For example, PHY is always going to be the knight in shining armor, LS is always going to be good and faire princess, YS is always going to be the evil witch and Dan the evil stepsister. I find that really creative(because of the way the author transported the story to our days) and I’m enjoying for what it is…just a plain fairy tale and fairy tales dont make sense but they have really happy endings.

      Please continue your recaps, I really enjoy reading how you would like to see the couple together (specially the boating…hehe) and how YS is evilest character of all times (with the most funniest expressions), these kinds of stuff brings me a lot of laughs when I read it. GANBATTE!!!

  30. i know how hard it is to do stuff that u dont wanna do…but believe me ma fren… ur hardwork is really appericiated.. so don’t be down…we all know MP is going south after epi 8. this aint rom com nymore.. but still ray of hope.. that it might shine again like earlier epis… so PLEASE don’t give up now no matter how hopeless it is…fighting… n MP u too!!!

  31. O Please don’t stop!!! i just know its going to get better!!!! i realize that this is extremely selfish of me….but i can’t bear to watch the episodes!!!! my only connection to MP is your recap!!! I need this!!! I can’t give up on ssh….the previous episodes were dreadful… it was so boring i wanted to gauge my eyes out ! i am just waiting to hear from you that it is alright to watch the rest of the episodes!! till then,,,,please prevail!!! My hero…. Koala Highness….KKK???

  32. hey!!

    i would like to say i REALLY appreciate your recaps and i enjoy reading it. I alwayvisit yours website first thing in the morning everyday. as much as i am frustrated with the current MP episode, i’m still determined to finish it for my love for seol and hae young


  33. Actually, your recaps are the unique thing that keep me following this drama. Your recaps are more exciting than real episodes. Normally, i came here first, read everything, and just go watch the cute scenes between OTP. And that´s it. So don´t stop now. just 4 more. : )

  34. Thx for your recap ockoala. You know what, you make this drama still in rom-com category because of your comment and sarcasm hehe.. It’s so funny and I couldn’t agree more..So please continue put a dose of comedy to this drama 🙂 thx you..

    P.S: I still keep some hope to this drama for the sake of cute interaction between HY-LS ^^ Keep fighting 😉

  35. Hi!! Keep doing your awesome recaps!!!!! I’ll be honest I actually stopped watching the drama b/c the plot is getting a bit ridiculous, so now I just rely on reading your recaps hoping the episodes will get better and maybe I’ll go back to watching them!!!

    A Koala’s Playground = Awesome Blog!!!!!!!

  36. awww chingu pls pls pls (down on my knees) dont stop recaps this drama.
    I know this drama is totaly crap, crazy plot, stupid yoon joon really ..i cant find the right words to describe how i hate this woman (mean she is good in her job to make us hate her so) , also Dan, may their soul burn in hell over and over again.
    i stop watching this drama since 4 or maybe 5 last episode cos it’s hurt banging my head on the wall.
    But, for the love to our SSH, pls dont turn your back away from him. Even very minor cute scene between the OTP, at least there are, right?
    pls SSH need you to recaps this …we need your recaps, cos i still want to know where’s this dread-com lead too, and i rely on your recaps.

  37. Please please please continue recapping!!! Although the drama is incredibly frustrating right now, I’m sure that Yoon Joo will finally get her comeuppance and then our OTP can be the unburdened, beautiful selves they were meant to be.

    Your insults towards Yoon Joo are priceless as well!

  38. I really appreciate your fast recap of My Princess. Only four episodes more, right? i hope you will keep recapping this until the end. I want to know your insights too…
    I am still loving this drama.

  39. Dear Koala,
    Please don’t give up, hang in there! I check your blog at least 3 times a day for these recaps only (well, sometimes for MSOAN updates too 🙂 ). Thank you very much for your hard work! Hamsamnida!
    And, please, don’t give up!

    • Ehmm, sorry for my bad English. When I said that “I check your blog at least 3 times a day for these recaps only”, I meant that at least 3 times for these recaps and additional times for other things (like magnificent fotoshoped pictures of the Geun-Geun couple :)) ).
      Thank you! I like your recaps very much!

  40. dear ockoala,
    please —please—please—don’t let our venting stop you from recapping—you’re doing a fabulous job may i say so—your fans need you… you’re the main reason why we studiously press the refresh button—oh well back to the main topic—MP recap please bear with it for the rest of the episodes— kamsahamnida

  41. Hello,
    First time writer. I love your recaps. I do not understand Korean while i wait for Eng subs I usually read your recaps – Thank you for keep writing them even if you are not 100% into this drama. I usually wait for the k-dramas finish their network run and watch them on-line on weekends – this is the first k-drama that i am watching on a weekly basis while it broadcasts in Korea! Thank you again for your recaps – I am kind of addicted to this drama – i usually shy away from rom-coms

    • My instincts tell me the time is ripe for a kiss next week…hmmm…around ep 14. Normally they have 2 kisses per drama, so next wk should be about right.

      • My dear mayssenger
        For crying out loud, ever wondered why they will only allow two kisses in a 16-epi drama. Is it the higher authorities who approved that?? How about PK? why is the allowance different? Oh, BTW, forgive my ignorance in this..

        Seriously, I hope @#$% scriptwriter will do something about that if they don’t already know more cutey moments could UP the ratings? What’s your take on this?

      • Hi tangee! Yeah, weird right? Is there a fixed quotient for nunber of kisses in a kor drama? PK had 6 I believe, not taking into account the YT webisodes. I don’t understand the rationale behind the kisses allowed….PK casts a young OTP and was targeted at a young audience, while MP is targeted at a mature audience….so shouldn’t it be the other way around? Less kisses for PK and more for MP? That said, boy, am I thankful they had those 6 kisses in PK…nothing like kisses to increase a show’s popularity in my opinion. But I notice the first kiss is always around ep 7 and the second, in many cases, the last, around ep 14. The last scene almost always ends with a disappointing friendly, un-loverlike hug. So I guess there’ll be a kiss next week….probably the last kiss also. Oh well, since that highly unexpected but delirious first kiss on the stairs, I’ve been expecting something every ep, and every ep has let me down. My enthusiasm has been doused and I am just spluttering along now. I’m like, No kiss? Fine. Ok. Move on. Next ep. No kiss? Again? Sigh. Next ep…..

      • “”while MP is targeted at a mature audience….so shouldn’t it be the other way around?””
        Am glad that you found it strange too.. am disappointed like you too that they should at least have more after ep. 8, right? do hope that you are right about one coming right up next ep.. let’s have two in an epi..

        I mean, look at Worlds Within, binnie actually said that his friends ask him to stop kissing SHK… he he he.. i thought that was so cute… again he probably enjoyed it too much to complain!!!

        Back to SSH&KTH, the BTS showed that they do have lots of fun and chemistry if am not wrong, so I think it is about darn right that the recipe of success to next 4 episodes would be MORE cutey lip lock scene… oh! not forgetting your suggestion of shower scene with your self-made towel… he he he…

  42. Hi OCKoala!

    Hang in there coz I think Ep 13 will be fan-tabulous!!!
    I know MP sort of dipped a bit in the past episodes with all the angst and heartache but I actually enjoyed Ep 12 and the ending really leaves me looking forward to the next episode! LOVE LOVE LOVE your recaps!!! Look forward to reading it the first thing in the morning after I watch MP (in raw!) as it really clears up what transpired in the scenes! (as I don’t speak Korean!)

    I really like that in MP, both male leads know that YJ has bad intentions for Lee Seul… so they are on-guard about that… i hate those dramas where the leads are so damn oblivious to the evilness of the bad fella…which is not really the case here… so that’s really great!!! We all know YJ is not gonna succeed in her machinations anyway.. she’s got nothing to gain even if Lee Seul doesn’t become the princess and frankly i don’t even care if Lee Seul becomes a princess or not.. coz she already has her prince in Park Hae Young / P-goon!!!! (love that nickname!!!)

  43. Seriously, I think you should stop recapping MP.
    Frankly, I’m suffocating reading your recap, and for this particular one, I can’t even finish reading it.
    You have so much hatred in this drama (except one or two characters). I don’t understand why you are still writing.
    Torturing yourself, as well as readers (like me) who don’t agree with many of your points.
    I enjoy reading other (fair and rational) recaps…. but sorry, definitely not here.

    • WOW, so the person cannot have a opinion?? She/he recaps well, she just rant at the end, if you don’t want to know her opinion don’t read it. Read just the recap.
      And where have that fair and racional recaps? I know some others sites where they totally are unfair and talk bad about EVERYTHING-

      Also if she did bad recaps wouldn’t have so many people asking to her continue.

      • Well, she asked for comments, so this is my comment.
        Everyone is entitled to his/her opinions.
        So it should be fair to voice opinions different from what were said here.
        Of course, ignore this if you only want to hear “what you want/like”.

    • @ MP

      Fair and Rational Recaps? – were they written by Fox News? 🙂

      Okay, back to your opinion, feel free to give it by all means! Really, but then back up what you say. If you don’t agree with my critique of MP, feel free to give me a point-by-point rebuttal.

      I’d gladly entertain your opinion and dissection of the current plot points. If you can make sense of it for me, all the better. Because I can find none other than set-ups for deux et machinas all around.

      Lastly, my “hatred” of MP? Have I said I hated this drama at any point? Quite the contrary, if I didn’t adore MP, I wouldn’t be this angry and frustrated with where this drama went after a brilliantly rom-com start.

      If you mean I “hate” MP because I dare to critique it (and I back up all my critiques with a valid reason), then you clearly need to grow some thicker skin. Part of drama watching is to enjoy and to engage your mind. I can’t turn off my brain simply because the drama is cute, if said drama stops making any sense.

      I can continue to love it, but it doesn’t get a pass from me for delivering drivel and making me accept it as a delicacy.

      • “Fair and Rational Recaps? – were they written by Fox News? ” sorry this just cracked me up 😉 you never fail to entertain me koala! ^_^

        everyone is entitled to his/her opinion.

        To MP: if you disagree, it’s okie. If everyone has the same opinions, the world will become a pretty boring place. But people often say you got to play nice, fair and square. So if you want to refute something, you can do so with your “logic”. If people find them logical, no doubt you will have followers. And I don’t need to state the otherwise.

        To the incredible Koala: You’re know you’re loved here at your own playground. We come here to play for “free”. Your work is fully appreciated and loved. I need to go and find more eucalyptus trees for this playground 😉

      • Fox News are not always good.
        They are just blogs and discussion threads that talked about very different views from yours.
        For e.g. some care to explore on YJ’s character and don’t condemn her totally.
        Some even sympathize her backed with valid points.
        It’s always good to read different opinions rather than led with one-sided ones.

      • You missed my sarcasm when I made that passing reference to Fox News, but no matter.

        My analysis of Yoon Joo? I don’t explore her character? I’ve written more about Yoon Joo then perhaps either of the main lead’s characterizations.

        This is what I wrote in episode 9:

        “What a good romantic drama does is make the feelings visible and present, but then forces the participants to make choices in their own lives as to how each wants to acknowledge those feelings. Yoon Joo is the easiest – she wants her cake and eat it too. She wants Hae Young AND Jung Woo, exactly how and what she’s going to do with them is not the point. The point is about possession, ownership, feeling powerful that these two men want her.

        I finally get Yoon Joo’s motivation – it’s all a power trip to her. It’s not about the money, its not about the starvation for affection, it’s not about the validation. She’s (and her father) have lived their entire lives at the beck and call of Grandpa. She feels powerless, always a servant, always someone subservient to a richer, more powerful person. It must sting to have Seol catapulted into the position without anything other than her birthright. This is why Yoon Joo cannot help but feel antagonism towards Seol and what she represents.”

        Did I perchance just refute your assertion that I do nothing but hate on her.

        The problem with YJ is that she’s stepped over that invisible boundary between pursuit of her goals, and doing said pursuit but at the cost of committing felonies, hoping for Grandpa to croak, etc.

        YJ went from a brittle, insecure woman to a full-blown sociopath in 3 episodes, all to serve the writer’s plot machinations. No way. A normal human being would have stopped. So either YJ was always a sociopath and lacked empathy, conscience, and an understanding of right and wrong – at which point I can’t judge or analyze the mind of a sociopath – or she was initially written as a bitchy foil and now turned into a crazy loon for the sake of plot.

        Lately she’s even got crazy eyes in all her scenes (man, Park Ye Jin is rocking her performance as Yoon Joo, might as add, absolutely brilliant).

        If my analysis doesn’t satisfy your standards, perhaps then my recaps really aren’t suitable for you to read.

      • One last point:
        Did you ever notice that the so-called “8 whole minutes of redundancy”, the scenes are not totally the same and serve different purposes?

      • Absolutely I did. I watch every minute to recap it.

        The problem is that the scenes had minor added dialogue, but wrapped into into a repeat of all the major moments from the last episode.

        That is sloppy writing and execution by the writer and PD, respectively.

        One should never need to wade through 95% rehashed material for 5% new stuff. And the new details don’t illuminate anything we don’t already know.

        Whether Yoon Joo flat out threatened Seol or not doesn’t matter – Seol was going to leave the palace anyway if she had any hopes of taking matters into her own hands. She could hardly clear the mess caused by Dan by staying in the palace and twiddling her thumbs.

        Yoon Joo demanding that Seol GTFO was just a power play on her part, made even dumber because the next day Grandpa told her to bring Seol back to the palace, and Yoon Joo trudge off to deliver the message.

        What? Yoon Joo didn’t think Grandpa would just let Seol leave the palace?

        That’s a Kim Eun Sook move if I ever saw one – sneaking new details into a flashback or repeat of an aired scene. I used to love it when she used it sparingly. In MP, episode twelve has her claws all over it, not that I am surprised.

      • Of course the scenes wouldn’t be exactly the same; it uses plot recycling, which is redundant and pointless. So what different purpose did those eight minutes serve, then? Please elaborate more. It’s hard to have a discussion when you’re being ambiguous. Just sayin’!

    • When has (freaking good to the nth degree) critical analysis been equivalent to irrational reasoning or “hatred”? I’ve been reading this blog since almost the very beginning of its birth, and having read countless of ockoala’s posts, it is evident that all of her nitpicks are backed up by valid “evidence” aka scenes from the drama. She’ll often refer to specific scenes and argue her own opinion, creating thoughtful discussions. Even if you don’t agree with her opinion, you certainly can’t say that her critical analysis sucks. I’d love for you to point out specific parts in her MP recaps where you feel that she hasn’t done that–where you feel that she was simply “hating” on MP. I’d love to discuss more with you.

      Just my two cents. Thanks. 🙂

      • Hhhm, two cents? I think your opinion in general is worth much more than that.

        Perhaps I can offer you a castle in the sky? Where you can frolick with your newest ahjusshi crush Choi Soo Jung (man is hot, hot, hot).

      • You’re too kind, jie jie. I was gonna decline your offer and be the stereotypical Asian who goes, “Oh no no no no! You don’t have to do that!” when in fact, they want to accept your offer/kindness. 😉 [Hopefully that stereotype doesn’t just apply in my family]

        But hmm…a castle in the sky to do anything and everything with Choi Su Jong? GIMME SOME OF THAT. NOW. *grabby hands* (<– learned from klutzow) His screen presence in Prez makes me giggly and hyper, which you and the rest of the gals have probably noticed on twitter. It's not so much as his looks that gives me the goosebumps, but his awesome-sauce acting. (You know, I also wouldn't mind if Ha Hee Ra joined us in said castle. She's amazing as well. Got a tiny ahjumma crush on her.) My friends think I've got a huge inappropriate ahjusshi crush on CSJ but screw that! I wub him so much! It's possible that he may soon replace Jang Geun Seok as my favorite K-actor of all time (gasp!) if I continue to be this obsessed. This is no mere infatuation. I shall fight anyone (besides HHR) who wants to MINE him.

        Oh dear. The possessive endodo has emerged. Ahhhh!!!!

      • You can have CSJ, and I’ll take HHR. That woman’s amazing and terrifying and I love her to tiny bits. Now I just need to go hunt down other things she’s been in (although I’m a tad disappointed to hear that most of her previous roles have been rather fluffy)..

        And I’m glad I’ve managed to teach you something, my young padawan. The grabby hands are a useful skill. ;D

      • Okay, now that’s a good trade-off! I will be happy to oblige you. At the end of the day, I shall have CSJ and you can have HHR. Wheeeeeee!!!!

    • oh my…. this is ockoala’s blog so she can say whatever she wants to say. sorry to say this, but i guess it’s you who should have stopped lurking on her blog.

      • Thanks, allenif. But I really do welcome different opinions than mine. That is how I learn new things. As long as whatever is said is substantiated is all. 🙂

    • @ MP Why read Ockoala’s blog if you don’t agree with what she says? It’s her blog, geez, she can write anything she wants. For the record, Ockoala I agree with you 110% on every one of your MP recaps….your feelings mirror mine exactly. I don’t think it’s hatred that she feels for this drama, it’s weariness….like how I feel….so much promise, as yet undelivered.

      • I also agree with ockoala for all what she said about MP and as I already mentioned somewhereelse I watch only HY-LS scenes together and can’t bare even one second to watch the others especially YJ the witch and that evil sis Dan , and also I’m not able to undrstand the reason for all this anguish when the plot isn’t that strong or may be can I say that there’s no plot , and also I’m not able to find out when HY-LS fell for each other and when did they realize that they are in love with each other
        anyway this is only my opinion .
        but anyway ockoala I’m also going to ask u to continue recapping this drama since still only 4 episodes and I’m not going to stop watching now , and thankuuuu for all ur hard work 🙂

  44. Hey Koala,

    I’m on this (new) watch-it-only-if-it’s-legal kick, which means I no longer get to conclude some of the dramas I was watching previously – including MP. Luckily though, I have your recaps! I know you had mentioned feeling a lack of empathy for the characters in a few previous posts, but I really started to feel a sense of your boredom with the last episode.

    I know saying “Hang in there!” will sound partly selfish, but I’ll say it anyway. Hang in there! I’m hoping staying loyal to this drama will payoff, and we’ll get some good OTP banter and 2 x2’s in the process. I really enjoyed your M3 recaps (and I was simultaneously watching the show), and have been enjoying these just as much – I check for them daily.

    If you keep writing, we’ll keep reading; and, if you need encouraging comments along the way – count me in!

  45. Please don’t stop recapping MP episodes. I love reading your blog and I love/like how you write/recap episodes. Thank you for your hard work:)

  46. I’M WITH YOU!!! please don’t be too disheartened 🙁 we’ve come all this way, i really want to see it through. i mean, i was expecting at least one week where i would hate this drama. i can see that that week has arrived. Never fear! Next week just HAS to be better, if only by contrast 🙂

  47. i still keep up to date with your recaps ! i just don’t watch every episode anymore . i applaud you for sticking through it regardless of the lack of everything the storyline is going through . i’m sticking with you ’til the end of this !

  48. HANG IN THERE!!!!!! I’m one of your loyal readers so pretty please, don’t stop recapping this series!!!!!! It’s always a joy to wake up and go onto your blog to find out what had happened in the episode the night before. And I really appreciate all your comments as well because many times, I’m feeling the same way and just need some reassurance that my intense detest for certain characters is RIGHT! Lol!!! Aja Aja Hwaiting!!!

  49. Poor Ockoala, it must be terrible to recap all the bitchy and boring parts….maybe if you can’t take it anymore, you can just recap all the HY-LS parts to keep your sanity. I don’t want you to go over the ledge…edge I mean LOL. You can just skip the rest haha ….after all, it’s always the same…Grandpa yelling, Dan angry and jealous, YJ stabbing around in her heels and into LS’s heart each time they meet. YAWN.

    Nvr mind, I feel there’s a kiss coming next week. The setting is perfect for a kiss – cosy cottage, and alone time. Bet there’s a nice bed inside. So just hang on….aja aja fighting!

  50. Thanks so much for doing the recaps. They have always been enjoyable and refreshing reading.

    Think I am the only one who enjoyed this episode…in fact I enjoyed it raw more than the previous one. I enjoyed how the LS and HY have moved on from the to love or not to love cat and mouse game to how they deal with problems together. especially HY who is now doing all he can to protect LS regardless of the implications to his own interest. Love how he see through YJ and take LS away while telling her “Its not a lie…I am bringing her away regardless of the consequences” …swoon. Also think there might be a twist to the story of HY’s dad being the bad guy now …

  51. Pleeeeeeeese continue recapping MP. I am fairly new to kdrama and you are the best in “translating” beyond the words with awesome nuance and hilarity. Honestly, I enjoy your recaps better than the episodes. You are my favorite. Thanks!


    Seriously. It’s the only way I can comprehend this drama is with your recap. I read it as soon as you post something. Besides, why stop now when you’re almost done. I can’t find anyone as comprehensive as you on the net, so please don’t stop.

    I totally agree with you. Some of these parts are so pointless and it’s just complete filler.

  53. Hi everyone (well, almost everyone):

    Thanks for the input, and letting me know that (1) half of you still enjoy the drama proper, and would love more recaps, and (2) half of you have given up on the drama, but still want to read recaps.

    I said in the recap above that I plan to finish, so no need to worry. But I just wanted to hear some thoughts on MP up to episode 12, and you guys shared a spectrum of opinions that greatly enhance my viewing experience.

    I now know that these flimsy plot points don’t annoy just me, but I also know that some of you continue to find the silver lining in the adorable perfection of Seol and Hae Young. As do I, except I don’t have the luxury of FF-ing through the Hag and her Pet Ferret Stooge, which is why I was going crazy with frustration. I feel much calmer now. 🙂

    • THANKS !!! now i feel so relief and waiting for your next lovely recaps, Pouring imaginary soju, vodca to ease your frustration

  54. oh my, ockoala! i do understand your agony in recapping this. i’m a very patient person but i admit, this episode is the worst. i wasn’t even able to finish watching it coz i fell asleep. i came to the point of wanting yoon joo to be burned alive or skin her to death then sprinkle salt on her. how i really wanted to do that to her and to lee seol’s evil step sister lee dan.

    but PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE bear with it and continue with your recap.. PLEASE!!! i believe after the rain, there’s a rainbow. being in the isolated cottage with just the two of them, hae young and lee seoul, i’m expecting a lovey dovey scenario, a once in a lifetime passionate kiss perhaps, after we have been deprived of it since that kiss-in-steps episode. so please…. bear with it. komawo!!!

  55. there’s light at the end of the tunnel right? So though I’m super mad at the flaccid episodes we’ve been put through, and really… nowhere as cute as Playful Kiss (which is when i first started reading you), please do keep on recapping if you likes it. I agree with mayssenger that you can just recap to cute LS and HY bits and leave the rest to rot where they deserve to be anyways! 😉

  56. Hang in there.. we got through M3 didn’t we? I haven’t been able to watch dramas lately, but I do stop by your blog and check out the recaps. For now, that’s all I can do to satisfy my drama fix. Please keep on recapping! =)

  57. I LOVEE your recaps and even thought MP is super duper mucho slow and arghhhhhhhh.. yoonju … dan… >:0 *punch punch punch*
    it might just get better 🙂
    4 more episodes! There is hope!
    Thanks so much for recapping!!!!!

  58. I love your recaps! It keeps me going and I love to hear your opinions on them. I totally love when you make fun of Dan and Yoon Joo.

    This is one of those dramas in which you watch the first couple of episodes and then skip all the way to the end to see the EVIL ladies go down!

    I agree with you about Yoon Joo and Dan. What a bunch of jealous b****es!!! Every time I see them I get this urge to punch and kick them. AARRGGGHHHH…..

    Thanks for recaping the drama ^^

  59. thanks for all the recap, i’ve been reading ur blog since m3 and honestly, i enjoy reading ur recap than watching the drama^^ if u can finish it all, i’m gladly will read it.. about MP, i’m hoping for the next ep to entertain me more ,more seol and hae young moment and enough with yoon jo and Dan for storyline i hope i can understand what is actually happened,coz until now, i still dun know and if i dun get it, i probably can go rampage and stop watching the drama, only read ur blog and probably watching only the final ep..tq again^^

  60. hi ockoala,i began reading your blog since mp and dream high started,
    please dont stop writing recaps about mp because by reading your blog can regain my interest back in watching mp,though mp plots might be slopping but i think its actually a great drama for we girls to watch! because SSH and KTH are great actors.
    its just that those two villains keep on popping that makes us lose interest right,
    but im very sure that the director will come out something for everyone.
    i dont really care about the ratings , because it doesnt affects me at all , its mainly because mp has gained my interest since 1st yeah lets just think from ep 10-12 are the climaxes that we hate to endure.

    i always love reading your recaps and reviews and i understand , you are viewer like us too , thats why everyone has different opinions on everything.

    i want to watch MP til the end,not giving up infact i will re-watch it again and again like i did with fullhouse and brilliant legacy.

    whose with me ? are we quitting or are we still gonna watch our SSH AND KTH!
    again,like u said,the vilanest of villains are YJ and Dan ! people with low self esteem will always want to compete with THEIR OWN SELVES


    -i’m from malaysia-

    • *sobs* Why writer-nim suddenly chose to deprive us of all the fluff and torture us with too many baddies? Now, possibly even Sec Oh? Oh my.

      Thanks, Ms. Koala! I’m glad you decided to recap this til the end and like following MP as a viewer, I will be with you through thick and thin as a reader. 🙂

      Here’s to hoping next week’s a lot brighter and sweeter. Pleaaase, begging writer-nim to redeem with the four episodes left!

      While waiting, can we have some soju sessions, campers?

  61. It wouldn’t be a drama if it was all nice and happy…………..Yoon Joo is actually what makes me want to watch this drama…..she stirs the pot or else it would be boring……I like scenes when both Dan and Yoon Joo are in it…..epic b@tches …lol. Don’t let it get to you, just enjoy it for what its worth. 🙂

  62. Dear Koala,

    if you stop recapping now, I might be forced to actually watch the show for myself. And that might make me start to scream and bite pillows to bits. Because rarely has my hatred of the Lead Bitch overwhelmed my love of the OTP to this degree. I long to know what happens to Seol and Hae Young, but watching the ugly mug of that annoying ninny gives me the hopping rages.

    Although I fully understand your plight. Maybe we should just get some nice editor to make version consisting solely of S&HY.

    In the meantime, can we make a drinking game of it? Every time anyone other than the OTP speaks, is mentioned, or appears on screen, let’s take a swig. Please?


  63. I feel for you dear koala…I don’t feel anything anymore for this drama…it’s getting worst that PK or MSOAN..MSOAN we got geungeun to give us the antidot for plot that went crazy but this drama…gosh!! but I do appriciate your effort..altough if we could ( since I don’t invest on DH ) I say just do DH recap because I’m sure it will be more fun..I do notice their acting is stiff and plain not like MSOAN or MP but somehow they nail it with story and the conflict and off course the only one shinning is KSH and I’m more interest watching them…but as your loyal readers I will keep hang in there with you bu sad to say I don’t have my heart in this anymore, gave episode 11 there’s little bit daebak but I don’t feel the thrill…now that’s how I see this drama no emotion and thrill..4 more episode and we done…fighting!!!!

  64. If you’re not enjoying MP anymore, I don’t think you should force yourself to recap it.
    Why spend multiple hours on a drama you don’t like? (collecting screencaps, writing a summary and analyzing it) Especially if you have already checked out emotionally…

    Common sense, yeah? Remember it is YOUR blog. (and there are plenty of others that recap My Princess! There is no reason to feel guilty!)

  65. hi there koala….I emphatise with how u feel…but really, i feel that we are already seeing “lights”. The dark clouds are over. I am one of those who feel that ep12 is not all that bad and that fr now on, we will see a lot (and I mean a lot of cute and Lovey moments)…A house that big, a guy that hot, how can sparks not fly??? Our opinion may differ but I still enjoy your prespective… I left a comment on your ep11 review on my take of why no DNA testing . LS does not want to re-open her father grave to extract sample to prove her birthright….Just like she is not telling HY all the hurtful stuff to show Y true self. It is not stupid. It is her way of trying to protect the pple she love. It is her char…Even back in ep 2, she told HY that she doesn’t want the Prof to know abt his love for Y. Instead she hope Y will just dump J…She has a very nice char even though she is not the brightest….

    • You know, I really hope you are right. I need more HY-S love!

      As for Seol’s character being kind and compassionate, I totally get that. But at a certain point, when the fire is on your ass, you have to draw the line. There is so much more at stake than just Dan and Hae Young’s feelings and future, there is an entire country at an uproar.

      I think they are making Seol’s character a tad TOO idealistic. But I’m glad she remains a good person instead of being infected by the witches around her.

  66. I really pity Yoon Joo’s character…she has been called so many names…hahahaha…but yours is the best Koala…”Demon Lady”…it’s like watching The Exorcist…LOL…but if ever I’ll be given the chance to meet Park Ye Jin in person, I’ll commend her for her very good acting in this drama…she has affected us so much that you just wanna smash the computer screen and pull her hair until not a single strand is left…

    Thanks Koala for a wonderful recap and please continue what you’re doing…Kdrama will never be the same without your recaps….

  67. Hallo ockoala!!

    NOOO!! please do continue subbing MP! You have no idea how crazily i refresh your page after the episode finishes airing~!

    That being said FUG faces sear my eyes too!!! But MP has its golden moments –> J & LS & HY!!! now for some threesome love LOL!

    P.S. and may i mention how much i love Team Seul in the Palace fighting away the internet baddies whilst she’s gone?

  68. Please don’t stop!!! I love your recaps even though the drama is a dragging with Yoon Joo’s (that BITCH) face all over it.

    Thanks a lot!!!

  69. I usually lurk and before I go back into my lurking mode, I must say a couple of things. One I love your recaps so please don’t feel discouraged because of the direction that the drama is going. I feel your pain; like most people who probably want to kidnapp that Lucifer’s wife Queen wannabe & kick her @ss along with a million other viewers [hella to the yeah!]

    I definitely miss the show the way that it used to be and don’t exactly like the direction that it seems to be going. Everything that is happening seems to be predictable and there are so many unanswered questions. Like, why did Lee Sol end up loosing her memory? Why can’t they do a DNA test to find out who the real Princess is? Who does the royal satchel really belong to? What is Lee Dan’s problem [well I know what the problem is; it’s a sibling jealousy to the extreme], but it seems like the girls were raised by pretty decent parents and a mother who gave them lots of love.

    It’s getting hard to keep on watching this drama without fast forwarding through most of it. I didn’t have a lot of hope from this writer because she’s never actually written on her own, but is a hoobae to a very popular script writer. Can this writer churn out a decent story without the romcom queen?

    I want you to keep writing because I like different opinions, but I’ll understand if writing this recap is more of a struggle than fun. I’ll keep watching and reading. Keep up the great work!

  70. Dude, I watch about 2 or 3 Korean dramas a year and I read your blog purely for the fun and snark. Sure, MP is becoming an endless $h!thole of plot confusion, but surely the effort of thinking up novel ways of insulting the villains should keep ya motivated, no?

    Keep writing while I go back to lurking. 😉

  71. U know it feels like we’re actually the citizens , waiting for the final truth about the real princess , it cant be predicted and we’re left with no clues and no right direction .
    Feels like , we are the citizens .
    We feel cheated , full with hatred but we will be supporting the princess because we know that , life is always full of conspiracy to let others down .

    dont force yourself ockoala if you do not want to continue doing the recap ,
    dont misunderstand because i like ur blog! 🙂
    but it’d be good if we stop pointing out why the drama is not structured like how we want it to be , hey nothing is perfect and to lovey dovey all the time is not fun also!

    thanks to the villain , the princess and the hero for making us feel Happy , Angry and full of hopes!


  72. Thanks so much for your recaps! It really helped me decide whether or not to watch it.

    Even if I do not eventually watch it, but I do enjoy your recaps! It’s admirable that you’re continuing to watch it even though you’re suffering through it. Your efforts are much appreciated!

  73. My Dear Ockoala, thanks so much for your beautiful and meaningful (aggressive towards YH) recap.
    I am still in love with MP, except YJ and Dan’s characters are make me angry when I see them. To be honest I only watch HY&LS moment/scenes. As we have experience with watching kdrama and we all can guess the plot or story of the drama that what will evil characters could do.
    Epi 12 is leaving me that we will see more of HY&LS scenes in epi 13, because they both left the palace. And then they are together and HY takes LS to see his dad at the epi 12 ending.

    I really love to read your recaps and please keep enjoying with MP as you are one of the big fans of SSH.

    • Correction: It is typing error that (aggressive YJ)……

      My Dear Ockoala,
      I come back now to motivate you again.
      I am impress by reading all comments here that and I can feel how much your recaps mean to us. Not only we love your recap but also we really need your recap too. Your writing make us to watch Kdramas more enjoyable. I know you are strong girl and never leave the project on the way before the drama complete. We love “Song Seung Heon” and please participate till My Princess end. Even the plot of MP make you upset but…. pls think of Song SeungHeon, I think he is smart enough to know your blog/as his fame is all over the world/he is internationlly famous/most of his close friends are korean male A lists stars… Eg: LBH,SJS…./and you are doing recap of his drama…..

      Because of him I will stick on MP till completed and I really love HY character in MP.
      In epi 12 after HY takes away LS from canteen and the conversation in the car he told to LS ” no matter what the result is, she has to look forward that they are together at the end. I relly love what he said and its touch me. Both of them have tearful eyes and emotional moment…… I like that scene.
      Episode 12 is heading to deep emotional territory in my point of view.
      Hopefully we will see the secrect of LS’s dad deadth will reveal. I am looking forward to epi 13.
      HY&LS, both of them seem to know their true feelings towards eachother and they cannot pay attention to that like other OTP due to they have so many problems to sort them out,( that is my understanding), after that we must see HY&LS cuty,lovely together relationship scenes as MP has four more epis to finish the drama.
      Let me tell you MP, if you will not show kiss or any skinship, please do not give us preview hint or reveal still picture. I feel like we have been insult, so please respect viewers.

  74. owh ockoala..u must keep doing the recap of this drama..yeah, maybe its a bit boring u think but we really need ur fast recap..pliz, don’t stop..

  75. Ockoala.. Keep doing the recap of this drama. We need your recaps. I really really really love to read your recaps. Thank you.. (:

  76. Hi Koala ,
    Could I be honest or frank with You ?
    I don’t know what I feel, after watching Marry Me Mary, until know nothing drama can trigger my heart.
    Okay, maybe I’m pleonastic, I like Dream High more than My princess.
    You need more than power injection, right ?

    ‘You must be stronger because many people visiting your blog.’

    I’m visiting your blog everyday, I’ll read anything your write.
    Thank you very very very much Koala.

  77. I dislike this drama and stopped watching at episode 6.
    But I adore reading you, I like your style and your irony.
    Is this encouragement enough?;)

  78. actually…i don’t want to push you to do something you don’t like because your recap is coming with so many slam and reproaches that make me upset to read

    just WHY? for me ( it’s according to me ) something like yoon ju/dan characters are just the ‘spices’ that will make this drama ‘delicious’

    BUT…to be honest your recap is REALLY HELPFUL for me (a non-korean speaker ) to understand this drama even more than just the translation but also the plot. thanks to you (^o^)/ I’m enjoying your recap and always wait for it every week but I always skip to read your thoughts

  79. Hi Ockoala I have been enjoying ur recaps on all the kdramas thai have watched . Please don’t stop now the fun is just starting. I love this drama. I am getting the plot although it is hard and painful for our two leads but that makes it more sweeter in the end hopefully when they will succeed or just be together. I don’t think that it is possible for Korea to have a princess but she is already the princess by birthright. Actually she is now the Empress not the princess by birthright. I understand Seol why she wants to protect HY bec she loves him. She is such a kind person. I also understand LD hatred to Seol bec of what the nun @ the orphanage said that when their adoptive parents came to adopt Seol the did not chose LD but the Nun just tried to convince the couple to take LD too. That’s what LD trying to say that Seol has it all easy for her while she tries harder for everything. I think she had hatred since they were young

  80. omo please please continue recapping! i really appreciate ur work. its awesome :3
    and since i can’t watch dramas now(for some reasons D:), i’m relying on ur recap to keep up with MP. yea the plot is getting sucky, a typical script that practically anyone could write. but pleesh continue the recaps(i love it wif ur thoughts!) and u’re real fast. o.o


  81. please please continue the recaps! its totally awesome. and i love it with ur thoughts, esp the sarcarsm. since i can’t watch dramas for the time being(for some reasons D:), i’m relying on ur recaps to keep up with MP. yea i noe the plot is getting more and more sucky, so typical that practically any tom, dick or harry could write the script better than this. but pleesh continue the recaps! really appreciate it. i’m sure that ur hard work is recognized! lastly, kamsamhamida! hwaiting! =D

  82. First of all, I’d like to thank you so much for all your hard work. I know it is not easy recapping a drama that you don’t enjoy anymore. Please don’t lose hope. Please hang in there. Hopefully things will get better. You know what, the truth is the thing that keeps me watching is the chemistry between SSH and KTH. For some reason in my heart, I feel that they will do another project. Anyway, thanks again and we really appreciate you. Take care. Be happy.

  83. please don;t torture yourself. letting you know that we do appreciate your work. sometimes (oke, admit it!) we ungrateful reader were too lazy write a thank note. but we’re here every day reading your blog.

    MP, I myself skip the part that’s annoying. The BGM sometimes eh wrong….. in many important scene kills the mood too. But every time the OTP got together, it kept me going. (and remembering HyeJin in Family Outing helps a lot)

  84. Please keep recapping! I’m loving this drama so much, the main couple has so much chemistry everything else bad is just irrelevant. I SO think I know what’s going on. The villain is not Hae Young’s dad, but is actually Director Oh!!!!! WOOT.

  85. Koala thank you!! for recaping MP…..but I do feel your pain of recaping when the show is going downhill, and its a slow downhill at that. I mean I love cazyness a la M3, but at least it rollercoaster crazyness.
    After reading and watching ep. 12 it left me yawning and wondering why the writer couldn’t be more originals with the whole story and create a very real problem, and not “is she or not the princess issue”…why couldn’t the conflict be political, cause that would had been more believable…I mean we are talking about restablishing the Korean Monarchy after almost 60 yrs and the repercusion that could have to the Korean political system, I though that were they were going at first, but NOW we have this pathetic, boring, useless plot about on wether she is or isn’t the princess, WTH!!!!!….. and it feels like they are running out of ideas, and they are randomly putting together boring story plots…..I mean even the love story hasn’t move foward come on!!! ….ok rant done….i’ll keep watching cause hey I’m on this ride and I need to finished it…..sooooooo thank u for a job well done… 😛 😀

    • I think you hit the nail right on the head. The “Is she or isnt she?” could be easily resolved nowadays, empress satchel or no satchel. Heck, people were even able to identify the remains of the last czar of Russia which they dug up in an old unmarked grave; and the real Anastasia is still untraced (yep, the claimant was a fake). That’s how advanced the science is now these days. Too bad the writers chose to focus instead/too much on the identity issue and chose to overlook a lot of other yummy possibilities. But again, the cuteness is the show’s redemption value, and common sense be damned!

  86. Kaola, thanks for your good work. Don’t give up your work on MP. We all support you. “Fighting” as the Korean said. I think Secretary OH is the real mastermind for the bad things in this story. He killed or asked someone to kill Seol’s father. A car accident to make it looked as an accident instead of a murder. He did that as his revenge to Hae Young’s grandfather. SEcretary Oh worked very hard following the HY’s grandfather orders and as a results his wife left him (or did she die?). So me silently did his revenge to the old man. He wants to destroy the old man family as (he may think) the old destroyed his own family.

    HY’s father might objected that his father (the old man) wishes to gave their inheritance and money to Lee Han. But I think he had no intention to kill Lee Han. Secretary Oh knew about this and manipulated the situation. He told lied to the old man and made the old ma believed that his son (HY’s father) had done the wrong things. As a results, HY’s father was ordered out from the country (the old man asked favour from the ministry for that. he is an influence man, indeed).

    How did Secretary Oh can traced Seol? I think he knew exactly where Seol is from the beginning and kept track since Lee Han death. But he kept telling the old man that Seol is already dead because he wants the old man to suffer.

    James Park is HY’s father. He is a nice and caring man and we can see that he cared for his son and may be Seol (as the nun said Seol told them that the uncle was crying). The uncle must be HY’s father. He came back to Korea after hearing HY’s and SEol voice messages. And he also tried to make contact through the advertisement of Seol’s father. He came back to help his son and Seol and may be also to confront Secretary Oh. He loves his son and cares for Seol and can’t watch them suffer.

    Hahaha…..that are my comments after reading your recap. I watched episode 12 but have to watch it agian for the English subtitle. I think this drama may have an happy ending. So Koala, please continue for good work. We appreciated it very much. “Fighting”.

  87. Secretary Oh also made the old man believed that Hae Young is responsible for the bad thing happened to the princess (Lee Dan claimed that she is the real daughter of Lee Han). This is because he wants the old man to disown his own grandson as he disowned his son (HY’s father). Why? To make the old suffer for the rest of his life. His told Yoon Joo about HY’s father because he knew his daughter can use this info and manipulate it.

    Professor Jung Woo will also help SEol as he is sincerely care for Seol.

    • and why do you think secretary oh is doing this? me, i think his motive is revenge ‘coz in his entire life, he’s been serving the chairman devotedly at the expense of neglecting his own family. that’s the root of yoon joo’s hatred not only to her father but also to the chairman.

      i was thinking too that maybe seol’s adoptive mother really knows seol’s real identity ever since she and her husband adopted her. she once said that she stopped her husband from selling the book or something from the royal family’s possession coz it’s something that has connection with seol. another thing is that they didn’t change lee seol’s name but they changed dan’s name from go eun byul to lee dan. perhaps secretary oh entrusted the adoption to seol’s adoptive parents and that maybe the reason why the mother know’s seol’s background.

      well…. that’s my speculation only. heheh!

      • oopps… sowry, i overlooked your previous comment wherein you mentioned that revenge is secretary oh’s motive. 🙂

      • allenif chingu, maybe the secretary hates grandpa inside, and has been plotting revenge all these years…..chilling….4 more eps to go….pls I hope they don’t spend the entire 4 eps yakking about this. I’ll go mad……

      • chingu… i’m afraid too that it will all be yada yada… talk talk… bye bye all over again. yes, just 4 episodes left but we still haven’t get much of the sweet moments we deserve. they didn’t even focus the camera when he takes her hand to lead her away from the certified bitch of the palace. such small moments make a big difference on how we view the level of their relationship yet they deprived us on this. they’re not underage so what’s the big deal? so pls drama gods, give us some display of affection… enough of the angst!!!

  88. GAH. I am so freaking out. I can’t wait until next wedneday! Does anyone know of a drama similar to My Princess that could stem the tide of crazy anticipation?

    • its not similar……have you watch sungkyunkwan scandal? if so, then i would suggest you to watch on youtube vid made couple for Yo Ah In aka Moon Jae Shin and Song Joong Ki aka Goo Yong Ha under the channel of XnerjaveikaX entitled Sungkyunkwan scandal// Goo Yong Ha & Moon Jae Shin//Pretty sweet PILL which has the Love Like Woe background music…..T’was really made GREAT!!!! Hope You Like It.

  89. base on the last and hanged episode, this is how we anticipate things beyond the airing of the next episode……with its twist and turn, no matter how hateful and or lovely may it be, we always end up on sympatizing to those characters who were given the most hardships in the drama….you’re recap is mostly appreciated….stick to the end!!!!!

  90. Don’t give up Koala. Without your recaps, how would we be able to survive the week. Honestly, I don’t know what I’m gonna do once this drama will be over……yet again, will be stuck in a severe withdrawal phase. Anyways, until then AJA AJA FIGHTING. Honestly, before watching ep. 11-12, I thought that what was about to happen would be a catastrophe. Once I watched them, I thought the development of the story was just perfect. A story has to have a dark period so we can enjoy the happy periods even more. It’s SOOOO clear That YJ and Dan won’t ever get away with it. And now am just even more intrigued by HY’s dad and his involvement with all this. Can’t wait!!! Also love how HY is now able to see through LS….how he’s understanding her more and more….ah sooooo romantic. hihi. 😉 Don’t give up!!!!!

  91. Oh please, dear Koala, don’t stop your recap. Watching drama without your comments wouldn’t be as interesting and funny as it is now! I love how subjective you are. Please, keep fighting until the end!

  92. Dearest Ockoala,

    I think whatever you find the good sense to start, you should find the courage to finish. Not for anyone else but for your own sense of fair play…even it is for just one of your reader (it’s not in the numbers, I hope).

    We don’t require you to love the kdrama to bits to do a fair and balanced recap.

    But we hope you would let others rant, in a fair manner, if they disagree with your personal opinion with regards to the drama. We all have different tastes/preferences/contexts when we view one. These things come into play when we perceive, enjoy, experience said drama.

    But this is your blog anyway. You may steer it where you so ever please. If recapping MP is exhausting for you; how can we dissuade you otherwise? We just hope you will continue whatever you are doing for the love of it (writing, and serving others through your writing) if not for the love of a certain kdrama.

    What I enjoy in other blogs is not only the recaps (although they are in themselves a huge, huge treat….notwithstanding whether they adore the kdrama or feel bleh about it) but more so the people who visit there to share their comments/questions/funny and sad moments when they watched said kdrama episode. It is the sense of sharing the journey that is the best of all. It’s like a virtual chit chat with your lovable girlfriends over cappuccino and muffins…oohhh! I don’t know now which is more addicting the kdrama or interacting with the people who love the kdrama. It’s all about the shared journey, I guess.

    And the reason I keep going back to those blogs is because the owner of the blog let the people enjoy their time while sharing the journey with others. I can feel that they give a respectable space to the readers to have their own opinions, thoughts on the kdrama. But I love that they are upfront with how they feel about it and not just mouthing cliches or platitudes. Like your trusted girlfriend, she/they will just say it like it is. But also let you do the same 🙂

    I guess when you enjoy recapping even the worst drama in the whole kdramaland this does not go unnoticed and others will go with the fun ride 😉 just for the heck of it. Sense of adventure…so addicting!

    I must congratulate you for putting up this beautiful blog. You are doing a lot of good deed just by being here. 😉 I said it’s not about the numbers, but when we are in love that 1 number is not just a number 🙂 it is all the number that we need.


    • Thanks for such a warm thoughtful comment, samgetang.

      I said in the recap that I do intend to finish, but I was feeling weary and wanted to connect with others watching MP and hear some thoughts.

      I don’t care what other people think (whether its the same as me or completely different), as long as we can have a thoughtful discussion about it. 🙂

      I hope everyone always find an open forum here to talk and share. I love challenging my own perceptions, and always gladly admit when I am wrong or have changed my opinion.

      • Thanks so much, Ockoala, for your response. Confession time: I have to say sorry for not putting my 2 cents worth of chit chat here although I’ve been coming here every now and then to get the fastest recap in the planet 😉 Maybe because I don’t see any friends here (yet) with whom I can share my zany thoughts, haha! But I did not know that the blog-owner herself gets to chit-chat with the visitors, wow! 😉 And I feel that it must’ve been a lonely journey for you to recap MP without anyone to give you some honest feedback if what you are doing is serving any purpose. Well, here we are. Coming out of our shells, so to speak, hahaha! Hope you enjoy recapping the rest of the MP episodes as much as we love reading your speedy recaps!!!!! Promise: I will drop in a line or two from here on. Thanks so much! You are the BEST!

  93. I love MP very much and I know that regardless of what these last two episodes are showing you will still continue doing the recap and so a big thank you to you! 🙂 Talking about MP, I hope the remaining episodes will unmask Yoon Jo and her father’s evilness so that Lee Seol will be happy with her prince…

  94. Dear Koala, leaving my idea plot, just in case our writer nim is also here looking for inspiration. (don’t throw eggs at me)
    1. Lee Han death was really a car accident. No one is the real bad ass except for ……
    2. LS’s mum was the 1st love of HY’s dad. Upon her death bed, HY’s dad promise her to look after her husband and child only to discover LH true identity. He was in a love-hate limbo (like HY) till he finally decide to presuade LH to restore monachy at the restaruant where he gave LS the strawberry tie cos LS remind him of his 1st love. But LH refuse and start running and hidding from HY’s dad and grandpa. After LH death, HY’s dad wanted to raise LS but was misunderstood by grandpa and order out of the country. In his hurry to leave, he left LS in the orphanage promising “ah pa will be back for u soon”. She rans after the car in the rain and develope high fever hence the memory lost. Meanwhile HY’s dad instruct a childhood friend to adopt LS.
    2. LD has enough of Y bitchiness and tired of being lock up. Together with mum and Prof J many pep-talks, they pull her back from the dark side. LD hold a Press conference to explain she (as a lawyer-to-be) was entrust by her sister, LS, to safe keep the purse. The reporter was thrown back to jail for false reporting. He sold Y off as his source so both of them has company in Jail. LD discovered a love for royal history and end up with J…doing more research together and making sure he received his due credits.
    3. The people of Korean is very happy with our hero HY for protecting their lovely princess all these while, they propose a royal wedding. On the wedding, LS announce she will not be restoring the monachy. Instead it will live on as Daehan group, Korean biggest job providers, welfare, tax payer and charity. So everybody happy.
    4. More skinship, more kisses, more hugs and after awhile, more kids with long eye lashes running around in the fountain in the palace. THE END :))

    • Hi Emma, let me ask you that are you a MP script writer?
      The ending loods like Secret Garden ending which had such a adoreable moment of two main leads after their married life. I wish your idea plot will come true.

      • Hi, I was first a scandarler, then a gardener before becoming a royal servant :)) So u get the point? I really really love the chemistry between these 2, so I really hope they will just get the history over in 13 while not leaving too much of a sour taste. OW it will be a Melo drama instead of a rom-com.I want to see more fan-services like SG. The least they could do since PD kept editing out the kiss scenes

    • LOL!!! Emma
      like what your said
      “”More skinship, more kisses, more hugs and after awhile, more kids with long eye lashes running around in the fountain in the palace.”” you’re such a cutie…
      My stomach hurts… he he he.. please keep it up! do love this ingenious plot of yours!!! .. way to go, girl! thanks again for the fun…

  95. Dear HRH ockoala
    you said..
    “”But I really do welcome different opinions than mine. That is how I learn new things. “”
    I thoroughly lauded your comment about that.. it is most positive.. we all learn from one another.. no man is an island… oops, it’s that ahjumma in me again, can’t help it..
    Am glad that you are STILL continuing with the recap..
    for the umpteenth time, your recaps are fun and enjoyable to read ‘cos of it I ended up transporting me to a far far away fantasyland.. that’s what it’s all about De Great Escapade a.k.a. ockoala’s blog. BTW, enjoyed the way you describe the two witches of Eastwick!!

    I emphathise with you on having to recap something that you have lost interest in.. Again, my dear ockoala, this is YOUR BLOG… do as you wish.. should you really want to stop recapping at any one time, we will understand..
    with utmost respect for someone who has toiled many hours for our reading pleasure ..SARANGHEYO..
    Domo arigato and cheers to our captain

  96. Do hope that the abundance of cutey moments will cheer up your recapping and instead of a painful task, it will be an enjoyable one for you… me crossing fingers now till next Wed..

  97. Hi Koala, thanks for all the recaps that you have been doing, i read your blog since PK, M3 and when you said that you will recap MP i was very happy , but lately i feel that you are not happy doing it so i think you should stop, because when you dont like something it hard to see the positive side, this two last episodes of MP i haven’t see it because im afraid, i dont wanna see our OTP in misery, so i think maybe you should stop for now and watch the last 4 episodes together and if you like it you do a big recap of the 4 of then , ill be more than glad to read it.

  98. They say a pic tells a thousand words. Ok, this is what I READ from the pic.

    The setting is perfect for flooring:

    1. 2 pillows
    2. 1 blanket
    3. 1 hot fire (real one this time)
    4. Spacious floor

    1. An antique CUSHIONED chair
    2. A low table with lacy tablecloth

    These can be alternatives if floor is too uncomfortable for flooring.

    To sustain energy:
    1. 1 plate of roasted yams
    2. 2 cups of hot milk

    Good luck, HY and LS! Don’t let me down now.

  99. On second thoughts, let’s not get our hopes up. I mean who knows they could be in the middle of flooring when suddenly the door opens and Yoon Ju walks in coolly in her high heels and furs, stops, looks down at HY and LS on the floor, and says frozen-facedly: OPPA, YOU TWO HAVE TO COME BACK TO THE PALACE WITH ME NOW. Scene ends. Next scene. Grandpa yelling. Again.

    • chingu, that’s what am worrying too coz ls is being followed. am afraid that the fugly android will suddenly barge in and like a universal soldier will start marching in front of the two and will order them to return to the palace. argh!!! what a way to spoil our anticipation for a possible boating. aizt!!!

    • My dear mayssenger & allenif
      I burst out giggling like a teenager, thanks to both of your hopes and reservations about our fav couple… Ahjumma here enjoying all your comments, keep them rolling!! thanks heaps… he he he…
      OK, to be hopeful or not to be, that is the question, eh?? mmmm, let’s see… I shall choose to be hopeful….’cos we’re in this happy playground no matter what happens next Wednesday… this calls for prayer big time..
      cheers to a good weekend all on this blog…. wide grin from ear to ear.

  100. for realss thanks for enduring and doing the blogs… i personally gave up watching my princess bc of all the reasons you pointed out but im still curious to see how this drama ends so im just reading your blogs to not waste time and plus i love your thoughts you add… it brightens up the drama somewhat 😉 i think they should just kill the she-devil off keke

  101. For those who truly enjoy and have no qualms in following LS and HY’s story to its’ sweet majestic end: DO NOT BE DISTRACTED nor derailed by those who say MP’s story is just all-fluff, pointless or boring!

    I have watched MSOAN and PK to the end and although I enjoyed them to a certain extent because I have friends who loved to share with me their passion for these 2 dramas, I would say that they are not really in the same league as MP. Not better nor worse, just different target markets and desired tone and feel, I think.

    While MSOAN and PK are both about couples in their youth, college-level in the world of indie rock bands and in the world of college life and its related issues, respectively, MP is about an adult couple faced with monarchy-restoration concerns. The first two dramas are geared towards more of the youth populace while MP seeks to cater to both young (maybe that’s why Lee Seol was given a profile of a college student albeit a late bloomer so the show will also appeal to the younger set) and older viewers. In this sense, although all 3 of them are considered rom-coms, the first two stories are told in a lighter vein compared to MP which deals with bit heavier stuff, such as political machinations and monarchy concerns.

    How the male and female lead deals with the main plot point or crisis in their lives also differ for the first 2 shows and MP. MSOAN’s cute main couple view life in a more laid-back, free-spirited and innocent manner. PK’s adorable main couple view life in a more youthful way as well; where BSJ’s bounty in intellect and lack in passion for his future is compensated by OHN’s bounty in passion (albeit for BSJ only 🙂 and lack in the intellectual side. What BSJ lacks in people skills, OHN makes up for it tenfold.

    The MSOAN couple had the potential to deal with a bigger world than their coupledom through the indie rock performing and recording world but they chose to limit only themselves to their own coupledom. The PK couple is limited by the world that the writers set up for them which is school life and they also chose to revolve only in their coupledom.

    I say MP is in a different league because the main couple are not only set in a bigger world of the monarchy/politics and the weightier issue of finding one’s royal lineage, BUT they also chose to hold this in priority instead of their coupledom. At this point at least we see that Park Hae Young, as a brilliant diplomat, holds back himself, although he almost missed a step when he posed that million dollar question to Seol, in favor of the pressing issue of restoring the monarchy which is deemed necessary for the preservation of their nation’s heritage. Lee Seol, although portrayed all throughout as bright and bubbly and not-terribly serious, also held her own during crucial times, like (1) when she chose to come out publicly and become a princess in order to primarily defend her father’s honor and (2) when she chose not to respond to Park Hae Young’s invitation to be his woman instead of being the princess.

    With MP couple also we see the subtle but clear leadership of the man/male. HY is portrayed as a diplomat with the makings of a brilliant strategist. In episode 12 we see that many of the evidences to prove or disprove certain mysterious events in the princess’ past have been cleverly, but secretly, brought out into the open by HY. Evil schemers in the person of Oh Yoonju, her father, Secretary Oh, and the princess’ adopted sister, Lee Dan, who are plotting against, or maybe working against, the restoration of the princess also received subtle and yet clever statements from PHY indicating that he had the foreknowledge of their schemes. And with that, he protects LS by isolating her from these evil schemers.

    For its very interesting plot points and with the character of HY as main male lead who is several steps ahead of the game and who grew to subtly but cleverly protect and cherish the woman he loves, even without her full knowledge, this rom-com is a big WIN for me! Throw in the character of LS as main female lead who can equally meet him in this courageous plane, then we sure have a DOUBLE WIN! But at the same time, by working TOGETHER for a higher or larger purpose than just their coupledom, I would say MP is a TRIPLE WIN! 🙂

    If you wonder why you are crazy in love with this couple and wonder why others find the story boring, then wonder no more! 😉 I wish we can have more cute and adorable rom-coms from kdramaland such as this. Not just eye candy, although the couple is one of the most beautiful tandem that we’ve seen in a while, with a fun, playful chemistry, but there is also meat and substance in the story that goes with it. Well- acted by Song Seung Hun and Kim Tae Hee who both suit their roles to a “T”, this show is MORE THAN a triple win! Can’t wait for the next episodes…

    My Princess. Fighting! 😉

    PS. Thanks, Ockoala, for letting me post this humble comment here. My apologies for the length…and taking up so much space. Thanks for recapping MP to the end! 😉

    • Dear samgetang
      Thanks heaps for your time in laboriously articulating this lengthy analytical point of view which I can fully identify with.
      “”Well- acted by Song Seung Hun and Kim Tae Hee who both suit their roles to a “T”, this show is MORE THAN a triple win! Can’t wait for the next episodes…”” Love how you lay all your cards on the table and explained the rationale supporting your analysis..
      That is so true to truth! Will take your advice and patiently wait for Wednesday after reading all that you said. Let’s take the MP ride to the end, shall we?? Am definitely keeping copy of MP for the sake of their fine acting and of course, eye candy of SSH/KTH to the max… me dote on eye candy, hard habit to break..

      BTW, are the same samgetang at dramabeans??

      • Hi Tangee!
        Thanks for your kind words. MP is definitely worthy of the time I’ve spent in typing up above comments. And those who care to read them thoughtfully also deserve it for all their love for and the joy that they derive from MP. And oh yes, MP is a hard hard hard habit to break indeed. 🙂
        The very same “samgetang” in Dramabeans, I’m afraid 😉
        Glad to meet you here in AKP!

      • Ditto, glad to meet you here as well. looks like we are chingus of this MP playground and this would not happen without Ockoala’s blog.
        For that, I thank thee, Your Koala Highness.

        Oh, BTW, samgetang, Happy Valentine’s Day to you… [me way over V Day decades ago! he he..] cheers..

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