Pre-Order Link for the Mary Stayed Out All Night Limited Edition Uncut DVD

I don’t normally post about how to buy products or where to get some goodies, but folks have been asking constantly so I shall oblige. Also, I feel really bad that the website has been horrifically glitchy for days now (it’s not you, it’s my host server and platform). But after taking an axe to my computer it appears that the problem is solved.

I also spent an inordinate amount of time with my hosting service support guy on the other end of the phone, but I like to think my axe-to-computer-solution was the one that worked. With that said, those of you who want to buy the Mary Stayed Out All Night Limited Edition Uncut DVD set, I’ve got the order site for you.

On the upside, anyone can order and the set comes with English subs. One the downside, its HELLA expensive at $150 US dollars a pop. Ouch. So if you can afford it, or if you need to give blood twice a week for the next two months to afford it, click here to order from Innolife. The site is safe and I’ve bought from them before.


Pre-Order Link for the Mary Stayed Out All Night Limited Edition Uncut DVD — 20 Comments

    • It doesn’t say on Innolife, but DNT Media has said so. Makes sense since they are putting English subs for a worldwide audience.

  1. ockoala: I missed you! I recently upgraged to Firefox 4 and while everything else worked, your site was not coming up for me. Finally found that I had to add you to my IE Tab. As soon as I did that, your page popped up. Weird cause I still get Rebel Souls. Anyway. YAY.

    • I’m self-hosted now, so I don’t share a network or server with all the folks still on (i.e. Rebel Souls, Thundie, Dahee, et. al.). With that said, my host has been splotchy all week and my site upgrade went through tons of growing pains – hence sometimes it doesn’t load, or loads slow, or just times out.

      If you have problems in the future, I’m always trying to resolve it, so it is usually a temporary thing.

      Damn, I miss Being self-hosted sucks, even if I can bring so much more content and options for everyone to make navigation easier on the site.

  2. Saw the link earlier at yesasia and will probably order it there. So surprise the preorder came out early. And yup hella expensive but for my Geuns and everything i want to see in the DVD, every penny i will spent will surely be worth it!! Glad that I am in region 3 and there will be english subs..yay!!!

    Thanks Captain! We in GG ship have been bugging you to help us on how we can order it and we can’t thank you enough.

    Im glad your site is okay now.. and it’s all good in the GSI team forum!

  3. Hi Captain, 🙂

    LOL at your phrase “axe-to-computer-solution”. 😀

    Thanks much for the order page link…By chance this order page has an English version? Except for the few English sentences, it appears the order page is in Korean or Chinese which I’m not able to read..:( I don’t mind going to yesasia (thanks pipa for the link ) but I need region 1 too…Oh well…

    Thanks also for the many upgrades/improvements to your website. Hang in there! I think the benefits of self-hosting outweighs the some of the glitches….Just a friendly tip, please ensure your hosting server has a backup schedule that backs up your web files or if it does not have a backup schedule, please keep a copy of all your web files outside your hosting server. I have a friend who lost all her web files when her first hosting server crashed. The hosting server’s company did not have backup copies of her files. Good thing her web designer have copies of them so they were able to restore them.

    Have a good day and thanks much again for the GSI team forum! ^_^

  4. ACK, so torn. It’s a little too expensive, but…but…it’s the limited edition. What to do, what to do? *bites nails*

    Chingoo, have faith! You’re stronger than technology. YOU WILL BEAT IT! *starts dusting off pompoms to cheer you on*

  5. A BIG THANK YOU! ockoala …. guilty that I am one of those “bugging” you on where to buy M3.

    Also checked out YesAsia (a couple of $ less) after your tip off about the M3 preorder. Now waiting for YesAsia to reply if their edition comes with the same must-haves ie ep 16 script, 150 pages picture book, poster and 7 hrs BTS.

  6. Thank You Captain for posting infos on my fav couple and gave us alert on pre-ordering the uncut limited DVD version.

    I am also a GeunGeuns fan and have never posted on any discussion forum until now.

    I was at Yesasia North America website and cannot find pre-order info on MMM. Can someone please post a link to this pre-order on the Yesasia website. Thanks a million!!!

  7. I have checked out the Yesasia site which stated that the M3 DVD is a “re-edited” version. Can Ockoala or Soft perhaps confirm if this is different from the “Uncut” version that Ockoala has been writting about all this while? ie Is there another “Uncut” version out there? How does the Re-edited version compare with the Uncut and Director’s Cut version? Don’t want to splurge and buy the standard version only to find out that there is another more complete and extended one.

    Really targetting to buy the version of M3 that would give the MOST extra scenes, expand the story in greater details and well … basically just give more of M3! (because I simply can’t seem to get enough of them!!!)

    Thanks a million in advance, Ockoala and Soft for answering my queries.

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