Sneak Peak at the Mary Stayed Out All Night Uncut DVD Set

Okay, that is one gorgeous collector’s edition boxset up there. I’m so glad I’ve got one reserved under my name. *is happy* The picture above is a sneak peak at the soon-to-be-released Mary Stayed Out All Night Collector’s Edition Uncut DVD set, completed with 7 hours of behind-the-scenes footage and unaired scenes, and tons of other goodies.

To be honest, M3 really doesn’t hold up to a rewatch, but watching it live for me was a thrilling and crazy experience that I relished with every up and down. Any mention of M3 just makes me miss spending time with my cutie pies Jang Geun Seok and Moon Geun Young, I adore them so. I can’t wait to dig into this DVD set when I get my hands on it. I’ve translated all the goodies that come with this DVD setย behind the jump.

M3 Uncut DVD set includes:

High quality packaging

A photobook with 150 unreleased pictures

A large-sized poster

Script for episode 16

Re-edited and re-mastered with new scores

Contains episodes 1-16

Approximately 7 hours 20 minutes of additional footage (behind-the-scenes and unaired)

Interview: Jang Geun Seok, Moon Geun Young, Kim Jae Wook, Kim Hyo Jin, the PD

Commentary: Jang Geun Seok, Moon Geun Young, Kim Jae Wook for episode 16 (OMFG, this I have GOT to hear to believe)

Collection of all the trailers

Press conference footage

Showcase music video

Important scenes and important dialogues

Promotional footage

All pre-orders will get a making-of DVD (which makes this set contain 11 DVDs total).


Sneak Peak at the Mary Stayed Out All Night Uncut DVD Set — 30 Comments

  1. mayday mayday… please reply immediately Captain…
    report every detail information you have to the GGC-base!!!

    • Well I guess it is a good buy!!!! ๐Ÿ˜‰ awesomeness but sorry not in my list this month I’m planning to study Masters so time is scarce….sad ๐Ÿ™

  2. Yesasia replied that their M3 DVD will NOT come with poster. Your order with poster is from Innolife, Ockoala? Please let me know asap, really MUST have the COMPLETE set. Thanks!

    • I got mine from Innolife and the item description says that it comes with the poster. I haven’t looked at what YesAsia is selling.

  3. Shoot, there is a poster and from yesasia where i’m going to order doesn’t include it in their just sucks i don’t know how to how through ordering process at innolife.. ๐Ÿ™

    Anyway, thanks Captain for sharing this lovely news.. getting sooooo excited to get my copy!!!

    • Hi pipa.. I already order at yesasia and they said my order has been placed but i haven’t got a notification if the order has been issued.. Were you like that too?

      • Hi angie.
        No not yet. I’ve been working long hours for a week now and can’t manage stay long on the net. I might do it today, will let you know about the notification.

    • @pipa…try this link to innolife for M3 dvd pre-order

      or perhaps you can e-mail them for further assistance.

      i never ordered anything from either yesasia or innolife. however, recently i e-mailed innolife for assisting me how to put an order but as the dvd i wanted is no longer available, so that’s about it. the response from innolife might take few days. (all M3 goodies i got from my husband who works in SK and he’s got M3 dvd reserved under his name in a local bookstore ^^). M3 dvd will be released on Apr 30, 2011 in SK.

      @oi and ysk29…Korean language with English subs.

      • Hi soft.
        You are lucky, it comes easy for you since your hubby works in SK. ๐Ÿ™‚ Anyway thanks for sharing how it works in innolife. The site is chinese and i don’t know the language. I might get confused especially if i’m about to track my order and besides it’s a little expensive compare to yesasia. Anyway, thanks girl for the tip on how to go over it. ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. Hi,

    I just wanted to let you ladies know that you can also buy this dvd set from k2dvd.

    They’re a few dollars cheaper, plus you get a permanent 3% discount once you register there (need to for orders anyway). More importantly, their shipping is significantly less than innolife. For the YAB dcut, innolife charged $36 for shipping and an additional $10 if you wanted the poster in a tube. You can pay by credit card or paypal. I’ve bought from this site before and they are small but have excellent customer service. I contacted them and they confirmed they’re selling the same edition as yesasia global. I also asked about the poster and this was their response:

    * Poster: 1 EA for Pre-order only since it will be provided for
    the 1st Press LE. It may not be provided for an order after
    release date (or even a late Pre-order). We requested already
    posters for Pre-orders. If you place pre-order in a few next
    days we can provide it.

    I personally don’t care about the poster with the 4 random and unrelated pics of the leads, especially since I’m quite sure I could make a nicer collage myself. However, if you do want the poster, please take into consideration k2dvd may run out of them. I preordered several copies from them. The total was $166 per set including shipping.

    Good luck everyone and happy watching!!

    • Hi LizzyD!
      Thanks for the added info. I’ll take note on that on my future reference to my next drama addiction ๐Ÿ™‚ I’ve just decided to drop on getting the poster and might get it at yesasia site since it’s only $144.00 with free shipping. But i don’t know if what all the goodies Captain posted are the same, need to check, hopefully they have the same goodies.

  5. P.S. I’m not affiliated with k2dvd. yesasia is still my preferred shopping site but this is only available on yesasia global. Only the eps are Eng subbed. The BTS (including commentary and interviews) aren’t subbed.

    • Thanks for the info LizzyD! I would like to buy the D-cut but its so darn expensive! Plus the biggest draw for me are the BTS…but if it’s not gonna be english subbed then it’s not worth it for me. *Sigh*…i hope someone uploads the BTS with english subs…

    • Hi LizzyD, do you mean that the M3 DVD from k2dvd will have ENGLISH subs for all the BTS, cast interviews, commentaries, press conference and basically everything that is additional? Please reply quickly because it is very important and I am planning to order quickly before any preorder deadlines. If everything is subbed in English, then I certainly wouldn’t mind paying the extra dollars. Thanks!

      • @staying up late…since it’s said Korea Version, I doubt they will have English subs for the special features on M3 dvd.

        on City Hall Director’s cut contains 11 discs (korea version) – total episodes 20 – each disc contain 2 discs and they all have english sub including cut scenes. one extra disc is for the special features and no english subs.

        also, i noticed on Sung Kyung Kwan Scandal dvd (first press limited edition, director’s cut, korea version) that KBS media just recently released, all the specials features are not English subbed. (Deleted Scenes, Music Re-edit, Scenes with Cast Commentary, Interviews, Outtakes Collection, Making Collection).

        hope this helps you to decide… ๐Ÿ™‚

      • Hi staying up late.
        It’s in Korean Version. The only sub is the drama and the rest of the features are not. But don’t lose hope. I remember Captain Ockoala once mentioned that YA mentioned will produced the English-sub version but not all the goodies are is her post

        ockoala says:
        February 15, 2011 at 2:49 PM

        Okay, the English subbed will typically be produced by YA Entertainment a few months after the DC cut comes out.

        BUT, if you wait to buy the English-subbed version, you will not be getting all the goodies that comes with the DNT Media version, most notably the photobook and a copy of the script.

        The YA Entertainment English subbed version will of course include the BTS footage and commentary and interviews. Basically anything that is on a DVD disc.

        HOWEVER, YA Entertainment is not guaranteed to sub the extras.

        Itโ€™s kinda a catch 22 which one to buy โ€“ unless you have the money and buy both.

        If you want to buy this in English-subs, might as well wait for this edition.

      • Hi Soft and Pipa,

        Thanks for your help and explainations. I bought the Director’s Cut for both You’re Beautiful and Full House. All the extras (commentaries, BTS, interviews etc) were not subbed. Only the main dramas were subbed in English. So I expect the M3 DVD will be the same but I was hoping that perhaps miraculously there will be a version (LizzyD’s purchase source) that may have everything completely subbed in English. I guess I will now go place an order with YA.

        But how would I understand what they are talking about in all the BTS, interviews, showcase and in particular the contents of SCRIPT ep 16, which I am really DYING to know????!!!!!! Would Soft, Pipa or Ockoala have any suggestions?

      • @Staying up late.
        According to what Captain said before. In YA entertainment English-sub version there will be no script and the photobook included in the package. Except these two, the rest of the package will be included but the only definite to be
        subbed are the BTS, commentaries and interviews, the rest are still uncertain.

      • Thanks Pipa, I have just ordered the M3 DVD on YA. Love the M3 OTP so much that I am not taking any chances on possibly missing out on owning the most “complete” set, ie what if YA does not come out with the full English sub version? So far, all those I have bought from YA do not have English subs for the extras. Only hope now is that fellow M3 ardent fans would upload the extras on youtube and take the trouble to English sub them! Am so keen to hear what the actors and actresses themselves have to say about the incredulous script.

  6. I haven’t had Net access for a couple of days and when I come back, this is what awaits me? 7 hours of BTS and unaired scenes? See, now I’m really tempted to buy it.

    BTW, while I was kdrama-less and Net-less, I rewatched M3, sort of; I fast-forwarded to the scenes I loved best and I watched a few complete eps and okay, you’re right, it may not hold up to a rewatch, but it still filled me with glee. The OTP is sooooooo cute, omg! \o/

  7. LizzyD and soft, thanks for the info ๐Ÿ˜€
    yeah….would be buying it for the BTS and if those are not subbed….

  8. ahhh what a nice content…unfortunatelly I can’t buy it…hope that someone can upload it esp the uncut, behind the scene and episode 16 interview…..thanks for the info.

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