Character Descriptions for the Leads of Lie to Me

I can’t believe we have another week before Lie to Me premieres. I am so ready for this drama. I’ve translated the character descriptions for the main four leads. Frankly, everything reads so simplistic, predictable, and trite (with elements of every single rom-com in existence). YET, I cannot wait to watch it. I think this drama will live and die on the chemistry between the leads, with the plot simply filler elements to bring everyone from one point to another and so forth. I’ll be hanging in there for every Kang Ji HwanYoon Eun Hye scene.

Yoon Eun Hye is Gong Ah Jung, a 5th Level civil servant in the Culture, Sports, and Tourism Bureau:

She’s not your ordinary girl that is a dime a dozen. Nor is she your average unemployed girl. When she was young, she was a tomboy. Because she hasn’t a mother and was raised by her single-parent dad, she was never a neat and tidy child. In the past, she played hard and goofed off, with a stubborn and eccentric personality. When she was growing up, she constantly heard people wonder “what’s going to happen to you when you grow up?”

As a teenager, her rebelliousness resulted in a slew of trouble, but in her final year of high school she suddenly wised up. After graduating from high school, she studied for an entire year and got into college. She finally became someone who can match up to her first love. She passionately studied for the civil service entrance exams, and passed on her first try. After working for three years as a civil servant, she’s dumped by her first love. About to enter into her 30s, she tells a lie that she is married because of her pride. This insignificant lie will cause her enormous problems, and for her own mistake she will be swept up into a maelstrom.

Kang Ji Hwan is Hyun Ki Joon, CEO of World Group:

He’s not the kind of average man one can find anywhere, and he’s not a typical bachelor. He’s an accomplished son of a Korean aristocractic family, having looks, background, and intelligence. Even though he comes from a family where he lacks for nothing, he lost his parents when he was young. He and his younger brother were raised by his career-woman aunt. As the older brother, he had no choice but to become a “man” quite young. Because he worked hard at his job, he’s considered one of the most promising young executives in Korea.

He’s looking for a marriage candidate, though not putting in too much effort. Right around that time, he’s embroiled in a scandal surrounding a woman he doesn’t even know. Even though he disdains this stupid, shameless, and stubborn woman, he can’t help but be constantly led around by the nose by her.

Sung Joon as Hyun Sang Hee, Ki Joon’s younger brother:

He’s a charming, easy to get along with, and warm person. His socializing skills allow him to become friends with anyone in less than 10 minutes. As the youngest of the family, he had a lot more freedom than his brother growing up. He does what he feels like doing. He was once dissolute, tried living simply, tried to do things beyond his capabilities. Because of that, he can easily adapt into any enviroment. For the last three years he has been unemployed, and he is currently in the process of looking for answers. Somehow, he get swept into Ah Jung’s ridiculous marriage mistake.

Jo Yoon Hee is Oh Yoon Joo, a display designer and Sang Hee’s friend:

She was Sang Hee’s high school friend, growing up in a very comfortable family, receiving a lot of love. She is like a piece of glass without a single blemish, but at the same time gentle. She’s the very personification of an angelic girl, with lots of charisma, without any need to purposely make herself stand out. Simply put, she’s not only beautiful and kind, she’s also the type to make other ladies feel demoralized around. She’s loved Sang Hee’s brother Ki Joon, but after the engagement was cancelled, she left for Paris. She has returned to Korea from Paris after three years.

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Character Descriptions for the Leads of Lie to Me — 14 Comments

  1. Well. Trying to look on the bright side: at least the female lead isn’t horribly incompetent, lacking any education of note, specifically characterized as klutzy, or unemployed except for dead-end jobs. I mean, went to college and passed the civil service exams might be the barest minimum of what I’d expect from a dorama heroine, but it’s positively Harvard for a kdrama heroine.

  2. I’m glad that we dont have a dumb female lead this time.

    Being a level 5 Level civil servant, she’s already in top class in Korea. Levels are as follows.

    Level 1: Central Directors of government agencies, senior (vice head) level or head judges, senior managing level prosecutors, metropolitan area mayors, regional governors, Heads of committees, Central Head of police, Central Head of Police in Seoul, Central Head of Police Academy, Military officer with stars (generals), and etc.

    Level 2: Managing directors of agencies, upper level ranking judges, ranking prosecutors, smaller city mayors, senior managing level for fire department, and etc.

    Level 3: (Non general) military officers, directors of police force, fire departments, managing director of minor committees, Public prosecutor, and etc.

    Level 4: Principals of elementary school, Chief of Police (brancy), lower level judges, Chief of Fire department (branch), and etc.

    Level 5: senior level police officer (vice chief), lower level military officer, regional school principals, officer for government position, manager level at revenue services and etc.

    Level 6: Vice principals at school, low level senior professional military officers (non military academy grads), regional vice principal or managers.

    Level 9: police, military soldiers, fire department employees, and etc.

    For levels 9 to 8, you need 2~7 years to be promoted.
    For levels 8 to 7, you need 3~7 years to be promoted.
    For levels 7 to 6, you need 4~11 years to be promoted.
    For levels 6 to 5, you need 5 years of experience and testing process.

    So for her age, she took an express lane to become level 5. It means she’s extremely intelligent, and passed a very difficult test. She has a solid salary and great benefits deal.

    credit: hahaha

    • Yes. Consider Kang Ji Hwan’s or Kim Ha Neul’s position as a secret agent in his movie “Level 7 Government Employee”. They were equivalent to FBI agents ( a rookie and slightly higher ranked officers) but they would be far below a level 5 officer. Level 5 officer is where position of influence begins. They can manipulate many agendas and they have power.

  3. Yoon Eun Hye’s character’s name (Gong Ah Jung) is really similar Gong Hyo Jin’s in Best Love (Goo Ae Jung). I am going to get really confused.

  4. i’m so busy and too many dramas that i can handled are all coming out this month. must resists. the all-so-important exams that will determine my life and future are looming soon.

    ockoala, did you translate these yourself? wow? i can’t do it as well as you even though i knew what those meant in chinese. man, i salute those ppl who translate for non-english dramas. u people can go become professional translators for companies and government! make this your living!

  5. Thanks for the news Koala.

    Lie to Me is going to be so freaking exciting. Drama gods please don’t let this hype be for nothing! *crosses fingers*.

  6. The character description is really irreverent if you look at it in a different way because this drama is so typical k-drama roma-com in my opinion.
    This is what I read.
    YEH’s CH- Poor/lower class tomboyish not your typical girl
    KJH’s CH- Rich successful cold hearted doesn’t know how to love really
    KJH’s lil’bro CH- spoiled younger brother, everyone’s best friend
    KJH’s ex-girl CH- rich princess has it all

    Those are all typical characteristics in a K-Drama roma-com. Formula goes, poor lower class girl falls + Rich cold hearted guy = love

    Other people will become the “bitch” or the “evil bro/friend” lol I’m hoping in this one there won’t be any “bitch” or “evil bro/friend”.

    Regardless I am so anticipating this drama just because I love typical cliche K-drama Roma-Com that I will always watch them regardless how overrated the characters &s/l is. Also because I love Yoon Eun Hye & Kang Ji Hwan. This drama really is gonna depend on their chemistry together &honestly I already predict they have hot chemistry. So can’t wait til May 9th comes around.

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