Video Preview for Episode 15 of 49 Days

49 days has six more episodes left, and I’m really curious how it’s all going to come together. Do I want it to unfurl in conventional ways that wrap up loose ends neatly, or do I want an out-of-the-box conclusion that makes me think afterwards but might not deliver the satisfaction I crave? I dunno – it’s been a pretty uneven ride so far, but one with an upward trajectory that makes me both think and feel about what I am watching. The drama is rich in detail, and afterwards I will probably be happy to rewatch it and enjoy the ride all over again.

Preview for Episode 15:


Video Preview for Episode 15 of 49 Days — 17 Comments

  1. wow….its very exciting even to look at this preview…i cant wait to see this!!!thanks ms. koala….you never fail to update us…and thanks to you Im updating my page also in FB….I owe you a lot….more power!!!!Fighting!!

  2. thanks for the preview. it’s so cute! Yi Kyung to Kang, “Hey, call me unni!” More Han Kang and Yi Kyung time. They’re so dang adorable together.

  3. Thanks for the preview. I’m really curious on JiHyun & Kang’s relationship, because to me both of them have a future together and they are ultimately the main leads.

    This is out of topic butI don’t know how you do it. It seems you update your site every so hours, because I find myself checking for updates on your sites more often now. Which question me….are there more then one of you running this sites, because I seriously don’t think you sleep at all? Also, I must admit, your site is unique in that you keep current w/Japanese, Chinese, and Korean’s entertainment. Do you speak all three language?

    • Ha, I wish I could reveal all, but then I’d have to muzzle you. 😉

      I speak a few languages, yes. I am the only person writing for AKP (it really is just my playground). And I do sleep.

      • ahaha it’s funny cause your blog’s name is koala. A koala sleeps for around 19 hrs a day. In your case, I think you are probably the opposite, i.e. stay awake 19 hrs a day :P.

  4. Can’t wait for the next episode! Thank you soo much. …. Is it just me or does Lee Yo Won’s neck look really long in the top pic?

  5. To echo chewywon’s words- How do you do it?? I tried to do a blog so long ago but gave up within a few posts. Really inspiring . Keep up the good work.

  6. Doesn’t In Jung look like she has a shiner on the outside of her left eye? Did someone pop her one?

    This drama’s getting really good.

    Thanks, ockoala! =)

    • @Thao Min ho likes Yi Kyung. He was in a relationship with Jung In for a long time but his feelings for her are fading away.

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