Possible Spoilers for Episodes 9 and 10 of Best Love

DC Gall and Baidu lit up today with the reveal of unverified written preview spoilers for episode 9 and 10 of Best Love. I read these, and it sounds so like the Hong Sisters (and this drama narrative so far) that I thought it’s worth translating. Remember this is not confirmed, so if the next two episodes end up with different plot developments don’t come howling to me.

But I have a sneaking suspicion these are more or less accurate. Apparently someone read the upcoming scripts and summarized it on DC Gall, and voila, you have instant BL-frenzy. It was like sharks descending on a poor fishy victim. 

Spoilers for episode 9:

Hearing Dokko Jin tell her that his heart no longer beats around her, Ae Jung’s heart feels pain. But she still cannot just turn and walk towards Pil Joo. She honestly tells Pil Joo that she cannot accept his feelings. But Pil Joo says: “Right now I don’t want Gu Ae Jung’s heart, all I want is a chance, a chance to pursue Ae Jung.”

He suggests they continue to do the program together. Ae Jung tries hard to open her heart to Pil Joo. Jin believes that he can go back to being the old him. It’s like he wants to erase the humiliation he felt during this period, so he treats Ae Jung extra professionally.

On the other hand, Pil Joo and Ae Jung continue filming Couple Making Season 3 and their popularity rises quickly. Having always assumed that Pil Joo liked her, now Se Ri finds her MC role is gradually diminished on the program. Unable to endure this, Se Ri plots a trap that Ae Jung falls into…..

Spoilers for episode 10:

Firmly believing that his feelings towards Ae Jung was because the Treasure Girls song was played during his surgery, Jin does not understand why his heart continues to hurt so much. When Ae Jung is with Pil Joo, when Ae Jung looks at him with a cold gaze, when Ae Jung falls into another trap and is forced to leave the entertainment industry, Jin’s heart still has feelings for Ae Jung. Jin continues to deny it, telling himself that he just feels pity for her.

Ae Jung is faced with the looming threat, so Pil Joo has no choice but to seek out Mina, asking for her help. Mina tells Pil Joo that the Treasure Girls split up because of her. Because of Se Ri’s practical joke, Mina drank the tainted drink. When she was rushed to the hospital, Mina discovered that she was pregnant. Because of this, Ae Jung took the place of a crying Mina who wanted to go somewhere that no one knew of her, and requested that the Treasure Girls be disbanded.

All this time, Ae Jung has kept silent about Mina’s pregnancy and Se Ri’s practical joke, accepting all the hardship and blame. Jin, not knowing about any of this, uses his starring in Ae Jung’s MV as a guarantee, which leaves Ae Jung greatly hurt…..

[Credit: Baidu Best Love bar]


Possible Spoilers for Episodes 9 and 10 of Best Love — 23 Comments

  1. oh my gosh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! if these end up being bonifide, the next two eps for BL is going to be amazing! the stakes just keep getting higher and higher!!

    woo!! cannot wait for this wk’s eps to air!! either way i’m sure ep9 and 10 will be amazing!!

    thanks for goodies – as always!! 🙂

  2. I’m not gonna take what you wrote down to heart just in case it doesn’t happen that way, but if it does happen to be true. **squeeeel** It sounds so good. I’m never for the angst, but something tells me that these guys are gonna make it extra good. Thank you Hong sisters for creating such a great drama AND thank you Koala for putting this up here. If only I had a remote to fast forward the days til Wednesday, I would so use it. It’s to the point where I don’t even care when I’m off work, I just want Wednesday to come already. 🙂

    • Exactly! It has been 10 yrs too long. I hope Se Ri gets her medicine soon. Oh this bittersweet wait! GAAAH

  3. THANK YOU for this snippet even though it might not be 100% correct but I AM GRATEFUL!!! This is a much needed read for preview episode 9 cos i hv so much BL angst in me lately lol. This drama is srsly affecting me, i can only pray that my heart won’t break cos i rrly wanna see AJ rise frm it all and hv the happiness she so deserves! *wipes tears*

  4. If this true.oh my.better prepare my heart because I believe gong hyo jin going to nail the angst that will make my heart bleed and I sense that phil joo will be in deep angst not only being rejected well sort of but he will be aching because he can help ae jung being bullied once again and see her hurt so much.
    Right now I’m shipping phil joo-ae jung because he from the start never hurt ae jung,try to protect her from all of people trying to bring her down.sorry to say I kinda dissapoint with Jin because he see ae jung being hurt again but he just stare,no add salt to her wound.

  5. omo omo omo…
    of this is true..
    then the next two chapters is going to be how awesome PILJOO is..
    and his pursuit for AeJung’s heart will start..
    as will as the start of how my heart will undoubtedly be solidified wil my PILJOO greatest love!!!


    If it’s true, it would be tbe best part of this drama.. It’s getting better and better foe sure..

    Why eventhought Im not Korean this drama is so addictive to me? Arrggghhhh…

    Im so worried about Se-Ri’s trap… OMG!!

    And I think there will be a little bit “cold war” between AJ-DJ. So, foe AJ-DJ team, you guys must be ready. Prepare a lot of tissue for your tears.

    Piljoo? Hmm.. it seems like he will be “the hero” of these episode, and maybe there will be more people become the member of AJ-PJ team? Who knows… LOL….

    The same with all of u guys: Can’t wait!!!!

    I love AJ-DJ-PJ… And dont forget next week there will be Lee Seung Gi, too… 😀

  7. Thanks for the BL-spoiler-sniffing Koala! <3

    Also, is Mina also Lee Jin Wook's sister in Rivals (Powerful Opponents?)

  8. wow! this is it!

    if the spoilers are for real, then the hong sisters are definitely casting their magic spell on this great/best drama!!!! it will be up the roller coaster and “wham!”

    can’t wait! super thanks, Ms Ockoala!

  9. …..its so addicting! so pity I cant control my self opening your site of know whats the fuss is all about, now its all there, the magic of HOng sister and we became the welling victim. Now I can rest my stressful mind while waiting for the ultimate showdown.

  10. ‘when Ae Jung falls into another trap and is forced to leave the entertainment industry, Jin’s heart still has feelings for Ae Jung. Jin continues to deny it, telling himself that he just feels pity for her.’ Nooooooo!!!!!! Ae Jung force to leave the entertainment industry??OMG!!!!

    Ockoala Thank you for the unconfirmed previews! This drama addictive arrrgghhh!!! I want to know now!!! Sounds like a rough ride ahead for Team AeJin!

  11. i’ve been waiting for some goodie and you came with this!!!! OMG i’m so excited acurate or not i don’t care as much as it’s related to BL\totally loving this drama, it’s the best!!!!
    and i’m still on Jin’s side HEARTBREAKer!!!!!! ha ha. CSW i love you’re DJ
    thank you so much
    Team AeJin Fighting!!!!

  12. I knew it. Mina was pregnant, so that is why Ae Jung disbanded. Also it seems Se Ri doesn’t know about this, she thinks Ae Jung just disbanded the group because of her ‘joke’ duh what stupid girl she is…

  13. Oh hell nawh Se Ri you a bitch. I bet she just never liked Ae Jung for being popular then her back in the days &then getting slapped ol’girl still holding onto that &that’s a shame, smh.
    I knew Mina was pregnant especially when they first shown her she’s with some lady &a child I was like. I wonder if the child is hers but then again idk, i just had a feeling she was pregnant &that’s the reason why Ae Jung disbanded the group. I was wondering what if the baby was the manager’s or something but I do hope Ae Jung will get her redemption &Se Ri will fall down a couple of level of popularity.

  14. This sounds legit to me – the plot thus far had been hinting at Mina’s pregnancy being the cause of the Treasure Girls’ breakup, and I think that that is exactly how the Jin/Ae-jung plot line is supposed to go. (Hey, maybe I should be a Hong sister! LOL) However, Ae-jung having to leave showbiz would be a very unpleasant thing 🙁 Good thing there are still plenty of episodes to develop these plot lines!

    Also, because of BL, I’m watching City Hall 😀

  15. Okay…if these spoilers are true then Pil Joo just shot ahead in the lead against Jin. What he says to Ae Jung that all he wants is a *chance, that he’s not pressuring her to give him her heart…he’s good looking AND sensitive!!

    And the fact that he’s seeking out Mina’s help to help out Ae Jung…if that’s not love then what is? I think I may have just boarded the Pil Joo love boat.

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