Written Preview for Episode 10 of Best Love

Drama gods, what did I do to deserve (or be punished for) the back-to-back-to-back awesome of three dramas in a row? Thank god getting to Best Love means saving the best for last, in terms of the best plot and writing, and also means I can take a break for a couple of days before the insanity repeats itself on Sunday.

I love how Jin, the man in total control, relies on a little watch to confirm the most human of emotions – I like you. I’m sure we’re in for more pain this week. I don’t know how many tears I have left, after going on a dehydration and food-less binge yesterday. Ae Jung and Jin, please be strong in love, my darlings.

Written preview for episode 10:

Pil Joo tightly grips Ae Jung’s hand, suggesting that she come over to the calm and unmoveable Team Pil Joo. Jin anxiously goes to Ae Jung’s house, telling the excited Ding Dong, who is going on a picnic tomorrow, about Jin’s confused feelings.

Ae Jung and Pil Joo’s romance sends the ratings for Couple Making Season 3 to new daily heights. Se Ri, facing the scrutiny of the public, Pil Joo’s sincere heart, and her jealousy at Ae Jung, is consumed by the burning in her heart. On the other hand, Jin receives another invitation to go to Hollywood for an audtion.

[Credit: written preview released by MBC, translated into Chinese by Best Love Baidu bar, translated into English by me]


Written Preview for Episode 10 of Best Love — 31 Comments

  1. 3 dramas in a row? oh gosh.

    I’m sticking to just ONE for now, god noes my heart can’t take it.

    Thanks for the heads up for ep 10.

    *looks at watch* 2:33 AM, am gonna suffer for work later argh.

    BL is driving me insane. need sleep.

  2. Thanks sooooooo much Koala for your one and only understandable update of Best Love which eating up my heart and soul now. I’m the true fan of Seung Won-nim, so my heart felt so painful when watched Jin tried to run to Ae Jong but it was too late… Hope the next ep. will have something to console my heart.
    PS. They KISSED then.

  3. im watching lie to me,best love,romance town,manny,baby faced beauty,finished 49 days,gonna start Ripley,city hunter and watch we got married and around 3 more variety shows.Oh and i do go to school in case ure wondering if watching dramas is all i do hahaha.i learned 4 dimension bending just like GF and JB

    • hahahha 😀
      same here!!!
      i am watching all the drama you mentioned hahahah >oo
      Exam coming up but i am just too engrossed ind rama n variety ehehehhe ♥ ♥

      • same here and i’m in the middle of exams actually i stay up all night watching every drama and variety show i find and then go to school and doze of during exams !!!!!
        i think i need rehab or something i m totally screwed !!!

    • hey hey you gotta commit to dramas! last season i only watched like 1 drama i think.SUCKY SEASON for reals, but this season is sooo amazing!! i also read recaps…sometimes from varios sites hahahaha (i just love reading everyones opinions cause youre like OMG,I KNOW RIGHT (oh me so ronery hahahaah))

        Some how i’m glad that i’m not the only one who do that !!!! really i hate myself some time for :
        1-rushing home to watch a drama live when i don’t even understand Korean
        2-waiting forever for drama to finish downloading when i have the worst connection ever
        3-lurking sites for recaps (refreshing refreshing refreshing )
        4-reading gazillion of comments and opinions…..
        5-waiting for English subs
        6-watching dramas with english sub
        7-looking for preview and spoilers
        OMG this is my daily routine i want my life before kdrama madness back !!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Ditto!

      Add – doing Masters, had full time job, raising 3 kids and a husband!
      Add – NCIS marathon (at least 2 eps per night)

      Top that! Ha ha ha!

      • hahaha
        i wont !!!
        really can u give me some advises on how to bend time to be able to do all that !!!!!!!!! i’m just a full time student and i couldn’t even keep up with my lessons !!!!!!
        ps: i’m a NCIS fan too

      • ooo. I am in good company then. I thought I am in need of theraphy.

        Working full time, raising 3 kids, studying part time, and watching Kdramas round the clock, sneaking in recaps every other 3omins , watch raw if subs not out, rewatch with subs and stalk websites and keep refreshing to get my fix.

        This addiction is taking over my life. On top of that my 13yr old son keep giving me regular Kpop updates.

        Is there a support group for Kdrama addicts?

  4. Koala, you are the BEST! so give us your DRUNKEN TO LOVE YOU BEST LOVE MISS RIPLEY (aka koala), take us to ROMANCE TOWN, but don’t LIE TO ME ’cause I don’t want to become a CITY HUNTER or a BABY-FACED BEAUTY that has to die after 49 DAYS.

    Koala ROCKS!

  5. OMG thanks koala i need to watch episode 9. really need it. and i’m so excited about episode 10. i want both now!!!! :tears:
    btw how cute and funny this could be “Jin anxiously goes to Ae Jung’s house, telling the excited Ding Dong, who is going on a picnic tomorrow, about Jin’s confused feelings.”
    Ding Dong + Jin = Cutest thing ever!!!!! love them
    thanks for this preview. you made my day (a least until i watch epi 9 😉

  6. Thanks for the written preview for episode 10. It seems that Dokko Jin will be okay, I totally freaked when he was stumbling and grabbing at his heart. I’m glad they cleared up the whole pen misunderstanding too, but now they have the misunderstanding with the faulting pulse readings from the broken monitor. I hope Jin and Ae Jung will have some more cute moments in the next episode. Can’t believe episodes of Best Love are almost over for this week which means another agonizing wait until next Wednesday & Thursday, it’s like a never-ending cycle.

  7. i just watch ep 9 and i cant wait for tomorrow!
    i’m treating myself with finals finally over im onboard watching 6 dramas “Best Love, Romance Town, City Hunter, Lie to Me, Baby-Faced Beauty and Miss Ripley”. My number one is Best Love though :D.

  8. I died after episode 9. Just died. I just pray that the Hong sisters don’t do to Jin what they do in ALL their dramas– have like a 2-3 year break between the OTP’s before they meet again and discover their love. I pray to God Jin doesn’t take up the offer!

      • Yeah, but I hope the Hong Sisters have taken their ages into account. Don’t want to take too long cuz AJ’s clock is ticking and they’ve got to get them married so they can start making those Dokko babies!!

        Ha ha!! that makes me laugh thinking what their babies would be like LOL

  9. Im in for Heart Break~ …. epi 9 made me for the 1st time actually feel the pain!!!!!!! AGONY!!!!! Heartbreaker is in for angst… and Hollywood means… aigoo sending Heartbreaker away~~~~ I cannot bear it!!! TEAM AEJIN FIGHTING!
    Thanks Ockoala I totally agree ‘Ae Jung and Jin, please be strong in love, my darlings.’
    100% agree!

  10. completely addicted to this drama and its agonizing to wait for another week and with eng subs…truly thankful for your recaps, at least i understood the scenes/conversation even w/o eng subs…what an ending, late realization for DJ that he is truly in love with AJ…anyway, lets give PJ a break as we all know that the 2nd lead will never get the female lead…next ep, we will see the jealous DJ?…

  11. thanks again OCK. i really look forward to your recaps and thoughts of mine. and i totally agree with your analysis. keep up the good work!!! 🙂

  12. wow crowded in here….going back to my writing…. 😉 I’m going to my imaginary theme park…. Hong Sisters you define rom com as Superb!!!! Except I’m not fluent in KOREAN 😉 had to wait for recaps ahihihi…. thank KOALA BEAR!!!!!

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