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I hate recapping even episodes of Lie to Me, because it’s a stark reminder that another long week of waiting is ahead. Unlike the ending to episode 8, which was truly an outstanding cliffhanger moment that spawned so many conjectures of what’s to come, episode 10 is less climactic. The drama is now all about the how and not the if. We worried last week that Ki Joon was indecisive between two women, and he immediately proved us wrong. What’s left in LTM is exploring how Ah Jung and Ki Joon can be together, and how that will affect everyone around them.

I don’t think the writing for this drama is truly horrendous by any measure. What’s derivative and pedestrian are most of the situations the writer creates, even if how it gets moved forward does take me by surprise. I find the fanbase for this drama appears to be stabilizing to a nice contingent of folks who’ve really grown attached to the OTP. Based on the trajectory, I’m fingers-crossed the rest of the drama won’t go crazytown on us, even if it does continue to recycle plots from other dramas. Hey, if it works, might as well let Kang Ji Hwan and Yoon Eun Hye put a new spin on it, and give us fan-service galore. I’m not upset that drama can’t reach its potential, because I’m thoroughly enjoying myself with what I’ve been given.

Episode 10 Recap:

Ki Joon walks up behind Ah Jung and grabs her hand, taking her away. He presses the elevator and they step in, barely missing Sang Hee, who rushes out of the other elevator. Sang Hee heads to the lounge but can’t find Ah Jung anywhere. Poor blind date dude is on the phone with Ah Jung, hearing that she’s not coming back due to an emergency. Yes, it’s the “my super hot fake husband is massively jealous and dragged me away” type of emergency. The best kind there is.

Ki Joon and Ah Jung are still holding hands in the elevator when the door opens to reveal Manager Park and two other hotel employees waiting to get on. Everyone’s eyes widen to see this tableau. Ah Jung tries to pull her hand out of Ki Joon’s, but he holds on tight, telling his subordinates to take the next elevator.

When the door closes, Manager Park has a wide-eyed stare, but the other two are totally blown away. One hurries to grab his phone to spread the news, and the other does a little giddy dance at seeing their handsome hotel president in swoony moment. Yes, that would totally be me, too, if I saw our OTP in the elevator holding hands.

Ah Jung and Ki Joon get out of the car by the banks of the Han River. He immediately yells at her – why does she keep using matchmaking dates or work as an excuse to keep showing up in front of him? Didn’t she say each time it would be the last time they met? She asks him to simply ignore her and not care, but he says that she’s making him care! She says she didn’t mean to, telling him she won’t show up in front of him anymore, and walks away angry.

She’s muttering to herself about why Ki Joon had to drag her out in such a way to lead people to misunderstand, when he could have just said the same thing to her back at the hotel. Suddenly an errant soccer ball hits Ah Jung in the head. Oh god, I know this is like the stupidest plot moment ever, but it’s totally funny in life sucks sort of way. Imagine you are having the worst day ever, and then it’s made all the worse when bird poop lands on your head just as you’re about to enter the sanctuary of your own home. Yeah, it’s called piling on.

Ki Joon walks over and asks if she’s okay? She’s not, as Ah Jung is already crying from the combination of physical pain and emotional angst. She finally blurts out “I like you.” She gets up and cries to Ki Joon “I like you, so please don’t like her.” You go girl, be brave and tell him how you really feel! Ki Joon looks taken aback that she’s finally confessed her own feelings. He tells her to just say it like that and not to hold it inside. He wants to know how she really feels.

Ah Jung turns the question back on Ki Joon, asking him what his real heart is? Ki Joon reminds her that he told her that he likes her. That is how he really feels. She asks him to like only her then, and not to make her hurt anymore. Ki Joon says it’s only about not hurting someone who has done nothing wrong (i.e. Yoon Joo), that is all there is.

Ah Jung realizes that Ki Joon is still taking responsibility for what happened in the past, when he dumped Yoon Joo for Sang Hee sake. Ki Joon asks her what else can he do? He asks Ah Jung: “Can you still like the me who is like this? Is that the extent of how much you like me?” Ah Jung can’t handle this discussion anymore. She thinks that she’s gone crazy, and tells Ki Joon to pretend that he didn’t hear what she just said.

Ah Jung walks away and sits down at a bench, her tears continuing to fall. Ki Joon stands at the river bank deep in thought. I love that they told each other exactly how they feel. Ki Joon likes Ah Jung but can’t bear to hurt Yoon Joo. Ah Jung likes Ki Joon, but she’s not going to be a doormat and allow him to leave the Yoon Joo issue unresolved. They are at an impasse, but at least they are not denying their feelings at all.

Yoon Joo looks at pictures of her and Ki Joon. She thinks back to what Ki Joon telling her that they can’t start over because he likes another woman. That doesn’t appear to fly over so well with her.

Ah Jung comes home to find her dad looking through old photos and talking to her mom about how their daughter seems so tired lately. He asks how the date went, and she says fine. Dad invites Ah Jung to drink with him. I really love their father-daughter interactions. Dad reminisces about the young Ah Jung, asking why she’s not seeing some old friends anymore. Ah Jung says everyone is busy, but doing well.

They look at a picture of Ah Jung with her mom. Dad thinks all girls want their mother around when they get married. Ah Jung says her dad has done a great job as both parents, and she wants to take care of her dad forever. Ah Jung goes to sleep because she has to head to the resort tomorrow.

Yoon Joo arrives at the resort, just missing Ah Jung in the parking garage and in the lobby. Yoon Joo asks to see Manager Park. Ah Jung passes by Manager Park, who is polite and doesn’t mention the scene she saw last night. Yoon Joo asks Manager Park what is going on with Ki Joon and Ah Jung? Manager Park says she may be friends with Ki Joon, they don’t talk about their personal lives.

Yoon Joo thinks maybe the hotel work is stressing Ki Joon out and he needs some comfort. No Yoon Joo, a man who needs comfort gets a prostitute, not a new girlfriend. Manager Park asks Yoon Joo to consider that Ki Joon cares for her, but whether that affection is love or something else, Yoon Joo must make the realization. Yoon Joo is chastened, and notes that she once thought Manager Park was on her side. No, Manager Park is a Jedi, not a Sith Lord.

Manager Park says that she did hope they could make it work, but right now Ki Joon is very exhausted. Manager Park asks Yoon Joo to not just see the Ki Joon from three years ago, she needs to look at the Ki Joon of today. Yoon Joo grudgingly notes it’s clear why Ki Joon is scared of Manager Park. Manager Park tries to walk Yoon Joo out so that she doesn’t run into Ah Jung, but the ladies all run into each other in the lobby. Yoon Joo politely says hello, and Ah Jung returns the greeting.

Ki Joon gets a call from Manager Park, who immediately yells at him. She drops to banmal and tells him that she doesn’t care about his love life or personal woes, he just has to do it outside of work. He wonders why she’s so forceful all of a sudden, and she reminds him that she saw him holding hands with a woman at the work place.

Manager Park reminds Ki Joon that being too considerate is also hurtful, and Ki Joon has done enough already. She tells him to make a clean break and resolve everything. Yay Manager Park, you are way too awesome. Unleash the Force on Ki Joon’s waffly ass.

Ki Joon goes to see Yoon Joo at her house. Yoon Joo asks if Ah Jung likes Ki Joon as well, and he quietly says yes. Yoon Joo thinks that must make Ki Joon happy, since Ah Jung is quite attractive. She’s tried to understand Ki Joon, and she can’t understand why Ki Joon would like Ah Jung. Her conclusion is that because they have been apart for three years, of course Ki Joon can be shaken.

Ki Joon tells her that he is not merely shaken. He says “I like that person” in a clear, firm, and final way. Yoon Joo, please preserve the last bit of your dignity and accept he doesn’t like you anymore. But Yoon Joo refuses to accept it, saying Ki Joon is merely being shaken because she’s not around. She thinks Ki Joon is so strange to her. While she didn’t change, how did Ki Joon change? Ki Joon calmly tells her that he will wait until she can manage her feelings.

Ah Jung is at work and Sang Hee calls her out to lunch. He’s at the resort and wants to treat her. Ah Jung walks out to find Sang Hee waiting for her with a toy monkey stuffed animal that’s wearing a diaper. He thinks the monkey looks just like her. Sang Hee thinks Ah Jung is being a workaholic these days. He teases her and makes her laugh.

She takes the toy and says it’s very cute. Sang Hee asks how the matchmaking date went? Sang Hee thinks the guy doesn’t satisfy Ah Jung. She gets up to head back to work, pretending to be insulted by him. He grabs her hand and apologizes, and she finally turns around with a smile, telling him she doesn’t get insulted so easily and was just teasing him. She thanks him for the toy and heads back to work.

Yoon Joo takes out her old engagement ring and puts it on. She needs to get a life, preferably one halfway around the world from Ki Joon. I say this in all honesty, to borrow a line of dialogue from the awesome Jie Xiu to Xiao Ru in Drunken to Love You: “Someone who wallows in the past can never reach the future. How do you know you can’t get over it if you’ve never tried?” Amen to that, Jie Xiu.

Yoon Joo meets with Aunt, who apologizes for what happened that day. Aunt also feels bad to Ah Jung, who was also really hurt. Yoon Joo says she wants to get married as soon as possible. Aunt asks if she’s talked with Ki Joon, and that he also wants to marry her? Yes, thank you for remaining sane in this conversation, Aunt. Yoon Joo says they’ve waited three years, and can’t wait anymore. I also can’t wait to never see your face anymore, Yoon Joo. The thought brings me tears of happiness. Aunt wants to say more but doesn’t.

After Yoon Joo leaves, Aunt thinks back to what happened at the lunch. After Ki Joon ran out after Yoon Joo, Ah Jung ran after Ki Joon. Aunt wonders what is really going on? She asks for information to be gathered on Ah Jung. Aunt goes to meet with Ki Joon at the office, telling him that she saw Yoon Joo. Aunt tells Ki Joon that she apologized to Yoon Joo, who asks that they get married as quickly as possible. Aunt suddenly says “Gong Ah Jung seems like a very lovely person”, and she pointedly watches Ki Joon’s reaction. Ki Joon doesn’t say anything.

Ah Jung is having lunch with her co-workers, and everyone is warned to do their best and not cause any trouble. They discuss another co-worker who just quit because she got involved in a love triangle and someone complained. After lunch, Ah Jung is told that someone is here to see her. She heads to the lobby to see Yoon Joo waiting for her.

They head outside to talk. Ah Jung tells her to hurry up and get to the point since she has to head back to work. Suddenly Ah Jung sees Yoon Joo wearing an engagement ring as she purposely holds up a cup of coffee. Yoon Joo tells Ah Jung that she and Ki Joon are getting married. Ah Jung looks shocked, and asks why she’s telling this to her? Yoon Joo says she thought Ah Jung should know, since Ki Joon told her that Ah Jung liked him. Oh you deadly viper woman, how I hate you.

Ah Jung walks back to work but ends up calling Ki Joon. She lights into him before he even has a chance to speak. She reminds him that she asked that he forget what she said, so why did he have to tell Yoon Joo? Was he trying to gloat? She asks if they are happy now? Ah Jung scream at him and then hangs up. We see Ki Joon in a meeting and he couldn’t explain himself if he wanted to.

Ah Jung gets frustrated at work and her two co-workers suggest eating out tonight. Ah Jung agrees and they head out. Outside the office, Ki Joon is waiting for her. He asks to talk with her, but she ignores him and stalks off. At the restaurant, Ah Jung is eating with her co-workers and wondering why it’s so empty in the restaurant?

Ki Joon sits behind her and speaks up, explaining that he booked the entire restaurant today. The two co-workers wonder if he’ll pay for their meal, and he notes that civil servants can’t even accept a free meal. He nevertheless offers to pay, and the two guys toast Ki Joon. He asks if it’s hard working with “her” and Ah Jung turns around and gives him the evil eye while she gulps down her drink. Ki Joon smiles at her and eats. Ah Jung starts to drink directly from the bottle.

Ah Jung gets drunk and staggers off with Ki Joon following her. The two co-workers wonder just exactly what their relationship is? They wonder if the rumor about the secret marriage is true? Ah Jung almost trips and Ki Joon helps her up. She brushes him off, saying he really is a piece of work. Just because she likes him, why’d he have to discuss it with Yoon Joo?

Ki Joon says that it’s a misunderstanding. Ah Jung doesn’t want to listen to his excuses and jumps in a taxi, but not before dropping her cell phone, which Ki Joon picks up. Ki Joon is waiting for her at the cherry blossom lane, asking why it took her so long to get back. She asks why he’s here, and he hands her back her phone.

Ah Jung keeps walking and Ki Joon walks up next to her, saying he wants to walk her home. She tells him to bugger off when she’s still civil. He asks her if she knows what his nickname is? It’s Hyun Ki Joon 5-item Set. He explains what the five items are: handsome, sense of responsibility, manners, sensibility, and courtesy.

Ah Jung stares at him like he’s the self-absorbed ass that he appears to be. Ki Joon says that walking a drunk woman home is simply his manners, sense of responsibility, and courtesy at work. Ah Jung says why is a perfect man speaking about a person behind their back. Ki Joon says he’s never done that. He looks at her and calls her “Ah Jung-ah”.

This intimacy rattles her and she runs away, telling him not to call her that. [Explanation: Normally Ki Joon calls Ah Jung “Gong Ah Jung-shhi” which is a very formal (or jeondaemal) way to address another person. It’s like addressing someone as Ms. Jane Smith. So when he switched to a less-formal (banmal) way to address her, calling her “Ah Jung-ah”, it’s like taking away the address and the last name, and just calling someone Jane. This indicates that Ki Joon is being overly familiar with Ah Jung, and has a much closer relationship with her].

Ki Joon throws in a few more “Ah Jung-ahs” for good measure, smiling as he watches Ah Jung scurry away. Sang Hee sees this exchange and looks stunned. The next day, he’s on a swing, remembering some moments between him and Ah Jung. He tells himself that it can’t be like this again.

So Ran is having a gab session with the friends. She wants to discuss a secret, and they all suspect it has to do with Ah Jung. So Ran plays coy, and the other friends think she’s telling a lie again. They head out to go shopping, buying friendship rings for everyone. So Ran buys one for Ah Jung, saying that she feels sorry for her.

Ah Jung lays outside in the yard. She keeps repeating “Ah Jung-ah” and thinking back to Ki Joon dropping to banmal with her. She turns on her phone and sits up in shock. The background of her phone is a selca picture of Ki Joon, holding up two fingers in the dorky victory pose. She realizes that he also shot a video for her.

In the video, Ki Joon says “Ah Jung-ah, are you awake? Why did you drink so much? Remember to drink some hangover soup.” Ah Jung yells at the video of Ki Joon, wondering who gave him permission to call her Ah Jung-ah. But she ends up playing the video over and over again, smiling as she listens to the part where he calls her Ah Jung-ah.

Park Hoon tells Ki Joon that the Shanghai Chairman has sent the documents and mentioned coming for a visit soon. Yoon Joo calls Ki Joon to meet tonight and he agrees. So Ran and the girls model their couple rings, vowing they will always be friends. So Ran thanks them for hanging out with her before she leaves the country. So Ran leaves early to give Ah Jung the ring she bought for her.

Ae Kyung and Ah Jung’s dad are having lunch. Ae Kyung wonders if maybe she should just get married. He tells her to go ahead, and she wonders what she saw in him before. Ae Kyung asks if Ah Jung is planning to date? Ah Jung’s dad asks Ae Kyung if she has a man, otherwise why all this talk about getting married.

Ah Jung sleeps outside, and Jae Bum walks up to her which freaks her out. He sits down and asks whether it’s true that she’s not married to Hyun Ki Joon? She says yes, and apologizes to him. He say don’t worry, he’ll take care of things for her. He worries that Ki Joon will get upset at her, and she can’t handle it herself. He takes her hand and makes her promise to discuss things with him.

She pulls her hand away, but he keeps grabbing it. He asks why she was such an idiot. She pulls his hand away and they end up falling back on the table. Ah Jung sees So Ran and pushes Jae Bum away and quickly gets up. She gets up and explains to So Ran that it’s just a misunderstanding, she fell backwards is all. So Ran drops the gift and says that she was coming to clear things up with Ah Jung, but that’s not necessary anymore.

So Ran rushes out with tears in her eyes, and Jae Bum chases after her. Ah Jung opens the ring box to find a friendship ring inside. At home, Jae Bum tells So Ran that he can’t ignore Ah Jung’s situation. She got into the mess because of him. Now Jae Bum can’t discount Ah Jung’s sincerity. So Ran asks why kind of sincerity involves telling a lie. Jae Bum screams at So Ran for mocking Ah Jung, asking her if she knows what sincerity is, since So Ran has never treated Jae Bum with sincerity.

At Yoon Joo’s house, she pretends to be busy but asks Ki Joon if Ah Jung spoke with him. She confesses that she was being immature and regretted it right away, wanting to apologize. Ki Joon asks Yoon Joo not to talking to Ah Jung directly anymore, just talk with him. Yoon Joo asks if he’s worried about what she’ll do to Ah Jung?

Yoon Joo confesses that what she wanted to tell Ah Jung was for her to get away from her man. But she didn’t say it, she ended up lying that she was getting married to Ki Joon. Yoon Joo wonders what will happen if she never gets over Ki Joon? Can he wait? Can Ah Jung wait that long? Yoon Joo says that Ki Joon is being very hurtful. Ki Joon tells Yoon Joo that they need some time (apart) right now.

Sang Hee is painting in his studio, but he’s so upset he can’t sketch. Suk Bong comes and drinks with Sang Hee. To Sang Hee, he has been doing penance for the last three years after falling in love with his brother’s fiancée and breaking up his love. When he first got back, he was afraid to see them in person. Sang Hee wonders why every time the woman he likes, ends up liking his brother. Oh Sang Hee, why don’t you just ask big brother for dating tips.

Suk Bong is confused, asking if this means Sang Hee likes someone right now. Suk Bong thinks it’s insanity for brothers to fight over the same woman. Sang Hee says he tried hard to push Yoon Joo out of his heart, and get Yoon Joo and Ki Joon back together. But now Ki Joon has pushed Yoon Joo away. Sang Hee refuses to explain who the woman in question is, only repeating that Ki Joon now also likes the woman he likes. Sang Hee is torn because he knows it’s wrong and he can’t confess his feelings. He tosses his canvas in anger and chokes back sobs.

That night, Ki Joon is back at the house of drinking (formerly known as the house of kissing), doing shots to drown his woes. The next day, Ah Jung is at the resort with her co-workers, who can’t believe the event is finally here. Ki Joon and his retinue walk into the dining room, and he doesn’t look at Ah Jung. Her co-workers ask her what their relationship is, and she says nothing. Ki Joon sits down and gives a little smile in Ah Jung’s direction.

The ministry employees are outside welcoming all the VIP guests. Ah Jung is at the banquet hall checking the final preparations. She’s nervous and takes a deep breath to calm herself. Her co-worker tells her to go outside and get some air to relax herself. Ah Jung gets into the elevator only to see Ki Joon and Manager Park. Ki Joon watches Ah Jung walk outside to calm herself. He tells Manager Park that Ah Jung must be very nervous, and asks her to help Ah Jung in any way possible.

Ah Jung is practicing her speech outside when she sees the Shanghai Chairman at the resort. She calls Ki Joon and tells him that the Chairman is here. Ki Joon thinks she’s mistaken since he’s not scheduled to be here. She’s certain she’s not mistaken. Ki Joon rushes back to the resort. Ah Jung is freaking out, and Ki Joon tells her to calm down.

Ah Jung says that her co-workers can’t meet the Chairman, otherwise she’s going to need to write a resignation letter soon. Ki Joon tells her that he’ll handle it. He’ll get the Chairman out of here. Ah Jung gets call back to the meeting. Ki Joon smiles, telling her not to be nervous, and do a good job. I love how the drama is really playing up their professional sides, especially allowing Ki Joon to see how capable and successful Ah Jung is as a civil servant.

Ah Jung gives the opening speech at the UN international tourism convention to a room full of foreign dignitaries. Ki Joon has his staff armed with pictures of the Chairman, fanning out in the resort to look for him. Ah Jung finishes her speech and does a great job. Ki Joon is also running through the resort looking for the Chairman himself.

The Chairman is located on the second floor lounge, and Ki Joon runs up to waylay him. Ah Jung and the Minister walk out of the conference room and run right into the Chairman, who knows the Minister. Ah Jung tries to hide behind another co-worker. The Chairman recognizes her and tells the Minister that Ah Jung is the wife of President Hyun Ki Joon.

The Minister says this is the first time he’s heard of this, and asks Ah Jung if she’s really married. Ah Jung thinks back to Ki Joon saying that the Chairman is very important to his career. She tells the Minister that she’s married to Ki Joon.

Ki Joon arrives on the scene to hear Ah Jung continue the lie. He walks up to the Minister and the Chairman, and announces that they are not married.

Thoughts of Mine:

I thought this episode was considerably more low-key, and as a result probably left folks less satisfied or chafing at the bit for the next fix. I found the episode much better on re-watch, because this episode was primarily about exposition and putting the reality of what’s happening out in the open for everyone. I really like everyone’s reactions, because even the most far-fetched and extreme reactions are immediately put into context and dealt with.

Yoon Joo is playing the victim card a little too enthusiastically. It’s not like Ah Jung up and swooped in, taking her current fiancée away from her. They’ve ended their relationship for the past three years, and Ki Joon is actually behaving like the rational and mature person by moving on and allowing himself to honestly love again. I feel like Yoon Joo came back from Paris with a singleminded belief that she can get back together with Ki Joon because three years was enough time for Sang Hee to move one. But she refused to consider the possibility that either Sang Hee didn’t move on, or Ki Joon did.

I’m giving Ki Joon a lot of rope to handle the Yoon Joo situation, because he never leads her on with any hope between them, and he’s completely honest with Ah Jung about liking her but needing time to deal with Yoon Joo. I think Ki Joon really needn’t coddle Yoon Joo’s sensibilities this way. If he was fine dumping her three years ago and bidding her adieu as she swanned off to Paris, then I don’t get his guilt now. Breaking their engagement was, IMO, much more hurtful than telling her they can’t get back together. And yet he did it back then.

I love Ah Jung’s perspective on not getting herself further into the Ki Joon-Yoon Joo unresolved mess. It’s not like she doesn’t like Ki Joon, or can’t accept his decision on how to deal with Yoon Joo. But no new girlfriend wants her boyfriend to have an ex lurking around who pops up from time to time to inflict some emotional daggers.

I really have nothing to say about Sang Hee, and that’s because there is nothing to discuss. His liking Ah Jung to the extent he rages and drinks about losing her to Ki Joon is never going to be convincing to me. Period. So Ran and Jae Bum, on the other hand, are totally believable in their issues. It’s so complicated between them. I don’t believe Jae Bum likes Ah Jung, at least not in that way. He appears to need validation and Ah Jung lying because she couldn’t get over losing Jae Bum gives him the feeling that he matters to someone. So Ran needs to understand that she’s probably also to blame for how her marriage has unraveled.

Ki Joon and Ah Jung’s attraction and feelings for each other, however genuine and undeniable, is nevertheless in its infancy. Ki Joon actually needs to properly woo his lady, and they need to spend time together in ways that don’t involve ending in steamy make-out sessions or crying recriminations at the river bank. With the lie now out in the open with respect to both sides (Ah Jung to So Ran, Ki Joon to the Chairman), it allows the OTP to truly begin with a clean slate.

It must be clear to everyone that Ki Joon denying he was married to Ah Jung was not a bad thing. I’ve heard people upset, because it appeared that he was contradicting Ah Jung. He was, but that was because Ah Jung’s continued pretense about their fake marriage was for the Chairman’s benefit, but would end up flushing her career down the toilet. So instead Ki Joon traded his career for hers.

Remember that this Shanghai deal is vital to Ki Joon, his career is on the line as everyone wants to see whether he can succeed. The only reason he agreed to the pretend marriage to Ah Jung was because the deal was that important to him. For him to confess to the Chairman that Ah Jung was not married to him means that the Chairman is going to feel massively deceived and likely end their business arrangement. And Ki Joon appears to understand that risk, and took it, because otherwise Ah Jung just lied to her boss.

While it’s clearly noble idiocy at work for both of them, confirming or denying the marriage in front of the Minister and the Chairman, I like where this development takes the story. It allows the lie to fully get exposed and thrown away as a plot device. Ki Joon needs to win the Chairman’s business the proper way, and Ah Jung needs to have no further fear that her charade would endanger her career. This has to be done, and for it to happen in such a dramatic way to show us how much Ki Joon and Ah Jung care for each other’s well being was just icing on the cake.

And, no, I don’t think Ki Joon is going to claim that magically he and Ah Jung are not married but planning to get married. I think he’s going to take the full weight of the responsibility for this lie, and tell the Chairman that he asked Ah Jung to pretend to be his wife so that he could win the Shanghai deal. Ki Joon isn’t going to resolve one lie with another about a nonexistent engagement, or at least I’m hoping the writer doesn’t go there. I need Ah Jung to realize how sincere Ki Joon is about his feelings for her through this (and many of his other) gestures, so they can take yet another step forward in their relationship.


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        The worst of all, Ah Jung’s dad, not believing their love is real!! That is a though one!! LOL He is gonna chase Ki Joon with a stick!!

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    In saner thoughts: I liked this episode. Its really unlike yesterdays ep, which I think was the foundation. Now everything is becoming exposed and I like that. Hyun Ki Joon, you deal with Yoon Joo quick, cuz I suspect your going to need a little breather b4 Sang Hee comes charging in again. Which is ridiculous. As if he could ever win Ah Jung. Their relationship is in the dictionary beside the word “MotherF****ng Platonic”. Sorry Sang Hee, I initially liked you, I though you were good for Ah Jung, ut only as Chingu! To elevate yourself is just…not cool. I dont even think he likes her likes her either, I think he was trying to use her as an excuse that he could let Yoon Joo go. because here he comes and he finds her and they just meshed, in that they think crazy alike and loves to not be serious. And they can talk to each other. So I think, she was just his excuse, his reason for moving on from Yoon Joo. Thats all I see. So hes a User. Anyways, im going to go and watch this drama like its nobodys business. Ill be back though =.=

    • SH is still a child who can’t grow out of the childrens playground. Be a man SH and get a real job ( he hates working for Aunt) like that analyst.

      • Yes he is acting like a child. Gosh, he should just….Just be happy for his brother. He had no dibs on Ah Jung. I just hope he doesnt try to grow up and get a job with the company and try to show Ah Jung how mature he can be, because I think she’d just indulge him like a dongsaeng still. And that would hurt even more. So he shoudl just get over himself and just stay friends with her. I think hes just really butt hurt that Ah Jung fell for Ki Joon too, and especially so quick. He’s just jealous. Because I dont see how he can be so invested in Ah Jung when he never gave her anykind of attention that hinted towards intimate waters.

      • Words of wisdom:

        *Yoo Joo – get a plane ticket to the Bermuda Triangle, buy a condo in Atlantis, and go swim wit the fishes!! Girl, get the hell out of there!! Ki Joon’s words where, GAME OVER!!

        *Ki Joon – get your act together man!! Get Yoon Joo the Hell out of your life, like NOW!! At this freaking moment, please! Make you a favor, make us a favor, and please, make Yoon Joo, a freaking map, so she can understand, or buy her a gps so she cant get lost!! Is she dumb, or what? Seriously, she is annoying!! Totally disgusting!!

        *Ah Jung – I know, Ki Joon is totally in to you, he is sizzling Hot, and he can take your breath away with a bubble gum kiss, but girl, put your cards on the table, “no ticket, no laundry” you know!! If he doesn’t clean CUT the hell out with Yoon Joo, no lovely-dovey, no sirree! NO, bum shaka waka pow pow!! Now girl, get your pride, is only you, or keep walking baby, because, tomorrow the sun will come out, and I will survive without you! What the hell!!


        *Sang Hee, my lovely totally adorable Sang Hee, WHAT IN HELL ARE YOU DOING RIGHT NOW? Just asking!! Because, can you even think to behave like that, again? wait!! Again?? *dropping jaw* Again?? Seriously, get a life, get a girlfriend, and for the first time, tell your brother, that you will NEVER become trouble again for him, because, it was your stupid tantrum, “I love her, I love her, please leave her, If she isn’t with me I’ll die”, that make your brother, an horrible man!! Your fault only, because I can understand that you fall for her, but you can be MATURE, and told him, I love her, but I LOVE YOU MORE, and your happiness is more important than anything in the world for me, because you are my brother, my father, my family, my blood. And blood is thicker than anything. So be happy, because, I will be too!! *sighs* Wait, you are a spoiled totally immature brat, that only thinks, me first, and nobody else!! GROW SOME BALLS, BECOME A MAN, BECOME A HUMAN, BECOME A BROTHER!

        *So Ran – you have to understand that sometimes, what you see, is not the real thing. Think lady, you pretend to have a perfect marriage, but your husband right now, hate your guts, he cheated on you, Why don’t you ask yourself why I do, for him to become like that? Because you ARE a freaking psycho, taken from an Alfred Hitchcock movie, for Christ’s sake!! Get some therapy lady,you obviously needed!! God, can you be a woman, and feel something for the man you choose to spend the rest of your life? Common, he just need someone who can talk too, someone, who can comprehend his feelings, not a NYPD/CIA/ICE wifey, and he the public enemy #2!! Girl I trust you, you have good feelings, it just you cant let go of the rage!!

      • @Angelitpcurioso
        I’m still clutching my stomach laughing at your comment. Ahh I simply can not stop loving how you keep telling Yoon Joo where her designated spot is “With The Fishes” lol.

        Hyun Ki Joon, Gong Ah Jung, Hyun Sang Hee and especially you, Oh Yoon Joo–Did you hear whats to be? Angelito has spoken!!!!

      • @ angelitocurioso…U ROCK!!! oh dear i just can’t stop rolling in laughter with your rant…love u gurl…..

      • Poor fishes, if they end up, living with Yoon Joo, they will end up sleeping with themselves!! LMAO!! Oh crap, she is like the grim reaper!! Wherever she is, she brings dead and destruction!!! OMG, girl!!

    • angelito… you’ve never missed my laughter.. reading all ur post / comments / tantrum / swearing… is soooo daebak.

      I have a friend also a nurse and u’re a nurse too right? so? what’s the relevant? well.. both of your brain are totally damaging from the medical books hihihi… she’s insane too!!

  11. Thanks for the recap. Can’t wait for the next episode. Loved the DTLY reference. Also, Congrats to you and your kids. Graduating from kindergarden is a big step.

  12. Wonder what’s going to be revealed from Aunt’s further investigation of AJ. Perhaps the connection of AJ’s Mom and KJ’s parents coincidental time of passing besides “AJ seems a lovely girl” and what was seem to be AJ and crying KJ in toddler school (ep 8 preview).

    I thought it was a rom-com but looks like more of a rom-melo?

      • Don’t you believe in the magic of love?

        And the song says:

        “Love Is In The Air
        Love is in the air everywhere I look around
        Love is in the air every sight and every sound
        And I don’t know if I’m being foolish
        I don’t know if I’m being wise
        But it’s something that I must believe in
        And it’s there when I look in your eyes.
        Love is in the air, in the whisper of the trees,
        Love is in the air in the thunder of the sea,
        And I don’t know if I’m just dreaming,
        I don’t know if I feel safe,
        But it’s something that I must believe in
        And it’s there when I call out your name.
        Love is in the air
        Love is in the air, in the rising of the sun,
        Love is in the air, when the day is nearly done,
        And I don’t know if you are illusion,
        Don’t know if I see truth,
        But you are something that I must believe in,
        And you are there when I reach out for you.”

        Artist: Tom Jones
        Song: Love is In the Air
        Every right own by their respectives owners.

        Wait, Tom Jones?? Seriously? LOL, hey don’t laugh, I like his songs? Why are you laughing!! Common!! He is a great singer!! Stop, stop, I say stop damn it!!


      • I happen to love Tom Jones too!!!

        You and I are chingus of the same wavelength!! Love your song references!!

        Wait let me think – I need to go to my brain databank and join you in creating our own LTM comments OST 😛

      • The music just appear in my brain, I don’t know how or why! Creating our own OST, it is a form to show our love for the series. Your help will be totally appreciated!! Our creations would be priceless!! LOL

  13. Thank you so much for your recap! I love reading about your thoughts and insights 🙂

    This episode was more low-key, but it had its sweet moments (ex: when Ki Joon called out “Ah Jung ah” SQUEE!!)

    I want more interaction between our dear Yoon Eun Hye and Kang Ji Hwan in the next episode 😉 They just lit up the screen when they’re together lol.

    Jae Bum has the worst luck and the worst timing. So Ran just HAD to walk in on them in that weird position lol. And things were just getting better between Ah Jung and her 🙂

    I can’t wait for episode 11! Lie to Me fighting!!!

  14. I have nothing against SH but I am not feeling his “like” towards AJ that way. They are better as friends. Besides his brother made the sacrifice of giving up his love for him 3 yrs ago for him, its time for him to grow up and make a sacrifice too so his brother(who always looks out for him) can be happy too!!!

  15. i tried to give yj the benefit of the doubt…now i seriously can’t wait til she gets her comeuppance! i kinda wish she doesn’t get a HEA. only bad stuff of her own making should happen to her…kj should be like sucks to be you.


    • I hope she won’t, and hope they don’t fight in front of the 2 officials whomever fault (lie) it is (that’s unlikely).
      Our Koala highness is right, he has to come clean too, so there’s no more lie even on his side and he can prove her his feelings. (And then they spend time together and more kisses.)

  17. What’s with JB forcing to hold AJ’s hands? AJ should have dropped JB with a kick to his balls. I see danger signs for AJ from this cheating-delussional jerk.

    YJ is also kind of desperate now -sending out wedding invites?, annoying almost everyone – Aunt, KJ, AJ, Mgr Park.

    I could smell some conspiracy going on – JB and YJ conniving evil on AJ?

    • And form The League Of The Evil Exes? Seriously? Is this “Ah Jung vs. The World? And Ki Joon get to be Ramona Flowers? For real? LOL

  18. I always wondered why KJH accepted the role and i think he was confident that he would get to play his role that he is doing now.

    1. He is super calm, with right amount of expression when he is sad, fluttery and happy. The part where he was calling Ah-Jungh-ah was the best for me. Though it was for a real short period, i think he delivered it the best, and the smile he had on his face when Sang-hee was focused in the background.
    2. Loved the part when he left a message on the phone.
    3. He should take enough rest, did you feel his face was a bit swollen due to stress of shootings and lack of sleep?

    Couple of questions to my friends here
    1. What does Jedi Mean?
    2. What does Sith Lord Mean?

    Love your two phrases
    1. my super hot fake husband is massively jealous and dragged me away
    2. Kissing bandit – i may steal and use it in real life too.
    3. Who is the new PD from Episode 8?

    Yes, this episode is slow, but i am thankful as it was miserable to wait a week the last time around.

    • Jedi and Sith Lord are Star Wars references. The mention of the “Force ” is also from Star Wars.
      (And yes she’s a Jedi, I agree !)

      • The Jedis are the protectors, the peacemakers, the “good guys” the one who fight till dead for the Light Side, bringing peace, and stability to the Republic, and the Galaxy. Obi-Wan Kenobi, was the Master Jedi, who protect, train, and become a father figure to Luke Skywalker. Luke, is a prominent warrior in the epics battle in the galaxy, with a lot of power, that is called The Force, he is a savior, of the whole Star Wars World.
        A link for Luke:

        The Force: to understand, the Force is like the willing, what move the “spirit” of some one. It can be rapidly corrupted, by greed, pain, insecurities. The third law of motion of Newton, establish, that “with every action, occurs a reaction, that is equal and contrary”. You have to see it like the Ying/Yang, and for every good, there is an evil, to keep the balance of the world.

        In the other hand, the Sith Lords, they command the “bad guys”, they belong to the Dark Side of the Force, and one of his captains, commander, or whatever high rank he had, was Dark Vader, the baddess bad ass in the Star Wars fantasy land! He was Luke Skywalker’s father, cut his hand and try to kill him. Actually his huge love, and the insecurities that his secret marriage with Princess Amidala and a misunderstanding, believing, she betray him, was the trigger for him to become to the other side!! When people cross to the other side, they totally change. For Anakin Skywalker, (the real name for Darth Vader), falling in the other side was his ruin, eventually, Obi Wan, confront him, cutting off some of his members (legs and arms), forcing him to wear the black, huge armor, that was distinctively of him. A funny note, when he told, Luke, he was his father, its hilarious!! In a raspy, sandy, with a lot of phlegm voice, “Luke I am your father” LOL, pure genius!!

        A link of Princess Amidala, there you can find more info of the Star Wars World

        To truly understand the Stars Wars World, you have to watch the movies, because, they are great, if you like sci-fi flicks. I watched, I enjoyed them, but I am a girl who prefer fantasy genre, Lord of the Rings, are epic.

        This is a link of 20 Sci-Fi/Fantasy movies,

        Hope this post help you!!

    • Jedi = good guys (think Obi Wan Kenobi)
      Sith Lord = bad guys (from the dark side, think Darth Vader *enters his theme song)

      Manager Park is definitely a Jedi (imagines her brandishing the lightsaber). a sensible voice in KJ’s chaotic world.

  19. Oh, and i can always welcome some kissy scenes, atleast a few hugs here and there.

    The weeping and crying should stop and i hope it becomes more playful and KJ chasing to woo AJ.

  20. i nearly died when i read this “No Yoon Joo, a man who needs comfort gets a prostitute, not a new girlfriend.” lol. thanks for your speedy recap.

    • You kill me, Miss Koala Unni!! You are great, I wish someday, I can meet you personally and eat some smores, like a camping meeting!! LOL watching dramas and booing, when they become jerks!! LOL

  21. Miss Koala thank you so much for the recap.
    *big hugs for you* Your comment so cute and sometimes make me lol.

    Yes, i hate too … another long week in waiting for the next episodes.

  22. Let me get this straight. He rather hurt the girl he likes to protect the other girl? If I were her I wouldn’t take that BS either. KJ, she will not wait for you forever. I’m really hoping she goes out with that guy again, so he can open his eyes.

    • Im here watching it raw until viki is finished subbing. And I am at this exact part. Whats funny is, Koalas recap playing in my mind, and me seeing it and looking at their expressions. Now to the funny part: (and I love Ki Joon alot) but at this part I had an errant thought “Ki Joon is a bot a Sadist and a Masochist. Rihannas song S&M should be his theme song” I couldnt stop laughing.
      He’s a Sadist because: (1)Hes telling Ah Jung to be honest about her feelings for him, but since he cant fully reciprocate it hurts her and he knows this. (2) HES BEING WAY TOO NICE TO YOON JOO(making her have time and all that, psh) which is just gonna hurt her in the end–That I dont mind.
      Masochist because: He’s hurting himself trying to make everyone happy. And he doesnt see the issue with this.

      • now that’s a better way of analyzing ki joon’s personality…hehehe
        chingu, i think you’re a better writer…bwahahaha and please just leave the Xrated scenes to me… squeeeeeeeeeeeeee

      • Miweng-Ah!! heheh. I couldn’t help that, Hyun Ki Joon is influencing me. But I’ll gladly leave all the X-rated scene to you. You know what the masses want and that pleases us.

      • Two women, one road. He is a man, torn, between two worlds. I can understand his position, but we all sympathize more with Ah Jung, but we HAVE to try to be in his shoes, he NEVER give Yoon Joo, any wings, instead he told her a few times, that they can’t be together, that it will never be like before, that he LIKES someone else, and that he need sometime “apart” from her!
        She is the one who doesn’t get it yet. That is why, he doesn’t want to be in a relationship with Ah Jung right now, because he know that the Yoon Joo, chapter isn’t close yet, and if he intent to write (initiate a relationship with Ah Jung) again, he will get burn! He need closure, so he can start clean with Ah Jung. Without fears, or lies, or any crap that can affect them or their love in the future. I love Ah Jung, but I put myself in his shoes, he shut down Yoon Joo, 3 years ago, and you know how the past is, every time you want to start something new, the past, come bite you in the ass, and doesn’t come alone, he invite a few of his closest best friends.

        In other hand, Samshik in MNIKSS, he jump in the wagon, (start again) knowingly, he liked Sam Soon, and what happens? A train wreck, that look like a war zone!
        Sam Soon got hurt, because he give her wings, and cut them out!
        Hee Jin got one of the cruelest shut down, I have ever seen, that part, when he is cleaning her fot, while confessing, that he was happier with Sam Soon, that he cant stop thinking of her, that he love Sam Soon, BROKE my heart in a bizillion pieces! I love it/ I hated that part!! And how she start punching him, and he hug him, by the waste, while she asking why are you so cruel!! OMG, I wanted to die!!
        Henry, got a few punches, a broken nose, and a water fight that was hilirious!
        Samshik, broke Sam Soon heart, broke Hee Jin heart, broke Henry’s nose, is there anything else that I can say at his defense? Oh yeah, he broke his mother-in-law’s heart when he went to USA, to “return” Hee Jin!!! OMG, is that being the most jerk of the planet or what? I dunno, maybe!!

      • When You put it like that@Angelitocurioso, I feel that I can be patient in waiting for a kiss. Because we really dont want Ah Jung having even a ito of doubt about Ki Joons sincerity. And that would be wrong.
        I too felt so bad for Sam Soon in when SamShik started over with Hee Jin. Im glad Ki Joon stayed away from that. Im glad hes not that noble hehe. Never thought I’d see reason ever again since the ice-cream kiss. But Now I do.
        Although truthfully, I stopped thinking that KJ was being indecisive since ep 9 came out because he he totally shut down AFS Yoon Joo. She just needs to get it.

  23. KOALA thnk u for making my day. All KJW and YEH lets make a petition to close the DB thread. Its not doing good and ive never seen bunch of haters in my years of reading recaps for dramas. On a happy note, i guess they cant stop watching LTM cuz its getting better. YEH had million of fans all over the world. Be happy YEH and strong.

    • Hi lois! i know how u feel but it’s not right to do that to DB. everyone is entitled to their own opinions (but it’s hurtful). avoiding LTM open thread is something i’ve done since they stopped the recap. come here instead where everyone is positive, energetic and all for LTM. and Ockoala has been very accommodating in supplying us with endless news on LTM.

    • hmmmmmmmmmm don’t READ that thread… let’s just respect their opinions and simply IGNORE them and POUR all our LOVE and DEVOTION to our beloved LTM and OTP… aja aja fighting!!!!

      • People make cupcakes, and babies, not war!! LOL

        @lois, with all the respect of the world, is simple; If you like it, support it, if you don’t like it, respect it. You don’t have to like everyone’s opinions, its impossible! Everyone is a world apart! In the playground, Miss Koala Unni, let us express our feelings,without being, rude or mean or even disgusting at anyone, only to Yoon Joo, but hey, she deserve it damn it! And the time, Ki Joon left, Ah Jung, to go to Yoon Joo, we the playground unnis created an army of fearless unnis, and wanted to skinned Ki Joon alive and throw him salt and limes! Omo, we even had an army marching song!!! LOL If you want to see it, you can search in the previously post of LTM!

        Since I enter here, I never get out again. Omo, I think in my arms, is fur growing!! LOL

    • @angelitocurioso : well said! Thanks for your inspiring words.

      I love DB. But I admit I am rather disappointed by their negative comments on LTM. But then I read your comment, then I feel much better now. People has his/her own preference. As long as I enjoy LTM as much as many fans here, how can I not like it??

      • Everyone has their own personal flavor! Like in an ice cream shop, you have it your way, the others their way, but that doesnt mean is less ice cream than yours!!


  24. Congrats to ocKoala babies! How can you handel a blissful personal life, professional life, watching drama and still have time to post your amazing recap??!! My brain went crazy just by watching LTM no place for anything else 😉

    Unni fighting and thanks a lot!!

    PS: Long life to our Kissing bandit

  25. I just watched episode 10 with chinese sub..n I love it…I know the bit slow but so enjoyable..the happy things is KiJoon be able to show his funny teenager boy falling for a girl…Ah Jung ah..Ah jung ah…hahaha…remains me 49 days..Kang ah..kang ah…so sweeetttt …I really adore AJ..she’s a strong woman..very different from other drama..OTP magic power so awesome..this why many of us keep stick n addicted to this drama..I don’t think other actors can create such huge chemistry n magic if they play in the same drama ^.^
    YEH + KJH = Love…♡\(^O^)/♡

  26. Thanks for the recap, Koala. You’re the greatest… I LOVE LTM OTP FOREVER. Now, I can’t wait for the next episode. I hope you can find some spoilers for episode 11, Koala. I can’t LTM out of my system. LTM makes me breathe. LOL

  27. Hi, Miss Koala! I got directed over here by the other DB people when DB stopped recapping this, so now I’m enjoying your recaps. Thank you so much. ^_^

  28. I’m so addicted to this drama that I am literally watching episodes raw &then rewatching it with subs. So I haven’t watched ep.9 with subs yet &I plan to watch ep.10 RAW tonight but I have to say that after reading the live recaps &reading your recaps I am happy that this episode wasn’t as bad as ep.8. I mean episode 8 left me for a whole wk clouded minded literally. I was stalking your site,, LTM soompi thread &tumbler abusing the lie to me tag just to see if anyone has posted a rumor, speculations or spoilers…cause ep.8 just hella left you hangin’ but thankfully ep.10 didn’t do that bad.
    I can go a wk with some peace of mind now 🙂
    I am happy that their feelings have been made clear to one another &now the ball is literally in Ki Joon’s court. He has to do what is right to him really. If he feels that he loves Yoon Joo more then let go of Ah Jung so she can move on but obviously that is not the case it’s clear he is in love with Ah Jung &wants her not Yoon Joo so he has to just be real &well cruel to her so she can get it through her thick skull that Ki Joon isn’t the same Ki Joon from 3 years ago.
    The guy grew up. He let go of you &has moved on. I find it kinda sad &pathetic that she hasn’t grown at all through the 3 years. Even Sang Hee has grown by being mature about what happened &has apologized I just hope that, that newfound maturity will play into affect again now that it is clear that history is repeating itself the only way to change it is if Sang Hee gives his blessing &bow out of it graciously. If he does I will love him FOREVER!!!
    But Yoon Joo the girl has not grown at all. In a way she sorta downgraded because now she’s becoming clingy &pretty delusional because she won’t let go of Ki Joon. She’s becoming those crazy exes that you regret ever dating.

    I’m not feeling the Jaebum &Ah Jung moment. I really hope that Jaebum &So Ran will reunite or if not at least have a clean break &Jaebum not trying to get involve with Ah Jung. I want to see So Ran &Ah Jung’s friendship go back to normal before the Jaebum fiasco. Plus Jaebum is such a douche. He cheats on his wifey &then seems like he trynna holla at Ah Jung..really? that is such a douche bag move. Writers please don’t let that happen. Leave Jaebum out of the love square &put him back with his wifey.

    I must so ending of this episode was sorta sweet because it shows both of them stepping up to protect the other’s career while sacrificing their own. It just shows how much they really love each other. Ah Jung is great at what she does but she’s putting it in jeopardy to save Ki Joon’s big deal while Ki Joon is giving up the big investment for Ah Jung’s career &if he loses that investment that’s gonna hurt his company pretty big so it’s really good to see how deep their love is for one another BUT my only problem is Ki Joon. He came a little too late. It’s like dude, you opening your mouth doesn’t really guarantee that Ah Jung’s career will be saved if anything you opening your mouth jeopardize both of y’alls positions.
    The Minster is gonna think that Ah Jung got herself in some personal issues/scandal &she’s mixing it with her work which will look bad on herself &then you pretty much loses your investment. It’s like dude, I get it’s noble &stuff but it’s that noble idiocy that all male leads tend to do thinking it’s right but just turns you into an idiot.
    He should’ve just left Ah Jung to take the fall &then later on talk to the Minster yourself to explain the situation that way you can at least get a guarantee that her job would be okay.

    Anyways thanks koala for the updates 🙂 Can’t wait for next Monday.

    • I like everything you said. I totally see how, what you said about the end could have been avoided. Especially since the minister guy totally likes Ah Jung. But this happening shows the OTP’s just what each other would do for the other, and how far they would go. Especially at this early date still, when their relationship isnt even concrete. They Better WAKE UP, because this is getting serious man. So I hope ep 11 can just have a passionate kiss, because what they are saying to each other indirectly is just DAEBAK! And a scene like that calls for a KISS!

      • i simply LOVE the way your mind works LEISHERS…yesssssss that scene calls for a hot kiss…each and every scene with our OTP, in fact, warrants a kiss…oh dear… squeeeeeeeeeeeee

      • Im squeeeing along with you Mizweng. They seriously need a kiss. A Public one too. I dont care who see it. And they shouldnt care. But with all thats been going on, hand-holding in elevators, following her to dinner, and calling her intimately. There should…actually, all these WARRANTS some PUBLIC DISPLAY OF AFFECTION. PDA!! it aint just for IT geeks.

      • oh yes!!! how about the convention audience as the witnesses…..squeeeeeeeeee i can just imagine the giddy expressions of the resort female staff as well as the attendees… it’s now official, I DON’T CARE ABOUT THE PLOT OR WHAT HAVE YOU JUST GIVE ME THE HAWTTTT KISSES!!!! PRONTO!!!!

      • The convention audience would be soo good. Especially Mr. Chen!!! His staff woould be txting the whole world hotel staffs. Man would I be happy. I hope SBS give some really good spoilers this week. Im starting to get that “I CANT WAIT TILL MONDAY” anxious feeling again. I love that you build up my need to watch LTM even more Mizweng. Thankssss

    • I know now why Yoon Joo doesnt understand the “I dont love you anymore”, her program is Windows 1, that is why!! LOL, She needs an update and a few parts, and if it doesn’t work after that, well, there is the garbage can!! Omo, I went totally overboard with that! But hey, its Yoon Joo, she is … I dunno, she is… like a freaking pimple, in your face, the day of your date!! Ironic, dont you think?

      And the song says:

      “And isn’t it ironic… don’t you think
      It’s like rain on your wedding day
      It’s a free ride when you’ve already paid
      It’s the good advice that you just didn’t take
      Who would’ve thought… it figures
      Well life has a funny way of sneaking up on you
      When you think everything’s okay and everything’s going right
      And life has a funny way of helping you out when
      You think everything’s gone wrong and everything blows up
      In your face”

      Artist: Alanis Morisstte
      Song: Ironic
      The rights belong to their respective owners.

      Don’t you think… LOL

  29. Omo…how will they resolve this lol! Also I find it funny that Ae Jung is wearing Louboutin Simples in every episode. I have my face Loubies too but switch it up!

  30. thanks ockoala for the recap. now i can go on with my day, smiling stupidly to myself imagining KJ saying “Ah Jung-ah” *sigh

  31. i’ve always like KJH but never knew it could be this much.

    nonsensical stuff aside, like the recent ‘hit by the ball’ scene and the Samsoon wannabe mat-seon & Samshik split btw KiJoon and SangHee, both YEH & KJH really sizzles the screen.

  32. Ms. Koala your very witty and funny!!!! I always visit your blog (like every minute, hour and day). you give good reviews and recaps. I wish that Mr. Chen will give KJ a chance. Maybe he will see how much KJ loves AJ vice versa and he will tell KJ not to let AJ go. and go on with their deal. Hopefully aunt will approve of KJ and AJ’s relationship and SH will help KJ by convincing YJ to go back to Paris with him, since they are both artist. Hopefully the next 8 episodes will show how the relationship will work, a date, kisses and misses stolen or intentional, cuddling, sweet talks. It’s about time KJ and AJ to be happy. Maybe AJ will stop giving KJ a hard time and start believing how much in love or like he is with her and KJ will see that AJ feels the same way, maybe they’ll go on a secret date or go to Jeju Island just the two of them, an episode or episodes dedicated for their love (SWEET MOMENTS!!! KISSES better than the COLA and HOUSEWARMING).

    One question: What is OTP?

    Thank you so much!!!! Now I will keep on checking your site for spoilers for next week.

      • thank you luna.tic!!!!! I’m totally clueless about it. Hopefully we get to see them again in a drama or movie, the chemistry is burning hot!!!!!

      • Me: Really people? It is in the Glossary! Read the other parts, not only the recaps!! LOL That is what I do, when I stalking the playground! Are there any hot guys out there? Seriously, No Min Woo, Eric Mun, Lee Min Ho, Hyun Bin, ring any bells? Yes, no, maybe? Can somebody say something? I’m the only one here?
        Echo: here, here, here?
        Me: Oh crap!
        Echo:oh crap, oh crap, can I have to say it again? I’m dying here?
        Me: Who are you?
        Echo: Really?? Get a life!

        Echo get angry and left, and I’m alone again, naturally!!

        And the song says:

        “Why did He desert me
        In my hour of need?
        I truly am indeed,
        Alone again, naturally”

        Artist: Gilbert O’Sullivan
        Song: Alone Again (Naturally)
        Rights own by their respective owners.

      • LOL! Angelito, ur a happy singing bunny, hopping from one comment to another…hilarious 🙂 love the songs u’ve chosen, they sure fit the situations.
        Yoda? You hv to speak in a weird grammatical way, “love LTM’s OTP, we do” May the Force be with you, Angelito!

  33. You are the best recap-er ever, Koala. I’ve watch this episode this morning (without sub T_T) . i nearly hit my head with the cereal bowl coz i can’t figure out what’s happening..Kinda miss Soran^_^. I think LTM is the best on-air drama rite now since Babyface Beauty doesn’t have enough eye-candy while Romance Town is lack of romance.

  34. Jedi Master Park to SH: Young Warrior – See wisdom that comes with learning and watching. Acknowledge you must that KJ, AJ loves and loyal brother must you be. Difficult the times may be but growing up you shall experience and better man will you become.

    Thank goodness for Manager Park – the real friend of KJ who is unafraid to tell him off!

    I need to see our OTP interact a bit more – I miss the fun childish pranky side of KJ and the bubbliness of AJ – I need them to call a time out on all the villains around them and just go spend some quality time – grocery shopping even.

    Can’t we have some 6 episodes of them together and dealing with all these issues together with a united front? Poor KJ needs mental rest and AJ need her heart soothed.

    • I totally agree with you!!! They need to interact more. Like watch a movie, smiling, laughing… having fun. maybe he can show AJ his hobby. THEY NEED TO START DATING.

  35. I DO NOT LIKE YJ AT ALL – let me just make that clear.

    But I think that the reason she was the only one not moving on is cos at some level – her agreement to leave must have been motivated by her hope that after some time – SH would be ok for her to be with KJ – and so she clung to all that hope.

    I think SH added to her hopeful desire in that he told her that to KJ there would only be YJ in his heart. SH’s fault is that while trying to man up after realising his guilt towards KJ did not take into account that KJ himself would move on.

    KJ I think had told himself to move on cos no matter how much time had passed YJ would still be the one SH loved. But until AJ there was no one who shook him out of his reverie – there was bound to be some feeling of regret and what if – but it took a breath of fresh AJ to come and blow a breeze through KJ’s stagnant life and make him feel again.

    I understand why he did not go to YJ in ep 6. SH was just back and he stood by his decision not to be back with YJ in case SH gets upset and to top it all – he is inexplicably drawn to AJ. He could easily spend time at the office but he chose to home and aid AJ in her charade.

    So – at the end of 3 years – both brothers have matured and moved on and only YJ is stuck in the past based on her hope. It is good that KJ now very clearly has told her and shown her that there is no hope of getting back together and that he likes AJ

  36. It was a good episode. Yoon Joo should just accept that things have change and tht she needs to go back to Paris and look for a new boyfriend. Three years should have been enough. Thanks for the recap

  37. P/S

    Ah Jung ah!………..Just hearing that makes me smile inanely.

    But I like his frantic scream – Ah Jung Ah!! – more when he was looking for her in the mountains, just before he found her. That’s the first time and in intense worry and anxiety that his true feeling for AJ slips out!

  38. thanks koala for the recaps……i really love YEH and KJH together!! i wish they’d become a real couple after LTM!! hihi…

  39. Thanks Koala!
    I have 2 small ones myself, older boy is graduating Kindy end of this year, so I can totally understand! Nothing is more important than our kids.

    Oh gosh, I’m so into this drama…
    The last thing I did before bed last night was to stalk this playground and first thing I did after waking up is to check this playground for recap.
    Even my obssession with Secret Garden (ok, mostly Binnie) cannot be compared to this.
    It’s the ice cream kiss, it’s the cola kiss, it’s the sexy gaze of KJ when he wants to kiss AJ, it’s the oh-so-suave and swoonworthy manner which KJ grabs AJ’s hand, it’s the heartbreaking way AJ cries and how she tries to be strong…
    I’m so in love with the OTP… the only other OTP which I feel as strongly for is Show Luo – Rainie Yang in Hi, My Sweetheart (Taiwan Drama).
    My husband cannot understand my obsession! Hahhaha…

    Anyway, back to the drama…
    OK episode, good OTP interactions but I wish there is stronger writing and acting on the part of SH. Still very unconvincing on his “sudden” like/love for AJ.
    And yes, I think the Aunt will dig up something interesting when she checks on AJ… maybe something that will tie in the scene of KJ and AJ when they are kids.
    And where is the airport scene???

  40. Will be watching the episode with subs later.

    What I don’t get is:
    – Why are SH & YJ at the resort?

    – KJ told YJ that they could NO longer pick off from where they left off, that sounded pretty final for me and yet he told AJ that he is doing the gentlemanly thing by allowing YJ to initiate the break-up? Why? He had no scruples when he initiated the break 3 years ago, right? Taking time off from each other sounds like a he’s still giving her some rope to cling on.

    – JB wanting to do right by AJ? JB how about doing right by SR?

    Manager Park is really a Jedi. She seems to be the one propelling the story forward.

    Ah Jung, please do not fall for the cutesy crap from KJ just yet. You have to see his sincerity sistah! His saving your job is a start.

    • Hi drmjs. I thought the same way about KJ’s reasoning, which does not jive. I just find them humorous from writing stand point. I have a feeling that JB will have a future role helping AJ in case there will be litigation which is getting ahead on my part : ) AJ and SR needs to work on their issues it would be a shame to let go at this point. Mgr Park, AJ’s dad, KJ’s aunt are the only ones I find making sense. Rooting for AJ not to give in just yet to KJ’s wooing. He needs a knock on his head to make some sense. Am curious at what KJ’s aunt will find out about AJ. Needs some good twist in the plot.

      • Just wait, there is a hurricane coming! These time, is what they call, “serenity before the storm”! And that incident at the end, is just a little rain. What is coming is gonna be awful!! This is gonna get ugly!!

    • I’m here!! It just that I’m in analyzing mode right now!! Trying to figure out, what is everyone feeling, and what is everyone hiding? And what the hell is that smell? LOL

      • Oh dearest Peipei 78, my head is a mess right now! I think I have writer’s block or something!! LOL, Nah, its just that it was supose to be comedy, but the twist and turns, make it more a melodrama! You know?

        I still want Yoo Joon, sleeping with the fishes, but the biatch, doesn’t seems to understand my messages!! I even tweeter her, but she doesn’t reply! Isn’t that a diva complex or what!! God, I hate her guts! Like a million times right now! She is the victim> Really? If she loved Yoon Joo, so much why the HELL, she left? I would do it!! I would stick around, grow some balls and saying to Sang Hee, you know what you are my friend, listen stupid, immature brat, MY FRIEND! Nothing more, nothing less!! So get it, would you!! Deal with that!! LOL

        I would say to Ki Joon, you know, you are my fiancee, capisce?, MY FIANCEE, the man I love, the man I want to protect, but I’m not going anywhere, not now, not never! So, deal with that, you moron! I love you, I will not loose you, and even if you don’t want to see me, my love for you can’t accept that. So, I will retreat, but I will not leave the country, I will stay, right here, by your side, you will not see me, but I will be here, whenever you are ready, to let your brother grow/go, and decided to stay with me, papito, call me, I will be waiting. Give him a huge hug, a even greater kiss, and make love to him, just for fun!! That is what I would have done then. But she let 3 years pass, and like the drop who make a whole in the stone, just like that, the time, the pain, the loneliness, the worlds apart fact, created a huge hole, Colorado Canyon style. Nothing coming from Yoon Joo will fill that hole!!

        And the song says:

        “I’m convinced that you hate me
        You like to see me cry
        Its already a proven fact
        And you wait and wait on me to die
        Its all scary
        I find it hard to confide
        I will make you see it my way
        You give
        I take
        You say
        You want to be away from me
        You break me
        I’ve got a reason and I won’t let go”

        Artist: Limp Bizkit
        Song: Nobody Like You
        *Warning this song is hardcore, strong and got Explicit Lyrics* Every right, to their respective owners

      • LOL … you’re insane!!! still… love your comments…
        should I help you tweet her too?? I hate her into my bones… everytime I hear her voice I want slap her which I didn’t do it coz it’ll be broke my laptop..:P
        you should listen carefully her voice… it really… can’t describe!! oh oh oh… 1 more thing I hate her… her messy hair! fixed ur hair Yoon Joo!!

  41. Thanks Koalas for your great work…I’m trying to read your full recap while pretend working in front of my staff..hahah.Truly it is a great end and I have never expect more in this ep than what they have done.

    Yah, what have to say have said, what a relief…now I just wonder what is the link of their childhood, how they gonna deals with this lie being exposed this far.You right, as a capable young man KJ, he can really just admit the lie for the sake of securing the deal..

    And I can not wait til their some more sweet loving interacts between our OTP.They have manage to put on screen the best cola kiss and the phone video…what next?May be guys nowadays can learn from Kdrama how to woo a girl with proper technic…kakak.Oh well, another week to wait…man, need to do smt to occupied my mind again.

  42. Thanks for the recap! I reload your page on my phone like almost every hour to see if there are any updates on LTM. I just love all your post and really appreciate all the work you put in it!

  43. Such a great recap, thanks!
    You always recap so fast, luv to read ur comments.
    LOL when she rants at Ki Joon on the phone and he was like WTF

    • She remind me of Jeong Ah, from Summer Scent, every time, she call her brother oppa, or Min Woo oppa, some thing inside me, want her to be slap in the face, like a thousand times!!

      • I hate her voice!! so .. any kind of word she says or even trying to open her mouth.. I already want to slap her 😀

    • yeah!! exactly!! but i can’t…
      it’ll broke my laptop..LOL..
      i was like who’s ur oppa??
      he’s not ur oppa!! stop calling him oppa bitch!!
      LOL… n i really like it when park manager said…
      “don’t look at the 3 years ago hyun ki joon, but look at the hyun ki joon now” to yoon joo.. i was like that’s right!! did u hear that bitch?? in 3 years ppl can change!! feelings can change too :p

      • yea… who’s ur oppa??? he’s not ur oppa… HE IS MINE!! people can changed in 3 KJ might love chubby and insane woman like me heheheh

  44. OMG – Ms Koala – while I don’t always see eye to eye with you on dramas, we are totally in synch on LTM. Thank you for this recap. I was thinking the entire time – that’s what I was thinking!! So glad there are others out there. Especially your comment for YJ – which was a statement that Jie Xiu from DTLY said to XR – I kept thinking that that same line should be said to YJ several episodes ago and even more so today. 🙂

    I too was really surprised when reading comments in the forums that people saw the ending lines differently than I did. I saw it the exact same way that Ms Koala did. That AJ put her career on the line for KJ’s sake and then KJ put his career on the line for her sake. I do agree and hope that they and both clear up all lies & misunderstandings and move on from here. I too think that KJ will accept full responsibility for the lie and the consequences from it — and I think that’s why AJ looked so surprised. She knows how important the deal is to his career and he is willing to risk it all. Even so – I also still think that KJ has to properly “chase” AJ. Good for AJ for continuing to press him on the whole YJ issue.

  45. love it…. i love that the ending isn’t that cliffhanger… or else it will leave me like crazy for the next few days… oh…. I really love lie to me… I love the OTP…. I love how the story unfolds.. thanks for the recap..

    I’llbe waiting for updates for the next episodes…. ♥♥♥

  46. Koala, love your style of recap. Yes, I too loved the ending. The OTP’s love is now blooming and the fact that each wants to protect the other, means the next few episodes will be good fun, hopefully they will overcome all their misunderstandings and now battle the hurdles together. I hope HKJ moves faster to show AJ his love and closes YJ chapter, maybe, that’s the best way to deal with her, rather than wait for her to forget him.

    YEH and KJH bring so much personal charm to their characters, lovely to watch them. Hope the future episodes brings out the fun and flirty side of them too. Waiting eagerly for Mon, Tues.

    Liars, fighting!

    • I agree! I think YJ needs that push to move on… I hope she wakes up soon to realize that she’s wasted so much time on him instead of moving on to her own happiness. I though YJ and SH looked really cute together at SH’s birthday party. Too bad that they can’t be because of past history.

  47. Why ki joon did not hug ah joong when she cried and dying to Say she like ki joon, even ki joon also confessed his feeling, to bad, the writer didn’t feel the atmosphere… 🙂

      • think he never touched her again after they left the hotel.

        umm…..think may be he wont be able to stop at just hugging her?
        u know? like one step away from getting a room and making babies?

      • yes, he dared to kiss, but never hug her at all, hugging is have deeper meaning than kissing!! come on writer !!

    • Right now -KJ would have made the wrong move if he hugged AJ.
      She’s hurting cos she feels that she is once again the girl who got pushed aside for another.
      KJ hugging her would seem to her like he was offering consolation and not himself – which is what she really wants.

      Given KJ’s stand on not wanting to hurt YJ and asking AJ to understand – AJ cannot be blamed for thinking that it is one big line that KJ is feeding her. Especially when YJ is flaunting herself as KJ’s eternal love!
      So I think that it would have made AJ feel worse if KJ had hugged her without first telling her in no uncertain terms that she is the one he wants and not AJ.

      Telling her he likes her just does not count. And I suspect actions do not count for much either given that Jae Bum was also nice to her and giving her mixed signals and then BAM! he’s with SR!

      • Ki Joon, have to prove Ah Jung that he IS in love with her! Remember actions, speak louder than words! You can say everything, but your actions says something else. So, at this moment, he have to, grow some balls, and SHOW her, how much he is willing to sacrifice, for Ah Jung’s sake.


        His career, the Chairman deal, the FACT that Aunty will kill him, the Wolrd Group ruin, his reputation, all for the sake of the one you love! Now if that isn’t love, I don’t now what it is!

        In the Bible (NIV) 1 Corinthians 13:
        2 “if I have a faith that can move mountains, but have not love, I am nothing.”
        6 “Love does not delight in evil but rejoices with the truth.”
        7 “It always protects, always trusts, always hopes, always perseveres.”
        8 “Love never fails.”

        Ki Joon have everything, (materialistically speaking) but lacks love, so he have nothing. He have to tell the truth, to the world, not only that the marriage is a lie, but that he found love, in her. He want to protect not only her career, also her, that is why I think he would take the blame for the lie. He trust and hopes, that everything will be all right, and he doesn’t want to fail her, at least as a man. He want to become a man that she can trust. He can fail the whole world, but before Ah Jung’s eyes, he have to become, her personal super hero.

  48. As much as I love your recap Koala, I love you comments more. It’s never failed to crack me up. Thank you for lighten up my day. You’re a good blogger and also a good mom.
    Visiting your blog is always my pleasure 😀

  49. Yes right lidia, usually a couple automatically hugging someone they love when one of them cries. And landing their shoulder to cry on, ah may be I’m the one too mellow

  50. this is my first time to post here…Thanks a lot for making this recap Koala I tremendously enjoyed it as much as i love watching LTM..anyway, i think KJ made a peace sign and not a victory sign..though both can mean the same with the sign…so its like KJ was trying to make peace with AJ and even made a video…isn’t that romantic ha ha ha both are flirting actually to the point they are trying to annoyed each other but it only deepen their affection for each other (getting into the each other nerves)..i like the part where AJ played all over the video KJ made for her….looks like she likes the way KJ say the sound of her name.. I thought maybe the writer would wanted to suspense the viewer by saying NO were not married in the churchh or something but will gonna invite you for a formal wedding soon…i was hoping that’s how it will go for ep 11 but that would also make the story short…or it could also be the start of KJ showing his true feelings for AJ…
    more power Koala and congratulations to your baby koala on his graduation..God bless and looking forward on your next recap.

  51. Yoon Joo is so similar to Hee Jin in Kim Sam Soon. The lapse for that one was 5 years, and she wanted samsik back. and they were not even engaged back then.

  52. why ki joon why ? uhhhh so much for the “ill wait until you heal bs ” . just dump her and get with ah jung

  53. I always read your recap,i’m not much for commenting but i just want to say that i really liked your comment about the part where you wrote “a man who needs comfort gets a prostitute, not a new girlfriend” LOL!

  54. Getting hit by the soccer ball wasn’t random…
    It was really deep..a symbolic breakdown point..

    linking previous scenes..

    i don’t think people are really understanding what ah jung is feeling

    this isn’t pain from love only

    this is losing self esteem

    because she’s always been the other girl

    one who gets thrown away

    the soccer ball…

    it’s meant to turn…

    pain from love into being worth a crap

    linking earlier scene..with soran..when she said

    why am i always the one thrown away

    the other girl

    she’s walking away..feeling worthless..

    gets hit by the ball..a confirmation

    so she no long has anything to put front

    and ends up begging

    for him to just like her only

    soccer ball is the breaking point and her confirmation that she’s wortheless and crap happens to her that doesn’t happen to others…she’s always the other girl..who gets thrown away..

    notice where she got hit…she didn’t get hit on her body..but her head….

    it’s the only place in body where people feel disrespected when they get hit..

      • ooh la la. beer? having one now so feeling a bit chatty.
        miss KJ. miss AJ.
        hanging around the playground a little….

      • haha..yeah..

        remember this whole story is based on lying due to self esteem..
        And her situation is not a rare one in Korea..
        Many women overpraise, overstate their husband’s status to their friends…As it is male dominated society..and most women do carry their status based on their husband’s status…

        While Ah Jung is accomplished woman on her own…
        She can not escape from the culture itself..

    • I think Ah Jung, think she is worthless, and that is why, she is so hurt inside. She believes that she doesn’t deserve get and be love by a wonderful man. I HOPE, and pray to God, (that the writers do a great job) and Ki Joon, proves her wrong, and make her realize, how wonderful she is, how amazingly, skilled civil servant she is, and how great she is as a human being, so Ki Joon, it is your turn now, papito, to help her accomplish that! Ki Joon is your time to shine!! The spot light is yours, so break a leg!! LOL

    • This.
      Must be hell to be in AJ’s shoes.

      And doesn’t YEH get her head hit quite a lot of times in this series?
      Can’t remember how many times exactly but isn’t that too much?
      Poor her. DX

      • Believe me it is not only hell, you feel, like the worthless piece of crap in the planet! Like anything you do, no matter, how much effort, time or heart you put in it, isn’t enough. Like every time you try or touch something, turns to crap. Every time you open your heart, and let someone in, they just kick you, punch you in the face, and spit you!! Once you are broken, it is very hard, to get yourself together!

        Do not kick the fallen! Is what my little brother used to say.

    • thanks try soju..thats deep n true…now I know why she cried so badly..poor AJ…she deserve to be loved…FIGHTING!!

  55. It looks as though THE LIE continue to haunt us in this episode after what we thought what was a final reveal a few episodes back.

    What the heck, show!?! You keep us on our toes with all the nonsensical, hahaha.

    Why is YEH and KJH’s hair becoming browner and lighter as the episodes progresses? Please! I hope they dont turn into full-blown blondies at the end of this series, LOL!

    We sometimes think that some dramas are too illogical etc but experience tells us that even though human beings are gifted with reason we always slide down the path of illogical mumbo-jumbo. So this show, and others like it, just so reflects our own very crazy lives. That is why it resonates to so many. Now that’s logical….

  56. Thank you so much Koala ssi,
    I have no idea about what gonna happen between them, just 1 thing I want to see that the OTP having a funny-happy time together or maybe some kiss. After that if SH and YJ try to do something bad to make the OTP apart, I will try my best to understand that. Actually I dont hate SH yet, hope he dont want to repeat the history^^

  57. Try Soju~
    oh dear! oh god.
    must be the alcohol.
    something just stuck me.

    what if AJ lost her job and KJ lost his business deal?
    Drama god wont let that happen right?

    • What if is such a cruel combination of words! What and if! Its like someday, or maybe, it is another way to say, never. I dont think they will, lost anything, because, it is true, “the truth set you free”. The best thing they can do is come clean, once and for all.

      • i agree with you papita… the TRUTH shall indeed set them both FREE…free from YJ and SH…in the end FEEL FREE to love each other but that’s too early so i m sure the writer has alot more to offer under his/her sleeves…anyway this kdrama will run for 16 episodes i was hoping it will run at least until 30 ep and like SeGa people wanted to have more but couldn’t HB has to go MS.. so i hope if the rating of LTM gets better they would be extended i m praying they would i like these two a lot…

    • I’ve actually gone that far too… I think it would be harder for AJ than KJ.

      AJ carefully built her career from scratch. Even if her motivation at getting her government post was due to JB, she seems to have grown to love her job, she has so much pride in her work and she really excels. She risked her job when she gave in and lied, this shows the extent of her affection and regard for KJ.

      As for KJ, his job seems more like an obligation, I can sense that if given the right opportunity, he would chose to carve a different career path. He does his job well don’t get me wrong but he doesn’t seem like he enjoys what he’s doing. But of course he also doesn’t like to be viewed as a weak leader, there is also pride there and he also sacrificed that when he revealed the truth.

      • Totally agree, they both have a lot to lose, but they have a lot to gain too, so lets see what the next episodes unfolds! I’m totally expecting the next episodes, so bad!!!

    • @AnaPinay:

      papita? LOL

      papito = little daddy – is for men
      mamita = little mommy – is for women

      Is common used in Spanish conversations. When you say papito, it is like saying “dude”. Or to pointing someone out. Papito is used too, for belittle someone. Saying with disrespect

      • It used too, when you don’t know the name of the person, you are speaking to!

  58. so many sites r denying me access bcoz of copyright issues!!! where can i get my eng subbed ep 10?? hikssss…….helppppppp!!!!!! i’m dying even though i’ve watched the unsubbed ones…….i’ve been watching them over n over!!! i need the eng subs!! hikss…

  59. Thank you for the great recap. I came to this blog after having watched episode 10 sans subtitles, and since my Korean really isn’t that good yet, I was looking for clarifications for some of the scenes and reading your baby recap yesteray, I went “squee!” 😛 I tend to have childish reactions to this drama. Anyway, now I came back to read the full length recap after having watched the subbed version and loved it :D. If it wasn’t obvious, this is just a really long winded way of thanking you for recapping and also for showing love for Lie To Me 😀

    I actually started watching LTM on a whim, because I try not to watch currently airing dramas for fear of the weekly gaps of torture between episodes, but I had heard this was so and so, therefore I took the chance with it thinking it wouldn’t be too much of a bother to keep track of it. I was so desperately wrong. I fell head over heels and am now jonesing for anything LTM related even though I just finished watching episode 10. It pains me to see so many people criticizing this drama because it’s so rare to see such a wonderfully talented, carismatic and lovable pairing in a drama. I’m not saying there aren’t other great ones out there, but really, KJH and YEH are incredibly well matched both with one another and with the characters they are portraying. It’s such a joy to watch each of them on screen, even separately, when they interact with coworkers or whatever, but when they are together, it almost feels like they will burn a hole through my computer screen 😛

    I’ve seen people blame the writing of the show. I’d admit it’s not the most original or freshly written show, but i think the writing is far from poor. I love the premise, I love the way the characters are created, and I honestly don’t mind the situations that bring the two leads together. I actually LOVE the fact that the dramatic moments are based on somewhat… normal, if i can use this word, situations. I love that nobody had to leave because of a hidden illness, or that nobody’s father murdered the other’s father or at least caused their financial collapse, that there isn’t this evil, all seeing, all doing character that just seems to singlehandedly create the obstacles for… like… everyone in the drama. And most of all, I love that the lead female character is someone competent and intelligent who reacts in reasonable and somewhat dignified manner to the situations at hand. I have had my fill of “Cinderella-type” heroines who just fumble around and have nothing to show for themselves except an average IQ and cuteness, often to be intertwined with clumsiness, often to be intertwined with loud mouthedness, and the more I watch YEH’s character, with her career, her workaholicness, even her motivation to study for the exam, ie to prove her first love that she is smart, the more I like her. I also love that her father isn’t on the run from loan sharks, or mentally disabled, or ailing, or just incurably embarrassing, but that he is competent and intelligent in his own right, which is, to me, utterly refreshing.

    As for the lead character, I am equally pleased. I love that his motivation is the love for his little brother, whom he has cared for from a very young age. It’s not some far fetched drama overdose terrible occurence in the past, although the loss of his parents and his being forced to take on responsibilities far beyond his years are dramatic enough. The separation from his then fiance was a rational decision and consistent with his character – he chose to spare his brother the pain, which he had chosen before on many occasions. It’s not because it absolutely couldn’t be helped, but because it was the right thing to do, even though it wasn’t easy. And now it’s not easy to let go of the ex-fiance again because the guilt and pain of that decision is something he has had to live with for 3 years, that’s why he isn’t ending things abruptly now. I mean, he loved the woman, after all, he ran to her when he heard she came back, it’s not like all that goes away. I think the real problem, and this goes for the whole show is in the miscasting of the second leads. If the second leads had any sort of acting ability whatsoever, the real heart of this drama would shine much more clearly. It’s obvious that KJH and YEH are able to create chemistry with a brick wall, it’s only natural that they would work well together. Imagine how the drama would be if SangHee would be more of a real contender(he’s supposed to be the slick, artsy, all women go crazy over him-type yet he comes off as the awkward little brother who is cute and everyone teases about how he will become a heart-throb in 10 years when he grows up) or if Yoon Joo proved to be the kind of character you whose history with the two brothers you would actually buy(the woman is supposed to be likeable, at the very least, charming, at the very least, interesting, at the very least, but all she comes off as is fake, irritating and somewhat repulsive, which I doubt was intentional, at least in the earlier episodes). Undoubtedly, she is beautiful, but put her next to YEH and she becomes completely annulled, which is fun when you are rooting for YEH but renders the dramatic tension of the situation void. So basically, if there is anything to blame, blame the second leads and the people who cast them. Personally, I’m not too bummed because watching YEH and KJH in action is so endearing, entertaining and plain ol’ giddiness inducing that I forget about all else. I sincerely hope they can keep it going like this.

    Sorry about the long (and somewhat misplaced) rant, I just read a lot of stuff against LTM lately and it’s been building up 😛

    • very well said, silver…i love your thoughts!!!! i hate yoon ju…i dunno but not just the character but sad to say even the actress…oh dear…she just gives me the creeps…oh well…

    • That was refreshing to read. well said and deeply thought out. Thanks Silver for sharing. reading negative comments without much thought pains me. YEH and KJH have obviously the chemistry to make it work, will it be ultra lovely to see them hanging out outside of this kdrama LTM. I am rooting for them all the way : )) Thanks everyone for sharing your 2 cents. Love LTM and enjoying Koala’s nest. Fighting !

    • Great post silver. I was perhaps in a similar situation. I read how weak the LTM drama is in another blog and so I didnt even start but I chanced upon the cola kiss article at soompi and was so curious at the hype it created globally and oh geez, I just had to start. After following 49 days religiously and disappointed with the ending (though I know it is the most logical and justifiable ending perhaps), LTM was a breath of fresh air. Very light, fun and entertaining, not as masterfully delivered yet believable enough to keep me smiling. Much love to all koalans. Bisous.

    • That sucks. Have you tried this one? It’s divided into 6 parts though. This is the first one.


  60. thanks again silver……but the same crappy SBSi msg came on again…….i’m refreshing many websites just to see if i can get lucky…..yesterday was easier to watch eng subbed ep 9……;-(

  61. omg, maybe coz im new here, but WHAT is OTP??!!
    i love this drama n YEH and KJH. I only dun like KJH’s voice. lol.

    • Funny that people are saying that they dont like his voice, because I use to feel the same way. heheh. But put together with YEH’s voice, I actually like it. Because YEH’s voice isn’t all tiny and annoying, its kind of husky and so his calm, not too gruff one, mixes with hers.

      I read a scientifically proven article that girls with perky voices go for guys with deep voices, And girls with husky voices go for guys with (forgot the word) but undeep voices hehe.

      • hmmmmm but i love KJH voice…it might not be deep and sexy like a bedroom voice but when he shouts and rants (like when he shouted at AJ at the Han River, it makes you shut up and just kiss him wildly… ooops sorry, maybe it’s just the pervert in me and the masochist too coz I simply want to be verbally abused by that voice….oh well….. shy shy 😀

  62. madqueen: just watched ep 10 at epdrama…….sighhhh…..i love the OTP!!!! wish they’ll be together for real…..hihihi

  63. Hi Koala, congratulations on your koalas’ graduation and your playground turning 1. Chuka-eh!!

    First time I commented anywhere, I am just a lurker in the blogs which does recaps and soompi. Really wanted to thank you for the recaps and comments. I really enjoyed them, especially your comments. To me, they make a lot of sense and puts the drama into perspective.

    And thanks Try Soju for bringing to light the metaphor about the soccer ball. Made me go “AHHHH!!”- that was what it was all about.

    I really dig LTM and the 2 leads.

    I like your playground and hope that you’ll keep up the fantastic games (recaps) for us!! Wishing you many more anniversaries to come, Fighting!!!

    Luv ya!!! <3

  64. I think in two up comming ep the relation between AJ & KJ will be very good &they will be back together,but as you know sang will do what he do before 3 years,so i think AJ will be the one who left & she will not do as YJ before 3 years(AJ personality is very diffrent,she will be the one who sacrifice), as you know KJ was the one that left YJ, so that KJ will fighting >-< to keep AJ to his side and not act as a father but as a brother.

  65. Congrats on your babies graduation!

    I can’t believe SBS gave NO preview again….i have to check your site 5 times a day for updates from now till monday!

  66. Thank you so much, Koala for this recap. I’m really into this drama now. Good thing there are so many fabulous subbers who really subbed so fast for us who dos not understand Korean.

    I super love this part of your recap, “…Ah Jung’s continued pretense about their fake marriage was for the Chairman’s benefit, but would end up flushing her career down the toilet. So instead Ki Joon traded his career for hers.”
    You really bring out the best of this drama. Once again, Thank you.
    You’re the best! JJANG!

  67. Why? Oh why? There is no preview for eps.11, so frustrating. Now I have to wait until tuesday morniing to read koala recap ‎​​​:'( and wacth it in the tuesday afternoon. Because of LTM, weekends is no longer fun cause I always wait for tuesday to come along. Now, the only thing I can do is to refresh your blog every hour to check if the preview is release.

  68. First of all, congrats on ur playground being one yr old and also baby koalas graduation. I am a mother myself. U have done great job! 😀

    When Ep 11 comes, I hope KJ will say… We r not married but I am in love with her… muahahahahahhaa…

  69. and i dont like SH liking AJ. pls la its complicated enuff… u already stopped KJ last time. dont do it now! and I dont think KJ will do the same thing again! How can u resist a woman like AJ!? 😀

  70. hi koala i’m from the philippines. i just want to know the meaing of OTP? coz you and your friends are always mentioning that so i’m so curious of the meaning of that. please reply since this is my third time asking you this. tnx so much.

  71. i dont know y i like this drama it really had an appeal to me or because yeh is doing the best role suited for her or the chemistry they have …. well liking is liking anyway no big reason …… hope to see her more and with goo yo or lee minho ….. well speaking of lee min ho city hunter rocks

  72. I was thinking that maybe what K J is going to say after the “No we’re not married” will be “but we’re going to get married” or like ” not yet, but soon” 😀 . It would be wonderful! Really…

    • other than that, i think i would love it if he says “but I want to” or something that shows how he really feel but not really lying.
      it’s too much lie that i want it to be clear in the open.
      and i think that’s why i like this drama
      how it started with lies and once it’s in the open, no more of it will recurring.
      it’s just like “stop lying already and be honest please!”
      that’s what i thought anyway.
      can’t wait for next week episodes.
      where’s the PREVIEW?????
      they kill me without even a sneak peek for what will happen.

      • That is why they need to put all the lie crap, behind them, and have a clean, fresh start! Without lies, or younger brother stealing the chick, or the League of the Evil Exes, hunting them down! The need to stop pretending, and start being real!!

  73. ah Ki Joon such a wishy washy guy 🙁
    once he said he likes Ah Jung… and tell her dont be around him.. what is he want?
    poor Sang Hee… He liked Ah Jung from the beginning.. How can you make people happy just by look at what your act? he said at the hotel before…
    Poor Sang Hee.. ^_^

  74. I agree that SH liking AJ as AJ doesn’t make sense (or at least hasn’t been sufficiently developed). In fact, SH’s initial reactions to AJ showing interest in KJ was not jealousy that AJ liked KJ (or even someone else) but anger at AJ getting in the way. But I think SH liking AJ, his friend who his brother likes, makes a whole lot of sense and I hope that that’s what the writer is going for. I’ve probably spent way too much mental energy on this and there are some holes but here goes:

    1. SH’s interest in AJ didn’t start until after he picked up on the tension between KJ, YJ, and AJ. Before that, he just thought AJ’s feelings for KJ were one-sided and not reciprocated.
    2. In his conversation with SB, SH doesn’t focus on AJ but instead on the fact that KJ likes AJ. He also admits that he’s turned on by the fact that KJ likes her and therefore he can’t/shouldn’t like her.
    3. Part of SH’s trauma from the past was that YJ was his noona who KJ took away from him and so KJ taking his AJ-noona from him is going to hit a nerve. (It’s notable that SH has yet to try and get AJ to see him as a man. He continues to harp on their dongsaeng-noona relationship.)
    5. Related, another part of SH’s trauma from the past was that YJ/KJ/SH were a happy threesome and then the adults got it on and he got excluded. He probably has similar concerns that AJ and KJ will get it on and he’ll be left with no one. (I think part of his reaction to seeing AJ/KJ alone on the couch was realizing that AJ might not need him in order for her to have any connection to/with KJ.)
    6. It’s a third way of depicting the various ways people handle the past. You can wallow in it (YJ). You can be respectful towards it but move on all the same (KJ). You can move on from the actual past but never address/heal the root issues (SH).

    whew, sorry for taking over your blog with such a long comment…

    and most importantly…CONGRATS on the one-year anniversary and thank you so, so, so much for all your hard work. i’m sure i’m not alone in saying that your posts are an indispensable part of my day!

    • Wow, nicely done!!! I love your analysis on Sang Hee, and how he feels, I never thought about the abandon issue, but it is true, he lost the person he cherish most, by his brother 3 years ago. Now, he is losing, the person he let in, by his brother, again!! It is wicked, in a psychotic kind of way. It shake your core, and stab your heart, ironically, the people who hurt him the most, were the people, he loved the most. That’s sucks, dude. That make you, wanting throw yourself on the Han River, but, that is life. Sometimes, you can’t have what you want, and it isn’t because, God is cruel, it is because, he knows you deserve better, and that, is coming to meet you, anytime soon!!

    • Moxie, I like what you said. Completely agree. Heheh, but I seriously hope Sang Hee will see that just because hes not the only one with a connection to Ah Jung anymore, that he wont be left behind. He just has to wait for his love. I hope he doesnt pull a Yoon Joo.
      @Angelitocurioso heheheh the famous “Death in Han River” comes up again. Your really too funny. heheh But yeah, sang hee is going to get whats better for him. Maybe So Ran lol. That would be soo crazy sad for Jae Bum.

      • What? o.O*jaw drooping*
        *shaking my head in confusion*
        So, So, So, So, Ran? * mumbling*
        *catatonic state*
        Seriously?? I was thinking Manager “Jedi” Park, but So Ran? Common? God can’t be cruel!!! LOL

      • @ Angelito …. LOL .. r u a girl or a boy?? I really wish you’re a boy.. I’m in love with you… your comments I mean… hahahaha

      • Oh my lovely Peipei78:

        I lurve that you love, a piece of my mind, and my posts/comments. I have a great time, writing them, and a laugh a lot too. You know, they say God works, in mysterious ways, my mind does that too! Sometimes I dont even know that the hell, I’m thinking! It (my mind) is amusing, it is exciting, and believe me sometimes, get overboard!! LOL

        Answering your question, and despite my name Angelitocurioso = curious little angel in Spanish,
        *chan, chan, chan*


        OMG, such drama!!! LOL

      • LOL … that’s really too much and totally such a drama… too bad my english isn’t as fluent as yours..if not maybe we can share comments meaner than ever about that biatch YJ (ooh… I love the word “biatch”)
        Thanks for telling me that you’re a girl hahahahahahaha….

        ” So, So, So, So, Ran? * mumbling* ” … this is awesome!

      • You know my first language is Spanish, and my second one is English, but , despite the fact that I understand English, and can write it, when I have to spoke it, OMG, my tongue get caught in a fish net!! LOL

    • I love the way you’ve annalyzed this from SH’s point of view, but I’m not entirely sure I agree, or rather, I don’t think SH’s romantic interest in AJ was caused by the realization of her interest in KJ, rather I think SH was supposed to develop those kinds of feelings for her all along. The first night they met, he was intrigued by her and said it was worth coming back when he saw her. If they hadn’t been interrupted by KJ’s appearance, who knows how things would have progressed? He also saught her out and wanted to hang out with her before knowing of her involvement with KJ, leading to the whole hug in the street situation, leading to AJ asking SH to go with her to the party and him discovering the connection with his brother. So really, I do think SH had a romantic interest in AJ from the start, it was AJ who wasn’t reciprocating and wasn’t seeing him as a love interest but more like a little brother.

      I do think that SH’s past issues do relate with abandonment, it’s natural that they would with his history of loss and everything. And feeling left out as his favorite two people got closer, that would most definitely feel horrible. But I also think it had to do with losing a favorite toy to his brother, if I may call a person a toy. It’s why SH cried and said to KJ that he had loved YJ ever since they were kids, as in an “I saw her first” kind of way.

      I saw a post here that said something about how SH is the key to the drama, and I do agree he is, because I think through this new AJ situation, he has to grow up and come to terms with the idea that he has to take responsibility in life. Everything in SH and KJ’s interraction so far has been based on how KJ had taken responsibility for everything so that SH wouldn’t have to, starting with the hotel and ending with handling the messy love situation. And I think, by the end of the drama, SH will finally take responsibility for his own actions and feelings and behave like an adult, not like a selfish kid that throws tantrums and runs away, regardless of the consequences.

      The interesting thing I hope will happen is that KJ will lose some of his sense of responsibility that has been burdening him for so long and just follow his heart for once, in loving AJ without caring so much about the consequences. It’s his turn to live his life and love whoever he wants without worrying so much about whose toes he’s stepping on, whether it’s his brother or his aunt or his ex. KJ is a bit of a kid at heart too, or rather someone who hasn’t had a chance to live out his youth and have fun because of all his responsibilities (which is shown a little bit by his hobby – the model plane thing. I loved how he was apologizing about it as being childish when telling AJ) and AJ is bringing that out in him – the best example being the Cola shaking but there are others too, althoug with less deliciously sexy consequences 😛

      So yes, I think the story has to come full circle so that our two male leads can learn their valuable lessons about life and love, and that can only be done if both KJ and SH have a romantic interest in AJ, much as that sucks. Here’s hoping for more steamy kissage in the process 😛

      Not sure what will happen to SH though. Will he go to Paris with YJ? I am definitely rooting for manager Park here. Every time she mentions SH, it seems like there is a liiiiittle bit more going on there than she is letting on.

      • i totally agree with you…I do think that SH’s interest towards AJ was set from the start…I think prior to meeting AJ, SH had decided to move on already that’s why he came home and he wanted to set things straight with KJ and YJ…Meeting AJ was an added bonus, at first he just found her entertaining but the constant interactions with her naturally develop into something else. The issue is that he was a slow poke (he did not act on his feelings) unlike the “kissing bandit”… too bad for him but very good for us…hahaha

      • Yeah Manager “Jedi” Park rules!!!

        BTW, Sang Hee have a great “weight” moving this drama forward. History will repeat it self, but this time, we got a premise, so, the result, cant be the same!!! Hoping, praying, and waiting for the conclusion of this, messy love life of the characters!!

      • I knew it, I’m not the only one who thinks Jedi Park, feels something, for Sang Hee!!

      • I definitely think there’s something there. Remember that scene when she was in her car at the stop light and she sees SangHee passing by? That scene had no actual purpose of her being there other than to signal a potential interest. Vibes were felt. And then she goes and tells Ki Joon that she had seen Sang Hee and that he’s grown up or something like that.

        I really hope something will happen between them. Twould be a way to resolve things without having Sang Hee go away again.

        Another, somewhat less interesting hope I have for the show is for an awkward KiJoon – papa Gong interraction. I might be weird in thinking that but I think some great comedy could be extracted from such scene considering the characters.

      • I feel it right away, she say it with concern! And she was in shock when she saw him!!

        Demigod Sang Hee + Jedi Park = Saving the universe, a baby Heman? “I got the power” LOL Heman!!! LMAO!!!

  75. LMAO..your side comments just crack me up! lol…im enjoying your recap so much even though i’ve seen the whole episode with english sub. happy to find your blog 🙂

  76. I really love this drama …cast (specially YEH),story…i mean everything!! but there is sth that drives me crazy …DRINKING ! why should a smart ,strong woman like AJ gets drunk every time she rans in to the trouble .she almost drinks as much as she cries in these 10 eps !! why ? about crying ,ok i can understand her ..we all do this times to time but drinking is completely diffrent! i am 17 and this is my idea about a strong woman ,maybe i am wrong but i think she is not a good role model !! oh god i just did talk like my mom …HE HE HEH .

    • hi elii, as a non-korean and raised as a christian i totally understand your view but i think in korean culture, drinking is part of life. It is common and socially acceptable to get drunk. And with that knowing, I don’t see her as a bad image. It is just a matter of embracing culture differences. 🙂

      • People have many couping mechanism, some cry, others drink, some eat, and a lot, some go in a shooping spree, others, well they enter you house, and rob you everything, It is part of who we are, and how we manage pain, sorrow, rage. The different variations of emotions, that we, as humans have. Everyone react different at the same situation, for example, when Sang Hee lost Yoo Joon, he drink and cried in Ki Joon’s arms. When Ki Joon broke up with Yoon Joo, he was cold, like nothing is happening to me, with his poker face, on the contrary, Yoon Joo was in shock, and denial.

        There is the 5 stages of grief, those can help you to understand the pain, and the phase every human pass to survive.

        As the drinking thing, is normal, when you are hurt, you want to forget, to let go, to not think, and sometimes you want to destroy every memory created. That is in some way fine, but you have to be careful, some times, that can led you in a path of destruction!

      • Why? I think your name is funny! I want to try soju too!! I want to visit South Korea, and stay there for a few months!!

      • @ angelito : u definitely should try soju when you visit korea… it tastes like unboiled water (to me)… seems like Soju is nothing.. BUUUTTT…. as soon as you drink it and taste it melt down to your throat… it burns like hell!! but still.. I like it ^.^
        btw, mageolli (rice wine) also good 🙂

      • Bring hell, baby!!! LOL
        I am the kind of person who thinks, that in this life, you have to experience everything you wanted to do, because the day you die, there is not another chance. !!

      • indeed!! I agree with you … 100% agree.. we must experience lot of things either its good or bad and be happy with it. GOD created us to be acted like a real human being…be stupid, be bad, be silly, be happy, be strong, be love and tobe loved…*ooopss.. Now i sound like a nun*

      • Totally true!! That is common sense!!! We need to laugh, to cry, to eat ice cream!! We need to eat oreos, and fly in airplanes, get a bath in a beach, get toasted by the sun!! We have to make sand castles, and eat a lot of cakes, get totally drunk, (at least one time), and fall in love a few times. We need to get the heart broken, that will make us stronger!! We need to fall, and raise once again, until Kingdom come!!! LOL, I sound so philosophical!!!!
        Who am I? Confucius, Plato, Socrates? LOL

  77. just watched ep10
    from their facial expressions on the last scene, they seemed to be saying,

    AJ: Oh dear….Do you know what you have just done?
    KJ: I know what I am doing. It’s alright. Trust me.

    Now I feel loads better.

  78. Sang Hee liking Ah Jung was set from the beginning.
    He found a strange attraction towards Ah Jung, and that’s why she stuck around.

    More important reason why Sang Hee falls for Ah Jung is for the overall story.
    So far, Yoon Joo has been a character from outside. Simply an “old” news who was to get in between Ki Joon and Ah Jung. Why was she just an outsider all this time?
    Because Ki Joon’s aunt doesn’t want the brothers fighting over one girl.

    What happens if Sang Hee falls for Ah Jung now?

    Ah Jung takes the place of Yoon Joo, and Yoon Joo’s character will come alive!!
    And this will provide the turning point in romantic comedies as they turn into a melodrama theme towards the end.

    Expect Yoon Joo to come alive, play a much bigger role since Sang Hee has realized his feelings for Ah Jung. The key to the drama always was held with Sang Hee, and it will be Sang Hee who will provide the base for the 2nd part of the drama, and it will ultimately be Sang Hee who will provide the solution.

    • Ah Jung & Ki Joon= Our heroes
      Yoon Joo = our mortal enemy.
      Sang Hee = God who holds the key to good and evil.
      Auntie Chairman = The law enforcer.

      • @ try soju

        LOL you kill me!
        Yoon Joo = Our mortal enemy, and
        Sang Hee = holding the key of good and evil!! Who he is? Hercules? Perseus? Is he a demigod? Half human, half god?
        LOL, Greek mithology? Really?

    • OMG @try Soju
      When you put it like this is really scares the living daylights out of me. Because I see where your coming from and from the drama perspective, its really really possible. But guh, I dont want aunt to try and cock block for Ah Jung. I like aunt, and if she does that, I might have to reorganize my feelings towards her.

    • hmmmm i find your comment very nteresting and quite in line with my thoughts….and to add I recently bumped into an article (drama review) by a repoter in Korea…i’ll just attached the latter part of the article…here goes…

      Lie To Me ”Hyun Ki Joon Is Definitely A Main Character of A Melodrama.”
      The reason for his indecisiveness is due to characteristics of a melodrama storyline.

      “In any case, it’s been awhile since I’ve seen such a loser of a character (Hyun Ki Joon). He hurts others for his personal justice and carries on his egotistic ways. Simply put, he acts cowardly. He doesn’t want anyone to think of him as a bad man. So he hurts Oh Yoon Joo and Gong Ah Jung. If things have been decided already, he should just take the responsibility and cleanly end the relationship (with Oh Yoon Joo). But he can’t do that. But I guess this is what makes it a melodrama. Hyun Ki Joon makes me frustrated. And Oh Yoon Joo, who annoyingly gets involved to hold onto Hyun Ki Joon, also makes me frustrated. I’m sad and feel sorry for Gong Ah Jung, who gets thrown around for no reasons. And I pity Hyun Sang Hee, who has to watch Gong Ah Jung and Hyun Ki Joon involved in such a situation. This is simply too deep to be considered a comedy.

      Isn’t this a perfect melodrama? The light mood in the earlier episodes has become endlessly heavy. But the fact that just enough situations occur here and there to keep the drama from being overly heavy is the beauty of this drama. No way that they’d run into CEO Chen at that situation. The unexpected situation provided suspense and fun as to see the panicking characters. And the honesty and truth that reappears at that exact moment. Such serious situation offered a perfect moment for him to call her “Ah Jung ah!”

      There are dramas that lose its effect as more episodes are aired, and there are dramas that reveal its true worth as more episodes are aired. In this regard, ‘Lie To Me’ is in the latter category. It becomes more entertaining as more episodes are aired. It’s becoming serious, but not overly serious. But it’s definitely become serious. As I watch the drama, the detailed depiction of the mental state of each character makes me amazed at the work done by the writer (Kim Ye Ri).

      How will Hyun Sang Hee’s feelings toward Gong Ah Jung be revealed? How far will Oh Yoon Joo get involved? What about Yoo So Ran and Gong Ah Jung’s relationship? What about Yoo So Ran and Chun Jae Bum’s marriage? Above all, what about Hyun Ki Joon and Gong Ah Jung? It’s getting more beautiful as the story is told. It’s becoming more fun. I lose track of time while watching it.

      This is the highest praise.”

      • @angelitocurioso YOU’RE ALWAYS WELCOME…. and may I take this opportunity to tell you how I totally enjoy each and every comment and song you share…another reason I LOVE this drama is because of the chance to play here at AKP and meet wacky and totally insane people like you and Leishers and many others… my day isn’t complete without your zany ramblings and rants…
        tsk tsk tsk now i’m doomed…what will i do when LTM is not here anymore…I’ll surely miss this crazy bunch….waaaaughhh

      • thanks mizweng…n i agree with you about angelitocurioso…dear ageitocurioso..I love your funny n refreshing..I dunno if LTM ends…I will miss u aloooot!!! keep insane girl..muchas gracias!!

      • @Nowhere @mizweng

        Kansamida!!! I have a lot of fun writing them, the shocking part is, that I never imagine, that you like them so much, even Miss Peipei, says that she miss them. I was like, “really”!!! I’m grateful, that my craziness, put a smile on your faces, cos I lurve when people smile, makes me feel happy!! Omo, I’m blushing!!! LOL

        Dont worry about, not reading us anymore, there are other dramas out there!! And just as the quotes of one of my favorites movies Casablanca says “I think this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship” and “We’ll always have the playground.” LOL…_100_Movie_Quotes

  79. I wish we had jeondaemal and banmal in English…makes it so much easier to express certain things. I know back in the day people use to refer to each other as Miss and Mr.

    That scene when Ki joon calls her ‘Ah Jung-ah’ is my favorite! I would have freaked out too 🙂

    • The cultural differences are really noticeable. The respect, how they talk to each other, the older thing, the kind of relationships, that form are incredible. I was very impress, by the way they talk, and even the way they get scolded, when the “misbehave”!!

  80. I just have a question to anyone who can answer??
    Why in DB (dramabeans) the put Open Thread in Lie to me recaps??
    Thanks in advance..

    • maybe because they have been recapping a lot of dramas already… watching each episode and recapping each takes time and they do have a life too. I can just imagine their panda eyes…poor dears….Let’s just be thankful that we still have madame koala to do the recap of LTM for us…

      • ooops i think my answer is not complete…what i meant was they put the open thread instead because they couldn’t pursue the recapping of the drama. And I guess, the open thread is a good venue to talk about the drama…good or bad, the opinions of viewers are welcomed there…

  81. I wonder if people have been noticing KJH’s cute pins that he puts on his collar <3 been seeing it from the past few eps. SO CUTE AND ADORABLE :")

  82. @angelitocurioso
    Geez… I never intended to leave a comment here. I’m just a silent entity who enjoys reading all comments and updates about LTM (everywhere in the net). I juusssttt lurve it! … but, when I’ve read your post here about coping mechanism it made me smile. You were referring to Kubler-Ross’s model ;-). In the medical world we call it DABDA: short for: denial, anger, bargaining, death and acceptance, which are the stages one must go through when one gets to be caught in a stressful event. It only shows that viewers of this rom-com are intellectual people. They just don’t watch for the heck of it, but they also think.

    Gawd!! I love kdrama and YEH, I hope I get to visit Korea soon…

    YEH all the way!!!

    • Hey, common!!! We are an insane random, totally diverse, group, of people. with different, ages, backgrounds and styles of life, that have a few things in common. We lurve dramas, we are hanging in the playground, (without any parent supervision LOL), LTM grab us by surprise, shakes our cores, and leave us brain damage and totally naked.

      I am a Paramedic, who in august, will start studying, Nursing, so I handle the grief situation, a lot. I am also the kind of person who feel the pain of others, I usually put my self, in the other person’s shoes. Empathy, is called. That is why, I choose a medical career. If I can be in your darkest hour and bring you some comfort, and ease your pain, my life is complete. My job is not only a job, for my is a vocation. For me, the most awesome thing, is when some one says to you, “thank you, for everything”. And as that great man once says “Remember… If I help one person to have hope, I shall not live in vain . ” Martin Luther King As they say; “you cant judge a book, by its cover” When you read the pages, you will found a lot of surprises!! LOL You never know, what kind of magic, it holds!!

      • lawlsss…that’s why you knew it. 😉 I’m also a nurse by profession, after a heartbreaking day at the hospital ( seeing the reality of life ;-( and being a witness to the pains of others), LTM gave me back my zest for life. It makes my heart patter and made me feel vibrant again. Thanks a lot Koala for the updates! I’ve really gone crazy over LTM, watched every episodes over and over, and hunger for new infos… Kudos!!!!

      • I understand exactly how you feel! The world is an ugly place, but in these fictitious stories, you find comfort, and you are being able to dream, about finding someone who will love you, just the way you are, and so much, that you wouldn’t believe it! I think that is why, the dramas are so popular!!

        Look at AJ and KJ or JX and XR (Drunken to Love You), it started with a lie, but now, they have feelings for each other, and they start to fall in love. That is corny, totally unrealistic, but who the hell, want to live in the real world anyway? It is like living two lives, one in the real world, one in drama land. Which looks a lot like disney land, but with a much hotter mickey!! LOL

  83. LOVE your new banner so much Ockoala –> I’ll talk about (Lie to Me) dramas if I want to. LOL! Great one! Hahahahaha.

  84. Kang Ji Hwan is one of those actors that act with their eyes, which i love that about him. he expresses all the emotions through his eyes, so naturally. i guess in chinese we call it “yan shen 眼神” his is amazing.

  85. Hi OCKoala! Hope you don’t forget the spoilers for Ep 11 even though you are busy with other recaps. I trust in you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  86. Thank you.I love your recap.

    My biggest achievement is to get my husband to addict to LTM too….hahahah,even he loves YEH acting,the singing part of jade in some context is really funny and hate YJ just for her face.

    More hugs n kisses for the otp pls..heee

    • Your husband is addicted too? LOL That is impressive!! What he think of the Cola kiss? What was his reaction? I want to know a male perspective!!

  87. From the start, I had an anxious feeling about SH’s attraction to AJ. Before he hug her, he said something about ‘fate’ if she turns around. SH will mature bcoz he wants to prove to AJ that he is able, capable man (he may work at World after all). serious melodrama has started to kick in. It scary to think of what Mr. Chen’s reaction will be. we got a glimpse of when his face turned serious. AJ going with Sora abroad? will that mean AJ too had to deal with consequence at work? ahhh can’t monday come any sooner. Thank u Ockoala and everyone one here for sharing ur thoughts, they add up to my understanding LTM more.

  88. is it possible for all of us, fans of YEH & KJH to petition somewhere online …to get them to “continue” being together and be a couple for real??? hihihi……

  89. Mama Koala ,by golly! you never dangled a carrot of a show as much as you did with LTM!! Very often ,when i skipped into d playgd ,It greeted me at d gate .It lured & beckoned like no other! Finally , I caved in. Finished all 10 epi in less than 24 hrs. Phew. Ok , I.LOVE.IT……This couple has smokin’ chemistry!! 2 things though….
    1) kiss Exhibition – Hey! Asians don’t throw ‘face’ to d wind & kiss for a salivating leering crowd!! If it did ever happened ,people wd’v d decency to turn away NOT gawk!So Ala Secret Garden ! So wrong in its depiction of normal behavior in Asia.
    The gawkers kinda cramped my viewing pleasure.Bummer! Its gotta b just d kissers & us TV viewers .Leave d hooting & hot spells to us , man!
    2)Sang heeheeeheee! – Its like an Archie cartoon on a bad day! You know , when you read tt Jughead has suddenly turn chaebol & got d hots for Betty & Veronica . (!!!?!) Meanwhile, d hottie babes leave tire marks over him while in pursuit of the resident ‘Archie’ aka Ki Joon! Weird ..Weird! Should he be in another show ? He’s a odd fit/misfit , for me. I dun hate him just think he maybe better somewhere else.
    Poor Sang Hee! He didn’t have a chance ! Brother KJ’s droolicious & by the looks of it , a dang good kisser and then some,
    I await the next epi wt bated breath ! I’m so hooked.

    • Ki Joon is bubblicious!! LOL Colalicious! Ice creamlicious! Kissilicious!! Hotylicious!! I think I just invented a few words!! LOL Crazylicious!

  90. Thanks Koala are THE BEST. Wow I’m very intrigued and eager to see episode 11, and wish that the hours passed very quickly and is Monday. It had long been a drama I did not like much and I am totally addicted, I love it.

  91. what happened? they do remind me a bot of hot couple of Secret Garden – in a good way of course. When rewatching ep. 10 it felt suddenly a lot more exciting.
    I actually LOVE them fighting, coz it’s seems like they’re gonna rip of their clothes any minutes. *kekekeke*
    Actually I was disappointed that he just didn’t grab her and KISS her out of anger, jealousy and … attraction. * _____________* The scene was PERFECT for another kiss scene. Did someone pull the breaks for the writer? Maybe she was scolded for being too straighforward… I hope not coz I’m looking forward a hot smoking love scene (like in Supernatural S1E13: at World Hotel *______________*

    Thanks for the recaps, Koala! You’re awesome as always!

  92. This is gonna be one of my longest insane comments ever, so please bear with me and don’t get angry!! Please!! LOL

    Miss Oh Yoon Joo, I am so sorry. For the past few weeks, I being, hating your guts, like if you kill kittens or teddy bears. Don’t get my wrong I STILL hate you, and want you to be “sleeping with the fishes”, but I never try to understand your feelings, I never see the situation by your eyes, until, a few hours ago. And the thing is, that I understand your position, I don’t support it, but I respected. You were torn apart, by the man you love, and the little brother you though you have. They break up your heart, in a million pieces, left you all alone, like a toy that they don’t want to use anymore. You even had to leave the country, because you can’t hold the pain. The years that passed, you were holding the hope, that when you come back everything (the love with Ki Joon) will be the same. That was the thing that keep you breathing, keep you moving, but it keep you in the same place, at the same time.

    3 years pass, you come back, and even Ki Joon told you a few times that he doesn’t want to be with you, that he like someone else, that he NEED to be, away from you. You don’t understand. Instead, your hope, get the conclusion that he is confuse and needed some comfort. Lady, that is like selective memory, but in your case is selective hearing. You need to understand, he doesn’t want you in his life anymore. You are like water in a pond, just laying there. Did you know, that the water in the pond, eventually become dirty, muddy and full of bacteria, totally harmful for life? Just because it doesn’t move! You know that when and organism doesn’t move, it dies? Eventually, everything that doesn’t moves dies. Moving on, is part of the evolution. You, stay the same. You are frozen, in time, like a statue, waiting, for the day of your love to return.

    I understand, that you don’t want to let go, but doing that, you are hurting yourself, and those around you. I mean, Yoon Joo, you are stuck. Ki Joon, can’t move either, because he is afraid of hurting you. Ah Jung can’t be loved, because, you can’t move on. Sang Hee, get hurts, because he quit loving you, because, he wanted his brother, to be happy with you, but instead, his brother is in love with someone else. Aigo!!! See is so freaking confusing, and totally frustrating. Yoo Joon, you are like a wall, between here and happiness. That is why I still hate you!!! Go to the Bermuda Triangle!! Now, damn it!! *sighs*

    Borrowing from the speech/scolding by Jie Xiu to Xiao Ru in Drunken to Love You: “Someone who wallows in the past can never reach the future. How do you know you can’t get over it if you’ve never tried?” That is going in my facebook status, right now!!! LOL
    There are a few songs that can be part of this situation. Some are in Spanish so; I will translate the best I can. Others came from one of my favorites OST, of one of my favorite’s k-drama, You’re Beautiful. OMG, by the gorgeous, totally hot, insanely handsome Jang Geun Suk. This is a conversation singed bye Yoon Joo and Ki Joon

    Yoon Joo sings:
    “Without a word, you let me know love
    without a word, you give me love
    you made me even hold of your breath but you ran away like this
    without a word, love leaves me
    without a word, love tossed me away”

    Artist: Jang Geun Suk
    Song: Without Words

    “What I should I do?
    You are leaving me
    I love you,
    I cry out to you
    but you can’t hear me because
    I am only shouting in my heart
    all day long I try to forget you,
    but I think of you again
    all day long I try to say goodbye,
    but I think of you again
    when you went to a place
    where I can’t hold you,
    even if my hand reaches out to you
    I can’t see you, I can only cry”

    Artist: Jang Geun Suk
    Song: What I should do?

    “Miente / Lie
    Dime que me amas /say you love me
    Júrame que nunca /swear that never
    piensas alejarte de mi /think getting you’re away from me
    Miente / Lie
    Véndame los ojos/ cover my eyes
    Grávate muy dentro/ engrave deep down
    que si tú me dejas/that if you leave me
    No podre vivir sin ti/ I can’t leave without you”

    Artist: Enrique Iglesias
    Song: Miente

    Ki Joon sings:
    “Pensé que estaba curado de amor/ I thought I was cured from love
    Que había logrado cerrar con candado/that I close with a lock
    Las puertas de mi alma después de un fracaso/the doors of my soul after a failure
    Pero parece que el corazón/ but seems that the heart
    Se me quedo un poco abierto/stayed a little open
    Y al gusto de un beso nació un sentimiento/ the taste of a kiss, a feeling born
    Que ya conocía y daba por muerto/ that I already knew and presumed dead
    No pensé enamorarme otra vez/ I never thought I fall in love again
    Porque cuando lo hice sufrí/ because when I did I get hurt”

    Artist: Gilberto Santa Rosa
    Song: No pense enamorarme otra vez

    Yoon Joo replies:
    “olvidarnos que aun este amor puede ser/ forget this love can be
    Mentira / lie
    que el amor se nos fue de la piel /that the love leave the skin
    es mentira/is a lie
    que que mi cuerpo te enfria/ that my body make you cold
    que la magia termina/ that the magic ends
    me sabe a mentira/it taste like a lie (= i know is a lie)

    Artist: Gilberto Santa Rosa
    Song: Mentira

    OMG, this is so painful to watch! Every heart is being torn apart and tormented, by the past, scared by the future. Y_Y

    • OMG you’re just too much angelito…this is supposed to be sad but why am I rolling in laughter? bwahahahaaaaaaaaaa I just can’t feel YJ pain…meanie me, i know….I LOve JGS songs from YAB though… wink wink 😀

      • I really try to make it serious, (did yu notice my warning at the top) but I can’t, I simply can’t!! LOL



    • Sang Hee sings: I dunno wich one !! o.O

      “I see the way he treats you,
      I feel the tears you cried,
      And it makes me sad, and it makes me mad,
      There’s nothing I can do baby.
      Cause your lover is my best friend,
      And I guess that’s where they story ends.
      So I’ve gotta try, to keep it inside.
      You will never be, never be mine but,

      If I was the one who was loving you, baby.
      The only tears you’d cry would be tears of joy.
      And if I was by your side,
      You’ll never know one lonely night
      And if it was my arms you were running to,
      I’d give you love in these arms of mine.
      If I was the one in your life.

      If I could have just one wish,
      I’d wish that you were mine,
      I would hold you near,
      Kiss away those tears.
      I’d be so good to you baby.
      You’re the one I want next to me,
      But I guess that’s just not meant to be.
      He’s there in your life,
      And he’s sharing your nights,
      It’ll never be, never be right.

      I wanna reach out and view beside me,
      Take you in my arms right now,
      Scream ‘I love you’ right out loud.
      Some day I pray, that I’ll find the strength,
      To turn to you and say,
      If I was the one, if I was the one,
      In your life.”

      Artist: Ruff Endz
      Song: If I was the one

      Is this a drama or a musical, I dunno!! LOL

      • @ mamito angelito : you are crazy!!! but still I lovre u’re comments ….
        I can’t love you.. you’re a girl?? what am I doing with a little girl??? *biting my nail finger* (now I acted like you oredi)…

      • Mhahahahaha!!! Did you say I am crazy? I am crazy? Really?

        Well, yes I am!! I agree with you!! No doubt about that!!! LOL

      • Why you ask me what you can do with a girl?
        I dunno!!
        *scratching head*


  94. mizweng, saw this vid last night, thanks for posting. I was laughing so much tho I can’t understand korean. the lady interviewer was too funny, jealous she was him at his filming location. wonder why Jeju island? I must have check all sites anything/everything about Lie to Me and it’s leads. That is how addicted I am with LTM seriously. I admit this is my 1st stop (at the job) even before starting work LOL. I love the camaraderie and fun comments, makes my day brighter! Thanks everyone! Can’t wait for ep 11 prev

  95. The end of the episode 10 was really shocking if you will watch because what they left to the people who are watching lie to me. And also it makes people to get more excited and get more interested to Lie to me. Even thought the few first episodes are not that good (some says) they able to pull up Lie to me to not get people tired of Lie to me. I can say that really some stories in book, drama or movies are sometimes are like that. Sometimes the start of the story is so boring and then suddenly it get more interesting as the story move on and there are some that only in the start of the story is interesting and when the story goes on it’s gets boring, some of those stories are really not good. So I think that is what’s going on in this story and I hope it will get more and more interesting and doesn’t get pull down until the last episode of Lie to me and I hope the last episode of it will be something that we all will never forget or it will be marked that Lie to me became one of your favorite Korean drama. So anyways thanks for this recap, I already watched the episode 10 last Tuesday and when I read this I understand a lot what’s their emotion or what’s really going on in that scene, so I really understand a lot now the episode.

    • You’re not the only one!! We are camping here!!! Stalking the playground, like a hungry lie to me zombie mob, waiting for any news!!! LOL

  96. I’m a late-comer to this series. I’ve been reading your LTM recaps, thanks Koala for them, and decided to try watching. Currently at Ep 4 but I’ll catch up very soon.

    Just a thought: HKJ never loved OYJ enough to choose her over his brother HSH. Now the crux of this story for me is to see if HKJ will hold on to GAJ when HSH steps into their relationship, making it once again a love triangle involving both siblings.

    I’m already in a state of drunkenness because of DTLY. Now, adding LTM, there’s one more reason for me to join AA (Alcoholics Anonymous)!

    • Here we have Lie To Me Anonymous, but Alcoholics are always welcome, we don’t discriminate, after all, we are drama junkies too!!! Mhahahaha!!!

  97. omg, chingu! I’ve finished watching the ep like 10 minutes ago and I was incoherent, haha. For a moment I really couldn’t think beyond the “omg what did Ki-joon DOOOOO?” Thank you for being sane and reminding me that what he did was completely necessary and also adorable.

    I’m still flailing so I can’t leave a decent feedback for your review, but oh, this drama makes me SO happy! I don’t care if it’s not that original: it just makes me smile and that’s all that matters.

    Also? If I had seen the OTP holding hands I would have reacted like the employee who was all giddy and giggly.

    I legit cheered out loud when he said Ah Jung-ah! *happy sigh* I think this is one of my favorite “banmal=love” scenes. I’ve seen countless heroes dropping the honorifics and every time it’s wonderful, but this time? It was even more amazing and IDEK why exactly. It wasn’t particularly original and yet my heart was pounding in my chest!

    Also? I would have totally reacted like Ah-jung after finding his video on her phone. HOW SO ADORABLE, OTP? ♥♥♥♥♥

    haha, see? incoherent still! XD

  98. Well, I’ve just finished Ep 10. Wow, when I heard HKJ’s banmal “Ah Jung-ah!”, a goose walked over my grave! It literally sent shivers down my spine. Looking forward to more in future episodes.

  99. I suddenly realise that the short video uploaded by HKJ onto GAJ’s mobile was recorded in his car. It’s super cute how he quickly looked to his left and gave an embarrassed smile at the end of it.

    His chauffeur probably heard an earful and had a near heart attack witnessing his usually cool and unflappable boss acting so out of character!

  100. I think it’s just me who’s slow and confused but why would their fake marriage endanger Ah Jung’s career? @_@ and I love your recaps~ It’s just what I need since I always tend to get confused.

  101. agh the awful chinese at the end. Why couldn’t they have found some actual chinese actor to play the guy, instead of some obviously korean dude forcing himself to memorize the syllables?

  102. I felt so bad for Sang Hee. That song by Elliott Smith “Behind the Bars” should be titled Restasis. It made my eyes soaking wet. I can really relate to what he felt. If only he had let it go three years ago.

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