Baby Recap for Lie to Me Episode 12

For fans of Lie to Me who have newly discovered Kang Ji Hwan, I’ve noticed a sudden uptick in people contemplating doing naughty things to him. *raises eyebrow* That is strictly verboten at the playground, m’kay? So after watching episode 12, especially the breathtakingly awesome ending to this episode, keep reminding yourself that. At the playground Ji Hwan belongs to Koala, Ki Joon belongs to Ah Jung, and in real life, both of them belong to Yoon Eun Hye. See, I totally share!

Episode 12 Baby Recap:

Ah Jung and Ki Joon wrap up their romantic trip to Jeju, unaware that Yoon Joo came all the way (to do what exactly?) and saw their romantic dinner-for-two. I now have to add Peeping Tom to the list of “crap Yoon Joo does.” Jae Bum arrives at the hotel and the estranged couple have a teary and wet reunion in the pool, complete with “I will die without you.” I’m cool with this – I feel like Jae Bum cheated on So Ran to make a point and get back at her, not because he didn’t love her.

Ki Joon and Ah Jung fly back to Seoul and promise to see each other often. Yoon Joo calls Ah Jung out to a bar and asks Ah Jung if she knows what it’s like to have one’s first love taken away/stolen? Ah Jung’s all like “um, yeah, that’s exactly what happened to me, so deal with it, missy.” Okay, she didn’t say the missy part, but she totally should have. Ah Jung listens and leaves.

At a meeting with Chairman Chen, Ki Joon completely comes clean about lying that he and Ah Jung were married. Chairman is not pleased, Aunt is even less pleased Ki Joon suddenly wanted to tell the truth. Everyone is worried the Chairman won’t invest now. Ki Joon and Ah Jung meet up after work. She tells him she got a new project, and he immediately guesses it’s something no one else wants to do.

They head to Ae Kyung’s restaurant to meet Sang Hee, and act like the sweetest couple in front of everyone. Yoon Joo arrives and sees them. She leaves and Sang Hee runs after her. He tells her that it’s time for her to let go of Ki Joon. Hallelujah, so speaketh the truth. Yoon Joo guesses that Sang Hee is also needing to let go (of Ah Jung). Sang Hee weeps when alone, wondering why Ah Jung couldn’t have looked at him just once.

So Ran tells all the friends Ah Jung lied about being married to Ki Joon, but they are now dating for real, though So Ran is worried another woman (Yoon Joo) is still in the picture. So Ran can’t leave for Canada because she’s worried about Ah Jung. Ki Joon meets with Yoon Joo and delivers the Best Speech Ever. He tells her that he dealt with the pain of letting her go, now it’s her time to do so. He tells Yoon Joo that he LOVES Ah Jung, and right now, he cannot see or hear Yoon Joo. If someone told me I was invisible to them, I’d slink away in forever shame.

Ki Joon tells Ah Jung that he knows Yoon Joo met with her, and asks Ah Jung to tell him everything she does in the future. He promises never to let go of her hand again, and they hug. Ki Joon finally goes to meet Ah Jung’s dad, and the two guys engage in a drinking contest whereby both pass out. Ah Jung deposits Ki Joon in her bed and lets him snuggle her stuffed animal, telling him that it’s Ah Jung. SO CUTE.

Yoon Joo parents meet with Aunt and discuss their plans to make Yoon Joo happy. Aunt tells Ki Joon that Chairman Chen is apparently meeting with other hotels. Aunt is setting up a meeting with Yoon Joo’s dad, who is close to Chen, and she wants Ki Joon to attend. Yoon Joo’s mom finds Yoon Joo passed out from exhaustion at home and she’s taken to the hospital for some IV.

Ah Jung wears a hanbok and attends her tourism event, but it is strangely empty despite all the tickets being sold. Turns out Ki Joon bought all the tickets, and he comes bearing flowers to see an incensed Ah Jung who tells him not to do stuff like this again. He apologizes for not knowing the right ways to treat her and they make up.

Ki Joon doesn’t attend the meeting where Yoon Joo’s dad meets with Chairman Chen, leaving Aunt upset. Aunt makes another appointment and tells Ki Joon he better be there or else. Ah Jung’s boss realizes that she lied about being married to Ki Joon since Yoon Joo’s dad has been going around saying Yoon Joo is engaged to Ki Joon. Her boss says he’ll cover for Ah Jung once since she’s been doing such a good job.

Ki Joon is driving to the meeting when he gets a call and text from Ah Jung, who misses him and wonders where he is. Ki Joon goes to the banks of the Han River and looks upset. Ah Jung sits on her bench and wishes she could see him today. He calls, asking her why she looks so tired today, leading Ah Jung to realize that he can see her. She looks around and sees Ki Joon walking towards her. Ah Jung runs into his arms and they tightly embrace each other. She says “do you know how hard it was for me?” He says “do you know how much I wanted to see you?”

*Koala dies of happiness* This is my favorite LTM episode ending moment. By far.


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    • Wow I’m the first to comment. Not that I’m that crazy to be the first, but you know… 🙂
      Anyway I really like this epi, especially the ending part. I think it’s the first time they give us a sweet ending although I’m dreading what will come next (the aunt, YJ & YJ’s father scheming). Again, thanks a lot Koala.

    • Ahahaha! I was thinking the same thing. Sheesh, this younger generation is SO selfish! 🙂 Come on ms. koala! Give us old ladies a break and share!

      Thanks for the weecap. Now I will be able to concentrate at work. Or maybe not. Well, at least I’ll try. Or not.

    • Share? I was barely about to kidnap him to the playground as is. In the K-drama blogging world, it’s pretty much undisputed that Ji Hwan belongs to Javabeans (HGD did her in), though hjkomo and samsooki have said otherwise.

      I consider that a three-way detente. And since I’m the only one lurving LTM, I have worked my butt off to nab him. So no, I can’t share, because I’m fighting another battle to keep him here. The battle, it’s fierce.

      • If it’s any consolation, I consider you the the winner since DB only has an open topic for LTM. What kind of love does JB really have for him if she has Santa Claus doing recaps for LTM? Huh? (not that I didn’t enjoy the recap, but hey…)

        You keep fighting honey and I’ll relinquish my demand on him. I’ll have to be content with worshipping him from afar. (very, very far… exactly how far is it from San Diego to Seoul?)

      • Kang Ji Hwan currently resides very close to SD since he’s at my house. 😀

        Nah, JB loves him, she just doesn’t love this drama of his like I do. My I Lub You did a drama that I loathed, utter and complete hatred of it, I had to stop watching for my sanity. It happens, doesn’t dimish our love for our lovely guys.

  1. refreshing your site every 5 minutes…..finally..thanks for the baby recap…

    so far, I’m satisfied with AJ-KJ…I hope AJ never let KJ go, like another dramas will do….I hope the Airport scene is YJ’s farewell…….

    I hope the last 4 episodes not make my heart break….

  2. Oh! Kaolo, you’re the best! Yes, I’m one of fans of Lie to Me who have newly discovered Kang Ji Hwan and I agree that he belongs to Yoon Eun Hye! Hopes that they’ll become OTP in real!

  3. been refreshing your site like crazy waiting for the weecap… hihiihi

    also love the ending! Ki Joon made a decision and he’s sticking with it! that my man!
    hmm … I mean Ah Jung’s man! ♥♥♥

  4. i’ve been stalking your blog for hours, i think it started after i watched the last episode hahahhaa… after reading this i thought i can sleep, but then again i can’t wait for the next episode. harhar. Monday please come sooooooooonnnnnnn.

    thanks so much koala 🙂

  5. OMG… Gif banner!? I swore that I see it moving and damn it.. it did! Almost give me heart attack.

    Thanks again for your super lightning fast baby recap ms koala.

    • Koala banner is to die for. It’s giving me an heart attack too. Ohh Ah Jung-ah is so lucky. Can I just put my face in there for once?

      • i know right? and there’s a new one too, the one with the HUG 🙂

        thank you for the creative people who create the banner.

  6. Thank you Koala.. ahh… that ending is a very romantic moment, indeed =)
    Can’t wait to watch it with subs in YouTube.

  7. Koala, you are great! I hope KJ and AJ can solve the World Group’s issue together in next ep. And that Chairman Chen will invest in the World Group because of KJ & AJ’s honesty and of couse, capabilities?

  8. Love the new banner Koala… it made me squueeee!!!! the ending of this episode is so swoon worthy… thanks a million, can’t wait for the recaps….

  9. love it so much! it’s the part when they publicly become a couple and the first for the illusive words, “saranghae,” to be confessed by one of the main leads! i know this will be an episode i’ll watch again and again once i start the withdrawal phase from this series. OMO! Just 4 episodes to go?!?! aisssh!

  10. I too “dies of happiness” with u Koala, am so giddy n smiling broadly after reading ur baby recap. As before I can’t have enough of LTM, I read baby recap, recap, watch raw, watch eng sub…. am I a loonie of what. and after all that, will watch the whole 16 eps (can’t there be extension, we want more pls). KJ may still win over Chen, he needs AJ by his side. ahh the angst of YJ’s dad, KJ’s aunt coming into the picture. I am feeling sweetness n romance between YEH and KJH. can’t blame u Koala, Ji Hwan and ur share. LOL

    • Eh-heh…I pretty much do the same thing…in that order too (baby recap-mommy recap-raw-eng sub) LOL and thanks for the tip 😉 I will re-watch the whole 16 episodes when the drama ends.

  11. OMG Thank you so much!!! I’ve been diying to read the recap for this episode since the subs are still not available, thank you, thank you, now I can be in peace, well not that much coz now we need to wait till monday for the next episode, keep the good work koala, fighting!!! ^_^

  12. i lol at people saying this drama is going the kdrama cliche way,maybe its taking the same road but definetely its giving different steps. this is NOT the way most dramas are,thats for sure

    • i agree with you italiacardinale.. i don’t really give a damn on what people saying as long as i love the drdama.

      but then again, most of drama have their moment of cliche, that include: sick scene, hug, kiss, missunderstanding, declaration of love, very lovable 2nd male lead, bitchy 2nd female lead, love triangle, etc… practically in every single drama we watch.

  13. im reading this recap before watching ep 11. how will i survive this week lol..yeahh for the moving kiss banner!!

  14. THANK YOU! as always, you’re the best! can’t wait for this episode….i think i’ll totally melt over their sweetness. =)

  15. Yoon Eun Hye: Do you know how hard it was for me? (drama rating pressure, the expectation,etc.)
    Kang Ji Hwan: Do you know how much I wanted to see you? (to find my strength back from all that stress because of the pressure,high expectation of the drama)

    No matter how many times I repeat the last scene, the above dialogue that comes into my mind. I must be crazy. All I see is Yoon Eun Hye and Kang Ji Hwan. Ah Jung and Ki Joon never exist.
    Ok, I can’t wait for this drama to be over. Just for the sake of my sanity. Though I doubt my sanity will back that easy.

    Thank you Koala for the baby recap.

  16. I’m totally melt…my heavenly made couple, just reading this recap can lift up my days and months…AhKi, please fight for your love…you know how precious/hard it is to find the other..hold tight dears..LTM fighting,HwangHye the best!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  17. koalaaa…right now aim dying from happiness tooo…gosh how much i love AJ&KJ… i really wish with 4 episode left the will happy till the end and get merried…or i wish they will be an extra episode, please writer’s, PD, and producers hear me…

    no preview again so i’ll jus wait for a spoiler from u, soompi and others too… and i hate have to wait monday & tuesday again..sigh…

    btw still i will wait ur full recap tomorrow morning… i can go to sleep with happiness right now….

  18. it’s 2:29 am and I’m still lurking. I finished reading softy’s live transcap and quickly came here to see if you posted a baby recap. I love this episode. I hope it will consistently get better especially with new writers.

  19. Koala do you have any news if they are dating now? I mean in real life? I’m just curious… I hope they will have many drama series together. And plsssss answer my question coz I’m dying to know… I’ll be waiting for your answer thanks

  20. Thank you so much for the Baby Recap, be lurking here for the Mommy Recap for sure. 😀
    A lot of drama use the same recipe, the old love can’t let go of the male lead, and use every connections she had ( Daddy who can help the male lead’s bussiness and here there is also The Aunt ) to win over the guy. *sigh*
    But, if YJ not still lurking in the drama, I don’t know what the writer going to tell about our OTP ( more kiss and some activity to stay in KJ’s big comfy bed perhaps XD )
    I hope in the last 4 episodes ( awww, can’t believe there are only 2 weeks left to watch this drama :'( ) YJ will out of the lurking activity in just 1 more episode ( but I doubt it, I think she gonna stay for 2 more episodes *another sigh* ) and the last 2 episodes will be full of AJ and KJ ‘s sweetness and beyond that. Well I can live with that if that what’s going to happen 😀
    Anyhow, still crazy about this drama, and love the ending of this episode.

  21. i have really liked kjh for along time so hands of koala i just loved ep12 cant wait for next week they are so good together keep up the good work koala and dont forget he mine

  22. First time to comment here! But been lurking here since the start of LTM and promise to stay even after…

    Thanks koala for LTM baby recaps (and u call this baby recap?), can’t wait for the full one.

    Love ur header! Can I have that once u get over with LTM OTP?

  23. While there’s still too much melodrama for me and too little rom-com, I still love love love LTM to pieces and I just loved this episode. KJ and AJ – I love you guys soo much. Sooooooo cute!! The last scene is to die for.

    KJ belongs to AJ (hehe) and KJH to YEH — and of course Ms Koala since she did fight a tough battle for him and lots of props and brownie points for loving and enjoying LTM and our OTP so much. Even though I still can’t get into his previous works, he has definitely won me over in his KJ performance.

    The drunken scene is just tooo cute for words. I am really hoping the KJ and AJ come up with a really awesome plan to win over chairman Chen and repent for the lie. I want KJ to show all of them that he has capabilities. I know first hand that connections are important to winning over clients, however, still part of me wishes that there is some other way around this. I am just soo tired of YJ and her refusal to let go. Karma is a **tch YJ – let go now, move on and be happy. I definitely want to see more of KJ and AJ working together and supporting each other in their daily trials. 🙂

  24. ooowhhheemmmgeee… am peeking at your blogsite at work — 1 minute after the lunch hour!!! great baby recap Koala – really love yah! can’t wait ’til I get home. WORK is a total damper – ruins our obsessive lifestyle. *pouts*

  25. Thanks for the recap.I came after the raw and purposely didn’t read any spoilers.

    Can I say ep 12 was totally awesome?Yeah yeah I know we have the angst.At the moment I am basking in the rays of the Ki Joon and Ah Jung romance.


    Thank you for the recap.I am so in love.I’ve already watched ep 11 twice before watching it with subs.Something tells me ep 12 is totally going to do me in.I even died when he opened the door for her.Can anyone remember a more in love main guy?I mean they all fall in love in rom com.However Ki Joon……is he in love or what?How does he do it in such a manly way?

    The lip synching section…no comments 🙂 It was the funniest thing I ever saw though.I wondered how KJH felt doing that.

  26. I think i had the same feeling after i saw ep 8, but not sad, just content. KJ just came out and out to express his feelings for AJ, not so much like in BOF or SG, but to his modest level( the lighting reminds me of Boys over flowers and the swing set), but anyways lets see how this goes.

    I know AJ and KJ will end up together at the end of the show, right now i am not worried about the destination, but am thinking about how the journey takes them there. The cutie moments are to die for.

    All of us are fighting here for KJH, but me thinks you have to be Hye for KJH to look at you like that . ( i think, thats the reality i accepted, coz its too much madness in my head just thinking of hotness KJH and the way he is in this show, did not fall head over heels in Coffee house or HDG, but this is too much).

    coming back to the show, 2 more weeks, and four more episodes, where did all the time go?why are mondays coming and going so fast?

    coming back tothe episode
    1. Love the way he tells YJ that he loves AJ
    2. Lvoe the way he hugs AJ
    3. Loves the wya he comes over to meet AJs dad and falls asleep all drunk – awkward
    4. loev the scene before where he is shaving to get ready.
    5. Can we have a shower scene or something before the show ends?

  27. i am so addicted to LTM and also to ockoala,I confess, sigh. Am I the only one who keep my laptop on and peek every 30 minutes for LTM and DTLY recap?i am currenlty visiting families in the Philippines and some lived in the countryside with bad connections.i panic when mon and tues. come and i cant log mood is awefull..and if the signal is slow..i keep reading koala recap over and over..i will be so lost without you my dear Koala.. you bring me joy so please accept my sign of appreciation..i dont care if its hot here or im hungry or whatever is the scenario as long as i can read your recap i am happy..but i will be very sad when LTM comes to an end.. aja aja koala..( heart sign)

  28. JB and SR scene is so melodramatic! hahaha! love their childish love for each other.
    and i totally agree with you, the best epi of LTM and i’m willing to die beside you happily! could pass as the ending for LTM! 🙂
    as for YJ and family, i have a big slinger that can take her whole family to paris to prevent them bothering KJ and AJ in their happy land.
    thanks koala for the updates! i’m always looking forward in your recaps.
    yobo, Fighting!!! <3<3<3

  29. Hmm… They missed out this part??

    Written preview for episode 12:

    “Ah Jung goes back to her house and discovers a little crown in her bag. Because she has just come from seeing Yoon Joo, her face is dark with worry when she sees this. Suddenly Ah Jung gets a text on her phone, and it’s from Ki Joon who says “Sweet dreams, remember to dream about me.” Ah Jung smiles and texts him back “Hurry up and go to sleep, let’s meet in our dreams.” Ah Jung puts the small crown on top of her stuffed animal.”

    • True! It was in the written preview and in the video preview, when they walked into the restaurant she grabbed hold of his arm (totally endearing and screaming “We’re a couple/we’re 2gether!) and this was also apparently edited out. Oh well, at least we got to see and read this stuff in the previews. I am so loving the chemistry between the two leads, and believe it or not I feel So Ran and Jae Bum are totally going the save the day for Ah Jung and Ki Joon and all debts/misunderstandings will be cleared. I want a BIG WEDDING for AJ/KJ. Sang Hee can be the best man and Yoon Joo can clean up after the wedding reception for all I care! 🙁

      • Yoon Joo can clean up after the wedding reception for all I care!!!
        Mhahahahahah you are evil!!! Well I want her sleeping with the fishes, so I think I’m more evil!!! Mhahahahahahaha

  30. besides the height of ah jung’s dad and ki jun, they do looks father and son….the eyes and eye brow. so nice , to see the parents himself.

  31. Thanks for the recap. Your recap makes my workday just more bearable. I wish I could just ditch work and watch dramas all day.
    If there is a new writer, who started on episode 11 supposedly, shes doing a good job.

  32. KJ confession not married to AJ, because he doesn’t want his business lies on deceitful manner, He wants his business deal with Chen with honesty, integrity knowing that he might lost it. Also he doesn’t want to start a relationship with AJ base on this. Thats why he tore up there contract. No more lies…Mr Chen will come around and understand the situation that KJ and AJ love each other very very much. He will sign the contract.

  33. thanks so much for the recap. now i can sleep in peace. i haven’t watched though and your recap keeps me going.

    yeah totally agree. best ending there could be. hope they don’t twist the story and leave AJ and KJ in peace until the 16th episode okay 🙂

  34. before i forgot, FYI YJ, AJ didn’t steal anything from you! as a woman i understand YJs feelings but don’t let KJ and AJ happiness ruin you completely. hold your head up and save your dignity and stop confessing your undying love to KJ! YJ shouldnt make KJ and AJ guilty just bcoz they fell in love. go on with your life and eventually little by little you’ll get over KJ. think positive! aja!

    • That is the thing, she doesn’t get it!! The man already told her “I don’t want you in my life, I don’t want to see you”. But she have selective hearing disorder!! Seriously!! She need a lobotomy or something!!! OMG, she is so pitiful!!!

  35. HYUN KI-JOON, WHO ARE YOU AND WHAT HAVE YOU DONE WITH Ki-joon? Really, I’m NOT pleased about the 180% turn of him. The writer sucks for not bothering to check her/his storyconcept…

    Thanks for the recaps, I’m looking forward the whole thing! You’re awesome as always!

    LOL, your view of sharing totally cracked me up. So if you had the chance to meet Ki-joon for an interview, what were the first 3 questions you’d like to ask him?

  36. I have mixed feeling of epi 12
    Happiest when I saw KJ and AJ smiling faces and enjoying the new life
    as a lover
    Saddest when I saw KJ and AJ are stressed specially KJ
    He tries to climb every mountain (as a CEO and between AJ AND YJ)
    He is struggle ——— now, is he married to his career or his true feeling
    Three years ago he gives up his lover for his younger brother ,now is
    his business. He is so tired!!!!!!
    If he acts like epi 11 and 12, let go of his business and enjoy his wonderful day
    with his love one. You can see KJ is so happy , he looks like a teenage
    in front of AJ. Hungry for love , care and attention from AJ.
    Once again thanks the team work of SBS, they spent four days and three
    nights to shoot /re write epi 11 and epi 12 , and many many viewers
    are so happy and excited . Four more epis to go , can the LTM team
    dont let majority of the viewers down. Do not let KJ and AH suffer any
    more. They deserve better, I expert LTM IS NOT A SAD MOVIE to
    watch , AJ and KJ performance are excellent, is it right !!!
    Crying and stress,depression scene is only way poeple like to watch?
    Our life are up and down, we watch drama to relax, is it right, AJ
    and KJ ===== Crying and Glim/stress and despress face win viewers
    attention???? for one reason ————- good rating!!!!!
    Can somebody tell me how many times AJ cry the hell out ?
    How many time KJ shows his angry, his depress?
    Somebody tell me —is LTM is a sad movie ?????

    • I can’t answer that, sometimes, it take me to the sky in happiness, but then, pull me to the deepest hole in sadness hell!!! Ottoke? Cry, laugh, moods swings? I dunno!! Really, this anxiety is killing me!!!

  37. Thanks, as always I love your mini Koala short, I love this couple waoo and want to marry, I want more kissing scenes and roma

  38. LTM’s plot is sinking. ep 9 & 10 was totally absurd. Ep 11 & 12 was dragging to another complications & characters’s dilemma until it reaches its climax and death. As expected by some of us, the 2 main lead actors (KJH & YEH) solely carried the task of retaining and the viewer’s interest and they’re doing it with flying colors so far. Their chemistry was UNBELIEVABLY BRILLIANT. and to koala: how can i survive giddiness & heart attacks these 2 actors gave me without your recap? well done!

    • Welcome kiki81!!

      We are a diverse group of Unnis and some Ajhussis, that are crazy about LTM, not only the OTP, but how the lie and the truth get out!! Obviously, the scenes between the OTP are pure fire, and burn the hell out of all of us!!!

      Love the song!!! Totally disco!! I found my self dancing to the tune!!! OMG, I wanna go dance!!!

  39. Oh Koala, you are sooooooo greedy! Does you koala hubby knows that you want Kang Ji Hwan for you??? At least share. I don’t want him all the time, just when he smiles so freaking sexy. Its enough for me !

    The episode was adorable, just like KJ is ! I love the stuffed animal parts, and I hate YJ. I hate her together with aunt. They can go both die.

  40. love u koala ur recaps are so refreshing and entertaining to boot i always check ur site multiple times YEH n KJH are the best this is a love story that leaves a lingering sense of happiness laughter and tears thanks a millions for ur hard work and keeping us updated what will we do without u kisses

  41. I have a feeling that in the next eps, KJ is going to be forced by Aunt and YJ’s parents to pick YJ. Then AJ will be heartbroken and then she’ll decide to go to Canada with SR (which is probably the airport scene). Then all of us will go to Korea to kick Aunty’s and YJ’s backsides!!!

    • Passport – check
      Open round trip ticket – check
      Gadgets (aka weapons) – check
      Resolve – check
      Attack code – waiting

      • @Bo

        Ready when you are!!
        Just say the command!!
        I got all my gear ready, since day one!!
        Hell with get lose, so Reaper, Botox Lady, be afraid, be very afraid!!!

    • But you see, KJ doesn’t have much of a problem. His business is fine if he marries YJ, but it’s forgotten that the business is also fine if he marries AJ because Chen really liked AJ and that sealed the deal in the first place.

      All KJ has to do is pick a girl and get married and VOILA, problem solved!

    • I dunno!! It start in point A and now is like in point M, took a wrong left turn, and it is lost in the woods!!! LOL

  42. Sweeeeeeet is just one word to describe Ep 12. And I don’t need any other word. Who cares if they change the writer or whoever for as long as they deliver the goods>>>>>>> Boy Oh Boy ! They just did. Of course the Koala recap is as crisp as ever.

  43. I think the SBS site has crashed… Good for them because I was going to WRITE to whoever is in charge of “Lie To Me” so I can give them a piece of my mind!

    What the heck is going on here? Wasn’t this drama advertised as a Rom-Com? What’s with the melodrama hints? It’s gotten to the point where I can’t even watch the drama–unless I read “baby re-caps” on Koala! sheese!

    YEH + OTP chemistry are the only two reasons why I haven’t walked away from this drama…

    P.S. This drama had better not get predictible like 90% of all kdramas or else…

    • Relax . . . sweety . . . . relax . . . Believe in your fairy godmother . . . you will get the ending you wish for . .

      If not then we will join you in your crusade – there’s a battalion behind you!

      • lol…yes ma’am…fairy godmother…i’m going to relax for now…
        But they better make it worth the angst they’re cooking up…or else I’ll be the first to yell; charrrrrrge! lol

  44. By the way, THE best banner EVER! Love it! And I loved how Ep 12 ended. I hope that YJ can let KJ go (and hopefully, with SH’s help), especially after KJ’s “moving on” speech. She’s being a bit selfish and pathetic trying to hang on to someone who no longer sees her as he once did three years ago (have some pride woman!). I think it’s cool that SR doesn’t feel comfortable leaving for Canada while YJ is on the loose to possibly wreck havoc on AJ and KJ’s blossoming love. Can’t wait to read the full re-cap. And thanks for providing the baby recaps! 🙂

  45. at this point, I pretty much don’t care plotwise because YEH and KJH are delivering unbelievable chemistry, I swear sparks flew

    I think episode 12 was so adorable…Ki Joon is so totally in love with Ah Jung…you were right, it was the best speech ever! I had to repeat the part where he said he loves her several times and I also love how they hug because unlike the robotic hugs some couples do in kdramas, their hugs were like “I’ma hold on to you and never let you go”

    and gosh is Yoon Ju annoying, I hate that her theatrics are beginning to cause some problems

      • I totally agree with you! I was like “here you go girl” all along these two episodes. It seems lie she doesn’t understand, either she’s deaf or just completely stupid. Anyway, I can’t believe that she even meddled her parents and the aunt in this story when she knows that KJ loves AJ! It’s just so obvious that it’s killing me.

  46. i finally saw ep 11 with subs it seriously makes one feel a tad bit uncomfortable by the end its like we have intruded on someones private conversation they look so natural together so in love 🙂
    i had to actually turn away my head from the screen with embaressment for a fraction of a second and let out a nervous giggle the funny thing being im normally emotionally stable!!
    wat hav u done to me LTM????????

      • and my world too! Shame on me… being a very old ahjumma…. getting swept away in this land of dream love!!!! Thank you Koala, Angelitocurioso and Bo … you guys are too funny!

  47. BAD NEWS
    SBS has messed up again they finally changed the writer (very bad thing to do now that we are already in Ep.11, if they did that they should have done it way sooner like Epi.4) people in DCLIE are not taking it well…hope ratings don’t tank to 4% from here, so many people left after 11th ep.
    HA:ShocCo locco

    • No wonder the plot is now just like any k-drama now- 2 in love, other woman/guy says you are mine, uses every trick- sick, dying, parents’ clout, so on. In the end 2 are happy, everybody drops everything and go home.
      There are so much pain and sorrow betweeen ep1 and ep Final that at least an episode or two is needed to ease the pain of the viewers. But just like any k-drama, the ending is always like everybody just wanted to go home.
      Wake me up when final episode is here. 🙁

      • LOL!!! No stay awake, please give us company!! Don’t let us all alone, in the dark, waiting for the Reaper’s death!! LOL

  48. yipppeeeee ep 12 is awesome (especially the end part)!!!!!!! well, I don’t really mind shedding some tears in the coming eps as I anticipate some kind of angst before the finale….for as long as i get the HAPPY ENDING with kissy kissy bang bang (terminologies courtesy of angelitocurioso)!!!!

    I hate to think that this drama is ending very soon…mondays and tuesdays will never be the same unless another drama with amazing OTP comes alive….

  49. The music in this drama has been so appropiate and I thought to myself, “Self, what song would appropiate for “our” boyfriend Kang Ji Hwan?”. While, the content of this song is not applicable to his character, KJ, his smooth transitoning from CEO with the weight of the world on his shoulders to teenager in love (hopelessy), from super serious to slapstick funny (his turning the lights on and off had me in hysterics), and his drunken scene made him my “SMOOTH OPERATOR” by Sade. He is so multifaceted and totally believable. When he lip-synched the Jeju song (which Park Hoon also did a wonderful job of emoting) I found it comparative to the Cola kiss. S-E-X-Y 🙂 . I have definitely become a fan of his.

    BTW, his eyes speak louder than his sweet cola kissing mouth. If I follow his eye movements, it’s almost like he’s subtitling his dialogue. Whoopee!!

    • Lurve the song reference!!!

      And the song says:

      “Diamond life, lover boy.
      he move in space with minimum waste and maximum joy.
      City lights and business nights.
      When you require street-car desire for higher heights.
      No place for beginners or sensitive hearts
      When sentiment is left to chance.
      No place to be ending but somewhere to start.
      No need to ask.
      He’s a smooth operator”

      Artist: Sade
      Song: Smooth Operator

      • Thanks for the words to Smooth Operator. I had also forgotten that the video for Smooth Operator was filmed on my island of Puerto Rico. Thanks again.

  50. It’s the same here, I’m also dying of happiness! <3

    And I so can't believe that actually we'll have to wait a whole week before knowing what'll happen next. So I'm also dying of impatience…

    And thanks for your recapping, really!

  51. AJ and KJ fight for your LOVE!!!! The last four episodes I want to see them fighting for their relationship. I know there will be a lot of problems for the two lovebirds, it seems that it’s not only YJ but also YJ’s parents and aunt. SH help AJ and KJ you’ve been doing that from the beginning. I dont think SH is in love with AJ, it’s more of a crush. I love episode 11 and 12 no matter what other people is saying for me it’s perfect because we get to see the courtship and the other side of the two characters. They said when your inlove you do things that you haven’t done before even the things your not capable of. I see KJ to be more human and how happy he is right now with AJ and so does AJ. they are each other exception. They dont need to pretend to each other. The grinch is pilling up for AJ and KJ. I really want president Chen to see AJ and KJ somewhere maybe when he is walking or riding his car and see how happy they are, they may not be married now but soon and he will reconsider on investing with KJ again. The Aunt maybe she decided to see AJ one day and on her way she pass by the cherry blossom lane and see the sweetest moment of AJ and KJ, maybe she will back out and make her realize how happy KJ and she need to back off and support KJ with his relationship after all she and SH already damaged KJ’s happiness before now I think she needs to be supportive, there will be other investors they can find.

    Why I love episode 11 and 12 so much… I love all the interaction between AJ and KJ they make it so real the acting the execution of every scene is so natural, I want to say it’s perfect but I want more from them. I love how they talk to each other look at each other and hug each other. I know I’m redundant but LTM’s OTP is one the best.

    Most of the dramas our predictable. Let’s just leave it with that.

    SR I hope she will help KJ and AJ. I really like the fact that she and JB are okay.

    I really like to see in the last 4 episodes how AJ and KJ’s love, faith, understanding etc with each other. How the relationship will grow, how they will fight hard to keep what they have. Don’t let go AJ and KJ!!! FIGHTING! OK!

    I’m mumbling so much.

    Thank you Koala.

    • i like your idea…there has to be a way for Chen to see that though they are ‘not’ married yet that they eventually will since they’re so in love with one another…
      i truly appreciate the fact that our pair is showing us their deep feelings for each one can’t seem to move forward without thinking of the other’s situation…
      the only thing missing at the end of this ep is for them to elope…or maybe have KJ bend on his knees and propose to her right then and there, get married (they are both of age) and then go meet up with the aunt and that girl’s family and just show them they can’t play with their personal feelings!!!
      it’ll be nice if the cherryblossoms were in bloom again… ha ha ha…(totally loved the part when AJ’s dad asked if he was the cherryblossom)
      can’t wait for next week’s ep!!!

      thanks, Koala~

    • “they are each other exception”

      OMG Gigi and Alex!!

      [Gigi hears a knock at the door.]
      Gigi: Did you forget something? (She thinks it’s Bill.) [She opens the door to find Alex.]
      Alex: Yeah.
      Gigi: Really? What did you forget?
      Alex: [He takes out a pen from his pocket.] This.
      Gigi: So, you came all the way here at eleven o’clock at night to bring me back a promotional pen?
      Alex: Yeah. Yeah, I did. I thought I would come up with some really great excuse to get over here. That’s how it’s done, right?
      Gigi: Sometimes.
      Alex: Look, I can’t stop thinking about you. It’s a problem. I drive by your place; I call and hang up; I’ve turned into…
      Gigi: Me.
      Alex: Yeah.
      Gigi: A wise person once told me that if a guy wants to be with a girl, he will make it happen, no matter what.
      Alex: That’s true.
      Gigi: But when I was hurling my body onto yours, you did not seem to want to make it happen.
      Alex: Here’s the thing about that, you were right. I’ve gotten so used to keeping myself at a safe distance from all these women, and all this time, I didn’t know what it felt like when I actually fell for one of them. I didn’t know.
      Gigi: Look, I just went out with your friend Bill. He might be just exactly what I need. No drama, he calls; he does what he says.
      Alex: I can do that stuff too.
      Gigi: But you didn’t, and that same wise person told me that I’m the rule. That I have to stop thinking that every guy will change, that I have to stop thinking that…
      [He kisses her.]
      Gigi: I’m the exception.
      Alex: (He whispers.) You’re my exception.
      [They kiss again.]

      *giggles* Favorite Romantic Comedy Ever!!!

      • @Angelitocurioso ooohhh…i love love love that scene, one of my fav romcom movie!

      • ! I know, I love Gigi & Alex, they make me smile and blush, and desire to fall in love!!! *sighs*

  52. Oh. The header is moving! That’s such a sweet kiss from hot KJ, er, Ji Hwan. Can you share him with me too? Mwa ha ha! Thank you so much for this ockoala unni! I am so in love with these two so in love!!! I just wished KJ didn’t tell the Chinese chairman the truth so that the aunt would not see the need for YJ’s dad’s help and would be a deterrent for the hoola baloo KJ- YJ impending marriage shenanigan! The photo above is just so sweet. That guy is sporting the I’m-so-in-love-with-you face! Whether it’s Ki Joon or Ji Hwan i don’t know mwa ha ha! So in love…

  53. waaaah I am almost dying for the lack of episode 11 and 12 with eng subs! anybody? but reading these recaps makes me and my friends giddy with excitement! We don’t expect too much from rom-coms, and especially from Eun Hye since we know that she is doing her best in everything she does! The only expectations that we have would be a happy ending for everybody! Is that too much to ask?
    I love the last part of episode 11 where he almost knelt beside her, kissed her forehead and wiped her tears away, esp YJ seeing all of these! (harhar evil laugh) and it’s cute that KJ is acting like a teenager whenever AJ is around. ^^ It’s just that, when he admitted to aunt and Mr. Chen that he is not married, did he say that he LOVES ah jung? I wished he said that, and then said, “and we are planing to get married as soon as she agreed to have me” *swoooooooon* in case he will say that. hahah sorry!Just a romantic fool here! thank you koala for the hard work! I’ll try to catch the the full recap later! ^^

  54. Although people from DCLIE and some korean blogs are complaining about the writer, but it’s so funny how everyone is in agreement when it comes to Kang Ji Hwan and Yoon Eun Hye’s chemistry. Many people in korea are now asking whether these 2 were already secretly dating even before this series started, because they dont look like they’re acting, they look like a real couple and also because of KJH’s admission that they’ve gone together to karaoke before

  55. Just a thought… what are the chances that we can convince the PDs of “We Got Married” to hook KJH and YEH up together???

    I mean, COME ON… it would be sooooooooooooooooooooo perfect!

  56. kj was faced with the same threat in this ep a family member pressurising him selfishly to do wat they thought was the ryt thing
    the aunt has seen kj relaxed happy & rebellious for the first time but now she tries to do the same thing as sh emotionally blackmailing him to let go aj!!
    so glad that this time kj did not succumb i guess in a way it show how much greater his love for aj is 🙂
    just hope that the aunt sees the light soon and realises that kj needs just as much protecting as sh

  57. Thanks koala…Kj from no 1 enemy in Kdrama turn to no 1 boyfriend???wah wah…I love how Kj treats Aj…so sweet….many lovey dovey moments..feels like Heaven…love episode 11 n 12! seems this drama become live drama…its hard for KJH n take care your health..don’t get sick…I still hunger for your sweet lovey dovey happy moments!!!

  58. Miss Koala Unni, you can have Ki Joon/Ji Hwan, I don’t mind, but Park Hoon is mine!!! That boy is my dream guy!!

    • aww Park Hoon is too adorbable. heheh
      Haha Koala did us a Nono. Totally tricksy us, with that roundabout way of saying we cant have KJH hehehe. I laughed so hard.

      • Koala is so fearsome, she says No No lovely dovey with my man!!! Mhahahahaha

    • back off Angelito… he’s definitely wants me .. the sexiest ahjumma ever… LOL

      OMG.. the madness come again..I really over handed myself to read and catch all the madness in this forum… jeez….

    • Angelito I’ m confused do you like park hoon or KHJ? Could it be you are really angling for Jb but wary of SR. Lol don’t kill me!

  59. yeah, yeah, yeah…the plot is sinking….we already know the ending…some don’t know where this is heading…yeah, yeah, yeah…sbs is changing the writer at the last moment…sooooooo WHHHAATT???!

    i’m CURIOUS how LTM will survive til the last episode. i’d like to KNOW why sbs website seems to crash down every after episode of LTM. will this continue til the last episode? I’d like to KNOW why KOALA’s Blog is flooded with all sorts of comments for LTM! will there be a bed scene? I’d like to know and I DON’T WANT TO BE LEFT BEHIND!

    the FLOW of TV drama from beginning to end is drama itself. TV dramas are MADE TO ENTERTAIN, not any writer’s critic or judge, but MAINLY to entertain the general PUBLIC. if the public is getting good entertainment, then the sponsors will get good profit. awards and citations are just a bonus for them. It’s very seldom for me to find a TV drama that is not predictable in some way or the other. knowing what will PROBABLY TRANSPIRE NEXT is like giving BAIT to a rat.

    I just feel SO SAD that with the CALIBER of Kang Ji Hwan and with the MAGIC of Yoon Eun Hye, they DESERVE a BETTER PROJECT than this.

    But then again…so what if LTM is giving their entire stock of cheese of bait, SO WHAT???! Enjoy while KJH and YEH lasts. it’ll take time again to find a PERFECT COUPLE for the right CHEMISTRY!

    NOBODY can redo the COLA COUPLE. For that, I will sign to every battalion, army, marines or air force that Koala’s blog will come up to!

    aja! hwaiting!

  60. Thank u sooooo very much again – after I read yr eps 11 re-cap I cannot stop myself – I watched d eps 11 w-o subs n enjoys every moment of it (though mysoju eps 11 is out w- subs I can’t watch it in vikii saying am not in d region!*sob* ) … and now w/ yr recap of eps 12 – I am dying w/ happiness too … Koala dreamland !! Yay !!!

  61. Okay so if him telling the truth losing out on the billion dollar investment with Chen not enough proof at how much he loves Ah Jung then him coming to her at the end is should just seal the deal &clear any misunderstandings that others may think because the ending just proved to everyone that Ki Joon loves Ah Jung.
    He gave up his last chance to help his company grow because the woman he loves wanted to see him. I wish he would’ve told her how important that meeting was but then I think Ki Joon WANTED to be with Ah Jung. Like if he really wanted to go to this meeting he would’ve went &told Ah Jung that they’ll meet later tonight but he really wanted to see Ah Jung.
    Ah Jung means more to him then anything.

    Eventhough it looks like Chen might not invest I still kinda think it’ll happen. Maybe Chen’s wife is gonna push her husband to do it anyways because eventhough they lied Ah Jung’s care &feelings to the wife was genuine. So I’m hoping maybe that would be the twist or maybe Ah Jung will meet the Chen herself &give her sincere apologizes &explain her reasoning…I don’t know but I still hope that Chen will invest.

    Thanks Koala looking forward to the FULL recap.

    oh &Ji Hwan is MINE 😛 hahahaha jokes we all know he really belongs to Yoon Eun Hye xD…oh how I wish hahahahahaha

  62. Everything is seen in M3, SG and even citty hall* jke lighted trees for ex/But it, s still make my heart sing.I realised I don’t care how the storyline goes and it, s even comfortable to see known shees and paterns. I’m just grabed by the emotion development between the caracters. The leading actors are really incredible. I’ve watched their previous dramas ad movies but here both are irresistable. – their reactions arew so natural in every detail and presented emotions are so ecxact. I have my new look on KJH- he i was reserved about him before but now – deep bow from me. And YEH – i completly believe her heroine.. I dare to compare the couples from SG and M3q even my princess and think these are best – they lead for me with so little but just reach the perfection.
    How beautiful is the actress playing the aunt!

  63. super love episode…..i think, i’m in love again…hahaha…thanks ockoala..i can’t wait for the next episode so i have to content myself in replaying the episodes though i’m also hook with City hunter….

  64. *Beep beep beep* Can anyone hear me? I think I just died from heart attack!! I am officially changing my name to Ah Jung-ah!!!

  65. i do really love this korean drama too, it’s simple and fantastic…… LIE TO ME….. love from a new veiwers in armsterdam,

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