Heartstrings with Park Shin Hye and Jung Yong Hwa Release First Substantive Trailer

I confess that the first two teaser trailers for Heartstrings was just a whole lotta pretty – pretty colors, pretty backdrops, pretty people. But the story was about as transparent as looking through a stained glass window. It did whet my appetite, but that only means I need some real sustenance. And by jove did MBC turn around and deliver.

Presenting the first trailer for Heartstrings, featuring all four leads Park Shin Hye, Jung Yong Hwa, Song Chang Ui, and So Yi Hyun. It looks SO GOOD. The integration of the arts theme into the storyline proper and a possibility that we’re getting two sets of OTPs (the youngsters and the sexy-as-all-heck professors) has me immediately making cooing Koala noises. Oh, and Yong Hwa sings for this trailer (and CN Blue fans die the world over).

Trailer for Heartstrings:


Heartstrings with Park Shin Hye and Jung Yong Hwa Release First Substantive Trailer — 55 Comments

  1. hmmm seems interesting too…thank God I’ll get to see another drama of Park Shin Hye after YAB, and this time it will be hers and Jung Yong Hwa’s time. I bet all YAB fans, just like me, will watch this too…will this air after LTM ends or MBC will air this sooner?

    • This one will be starting after TGL ends. Its the drama thats set to replace it ^^

      And as a fellow YABber I am also psyched to see this <3

    • yes, i’m one of those fans…i’ve been waiting to see Park Shin Hye in another drama right after YB…though i did get to see her movie Cyrano agency and has been waiting for Hayate…
      this one really looks promising…so far i’m loving all 3 teasers they’ve released so far…
      it’s a good thing it’ll be starting when Hong sis’ Greatest Love will end so hopefully (crossing my fingers) that the GL’s followers will tune in to this!
      I am truly highly anticipating this series!!!

    • Actually after the day that Lie to me will ended this will be showing so I think this is will be fresh start for all of us to move on on lie to me, so those who wants a rehab after Lie to Me is ended, try this maybe you can move on. And actually I still don’t know if I can move on on Lie to me, it just darn interesting. xD

  2. whoa, another kdrama to watch for. so far so good will be tuning in for Heartstrings. Looking forward and onwards on this team, Park Shin Hye in new drama and loving the trailer. ahh CNBlue !

  3. Just watched this one a friends’ lj. This was my reaction: OMGGGGGGG! SCU! EVERYONE! BRB, TOO EXCITED NOW!

    Which pretty much sums my feelings up. You have NO idea how happy I am that we’ll probably get 2 sets of OTPs. SO excited you have no idea, chingo! And SCU! lasdkfjslfghdkfhg! Okay, okay, you know I fangirl him, but alskjdlsdf omgggggg!

    Btw, as a new CN Blue convert (First Step is awesome!), I’m SO happy Yong-hwa sings the theme song.

    I think this is the summer drama I’m more excited about and it’s amazing if you think that when the main leads were cast, I was like, “meh, another drama about music and young ppl”? And then SCU and So Yi-hyun joined the drama and my interest went from 0 to 100! I hope it’s good. I hope it’s good. IT NEEDS TO BE GOOD, OKAY? Cross your fingers, chingu!

  4. I’m looking forward this drama because I have high expectations of the music and I’m big CNBlue fan before they debutet, but I’m afraid there won’t be any big kiss scenes which can compare with Lie to Me, because a) the actors are young and b) his an IDOL which limits his acting. I doubt he’s allowed to do passionate kisses with his onscreen lover. Damned you Fish & Cake music!!! Let the boys have a life!

    • When you mention lie to me and the word cake, I think something like a new kiss, if there’s a cola kiss, I hope there is cake kiss hmmm it not sound that good but anyways if in cola kiss is sticky and sweet cake kiss creamy and sweet? But anyways what I’m trying to say that I hope in some new korean drama that will be showing I hope they will create a new kiss. I hope there will be.

    • And I do hope they will have those kisses in Lie to me unlike in you’re beautiful they just stick their lips to each other like a wall. C’mon we want something that will be interesting. I hope this will happen. And anyways to their new photos the two of them are just look like best friends or close friends. In this drama I do really hope that they be really look like a couple.

    • yes, ParkShinHye does look like the younger look-a-like of Yoon EunHye.She’s a great actress, started with Stairway to Heaven, then was paired with Lee Wan in the ‘crytilltheend’ series Tree of Heaven. and her latest blockbuster hit with JangGeunSuk, JungYongHwa(her partner here) and FTIsland’s Lee HongKi in You’re Beautiful!
      it’s such a great hit that Japan is remaking their own version of YB! all the series mentioned are all great!!! hope you get a chance to see them!!!

    • Actaully they are pretty much look a like when the girl (Park Shin Hye) is still in you’re beautiful, my friends say the same thing when she saw her in you’re beautiful.

  5. YESSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!! omggggggg this will be my drama crack after BL!!!
    They look sooo good together I feel the chemistry already…. 😀

    Thanks for Trailer!!

  6. i’m having high expectations on this, but it seems their gonna bring it. Will definitely follow this on your blog ms. Koala if you will decide to recap it. Happiness!!! It seems the craziness in May-June will continue =)

    • can i mention also that i love your banner! gaaah! i feel soooo, omg i don’t know how to express my feelings… i feel “kilig” (giddy seems to be the nearest translation, but still not exact)

    • I agreed with that and besides after the day of last episode of Lie to me will be showing (tuesday) in the next day Heartstring will be showing I mean when the episodes has english sub for Heartstring, so I think that it will be continuesly interesting. More and more excited this june even thought it’s not summer anymore to us I still enjoys watching korean dramas

  7. Kyaaaaa. Can’t believe my eyes. Jung Yong Hwa looks so handsome in the trailer. (and I’m not Jung Yong Hwa’s fans, but after this trailer … kyaaaaa). Can’t hardly wait to watch this drama.
    Thank you ockoala for sharing this with us.

  8. Wow, now I’m even excited for the soundtrack!

    I accidentally marathoned You’re Beautiful this week (sigh) and I noticed that Yong Hwa’s acting is weakest when he’s doing the simple stuff, like having a regular conversation with someone while seeming fairly friendly. As soon as he needed to be confrontational or more emotional his acting became MUCH better. I’m hoping this means that with a stronger personality-type (in this case, being a jerk) he will be pure awesome.

    That being said, I adored ed him in YaB anyways, and how can you go wrong with that face and that voice? Park Shin Hye is a favorite too, so I am STOKED. It even makes me look forward to Greatest Love ending, which is pretty crazy.

  9. Oh, this is going to be fun! I love the look of this drama, or the glimpses of it we’ve seen, anyway. The palette is perfect for summer, and the cinematography looks good, too. Not to mention PSH’s lost some of her baby-fat from YB and looks much more grown up; ditto with Yonghwa. I like his hair dark better, and the “aloof” character might work better for him than being “warm and caring” did in his last role. Can’t wait to see this!!!! Koala-unni, you will keep us updated, right?

  10. CN Blue fan here *raises hand* so when yong hwa sings, I pretty much melt, in YAB, i didn’t really like him that much at the start but when he sang for shin hye, he totally won me over…and shin hye looks so pretty here, i’ll definitely watch this

  11. cant wait this drama hope they can pull together like the leads in YAB! Yong wha looks thinner now. I like more his physique in YAB. Anyway this drama includes Park shin Yhe so it must be good.

  12. I get this double feeling!
    One side I really really looking forward to watch this dramaa XD It seems really fresh and JongHwa looks really handsome 🙂
    The other side beginning of this drama means end of greatest love~ One of my fav. drama :'(

  13. kinda GOOD.. Park Shin Hye’s forte… DANCING!!! Hope she does in this drama.. Jong Hwa is handsome hr.. Things leading role can do I guess.

  14. love the trailer…YH’s stares are mesmerizing..i think that he has improved a lot in acting, he really looks cold and aloof …and of course i love his team up with shinhye..im so happy that they get paired again after yab…as a fan of yab and anjells, it feels good that they get to work again together…i’m loving the ost, shinhye’s song, then YH..im sure a duet will follow…

    what’s next for the anjells..a reunion movie, a concert or why not a team up of avant hye and hongstar, best friends forever type of film????

  15. HS will begin when BL ends…im loving BL but i also look forward to HS…as a fan of YAB and anjells, i am excited on this drama….the teaser is excellent, makes you want to watch the whole drama at once..then the ost, shinhye and yong hwa, im hoping for a duet though (just like sukkie and shinhye in YAB) ….im so happy that YH’s 2nd drama is again with shinhye, at least he is already comfortable working with her..im sure that he has improved a lot with his acting since he already that confidence in him, which was still not there when he was doing YAB…ooohhh…those stares of him will mesmerize shinhye…

  16. I have got this dreadful feeling that JH will be really stiff.. please no!!! I love him and the drama is giving me a good feeling overall..

  17. Yong Hwa will get the girl this time! *performing the dance of joy*. I felt sad for Shin Woo in YAB and that is saying much because I usually curse the hell out of the third wheel. Lol!

    I’m in for Heartstrings. Bring it On!

  18. Hi everyone, just wanted to post and say, I can’t wait to see this KDrama(Heartstrings) I loved JYH & PSH in YAB, wanted them to end up together in that KDrama but as you all know that didn’t happen, but I’m so happy they’re in Heartstrings so hopefully they’ll end up together is this one, well they better end up together. I think JYH & PSH have a lot of chemistry from YAB especially during the BTS vids, to me they’re OTP just like the 2guens which I’m staying neutral on this, I like all the actors/singers that I think is OTP. Anyways, I can’t wait to see this, it’s looks refreshing and JYH looks really good too. ^v^

  19. Ok, this looks pretty cute. I wasn’t a big fan of Park Shin Hye from YAB since her character was beyond dumb (yet cute), but her character is more “normal” here, and she actually looks really pretty too!

  20. Not a fan of YAB and did not plan on watching it but… the trailer seems interesting. I like stories set in schools and universities (like Nodame Cantabile, both are about music schools :P) we’ll see how it goes 🙂

    • I was think the same thing! When I first saw this I was thing You’re beautiful korean drama but when I saw the storyline I was thing Nodame Cantabile, I really hope this will be very very interesting, I’m getting more and more excited all so sudden. xD

  21. As like I’m remembering one of my favorite anime: Nodame Cantabile. So well I can watch new fresh korean drama after Lie to Me, I hope I’ll be able to move on on Lie to Me cause just waiting for the next episode every week makes me crazy. And I hope Heartstrings will be very interesting.

  22. @ackoala, I think I’ve been stalking for you for awhile since lie to me has been showing I started to know you in episode 8. I really never thought that I will be enjoying your post and came by every day for news in lie to me.

  23. how cute is yonghwa!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    im gonna see this just for him!!!!
    so handsome!!!!!!! love u!

  24. I’m already addicted to the song playing in the trailer 🙂 hopefully this drama will be good! i like the leads. CN Blue <3

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