Best Love Episode 15 Recap

This episode of Best Love (The Greatest Love) was surprisingly low key, a little too low key for my tastes to be honest. It did end on a whopper of an ending that left me totally blubbering like an incoherent loon. But for the most part it felt like people were rehashing some of the same issues that ought to have been thought through already. Not really much of a gripe, because I like all the scenes, so it’s more just a personal opinion that this felt like a filler episode. I got the same feeling from the last two episodes of You’re Beautiful. But heck, even a filler episode of BL is pretty rocking awesome.

Episode 15 Recap:

Agent Moon holds a press conference in the office and announces that Jin survived his surgery and he’s current abroad to recuperate. Fans discuss how rumors had been flying that Jin died, or is in a coma. Ae Jung’s walk off the stage of a live Section TV broadcast has been turned into a media parody used to mock her – that she left the stage because she had to go take a dump. She continues to be the butt of public jokes.

Ae Jung was fired from Section TV for her walk out, but thanks to the parody her bottom dweller celebrity status remains and nets her other comedic gigs. Ae Jung and Jenny talk about what’s going to happen with Jin going forward. Jenny wonders if Jin will still go public after he comes back all fixed. The public outpouring of concern for Jin since the surgery has reinforced Ae Jung’s understanding of just how loved he is by all of Korea, and magnifies yet another the distance between them.

Ae Jung concedes she loves him and misses him, but she doesn’t know how to discuss the future with him. Ask Jin to step in her dog poop status with her after he got a second chance at life? She promised to let him go after he recovered, and she’s decided to keep that promise.

Jin sneaks back to Korea after two months, with Jae Seok meeting him at the airport. Jin shows Jae Seok his heart works perfectly now. Jae Seok susses out that Jin’s back without telling Agent Moon because he wants to take care of things with Ae Jung. Jae Seok wonders if Jin has a surprise for her, and suggests an idea like tying a bow around his neck to present himself as a present for her.

Jin laughs and tells Jae Seok to throw the blue bag away, which contains Jae Seok’s present. Jin can’t believe Jae Seok is so sassy with him. Has sick Jin been that easy to tease? He tells Jae Seok to keep his eyes down. He’s new and improved Dokko Jin, he can’t just be any old present to Gu Ae Jung after two months.

Ding Dong asks grandpa why Jin isn’t back yet? Is he alive or dead? Ding Dong takes out the ring box but grandpa confiscates it up high saying kids shouldn’t play with such a valuable item. Luckily Ding Dong was holding the ring so he hides it directly in Ae Jung’s sneakers.

Jin comes home to find his potato plant hale and hearty, having been repotted by Ae Jung and lovingly nurtured back to health while he was away. Ae Jung tells the potato that it can’t die because it’s a special spud. Jin wonders why Ae Jung didn’t visit him in the hospital, and is told that there were too many reporters while he was in surgery, and afterwards when he was in the IC unit Jae Seok doesn’t know why she didn’t come.

Agent Moon meets with Ae Jung and informs her of all the new endorsement deals Jin has received, as well as a Hollywood movie role with a premiere at Cannes. Ae Jung knows why Agent Moon keeps updating her on Jin’s status, and she confirms that she’ll keep her promise to let him zoom past her and keep going. Agent Moon says that going forward, she and Ae Jung can simply clap for Jin as he climbs even higher.

Jin compliments the potato on growing well, and says that both he and the potato are fine because of Gu Ae Jung. Before Jae Seok leaves, Jin asks him to show him the cheesy present act to surprise Ae Jung. Jae Seok happily demonstrates, but Jin the consummate actor one-ups him and shows the kid how it’s done, complete with adorably exaggerated surprise face.

Pil Joo walks to Seoul’s Chinatown to buy Oriental medicine, leaving his mom grumbling that he still doesn’t listen to her nor has he gone abroad. Pil Joo finds out from the shop owner that he’s going to be interviewed by Ae Jung today. Ae Hwan meets with the production of Couple Making, who are happy Ae Jung has new gigs and is doing well. When Ae Hwan suggests they consider Ae Jung for their next cooking program, both of them book it.

Ae Jung is dressed in a hanbok and filming a show in Seoul’s Chinatown. The PD suggests that she dance for the camera since she was an idol before, but Ae Jung offers to a tumbling routine instead. She does a few dozen cartwheels, finally landing awkwardly and twists her ankle. Pil Joo sees it all.

Jin wraps a giant red bow around himself and heads to Ae Jung’s place to wait for her. Ding Dong comes home and sees his Ironman before his eyes. The kid is too shocked to properly welcome Jin, needing to finger poke him a few times to make sure he’s real and not a ghost. Ding Dong asks if Jin is a present, and Jin confirms he’s indeed a present for Ding Dong’s aunt, and then hands the kid a bag containing his present.

Ding Dong gives Jin a big hug, so pleased to see him back. Jin’s face softens and says he’ll be Ding Dong’s present as well since Ding Dong is so happy to see Jin.

The shop owner notices that Ae Jung is limping and suggests she see an Oriental medicine doctor. Pil Joo walks up and says hi. It turns out he was the doctor the shop owner was suggesting Ae Jung see. Pil Joo explains he was in the neighborhood to buy medicine, but confesses that he also knew Ae Jung would be filming here today. He tends to her ankle and gives her a pair of Birkenstocks to wear because she can’t put her high heels back on.

Jin puts some of Ae Jung’s face cream under his nose so he can smell Ae Jung again after such a long time away. Ding Dong tells Jin that he hid the ring in Ae Jung’s sneakers, but now the sneakers are gone and he thinks maybe his aunt threw it away. Jin’s more upset she threw the sneakers away again, and the dynamic duo head to the recycling bin to retrieve her sneakers.

Jin dons a bandit disguise to avoid being recognized, and the two of them pull items out of the bin. Some neighborhood ahjummas come and make them clean it all up. The ahjummas are willing to clean it up for Ding Dong, but they think Jin is Ding Dong’s dad and yell at him to clean it up himself. Ding Dong almost reveals Jin’s identity but is shushed and reminded that superheroes don’t reveal their identities.

Pil Joo drives Ae Jung home, discussing in the car that really Team Pil Joo was the much better choice. Ae Jung says that while the world thinks Yoon Pil Joo is the perfect man, he’s actually imperfect, because of his mom. LOL. Pil Joo says that he can easily control his mom by eating ramyun morning, noon, and night. Ae Jung points out that she’ll nag her daughter-in-law for allowing Pil Joo to eat ramyun, leaving Pil Joo no choice but to concede Ae Jung pointed out the weak link in Team Pil Joo.

Ae Jung says she’s sorry for teasing him, which is how she deals so she doesn’t feel even worse. Pil Joo asks if Ae Jung is afraid, and she confesses that she’s terrified. How does she deal with a man whose mother-in-law is the entire country of Korea?

Ae Jung is still limping, so Pil Joo the gallant knight helps her up to the house and carries her things for her. Ding Dong doesn’t see Pil Joo so runs to inform Jin that his Aunt is back. Jin is getting read for his surprise greeting when he spots Pil Joo rounding the corner first. Jin runs to hide, but not before Pil Joo also catches a glimpse of him.

Pil Joo drops Ae Jung off, giving her a reassuring shoulder clasp before he leaves, but not letting her know that Jin is back (and literally hiding right behind her). Jin hides in the corner and clenches his fist when he sees Pil Joo touch Ae Jung’s shoulder.

Jin pops out and shocks Ae Jung after Pil Joo leaves. He starts babbling about how he’s imagined their first meeting many times, based on various movie scenarios. What he didn’t count on was that a horror movie scene would be thrown in. Ae Jung confirms that it must be the real Jin because he just says whatever he wants.

Jin says he can’t help it. He thought she was missing him while he was away, but she was hanging out with that “anyone” Oriental medicine doctor instead. Ae Jung shushes him and then puts her head against his chest. She listens to his heartbeat to make sure it sounds normal and strong. Jin says he’s new and improved.

Ae Jung goes inside the house and grumbles as to why the house is such a mess. Jin explains he was looking for something, and asks where the sneakers are. Ae Jung put the sneakers in the shoe closet and takes it out for Jin, who retrieves the ring. He’s not happy the shoes are stuffed in a regular ole closet and have become shoes she wears anywhere.

Ae Jung asks what the item he’s holding in his hand is, but he tells her it’s not time to show her. If she went to one end of the room and ran like the wind into his arms, maybe he’ll show her. Or perhaps she can weep dramatically and welcome him back. But he hates this weird and awkward reunion they are having right now.

He tells Ae Jung that he wants to redo their reunion day because it didn’t go accordingly to plan. He tells her to remember what he wants the next time they meet – a dramatic scene, with some erotic moments, followed up a romantic interlude. Ae Jung asks if he wants to eat, but he just waves his clenched fist at her with a pout and leaves. After he leaves, Ae Jung mumbles that she put the shoes in there so she could wear it when she went to visit him.

Jin looks at the ring and congratulates himself on his heart and mind control today. He was patient and restrained himself from blurting things out. He’ll do it right tomorrow. He puts the ring on the potato plant. Pil Joo remembers back to seeing Jin today. He looks at the two identical pens, honestly confessing that he wished there would be one more misunderstanding and that Jin would just get lost. He knows it’s childish, but at least he’s being candid with himself.

Agent Moon hands Jin a stack of new CF endorsements, and a new Hollywood script. Jin doesn’t want her to book any CFs yet, because if its revealed he’s dating Ae Jung he may have to pay a penalty. He doesn’t want Ae Jung to feel pressure or responsible for anything related to him. Jin understands Agent Moon’s position to guard her celebrities, but he will never let Ae Jung go for any reason. Agent Moon doesn’t push him, only reminding him to read the script.

Jae Seok wonders why Agent Moon has to keep trying to keep Ae Jung and Jin apart. They are truly in love and went through so much together. Agent Moon honestly replies that it’s her job, her duty to do what is best for her clients.

Jin reads the script and is genuinely impressed. He thinks this movie should be “I Am Gunning for Cannes.” He’s tempted, but to take the role means pushing Ae Jung away. He tosses the script aside and wonders what his recharger is doing at a time like this. Ae Jung rings the doorbell right at that moment. Jin lets her in and wonders why she doesn’t just come in herself? He has a new heart, so she’s not sure she can still come right in. He says of course, why not?

Ae Jung declines Jin’s motion for her to come sit next to him. Jin asks why she’s being so awkward since they’ve seen each other. She says every moment was precious back then, but now they have to face reality. Ae Jung heard he got a lot of CFs, so would he be okay losing it going forward? Jin says if he has her, everything will be fine. He can overcome everything.

She asks if his house is on a monthly rent basis. He asks her to stop talking about this since they’ve overcome so much to see each other again. He asks if he needs to show her his assets so she feels better. Ae Jung says that Jin is used to being loved, so can he live being reviled by the public? Jin says he has a reason to live, to be with Ae Jung. He tells her to stop using excuses to scare him.

Ae Jung says she’s scared of pulling him down to her level. Initially she wanted to take care of her lowly status before welcoming him back. But it’s not something she can handle in a day or two. She’s so sorry to him. He tells her to cheer him on then, reassure him. She walks over to sit down next to him and she lightly slaps him on the face. She tells him recharge! Ae Jung gives him one final chance to leave her. She leaves, and Jin wonders what the heck happened to make Ae Jung so depressed.

Jin meets with Jenny and asks if she’s the one planting this fear into Ae Jung’s head? Jenny says she just told Ae Jung the truth. Jin thinks he’ll just become an item with Ae Jung and everything will be fine. He’s willing to take the criticism, but Jenny reminds him that all of Korea will be Jin’s mother-in-law and collective torture Ae Jung to death.

Jenny points out that everyone will just assume Ae Jung got knocked up, and her reputation will still be shredded. It’s the same thing that happened to Ae Jung before when Jin missed his Hollywood chance and everyone blamed Ae Jung. After marriage, there will constant rumors of discord, separation, and even divorce. Jenny wants Jin to leave Ae Jung alone so she can find a good man.

Pil Joo calls Ae Jung why she hasn’t gotten treatment on her ankle. Ae Jung reveals that she might get an international program to host, which will hopefully raise her image. If she can climb one level higher, then the person she wants to grab can fall less steeply to be with her. Pil Joo reminds her that it’s going to a hard fall regardless.

Jin asks Se Ri what happened to her when they first started dating. Se Ri recalls hate mail and even death threats. People accused her of using Jin to climb the social ladder. Jin finally understands that it must’ve been hard for Se Ri as well back then. Se Ri says if that happened to her, worse things will happen to Ae Jung if the public find out they are dating. He wonders if he should just go away somewhere quiet, but Se Ri says hiding won’t resolve the issue.

Ding Dong is doing homework at Jin’s place, wondering why he hasn’t given the ring to his Aunt yet? Jin tells the kid that his 7 year old mind won’t understand the complicated situation. Ding Dong confesses he has complicated matters of his own. Another student wrote about someone liking Ding Dong in the bathroom, so he has his own scandal. But the girl is upset at being teased, so Ding Dong feels bad. Jin tells Ding Dong that he needs to step forward and claim the girl as his so people can’t tease him. Jin looks at the ring and says he will do the same.

Jenny, Ae Hwan, and Jae Seok discuss Jin and Ae Jung and Jin’s situation. Jin is doing a program to discuss his health. Jenny tells Ae Hwan to help Ae Jung by sending her far away from Jin. Jenny is happy that Ae Jung is going to China for a program because Pil Joo is going to China. Jenny walks off and Jae Seok wants to follow. Ae Hwan tells Seok not to have hopes about Jenny, because Ae Hwan drank wine with Jenny and did more. Seok is heartbroken and both guys call her a bad girl and commiserate together.

Jin goes to see Ae Jung and tells her that he recorded a talk show program today. He makes her promise she’ll watch it. She says the interest is already high for the program. Jin thinks the entire country will watch it. Jin says he will answer her question on that program – whether he wants to leave her or not. After watching the program, Ae Jung will know what he wants to do in the future. She has to film that night, but promises to watch it.

Jin wonders why Ae Jung never once clung to him, if the situation were reversed, he’d love her enough to toss it all aside and cling to her. Ae Jung says she sees the bottom of the heap so clearly she can’t ignore it. She’s experienced the dizzying fall from grace once, and she doesn’t want him to endure it. And if it happens, she knows that he’ll come to resent her.

Ae Jung confesses that she’s not all that selfless – she did resent Mina and Se Ri, she did hate having to live like this. So she’s afraid Jin come to feel the same way about her. She tells Jin that if he decided leave her, she would never resent him or hold it against him. She knows he sincerely loved her. Jin looks so sad during her speech, because he has nothing say that can refute the honest truth.

Se Ri gets her assistant to photoshop pictures of her and Pil Joo into the Paul and the Strange World comic strip. The results look cute, making it seem like the mushroom is very close to Paul. She wants to show it to Pil Joo, but her assistant points out that Pil Joo will likely think Se Ri is a stalker rather than find it cute. Se Ri saves it to her phone first and runs off to show Pil Joo anyways.

Jenny finds out that Pil Joo is still getting ready to go to China. She tells him that Ae Jung is going to China for a program as well. Jenny asks Pil Joo to teach Ae Jung some Chinese. Or some English will be fine. Se Ri arrives and pretends to be surprised to find Pil Joo here, though Jenny mumbles that Se Ri called in advance asking if he was going to be here.

Pil Joo doesn’t look happy to see her, asking if she doesn’t feel any embarrassment to keep contacting him even after he’s rejected her? Pil Joo thinks Se Ri is just like Jin, both of them doing whatever they want. Since Pil Joo doesn’t like Jin, and thinks Se Ri is just like Jin, Se Ri wonders if this means Pil Joo doesn’t like her as well? She tells him not to answer, she’ll be hurt if he says it to her face. Pil Joo mutters that he was going to say the mushroom was close to Paul.

Jin asks his potato buddy why it’s so hard for it to flower? Ae Jung takes a break from filming and sees a photograph of a field blooming with potato flowers which are just gorgeous. Jin’s program starts and he talks about his current health. The PD turns it off so Ae Jung can film another segment, then turns the TV back on allowing the team to take a break.

Pil Joo sits with Jenny and Se Ri and watches the program. Jin is being asked the play a game where two actresses are listed side-by-side in a bracket selection process where Jin has to select between the two and winnow it down until only one is remaining.

The list of ladies Jin picks between are all Hong Sisters drama heroines, which is just a wonderful walk down memory lane. We’ve got Lee Da Hae (My Girl), Park Shin Hye (You’re Beautiful), Han Ye Seul (Fantasy Couple), Shin Mina (My Girlfriend is a Gumiho), and Han Chae Young (Delightful Chun Hyung). The only one missing is Sung Yuri (Hong Gil Dong) which I’ll chalk up to her drama Romance Town airing currently opposite BL.

Jin picks Ae Jung each time her picture comes up, never once hesitating or looking towards the screen. With each pick of Ae Jung, the audience and the hosts start to murmur. The crew filming with Ae Jung turn to look at her. She stares at the TV in rapt attention, walking forward slowly until she’s closer to the screen. In the final battle – Ae Jung versus Korea’s top beauty Jeon Ji Hyun, Jin picks Ae Jung.

When finally only Ae Jung remains and she’s deemed to be Dokko Jin’s ideal woman, Jin confirms that she is indeed his ideal woman. But more than that, she is the woman he loves in real life. The audience watching with Ae Jung loudly exclaim in shock. Jin tells the world that he is currently dating Gu Ae Jung and they are in love with each other.

Ae Jung watches him make this announcement, tears of happiness coming to her eyes, and then finally she smiles ever so tentatively. Hyo Jin’s acting was just brilliant in this scene – a perfect mix of tentative sadness and genuine happiness.

Thoughts of Mine:

I don’t know if my anticipation was too high, or this episode really was that slow, but I found myself kind of zoning out here and there. I felt like a balloon with some air let out, likely because the last few episodes were so taut and tension fraught, thereby leaving me a tad underwhelmed. I feel like all the issues being discussed by all the people involved have all been mulled over before.

Jin wants to date Ae Jung, Ae Jung is afraid to date Jin, Pil Joo still slightly pining over Ae Jung, Se Ri is totally pining over Pil Joo – two months later and we’re still at the same place? I’m glad the ending to this episode finally pushed Ae Jung and Jin into the public limelight. I was also a bit annoyed that Jenny is still trying to get Pil Joo and Ae Jung together. Like, that ship sailed 4 episodes ago, Jenny. I know she means well, but honestly, I found that odd.

Now that we’re almost to the end of the drama, I think I’m finally able to decide how I feel about all the characters. I like them all, and find them pretty well-constructed and definitely well-acted. But Best Love doesn’t have a single character I would take away from the drama and have a hard time forgetting. I love the story more than I like the characters (which is diametrically how I feel about Lie to Me).

Jin is too much of a caricature, with zero resemblance to any human being on this planet. I even find sofa-jumping Tom Cruise less weird that Jin’s tics. Not to say I don’t enjoy watching him, and find that inside his oh-so-dramatic shell is a truly wonderful man yearning for love. But as a whole, he’s too cartoonish for my tastes. Cha Seung Won‘s acting was uneven for me here. I wished he could have toned it down, but at the same time he nailed it in the critical scenes and moments that mattered.

I find the Hong Sisters have lately been creating very unique characters, each of whom keeping pushing the boundaries of believability. With good acting we believe, but on paper I wouldn’t buy them as coming alive in my mind.

Ae Jung is not my favorite heroine trope, which makes her fall into a long line of Hong Sisters heroines I find way to passive for my taste. I hate passivity in my heroines (my own personal quirk – I prefer heroines that dare to fight against the odds) and Ae Jung’s much too self-sacrificing. I don’t think her daring to love Jin in public makes her selfish, I think it makes her stronger by confronting her own fears and together with Jin, facing down public scrutiny and rising above it. In their relationship, it’s always been Jin making the first move, and I wish she would meet him halfway sometimes.

Pil Joo is a wonderful character, really not too perfect as to be two-dimensional. I think Yoon Kye Sang did a marvelous job, and his chemistry with Gong Hyo Jin convinces me that they need to reteam for another drama as the OTP. Yoo In Na was serviceable, with Se Ri being a character that I liked more as the drama went on, but ultimately nothing terribly noteworthy.

I actually loved the third tier characters a ton, from Ae Hwan to Jenny, from Jae Seok to Agent Moon, and of course, everyone’s favorite adorable munchkin Ding Dong. It definitely shows how much care and thought went into building the entire drama that so many characters were seamlessly integrated into the story without taking time away from the OTP narrative. So many scriptwriters need to take lessons from the Hong Sisters on building a cohesive narrative. I may not love all their dramas, but at least they all flowed and remained consistent throughout.

I am so ready for a happily ever after ending for BL. I really feel like I’ve been through the proverbial ringer with these guys and want to give them a happy ending crowned with whipped cream and a cherry on top.


Best Love Episode 15 Recap — 44 Comments

  1. I think it makes perfect sense that DKJ was the driving force of the relationship and not AJ. Yeah, it would be more satisfying to watch if she did more, but narratively, it’s much more logical. They’re starting at such an uneven footing, and this imbalance in status is not so easily over come than just saying “let me ditch everything and go for it”. She’s been carrying the world on her shoulders for 10 years so of course she would be tentative. I think the scene where she asks about his rent of his house if very telling. She thinks about all these “real-life” things because that’s what she’s been doing for the past 10 yrs.

    I don’t think this is a filler episode but rather needed because the core issue is still how to deal with public image. It paled when his life was on the line but now that’s out of the way, it makes DKJ’s confession at the end that much more poignant because it’s not his desparate claw for life/love but a firm decision to put his career and the fallout he has to face afterwards. Fighting!!!

    • Agreed, since AeJung from the beginning realized their different star status, and she’s always had the concern of bringing him down, hence hesitant to be more forward. I felt they didn’t really discuss what would happen to them if Jin survived b/c Jin didn’t really want to get his hopes up that the probability would fall in his favor. I’m happy Jin is still risking what he has to declare AeJung as his woman post surgery. Career vs love, and Jin chose love 🙂

    • I concur that the power and love inbalance in the beginning made Jin the natural driver of the relationship. But 15 episodes later, Ae Jung hasn’t changed as a character to any degree whereas Jin has grown and matured significantly.

      While the narrative may dictate Jin continuing to press to relationship forward, as a purely personal preference, I don’t like this type of love stories. My fave OTPs almost always fight for their love in the latter half of the drama, giving and taking in equal measure.

      While BL’s trajectory is consistent and truly meaningful to watch Jin pick Ae Jung with full knowledge of what is at stake, I would love to see Ae Jung take a step towards him as well. Nothing much, just one step, while he takes a giant leap forward.

      • Yeah, I definitely agree that this happening at ep15 is a little draggy. I totally wished that he made his confession earlier and them spending a few more episodes dealing with the mess afterwards. Then they would be able to work together as a team more. I almost slightly wish that the confession happened first before the heart surgery.

      • Agree, agree, agree! It almost made me wish DJ had gone to heaven and PJ and AJ lived happily ever after. BTW, I don’t like or undestand the ring DJ wants to give AJ. What happened to a regular engagement ring? I would have to refuse his proposal based on te ring only, but then maybe it’s a new style?

      • I agree with all the insightful comments. I was wondering with 15 episodes gone, when are they going to deal with and forever live with the consequences of choosing each other with their celebrity status. It seems from the beginning the writers hinted at the possible consequences if they started a “full fledged” relationship and if thier relationship went public. However, they never really took the drama there. They devoted a lot of time laying out the logical and realistic reasons why they should not date and i feel like they have left little time for them to actually date and live with the consequences of choosing each other, whether the public skins Ae Jung alive, Dokko Jin becomes a D-lister, or there is minimal effects on thier celebrity status. I wish they devoted more narrative to the public effect of thier relationship. either way i can complain much because two of the May dramas entertained me to the nth degree. Best Love took my intellect and my heart and Lie to Me took my spirit and my soul.

      • I meant, i cant complain. i love Best Love. I will always remember Dokko Jin’s behavioral pendulum. he swings from slightly crazy to slightly drunk to slightly normal but beneath all that facade was a lovable soul that wants to love and be loved.

      • oh and Mara? The ring is a flower, because, well, their whole relationship is based on flower metaphors. Not to mention the fact that they want the potato to bloom flowers (case in point: Jin’s putting the ring on the potato) which is another metaphor all together. It’s such a cute idea and romantic gesture, I’m surprised you didn’t get it.

  2. Thanks so much for the recap! I’m glad I’m not the only one who thinks Jenny seriously needs to get over the Ae Jung/Pil Joo possibility. For some reason I really like Ae Jung’s character, although I can’t exactly say why. Can’t wait for tomorrow! 🙂

    • Yeah I agree! What I like about Gu Ae Jung is that she isn’t made to be a really subservient character and is not as weak-willed as characters from some of the Hong Sisters’ past dramas, and other dramas in general, yet is not so overly-set up to be some strong sassy heroine, as in pretty much all the dramas I’ve seen, while they start off really amicable, those kinds of characters end up being the weakest and spend the most time crying by the end of the thing. Yes, Gu Ae Jung is quite selfless, but not THAT unrealistically so. More to the point, she is real. She is like the definition of a Real character. The fact that she is so tentative about the whole situation with Jin just makes me empathize with her character all the more. Also, I must disagree with you Koala on the whole Lie to Me thing. We are all entitled to our opinions, but personally, I didn’t see much of a character in Hyun Ki Joon at all and Ah Jung just annoyed me at times, while I thought Dokgo Jin was one of the best (if a little exaggerated- but hey, everyone’s a little different) kdrama characters ever created. And I mean really, I have yet to recall a single kdrama lead character that did what any sane person would do all the time.

      • Exactly what I wanted to say after reading the comments above. I have been attached to BL after watching the drama last January and I am posting a comment here because I wanted to be able to say that this drama moved me enough to actually write my piece here for posterity’s sake. So anyway, I just want to say that in my opinion, AeJung was not concerned about being selfish when she was stalling Jin. Their conversation before the airing of Jin’s interview at the end of episode 15 was so telling, and her arguments were so spot on that it amazes me how the writers were able to articulate them in a simple manner for the viewers to understand. AeJung was afraid that after all the grand gesture, when the public ridicule finally descends upon Jin, Jin would end up hating AeJung. And she has reason to think that it can happen because she experienced that herself with what she did for Mina. So considering all that, can we blame her for hesitating? If you love someone so much and you are both going down a road where you can already see a possibility that that loved one may end up hating you, won’t you hesitate as well? Anyway, when i first watched episode 15, i too felt that the ending to the whole Jin-might-die plot was too abrupt. But then, I really did enjoy the episode and did not feel that it is dragging in the least. Overall, BL is one of the best dramas I have ever watched. And Dokko Jin is definitely on the top of my best leading man list. I am thinking of watching LTM now because of the constant comparison to BL that i’ve been reading here. But deep down, i don’t expect anyone to topple Dokko from the top of my list anytime soon. 🙂

  3. I’m soooooo happy with your recap.. thanks a bunch. I love Best Love! I was so touched by Ding Dong hugging Jin upon seeing him. Waaaa….and i’ll be so sad too after this drama ends. Gong Hyo Jin and CSW are the best!!!!

    Thank you Ockoala for your never ending perseverance. I’m new to this playground and I am so impressed by the way you present your insights and your writing skills. Looking forward for another drama that you would impart to us and inspires us all. 5 stars for you!

  4. thanks for the recap. Like zakuropanda, i like AJ’s character the most..she is the strongest here, coping up with her negative image well, resisting her love for DJ and supporting her family..i love that she was able to control the arrogant and egoistic DJ and i love her more for making DJ show his loving and sweet side…

    i also love the sweet and loving side of DJ..i spazz over it..

  5. I dissagree with you ockoala, this is not a filler episode, it is more a closure or an ending episode, which everything will be clear, so that DJ-AJ can live together happily ever after, in fact the last 2 episode is very important, so that we can get to know what happen with their life after DJ surgery, will they be together? because the obstacle is still heading them, and this is time to move on and realized what they will do next.. I am so happy to see this episode.. love it so much.. for me this episode is perfecto!!!..

  6. i’m glad this drama is finally winding down and i don’t mind this episode feeling like a filler. the rest of the episodes have left us on the edge of our seats and it’s about time to get back down to earth and take it a little slow before it all ends. i think CSW and HJ are just perfect for this romcom and i love how they portrayed their characters. i’m going to miss watching them! 🙂

  7. Yes, this episode was a bit low key, but I enjoyed the ending….it was good. I still love PJ…he is really cute!

  8. I always like to know what your thoughts are about a drama or about the episode. Thank you for the recap!
    Just wanted to let all the Best Lovers know that a couple of us Dokkogirls got together to create the Best Love Dictionary blog made of the best moments, things, words and characters that made you go Dugeun-Dugeun throughout the series. It’s a labor of love and still a work in progress but we hope you enjoy it as much as we enjoyed this drama.

  9. thanks again for a great recap!

    i was anticipating for a great reunion and dang…hong sisters did it again by doing something different, i was kinda uh ok so moving on…why? dunno just to be different from other kdramas i guess, damn its the second to the last episode…oh well, we can’t have eveything but i guess this is why this story is such a great hit, always back and forth with reality and fantasy presented in laughter and tears and in spite of that tiny ‘reunion scene’ complaint…a tad whiney in here…i really love BEST LOVE.

    i think the reason AJ is quite passive is because DJ got everything on the nth power. he is my favorite character and if he went cartoonish-over the top on some scenes, i didnt mind because he was damn consistent about it. i dont think any other actor can do it without looking extremely stupid that you can no longer see him as charming, great looking and hot. he is as potent as ever.

    PJ is one of the best second leads out there and him being the “perfect man” made AJ’s feelings for DJ even more precious because who in their right mind will choose DJ over PJ….ME and millions more….LOL. AJ’s taking the hard path from a safe and secured future to an uncertain tabloid bashing forever future…fans/media can be quite insane unfortunately. i can understand though because ill go crazy if a certain heartbreaker in YG publicly announced that he’s dating someone else other than the one known for her palm tree hair…my appler heart can’t take it.

    that being said, im looking forward to a great and memorable ending tonight! Dok Jin for the win! how i envy AJ when DJ was publicly admitting he’s in love with her and yeah you were right, she nailed that scene, the expression was just perfect.


  10. I’m really concerned as to how AJ’s car accident will be used in the storyline of the final chapter. She doesn’t appear to be too hurt (God, I thought for a moment she might die). Will this help her win over DJ’s public and let them be together in peace? Hope so! Definitely YKS and HJ should be paired up in another drama (Pretty please Drama Gods!).

    My favorite couple in this drama, believe it or not, is DJ and DD. Oh my God,
    their scenes together are priceless. When DJ helps him with his homework; asks for his advice and also that he be his accomplice; the hug he gave him in this episode (relieved he was alive); and of course the date scene where he went back and forth between AJ and DJ, was priceless and endearing. It makes me want to squeeze his chubby little cheeks and I love his little voice. He’s a scene stealer that kid. Also, his reaction to Pil Joo’s mom, was a hoot! Shout out to adorable muchkin Ding Dong.

    I totally don’t get DJ and AJ as a couple (she’s too mellow), but their acting was sweet. I think HJ needs to reevaluate her heroine characters and if it’s too hard to bring on the romance, she should try to do a project with her real-life boyfriend so she can let loose. This same situation happened in Pasta and since her two leading men are “happily married” in real life it makes her acting as their love interests awkward. I love HJ but her phlegmatic nature is starting to wear thin and when compared to Yoon Eun Hye, well, the former is a more consumated actress, yet the latter is my choice to watch. YEH’s body language is something HJ does not exude and needs in order to make watching her more enjoyable. Sorry, but sometimes me justs want to slap her silly and stay “don’t be such a scaredy cat” and act as if you’re really in love with your leading man. Since PJ and AJ were low-key characters, their chemistry together was definitely easier to watch and believe.

    • I thought GHJ had wonderful chemistry with Lee Seon-kyun in Pasta.

      Which I suppose demonstrates that chemistry is in the eye of the beholder. 🙂

      Early in her career she was typecast in overtly strong-willed, fight-for-my-man-to-the-death roles. If Gu Ae-jung is “too passive”, then GHJ is playing her as the character is written. As fond as I am of Ae-jung, she’s just not that interesting as a character. Perhaps it’s because the Hongs wrote BL as The Dokko Jin Show, and someone has to be the straight (wo)man.

      Um, she doesn’t need to act opposite her real-life boyfriend to simulate romance; she is, after all, an actress (a damn good one at that, imo). I do think she had more chemistry with YKS than CSW, but she’s not exactly a chemistry black hole.

  11. whoa, I was expecting so much angst and drama over the surgery thing because I thought this was the major conflict — turns out the major, major, major angst is still how either of them will suffer if they made their relationship public.

    i haven’t watched it, but from what i’m reading, it sounds a little draggy… i was so high on that balloon ride and had crazy thoughts about whether he’ll live and then… whoa, that dramatic last scene in epi14 just ended there, lol.

    thanks for this.

  12. I love HJ—-so much thankful for the beautiful portrayal of Gu Ae Jung…simplicity is the best. CSW—moving from your safety mode of action means alot. To HONG SISTER’s I salute you…2 heads are better than one.
    Please make another drama for HJ and YSK…..awesome on screen couple^^

    • OMO…how sweet of DJ to confess/reveal her love to AJ…..
      i was breathless and cried with AJ… i love how you described GHJ performance on that scene “brilliant”, those eyes and facial expessions said it all “tentative sadness and tears of happiness”……. GHJ may not be so popular just like YEH but she is definitely one of Korea’s finest actresses and i always admire her kind of acting…..

      CSW and GHJ’s chemistry grow on each episode and i believe that they are perfect for the roles….

      As for YKS, he is also perfect for the role and i also hope that he will be paired with GHJ in a drama as OTP…

      can’t wait for the final episode…please, a happy ending for DJ and AJ…they deserve to be happy forever…i trust the hong sisters for a happy ending for our OTP..

  13. thanks for this recap koala!!!!
    i love this episode with so much Ding Dong & Jin scenes, Jin with his giant red bow was the perfect gift NICE!!! and the ending was DAEBAKKKKKK
    i love love it so muchhh
    i still have to wait for the final epi to rate this drama (sure best of the year but still have to settle if best of the best ;)) but i can say with no doubts that Dokko Jin is the best leading man ever!!! CSW bows to you!!!
    and hugs… and kisses <33333333

    quoting QD:
    Just wanted to let all the Best Lovers know that a couple of us Dokkogirls got together to create the Best Love Dictionary blog made of the best moments, things, words and characters that made you go Dugeun-Dugeun throughout the series. It’s a labor of love and still a work in progress but we hope you enjoy it as much as we enjoyed this drama.

    • Thank you! You’re the best, and I totally agree with your comment too! (Though for me, it’s already decided. The Greatest Love=The Greatest Love seen in any kdrama ever!)

  14. I mostly concur with your thoughts – how DKJ is too cartoonish (yet CSW nailed the bipolar [cartoon vs natural emotions] aspects so well I really give him credits), how GAJ is waaaaaay to passive as a heroine (just my personal taste; and in a way i think her passiveness justified why she’s at her current status in the entertainment industry. i think besides luck one has to really fight for what s/he wants in order to survive and succeed in this industry, and in fact not just this industry alone)…

    And I must admit, acting wise, CSW and GHJ looks absolutely fine separately on screen but to me their relationship are just too unbelievable for me. True, even in reality we see couples that appear having no chemistry and yet truly loving each other; but back to the context of a drama, I feel that the build-up of emotion and on-screen compatibility are just essential for me as a viewer to be emotionally invested. It’s a drama after all.

    It’s so strange that I even find the honesty and frankness between DKJ and Se Ri more adorable than seeing DKJ and GAJ together (one always takes the initiative and one always take the passive and perhaps frowning a bit too much). Perhaps my favorite on-screen pair is DKJ with Ding Dong, LOL.

    I still think this drama very entertaining, and is really successful in creating a very memorable cartoonish character Dokko Jin. But I’ll remember DKJ as a wacky character and not someone that I’ll relate with romance.

    As a rom-com, BL probably excel in the comedy part but not so well on the romantic part. Sometimes I find the embedded jokes too many that it kinda distracts me from the main plot or sometimes after laughing I wonder what really the main plot is.

  15. Thanks ockoala. First time commenting on your blog. These thoughts are the exact same thoughts I have while watching this series. IMO, the Hong sisters have never done a drama with an exceptional ending. They’ve always been anti-climactic right to the last episode….always entertaining but never memorable for me. I’ve never re-watched any of their series.

    GHJ’s acting was really natural but a bit too bland for my taste and it seems like she’s exactly the same character as she was in Biscuit Teacher (whatever).

    Loving your blog.

    • It’s been too long, fellow City Haller.

      Hyo Jin is an exceptional actress, but her style of acting doesn’t always create sparkling chemistry with her co-stars. Some of her best chemistry are with Rain in Sang Doo and Shin Sung Rok in Thank You (I know, half the world second lead shipped in TY because she and SSR had better chemistry than her and Jang Hyuk).

      I also can’t help it. Cha Seung Won’s chemistry with Kim Sun Ah is one of the most exceptional pairings of all time. It’s hard to top that.

      Storywise, the penultimate episode of BL is probably one of the HS best, but that’s not saying much since almost all their dramas sucked at the endings.

      It’s so nice to hear from you~

  16. thanks for this awesome recap… and i do agree with you 100%… I’ve been wondering for a million times, how come a beautiful, nicely written story like this did not trigger my fan-like insanity like LTM did… I thoroughly enjoyed each episodes and would marvel on how the OTP are great actors… I would laugh and cry with them and cheer yet somehow something is off… And my favorite characters are PJ and DD… Reading your thoughts somehow answered some of my personal dilemma… thank you and am looking forward for the happy ending tonight… hmmm just a passing thought though… how would LTM unfold as a story had the Hong sisters wrote it??? interesting huh….

    • I’m sorry but if Hong Sisters were to write LTM, it wouldn’t have so boring (and drunken as I’d like to describe it) as it is now. The only watchable thing would be KJH & YEH. I love them, really, but not the story direction. I feel the characters are often OOC themselves. One great example is KJH’s character.

  17. You really just have to squeeze LTM somewhere in there, don’t you? Lol. LTM being a total mess is also a ship that sailed/wrecked since the first episode. I feel like you’re convincing yourself that the chemistry somehow salvage it, but truth be told, the chemistry will get them nowhere cos the acting is borderline and the story is non-sense.

    I feel like you just have to criticize Best Love’s flaw/s so that you’ll feel better about LTM. I like LTM as well because of YEH but you’re overcompensating by defending it all the fricking time. Please just admit that it sucks so you can fully enjoy BL. My two cents 🙂

    • In the ENTIRE recap I made one throwaway comparison, in parenthesis no less, that while I like the story of BL and not the characters, conversely I like the characters of LTM and not the story.

      How on earth is that my squeezing LTM into my BL recap and/or criticizing BL in order to justify my liking LTM? Please enlighten me?

      My discussions on BL have been purely on BL, with no extraneous external drivers to stack it up against. Except perhaps against the Hong Sisters others works, which are game to be use as a benchmark.

      How I am overcompensating when it comes to LTM? In every drama recap I discuss the drama. Ergo, my discussion may encompass things that are good, bad, I like, I dislike, but that neither means I am defending or bashing anything. I am discussing.

      If it bothers you that I DISCUSS LTM so much, then there is nothing to be done there. It’s merely a topic I write about. And no, I didn’t critique BL to make me feel better about LTM. I feel just fine. I can like as many dramas as I want. I needn’t pick one and then put down others. I like both BL and LTM, for different reasons, and both have different weaknesses.

  18. i’m getting sad that we can see on the horizon the end of our fave dramas.

    LTM gonna be ending soon.

    and waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah
    my all time fave Best Love is ending in a few hours 🙁

    on my view of ep15… hah! i was so disoriented when i didn’t see any hospital scenes as i was expecting so much last week that it would deal with this issue. SHOW, what happened. it would have been a great moment!

    anyways, i’m quite happy that POTATO dear came out healthy and blooming, kekeke… well, should be coz POTATO JIN is all ok and comes in a red bow!

    i’m just so looking forward to the FINALE! but sad at the same time, haiz!

    thanks sistah for your recap and the BL journey!

    thank you too for allowing us, the Darksmurfsub Community, for posting our hardworked softsubs here. komawo! kekeke, i think i should be saying this on the last episode.

    anyways guys, softsubs are available at this direct link:

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