Giant Spoilers for the Last Episode of Lie to Me

Huge. Giant. Insanely. Awesome. And. Gorgeous. Spoilers. For. Episode. 16. Of. Lie. To. Me.

The. End.

The top picture is the least spoilery, so enjoy the scenary.

I’ve officially decided that HwanHye together is prettier than Jeju. The World Tourism Association needs to designate them as one of the top 7 wonders of the world.

P.S. I told y’all to calm the heck down. And I wrote my recap even without these pictures. Episode 15 is a set-up for the impact of episode 16. Also, the last spoiler post for LTM broke 800 comments in less than 12 hours. That is some sort of record I can’t even begin to fathom. Lastly, Drunken-fans, I seriously love you sweeties, but I’m so wiped right now I can barely see straight much less type.

P.P.S. I’m PS-ing a lot today. I never do that, and I don’t know why I randomly started today. Clearly I am not very coherent. Did my recap of episode 15 make sense? Does this post even make sense? o__O HwanHye done drive me officially insane.

[Credit: SBS official stills]

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Giant Spoilers for the Last Episode of Lie to Me — 574 Comments

  1. alrite.. i can feel my heart racing watching it.yes we didn’t get bed scene (except the cute one where i giggled when kj throw himself laying on his tummy on the bed), wedding and baby but i feel content with the ending.

    baby recap from koala then i’m off to bed dreaming about their upcoming wedding :)

  2. You guys are so lucky, try to get live stream but get disconnected and buffing too much.I better hold up for a memorable LTM….I’m just reading all of your comments n dying to see that kiss but still try to hold up…Guess why YEH is crying alot?Is that her true emotion shown, too happy to really express it , the tear of joys? (remember she used to cry alot…)

    LTM was my little island to escape from reality..without it…where this daydreamer will find home?

  3. Drama-watching is such a personal choice.

    You choose whether or not to be drawn into the story, the characters. You choose whether you will fall in love, or be upset with the plots.

    LTM – has been a most interesting ride. From the initial – “goodness me, what a wacko of a president and dysfunctional relations” and “seriously what is this story about?” to “wait.. something’s happening here” to “I don’t what’s happening anymore, but there’s something that’s drawing me in.”

    LTM – will be watched, and re-watched. There’s something in the story that tugs a little at your heartstring. It’s a little divorced from reality, but not far enough to make you know you are watching a drama, an enactment.

    It feels like – you’re watching a story that could happen in a slight alternate world. No impeding deaths, or imminent illness as plot devices. Just a little bit of craziness melded into normalcy in each character….

    LTM feels like – my next door neighbour. :) a friend.

    So happy to know you chingu.

    & spazzers here… u gals made this really fun :) :) anyone else with me on rewatching LTM / YEH & JKH works?? Buzz me :) *group hugs*!!!!!

  4. omo can’t wait for recap of that bed scene…..not what we all were expecting but that’s the beauty of our OTP they be having boating scene with their eyes, body language without even trying!! them rolling around on top of each other on AJ’s bed is just the loveliest boating…and if that’s so now, imagine when they’re married…Omo omo….brain Stop being a peeping tom into AJ and KJ’s honeymoon suite!!! :D leaving in shame for having brain totally swimming in gutter!!

  5. awwww… so no boating scene? :(
    I had wished I would be able to watch how they will live their life after the supposedly marriage.
    will AJ be a good chaebol wife? will she give up her career for her?? waaaah I don’t want to read the recaps yet.. I would be able tow atch this probably on Thurs when ep 15 and 16 eng subs come out.

    I will miss this drama, and all the crazyness people felt out of it. ^0^/
    HwanHye Fighting! ^^

  6. OMGeee i’m going to start crying!!!! T_T help please make a special episode or something i don’t wanna lose them pleaseeeeeeeeee3!!!! eventhough this pictures are exquisite that i hve no words to describe it but i wouldn’t want the whole drama to end here! i want to see their wedding, their child, sang hee finding a girlfriend, yun ju moving on, so ran and jae bum’s children, and many more like what they did for secret garden ending OMG please help pleaseee im begging!!!

  7. omo the first pic now my wallpaper!!! :)

    agree on that their more lovelier than jeju..i think the backdrop so much depicts their love..i do hope they get it for real..not all could pull it off and say we are just in love with them. just for them to be together foreveh..

    thanks again koala!!!

  8. I wish Koala was here discussing the ending with us …it’ll totally soften the blow

    I dont even wanna jump the rehab ship.. I don’t wanna move on.. lol

  9. there’s a bed scene??? so cool! can’t wait to see the final giddy now :D

    and the heck everything is not available in my region \sigh/

  10. I have just watched live.

    No idea what did Ki joon wrote on Ah jung’s hand, can someone translate it?

    In any case, i was having laughing fits how Ki Joon tried to get into Ah Jung’s house and after that poking her stuff ard refusing to leave…

    I dont know why but somehow it reminded me of the coffee prince scene just that now it’s the alpha male that’s one refusing to leave instead.

    And my monday blues will definitely be returning from next week once again without ‘lie to me’ to look forward too… I was rushing home from work today just to watch it live…

    • So true with the relation to CP lol. Ah I want to see them together again, but usually for Korean dramas, they rarely cast OTPs together again in another drama, at least so far I haven’t seen any. Sigh…..

  11. my head is still hurt..i think my blood pressure is up to maximum level… I still not yet to catch the comments.. I’ll be back in a few mins or an hour to regain my mind… it’s just overwhelming… i can’t think clear…

    where is mizweng?? I think she’s temporarily dead by now…and will wake up in a few hours… :D

  12. just read rebel souls recap…cant wait to see it but feels like it needs a longer ending…can they have a lie to me special???wish kjh and yeh will work together again…feel sad and depressed saying goodbye to this…im having withdrawal syndrome….will camp here till the baby recap comes out….anybody staying w me???

  13. having coffee for breakfast and reading recaps from another site.
    worth waitng for the FINALE… i think that KISS is not acting… TOO MUCH EMOTIONS… THAT IS REAL AND THEY CAN LIE ABOUT IT….

  14. recap recap recap….gosh! dying here…wah!!!! why can’t i see the ep uploads yet that i could grabe hold of..sigh!!!

  15. Hallo ….

    first of all i want to say thank you so much to Miss koala, for always giving us recap of lie to me, and all the spoilers also the ad-libed picture from our OTP ….thank you…..thank you….thank you….Miss koala……. big hope that there will be second season for LIE TO ME (is there someone could ask this to LTM PD or SBS so that there any posiblelity to make LTM season 2 , “it’s about our OTP marriage life” hehehhe :) ) ….. actually im not yet watch LTM ep 14-15 coz i want to see the recap first from koalas playground.. :p …. coz im scared i will be crying if the ending wasn’t good but after i seeing the recap and all the comment from LTM fans….i decided to watch it now….. :D….all the best for KOALAS PLAYGROUND, LTM fans, KJH & YEH , SBS, PD OF LTM, ALL THE LTM CREW, best K-DRAMA i ever watch, coz this is the first time i get so emotionaly involved in drama, i loved K-Drama but i think this is the best…. best OTP ever …. KJH & YEH the best couple (my opinion) …. :)…..

  16. oh, may i add the way they move for a better, more comfortable position while kissing was awesome… ^_______________^ …
    totally daebak…

    • I was screaming wooooooohoooooo…when KJ holds AJ’s head to get a better kiss position and AJ’s hand put around his neck… Oh Em Gee… that’s perfect pose to get a perfect kiss!!

    • Totally agree….perfect pose to a perfect kiss…..was that really just acting? OMG……so passionate. From all the K-dramas I have watched (I am a K-drama addicts, hehehe)……that was the most beautiful and passionate kiss. The hottest kissing position.

      There was another good kissing scene from Park Shi Hoo at Prosecutor Princess, but even that one, can’t really be compared with this one. This is the best one…..

      • Of course. Totally agreed. You know why? Cuz they are doing for real using the drama as an excuse. I think KJH waited for this moment since 2009 when they presented the awards. Lol.

      • ok…sorry to say this …. Prosecutor princess kiss is NOTHING! *it is shocking but not HOT enough like LTM kisses*

        the last kiss is like ..hum… passion, love, intimacy, caring, depressing feeling… oh lord, how come they can interpret the feeling into one hot kiss…

        KJH & said nothing is special feeling?? watch again your acting from, both, will regret for not starting to date in real

  17. *still in shock* based on the episode transcript, i think it’s good except for the fact that we need at least a couple more episodes for full closure on all characters who are to affect our AJ-KJ’s future together. they just managed to give closure on the emotions of our couple but not on everyone else (why did they let aunt get mad on AJ?!?). i’m dying to see the actual episode now! why on earth did i go home late?!?am dying for ms. koala’s insight! i also need closure for this addiction! :’(

  18. oh my, the kiss at the last scene….man, that was so HOT HOT………long kisses. Guess the 2 of them really enjoying the last scene….(naughty smiles) :P

    • Yep… he let go of her head and put his arm around her back to pull her up and in closer all the while kissing.
      That was HOT.

      • yeah, natural instinct for real couple…..those who are really dating….hehehe…..

      • how about the had on her back over her sweater or jacket then next cut we see his hand under her sweater….ooohh o_o loved this finale episode! thanks Koala for sharing your playground for us LTM chingus as we all melt from the daebak lovely “bed scene” :)
        LOL@natural instinct of couples dating….soo true!

  19. need a wedding party for both couples ah jung’s dad and ak.ahjung and ki jun.and ah jung is buying su lan a dress!why is baby style add 2 eps,?I haven’t watch any of it besides heading.why they cut out lie to me? will the expoting power not strong enough? so ……..incomplete!what is wrong with the poster ah jung and ki jun on that formal dresses? sbs lier!

  20. It is so hard to let go of ltm! I cried so hard for something so beautiful to end. Mondays hadnt been anticipated this much before ltm and the weeks during the show aired has never passed tis fast.GAJ n HKJhave brought to us so many lovely memories which I wish they are real! Will there be a special? I doubted so. What I wish so hard is that their feelings they put into the characters will actually metamorphor into real lasting relationships between Yeh n Kjw!:( I m missing ltm oredi. And I know it will or might not see this two collabs anymore! CRYYyyyyyyyy!

    And tq koala! These weeks ur recaps of ltm really bring excitement n happiness to the mundane life of a white collar!

  21. dear Lord…my net connection has gone dead!!! and I need to read madame K’s recap…and I need to reply and shout to the world how awesome this episode is and how LTM did not disappoint me and how i need to watch this again and again…and how i will buy the dvd so i can watch this anytime…and how mesmerizing our OTP is in every shot they’re in..and how hot KJH is in his new haircut and how lovely YEH is in her new do…and how I love the ending kisses…and how the OTP really into it especially KJH (God he’s so adorable each time he asks for a kiss) i wonder how AJ could resist succumbing to it…if it were me we will spend every waking minute kissing and hugging and boating…hehehe i am rambling because am so frustrated with my net!!!

    • oohhh welcome back momma weng.. I thought you were dead by now… you know, too much overcome your feelings..
      and my self? I’ve just regain my damaging brain *still under repairing* due to the sweetness and hotness in this finale eps…

  22. I’m so depressed! What am I to do without LTM!!! And without all the ladies/gentleman’s comments….Sigh!!!!

  23. All I could see is both YEH and KJW raw n real ! their affections for each other, they are naturally comfortable with the other, their being so close more like in relationship than friends or acting, it just screams too too real. For whatever the end result between the two of them from this kdrama (hope they are meant for each other) LTM gave us an awesome, incredible ride.

  24. wow… just read the ending spoiler but need to see the episode. I was at the play ground.. real playground and I wanted to bust out the cell phone to see everyones reactions. I miss kj and aj already…. :( :( haven’t seen ep 15 or 16 yet. but the though of no more is sad.

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