Sneak Peek at the Limited Edition Release of the Drunken to Love You OST

The Drunken to Love You OST is out, or in Taiwan at least. It’ll be available on Yesasia on July 22nd. The first release will be a limited edition that contains a photo notebook of pictures and memorable quotes from the drama. My guess is that 99% of those quotes came from Song Jie Xiu’s mouth. I’m a sucker for pretty OSTs even if I can get all the songs elsewhere. I sleep with my Lie to Me OST under the pillow, and I swear it gives me happy lovey-dovey dreams.

The picture above has the faces blacked out because it clearly is a giant spoiler from a future episode, but I’m sure folks can guess who is the bride and groom. πŸ˜€


Sneak Peek at the Limited Edition Release of the Drunken to Love You OST — 11 Comments

  1. Stop it, chingu. You’ll make me go broke if I buy all the cute things you talk about. XD

    My LTM ost hasn’t been delivered yet. My sad face is permanently ON. I want my ost! *pouts like a 5 yo child*

  2. Yay ! I love the songs in the OST in dtly. I can’t wait for the OST to come out <3
    hehe. In the wedding picture, the groom is holding a picture of a wild boar. Don't we all just wonder why? πŸ˜‰ apparently Rainie Yang painted that herself, lol. <3

  3. AWWW I want one of those!!! Can I get them ship to Costa Rica??!!! hahaha
    Koala, u are totally right about the OST (specially lie to me), I was part of the madness we lived at your playground during the drama and part of the bunch that still canΒ΄t get over it…. The OST makes me smile remembering the cute moments of the drama!!!! AHHHHH

  4. *hands inch towards wallet* NO. Must. Not.Spend.Money. … … oh who the heck am I kidding..after the week I’ve had, I’mma gonna buy it to treat myself. Now if only I could read chinese so I could understand all the lovely quotes that are written in it…

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