Moon Geun Young Prepares for Fan Meeting and Upcoming M3 Promotional Tour in Japan with Jang Geun Seok

What have my GeunGeuns been up to lately? Jang Geun Seok has been busy filming You’re My Pet with Kim Ha Neul, while Moon Geun Young went back to school for the last semester. She’s got a fan meeting scheduled for July 30th, of which the tickets sold out in about 15 minutes flat once it went on sale. The above is the official poster for the FM, and does my Geun Young look womanly and in love or what? Hee, she totally has the glow about her.

Both Geuns will be headed to Japan in August for theΒ Mary Stayed Out All Night promotional tour, so I’ll be squealing like a stuck pig when that happens. Until then, below are some recent pictures of them on a Japanese magazine promoting M3. Check out the red string linking them together. I love you random Japanese magazine!

[Credit: all pictures from Baidu GeunGeun bar]


Moon Geun Young Prepares for Fan Meeting and Upcoming M3 Promotional Tour in Japan with Jang Geun Seok — 24 Comments

  1. Thank you so much Captain for this post! πŸ˜€

    I too can’t wait for both MGY’s FM and their MSAON promotional tour in Japan. (^__^) And oh, that red string…There’s gotta be a “fated”explanation for it! πŸ˜‰

    P.S. By chance, do you know what those Hangul characters following the word “Gift” mean?

    • It just says moon geun young fanmeeting; the third story. I’m assuming this is her third fanmeeting from that

      • Thanks for your reply! πŸ˜€ Yes, from what I read in other sites, it is her 3rd FM.

        Thanks again and have a good evening/day!

  2. LOL no wonder I woke up with a weird sound up in the air… its a koala “squeeing like a stuck pig”!!! oh my that hurt my ears!!!!

  3. GeunGeun, for the win! Can’t wait for the promo and event pics to come out for this. Just the thought of seeing GeunGeun together and all lovey-dovey again makes me giggle with joy and happiness.

  4. Wow! Im giddy with excitement knowing that they’d be onstage together next month. I wish her all the best on her upcoming FM. And I wish JGS will take some time off to slow down his schedule, he is way tooooo busy these days.

    • Yes, in japan they call it Akai Ito (Red String), the story behind it is that there is a red string on every person extending from their pinky to the person they are destined to be with (or in other words that every person is connected to someone in the world to live the rest of their live with to live their life with — aka marriage.)

  5. Wow, I love Moon’s poster so natural & sweet and the red strings..this couple is totally fated to be together. Also, can’t wait till August to see our darlings Geun Geun together again.

  6. So what’s with the red string? Was it like just part of the shoot, like dictated by the photog or is it a GeunGeun thing? If it’s the latter well, they sure are rather close with all these strings and butterflies. Mwa ha ha! I hope to high heavens that they are dating already. Oh here I go again… If they are just friends,well, they are like best buddies then with those strings and what not. That’s alright since romance starts from relationships like that mwa ha! I’m not giving up about this couple being a true couple someday. What am I saying I’m blabbering nonsense. I just love these two together you see! Thanks ockoala unni!

  7. I agree with all of you.. πŸ™‚

    It’s like everything our GeunGeun Babies do, always, if not, coincide with each other?. Right?. πŸ™‚

    Oh my.. Can’t wait for their respective fan meetings and of course their MMM Japan tour.. πŸ™‚


  8. Yes yes agree with you mommy koalaaaa.. I wanna see geuns in one stage, one screen, anything as long they’re together again.. I need to seevthem together again coz i missed them so baaaaddd!!! And about the red string of fate, it just another miracolously proof that they are indeed meant to be together.. Let’s wait for the announcement day and while waiting let us keep praying for them.. <3

    Oww and don't forget to vote for them in the upcoming yahoo korean best actor/acress award (SDA Award).. GeunGeun Lovers FIGHTING!!

  9. thank you captain for another update for our GeunGeun babies….

    i miss them too badly and will gladly join you in squeeing when the MSOAN promotional tour happens! kyaaa!!!!

    and the red string of faith, its just WOW…..but i also wanna know the “fated” explanation for it too…heehee…

    GeunGeun babies FTW!

  10. Im soo excited to see them in pic together.. and of course in real life. I hope each can be a special guest in their individual fm.. and i want to see them again kissing in thier MMM tour.. hwaiting and praying..

  11. the drama sucked badly and now japan company is trying very hard to get back the money invested hahaha copying the other shipper red string of fate hahaha i wonder what’s next…mgy lives 5 minutes from jks or jks mom really likes mgy for a daughter in law hahaha

  12. She looks so lovely, all grown up I say. How fortunate for those fans that got tickets. I hope she has fun cause I know the fans will. Wishing for her continued success.

  13. I see it ! I see it! I get what u mean , M’Koala , ‘bt the pretty Aura of Lurve , that surrounds Geun Young !
    I can’t imagine the air that’ll fill the MSOAN promo fanmeet when JKS+MGY appear! Positively Electriffyingg , it’ll be !!!
    We gonna dissect it to heavenly bits!
    Akai-ito (destined soul partner who will marry in the future ) ?
    Well , thats it , isn’t it ! Bull’s Eye!

  14. Thanks a bunch Captain for posting this news on our Geun Babies!!! Geun Young is so pretty in her promo pic. Likewise i agree, she’s glowing and looking in love? ehem ehem… πŸ˜‰ I look forward to see her strut her stuff in the dance floor and see her again on stage with the fans screaming with her. Also the M3 Japan FM is gonna be epic for us Geun-Geun lovers. Oh and the red string is already love! But can’t wait for more juicy meat to see!!!

  15. OMO! JGS, you notti boy, you! You’re not supposed to take pictures while holding that red strings. That’s our own little secret, now you left it out it the open! tch,tch..wait til I get hold of you and that red strings, hmmmm!


  16. mgy is so simple and beautiful on her promo poster for her fm, what an elegant lady, wishing that they can do another drama series / or any project with jgs, they’re such as lovey couple to watch, seeing them together makes your day complete!!!!

  17. OMG! Just finished watching Marry Me Mary (coz it was only aired recently in our country) last week and I’m still trying to get them out of my system (yeah right.. as if that’ll happen..) πŸ™‚ Just want to share this fanvid by vitriana I saw on youtube of our dear Geun-Geun couple. Enjoy! Hope you enjoy it as much as I did. Haha. And thanks a lot okoala!

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