Song Joong Ki Visits the Philippines with Vogue Girl Korea

I absolutely refuse to believe that this man-boy is 27 years old. Either he’s won the perpetual youth lottery, or I just need Song Joong Ki to do one certifiable romantic leading man role before my mind can transition him over. Oddly, he’s a good decade older than Yoo Seung Ho, but they could pass for fraternal twins of the same age. Anyhoo, Song Joong Ki took a Summer vacation to Cebu City, Phillipines, and Vogue Girl Korea tagged along to shoot some pictures. There are a ton of pictures in the magazine, which released just three official stills for the news media. Next up for Song Joong Ki is in Tree with Deep Roots with Jang Hyuk and Shin Se Kyung.

[Credit: Vogue Girl Korea]


Song Joong Ki Visits the Philippines with Vogue Girl Korea — 31 Comments

  1. man he’s been all over the place post-Running Man/pre-movie&drama. He was spotted in NYC just a few weeks ago. And now Cebu 🙂 Dear Vogue Girl, we know there’s gotta be more pics. Don’t skimp on the fans!

    • okay yeah… here’s the rest for any interested 🙂

      • The picture with Froot Loops on his lower stomach put tears in my eyes. That’s not even fair.

  2. Really? He’s 27? Yay, he’s my age! Wow, it’s good not to feel like a dirty old woman for fangirling on him, like, say Yoo Seung Ho. That boy just makes me feel all sorts of wrong 😛

    But yes, agreed about him needing to get a lead role, pronto. For some reason I think a Hong sisters drama lead role would fit him like a glove because they have this way of infusing these bits of adorability into their male characters that he would bring to light very well, not least of all because he IS adorable 😛

    • he’s an 85’er so he’s 26 by western count but 27 by korean…yeah…that just makes me feel better…he’s still an oppa to me but I cant bear him to get too close to 28…’cuz then he’d be leaving for the army soon 🙁

  3. He looks soooo young, couldn’t believe he’s one way shy of entering the military…

    Glad to hear he went to Cebu.

  4. Well, if it helps, he’s actually 25 in the way we would count it – I think he’s an ’85-er, which means he’s turning 26 in September on his birthday. He’s 27 the way Koreans count it – that is, you’re one when you’re born, and you gain a year on 1 January every year. Those of us born in the last fourth of the year are usually 2 years older in Korean age than we are in Western age for most of the year.

    But that still makes him older than me, and he’s still hot, and I still love him, and I still want him to get a leading role STAT. D’you hear me, Drama Gods??

  5. Really? Wow! Lots of baby-faced people in kdrama land. I’ve only seen him in one kdrama though (Sungkyu something Scandal) and he reminded me of Johnny Depp’s Captain Jack Sparrow with all that twirling and hand-whisking it was just so hilarious. He’s good. He really gave colour and texture to that drama and he’s so cute so I kinda like him. So he visited the Philippines? I miss my beautiful home with my loving family and dedicated loyal helpers where I was so pampered. Now, it’s only I, me and myself that it’s downright maddening… I’m so glad Vogue Korea chose Cebu (with all those beautiful beaches and diving sites) for this shoot.

  6. OMG, I thought he was a good decade my junior -I never actually checked cos if he really was that young or even younger, I wouldn’t have been able to handle the truth- but lo and behold he’s only 3 years younger than me. Woot! Still in noona crush territory, but far from being an inappropriate crush, right? Right? I am ecstatic! *\o/*

    Hold on. Is that his Korean age? Oh bummer. Back to inappropriate inappropriatish then. *deflates*

  7. He was HERE?! Gah, I really need to start stalking the beaches for these celebrities. They keep doing these photo shoots and I keep knowing only after the fact. Why did I have to take a job in the city? It’s nowhere near the beaches!

    *and yes, feel free to hate me for living in one of the most beautiful vacation spots in the world*

    • i’m marking my calendar next year —> for a trip to Cebu in one of the resorts there during late July, hahaha. Imperial Palace? Plantation Bay? Shangrila? i’m so gonna convince my sister. hahaha.

      • I believe that’s Imperial Palace. That’s a pretty popular resort with Korean tourists. Mind you, I guessed on the basis of elimination since it doesn’t look familiar to me. (It doesn’t look like Plantation Bay, Shangrila, Abaca or Crimson, and I’ve never been to Imperial, so I’m guessing that’s where this was.)

        Weather-wise, it’s supposed to be bright and sunny all year-round but the weather’s been really shitty these past few days. It’s great to visit in like February or September, because resorts go on their “off-peak” rates. And I’m guessing there’s like a bunch of celebrities going around the city all the time because the locals don’t really recognize them. My brother has a hunch he’s actually met some of them in the clubs except he doesn’t really know who they are.

      • Ohhhh I was born in Cebu!! But then again I left that place when I was 8 so can’t remember much…shoot if I knew my Joongki would be there I might have had a reason to go back just to stalked him. And wow same age, I can actually fantasized about him without feeling guilty!!

  8. I thought he is still in his early 20s.

    hmmm, he was there in cebu? does it say which resort? the news didn’t reach me, lol. the celebrities always visit Cebu during Korea’s peak vacation season.

  9. I’m ecstatic that he’s gotten a lead role in a all I really want is for just one lead drama role this year and be a very happy fangirl….please dramagods!!!!

  10. oh weee….i’m from Cebu. sigh i miss home. i hope he had a fun time there. there are so many korean tourists and english students in cebu now, good for the economy =)

      • Hope I can visit Cebu In December so tell me what’s nice there???? 😉

      • @Bumble Bee Camaro’s wife – i can’t seem to reply to your post hence replying here (thanks Daffodil!).

        Definitely go to the beaches! there’s a new resort in mactan (BE Resort) which is very cool and trendy. if you can travel a little farther away from the city, then definitely visit the ff, they will require a few hours of travel time but you will be rewarded with great beaches! These are great diving spots too!
        – Sumilon Island
        – Camotes Island
        – Malapascua
        – Bantayan
        And I suggest these major sights/tourist spots:
        – Sto Nino Basilica and Magellan’s Cross
        – Sky Adventure at Crown Regency
        – Olango Island
        – Zipline
        – Kawasan Falls
        And try eating these:
        – Lechon
        – Barbeque at Larsian
        – Balamban liempo
        Dec may be the rainy season though…but other than that i hope you enjoy your trip there!
        I will be home in Dec for the christmas holidays as well =)

  11. A kdrama actor i can finally call Oppa! OMG Joong-Ki oppa is really 27? he doesn’t look like it and i don’t look like i’m 24. more like 15 so we match. hehehe. (the perks of being asain!)

  12. Song Joong-ki’s blessed with milky skin n youthful hotness among others! his popularity earned him as 1 of top 7 commercial endorsers in Korea.
    debut in 2008, movie Frozen Flower, Case of Itaewon. dramas like Will it Snow at Christmas?, Obstetrics n Gynecology Doctors, My Precious Child, n Love Racing. SJK has upcoming movie n drama, a busy guy. his youthful looks make me swoon without feeling guilt LOL

  13. That’s Definitely Imperial Palace – Villa. The background of the first pic shows the bamboo design of the wall that surrounds the Jacuzzi of the villa room. Omo, Kyeopta 😀

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