Rainie Yang Holds Pre-Sale Concert for New Album with Joseph Chang as Surprise Guest

I love this song! I love Rainie Yang! I love Rainie with Joseph Chang, even if it’s all for promotional purposes! Okay, that felt good to get the fangirl enthusiasm out of me first. Pre-sales for Rainie’s new album Longing For (which is also the name of the second single off the album) have been scorching hot, as hot as the temperature in Taipei right now.

Rainie held a pre-sale mini-concert and fanmeeting in Ximending (the West Gate neighborhood of Taipei) a few days ago, where Joseph showed up as a “secret” guest to cheer her on. He then proceeding to hug her and carry her like that (see above). Fans went beserk seeing Jie Xiu and Xiao Ru so insanely sweet and cute together. Yes, I would have as well. Have a listen to the single “Longing For” below.

Joseph brought bread made by Taiwan’s internationally-acclaimed patissier for Rainie, and also told her that her album was absolutely wonderful to listen to. Rainie just smiled and sweated a lot, since it really was one of the hottest Summer days ever. I love how much they get along in real life, which explains so much of their onscreen chemistry.

The MV for “We Are All Fools” starring Rainie and Joseph has already garned 2 million views on Youtube already, and this album looks to be Rainie’s biggest hit to date based on pre-sale hype and interest. It’s all a credit to Drunken to Love You, but Rainie deserves it.

She’s been working since she was 16, when she debuted in Meteor Garden. She had to work because her father got the family into such deep debt. Rainie was on a talk show recently and started crying when talking about how much of a relief it was when she was able to pay off the debt after working for a few years because she took every project and every opportunity that came her way.

First listen of Rainie Yang’s “Longing For”:



Rainie Yang Holds Pre-Sale Concert for New Album with Joseph Chang as Surprise Guest — 21 Comments

    • Your not delusional. I’m NOT shipping them and I feel like they need to hook up. I love their chemistry on screen yes, but I feel like they could be more. But I know better than to ship Taiwanese actors together. Joe and Ariel really left me bitter. I cant go through that again. Just look at his arms? And…ugh, if there was ever need for an ad to advertise REAL MEN, Joseph Chang would need to be one of the participants. He is the epitome of a man. Especially his char Song Jie Xiu.soo sexy

      But I do love the song. Its really good. The beat and her voice, everything.

      • Phew! Glad to hear I’m not delusional… 🙂

        While I adore all of my ICOMYMs, Joseph/Jie Xiu is something special. In my own little private-but-not-delusional world, Jie Xiu = Darcy.

        **really, really big sigh**

    • I know!! Some of the things she wears is like “Who’s your stylist? She needs to be fired!” But she’s cute anyway. 🙂

      • Have you noticed she almost ALWAYS wears those ugly mc hammer/harem/baggy in the seat pants. First noticed in Hi, My Sweetheart. Makes me wonder if her but is lopsided?

  1. 1. What is Rainie wearing?

    2. These two just need to hurry up and get married already…Admit it Joseph! You lub her!… Ship, ship, ship-away! 😀

  2. love Rainie since her first debut in Meteor Garden, I think she’s cute in her way and everytime I see her I feel pity for her, now I know why, she’s not from a rich or wealthy family, she’s so poor that she had to pay her father debt. But thank God it was all behind her… I am hoping she can find her soulmate and be happy forever because I heard she had strange personality since she came from that kind of background, she always trying to save money like not using many tissues for her toilet or drink too much water from her house tap water because she was thinking she had to save money but it really makes her looks weird, but I know she’s really a great person, but pleasseeee you rich now, you need to spent it to make yourself and your family happy.. hehe.. I always wish her well..

    • Btw.. I love this couple, I just don’t know I feel that Joseph was always looking at her.. he keep looking at her with his ‘longing’ and ‘wanting’ eyes?! hehehe.. so cuteeee…

  3. Love the song and they are so cute together. Did you know they have acted together before? Interestingly Rainie and Joseph both acted in Legend of Speed (2004) together although they were paired with different people in that drama.

  4. thanks for the info…i knew she had an album to release this year…didn’t think it was this early, back then she always released it around Nov/Dec….
    i do love this pairing in DTLY, as much as i love the RM pairing (Rainie/Mike) maybe just a little less?
    oh wells, looking at videos of Joseph’s interaction with her, he seems such a nice gentleman…someone who can ‘protect her’…she’s so petite standing next to him and i so love that pic when he carried her up to pull the red thing…
    i think she’s conscious of her shapely butt, that’s why she always wear those baggy pants…i know back then she was like a tomboy and hates to show off her legs and wear anything to show her bust either…now that she’s 27, she has slowly progress in showing some ‘skin’…
    she’s such a filial daughter and loves her mom and sister and her dog Yumi dearly…and we should really applaud her for all the things she went thru…i’ve loved her since Meteor Garden days and watched her with Mike in DBY (Devil beside you) and WWL (why why love) that’s why i so love the Mike/Rainie pairing…everytime she pairs up with someone who’s a ‘little’ shy or should i say don’t talk much in public, somehow she instigates them to be a little more talkative and I think it’s because she treats them like a close friend or family that makes them very comfortable and less aloof with other people when she’s around. That’s what I love about her…
    and to this date, all of her co-stars she’s always been in close contact with them…what a great girl and i do wish her the best in both love and career!!!

  5. It maybe wishful thinking in my part but I do wish this 2 together, they look so good for each other. I heard that Joseph Chang is single again, They should date in real life if Rainie is available. I do wish them well on their future endeavors. I’m so happy that he is there to support her in launching
    her album.

  6. Sad … I can’t listen to it 🙁 maybe u Shud use my computer rather than my iPhone … But – Thkssssss for d great pic n update!!! I love Rainie since MG day too .. N with Mike – wat can I say ? I can’t choose but d fact dat mike was and maybe is still w/ Janine – that just kills it for me – I was hoping d two can get together – then I guess dat leaves Joseph yummy … Ahhhh … Whoever it is I sincerely hope she finds happiness – n I love ‘we r fools’ – I get sooooo sad listening to it .., my heart ached ….

  7. I cannot believe that after much speculation they are now an “item” and are apparently dating in real life. If it’s true, Lin Xiao Ru and Song Jie Xiu, are the counterparts of Rainie and Joseph, yes!. 🙂

  8. omg! after watching drunken to love you, i’m so in love with their pairing and so wish that they would end up dating each other and getting married, haha! *wishful thinking*

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