Spy Myung Wol Episode 8 Recap

Yay, gamechanger. Boo, this took way too long to arrive. Yay, more funny is back. Boo, the drama is still so schizophrenic with the transitions. Yay, Koala picks a ship. Boo, instead of Kang Woo, Koala ships a tightly wound North Korean spy with limited acting skills but a whole lotta hidden sweetness and charm. Yay, this might be the best episode of Spy Myung Wol since the first episode. Boo, not feeling the OTP or the mission, just want Myung Wol and Choi Ryu to go on dates all day long, make gorgeous North Korean babies, and run away to Hawaii together. See, this crazy drama is turning me rather crazy as well.

Episode 8 recap:

The “Kang Woo sees Myung Wol everywhere” visual conundrum continues for the poor dude. He does yoga and imagines that she’s his instructor (please drama gods, I never ever ever want to see Eric doing yoga ever again, m’kay). Kang Woo closes his eyes and averts his head to get rid of the unwanted vision.

He goes to the museum to clear his mind (in yet another random scene purely for emphasis purposes) and has to blink twice when he sees Myung Wol Lisa and Myung Wol With A Pearl Earring instead of the actual famous paintings themselves.

He even sees The Thinker Myung Wol sitting on a bench. Thinker Myung Wol turns to give Kang Woo a sly smirk.

Myung Wol sits on the roof and mopes. Choi Ryu asks her how long she’s going to keep sitting here feeling low? Myung Wol holds the key to her comrades lives, but she can’t see a way to get Kang Woo to open his heart to her. Choi Ryu challenges Myung Wol to fight, reminding her that with her soft attitude, how can she expect to succeed?

Myung Wol asks what he wants her to do? Choi Ryu wonders if Myung Wol was upset about failing the mission, or was it something else that upset her? Myung Wol quickly says no. Choi Ryu reminds Myung Wol that her weakness is acting before thinking. He needs her to refocus right now. Hee Bok shows up happily waving a newspaper.

Kang Woo drives home in a snit after seeing Myung Wol everywhere all day, thinking that compassion is a type of feeling and can lead to his imagining Myung Wol all around him. Uh, are you like 5 years old, Kang Woo? You are even denser than the North Korean spy who has limited emotional range. He thinks that with distance and time this will go away, which will happen since he has no reason to see Myung Wol again.

Kang Woo is oblivious to the fact that Myung Wol’s rescue of Kang Woo (after Kang Woo’s failed rescue of Myung Wol) from the gangsters is now front page news. The Chairman gets briefed that Choi Ryu is seen frequently at the investigative agency, which is owned by Han Myung Wol’s parents.

This time the kidnapping scandal bodes well for Myung Wol’s mission, because it means Kang Woo is in need of a genuine bodyguard, and she’s the perfect candidate after demonstrating firsthand her fighting skillz. It also helps explain why Kang Woo was a no-show at his own showcase.

Kang Woo is headed to Singapore to film a CF (and to allow the production to use all its pre-filmed Singapore footage) and Myung Wol joins him at the airport. Kang Woo refused to answer Agent Kyung’s calls so she wasn’t able to inform him that she re-hired Myung Wol. She tells Kang Woo to endure it for his career and safety. Myung Wol is ordered to stick to Kang Woo’s side at all times.

Ok Soon tells Myung Wol this is the perfect opportunity. A visit to a foreign location might make a person’s heart flutter. Myung Wol needs to use this trip to break through to Kang Woo. He thinks to himself that he will never be moved by Myung Wol. Hallyu star Kang Woo will never fall for Myung Wol.

In Ah arrives at the airport, with her bodyguard Choi Ryu in tow. She’s in a snit (as usual because today is a day that ends with “day” so that means In Ah is in a bitchy mood) about Myung Wol’s presence. Kang Woo says Agent Kyung re-hired Myung Wol as his bodyguard so that’s the end of that convo.

Dae Kang doesn’t go to Singapore with Kang Woo and is instead loafing around the agency during his rare time off. He’s watching a movie about spies, which causes Hee Bok to almost choke on his tea. Dae Kang wonders if there are real spies around nowadays. If he caught a spy, he would turn the person in and change his life.

Dae Kang wonders what spies would do? Perhaps listen to late night radio, or plant surveillance cameras, or have strange visitors. All of which Hee Bok thinks back to doing. Dae Kang looks at Hee Bok, saying that all the signs would mean Hee Bok was a spy! But then Dae Kang laughs, no spy could be as beer-bellied as Hee Bok. If Hee Bok was a spy, then Dae Kang would be Hallyu star Kang Woo. Chairman Joo arrives just then, and Dae Kang explains to Hee Bok that the Chairman is Joo In Ah’s father

Kang Woo and In Ah film a CF while Myung Wol watches from the side. Choi Ryu walks over to stand next to her, which draws Kang Woo’s attention. In Ah can see Kang Woo distracted and calls time out. She tells Kang Woo to focus on her during work even if he’s falling in love elsewhere. Kang Woo apologizes and gets back in the action.

In Ah asks Kang Woo if he really wants to keep using Myung Wol. Is it because she keeps saving his life that he feels moved by her? In Ah thinks it’s odd that Myung Wol is always conveniently around to save him. She tells Kang Woo not to be lured by her tricks. Kang Woo thinks back to Myung Wol confessing that she really likes him.

Hee Bok sits down with the Chairman, who apologizes for coming unannounced. The Chairman cuts to the chase and discusses how he’s taken care of Kang Woo for so long, and Hee Bok’s daughter Myung Wol has saved Kang Woo’s life multiple times now. He’s here to say thank you in person.

The Chairman brings up how Choi Ryu has been by recently, trying to dig for information. Hee Bok almost lets slip but says he’s known Choi Ryu for quite some time. The Chairman keeps trying to trip up Hee Bok, who does a horrible job of staying consistent with the backstory and stammers around a bit. The Chairman hands Hee Bok some money as a form of gratitude. The Chairman leaves and tells his assistant to investigate this investigative agency as well.

Kang Woo tries to sneak out of the hotel and Myung Wol stops him because she’s under orders to stick to him like glue. Kang Woo pulls Myung Wol into the cab and they take off. They walk through the street market. Kang Woo takes a mask and tries to put it on Myung Wol’s face but she quickly ducks.

Okay, I have to let off some steam on this continuity gap here. First, all the scenes in Singapore show Kang Woo with his episode 1 red hair, and I find it a stretch that his darker hair color in recent episodes morphed back to red the moment he landed in Singapore. Secondly, Myung Wol wears a t-shirt, vest, and pants combo when she goes strolling with Kang Woo, and then she suddenly is wearing a lovely short print dress when they take a double decker bus. This isn’t even bad editing, this is criminally bad editing. Someone needs to be sacked at KBS for this.

To preserve my own sanity, I’ll just assume Kang Woo bought Myung Wol a dress and she changed into it, but we never got to see said clothes-changing scene. Everyone cool with that? During the bus ride, Kang Woo puts his hand around the back of Myung Wol’s seat. He buys her flowers, and they sit in a bike pulled rickshaw and have snacks.

In Ah gripes to Choi Ryu that she can’t find Kang Woo. He wonders why she is so upset? The Kang Woo she knows is not someone who would pity or be compassionate towards someone else. But he appears to have these feelings for Myung Wol, and that really worries and upsets In Ah.

Myung Wol and Kang Woo sit in front of the wharf and talk. He takes her hand and says that she’s really strange. She’s so strange that she makes people feel confused. He asks if there isn’t another reason, and she just wants to stay with him because she loves him?

Myung Wol leans in to kiss Kang Woo. She draws back, which is when Kang Woo pulls her in for a deeper kiss.

Kang Woo and Myung Wol head back to the hotel. They walk up to his room to find In Ah and Choi Ryu waiting for them in the hallway. In Ah confronts Kang Woo, asking where he went and demanding answers. Kang Woo goes to his room and ignores her. Choi Ryu stops In Ah from confronting Myung Wol and leads In Ah away.

Up on the roof, Choi Ryu warns Myung Wol to be careful and not make In Ah more nervous. He asks if any progress was made. Myung Wol lies and says they just walked around and came back. Choi Ryu reminds Myung Wol that the heiress of the Galaxy Group is obsessed with Kang Woo.

Myung Wol goes back to her room and thinks back to the kiss with Kang Woo. Clearly it affects her. Kang Woo takes a shower and asks himself if he really likes Myung Wol? How can it be, when he doesn’t even know who Myung Wol really is. He tells himself it needs to stop now before progressing any further.

Myung Wol and Kang Woo return home to Korea, and Kang Woo’s hair is back to being light brown. They are suddenly awkward with each other, with Kang Woo being especially jumpy around Myung Wol. She mentions yesterday and he quickly tells her to forget about it. He was curious what “it” (the kiss) would be like with her so he just tried it out. He says it wasn’t anything special, to which Myung Wol concurs as well. She leaves and Kang Woo looks a bit miffed.

Kang Woo goes to the kitchen to get water and he sees Myung Wol drinking milk and licking her mouth. He stares a little too hard. He tells her to never eat anything in front of him from now on. Myung Wol goes to tidy up the living room and Kang Woo finds himself staring at her exposed clavicle.

He tells her to scram because she’s distracting him, to which she points out the TV is not even on. She walks away and he stares at her bottom. He asks her what kind of clothes she’s wearing and tells her to stop wearing such short shorts since she’s not even an actress. Myung Wol leaves and Kang Woo reminds himself to snap out of it.

Hee Bok and Ok Soon discuss this mission and their spy careers. Ok Soon initially came here without much of a dream, except to serve her country and comrades. Thirty years passed in a blink and here she still is, no longer even sure of what her purpose is. Hee Bok comforts her and says she will be able to go home soon.

Hee Bok tries to tells Ok Soon that it’s their shared destiny and they ought to spend their remaining time together in love. He leans in to kiss Ok Soon and she smacks him in the face, chiding him for taking advantage of her every chance he gets.

Kang Woo deposits some clothes on the table for Myung Wol. He reassures her that he was selected by the top three fashion magazines of 2011 as the top fashion eye so these outfits are perfect for her. He makes her put it on immediately, and all of them are ugly ahjumma outfits. He tries to make up shit like ahjumma peasant outfits are en vogue right now.

But when Myung Wol poses in the outfit, he finds himself still affected. He says her hair is all wrong and gets up and ties her hair into various mis-matched pigtails. That doesn’t work either because Myung Wol then pulls an aegyo routine with him (in his mind).

He turns her around and takes out the pigtails and messes up her hair. To which he then imagines Myung Wol playing with her hair in a sultry way. Finally he covers her face with a shirt and says this is perfect, the problem is with your face.

Kang Woo walks back to his room with the realization that Myung Wol has bewitched him. The only solution left is to avoid looking at her. To treat her like she doesn’t exist. Next we see Kang Woo purposely closing the elevator door so Myung Wol misses it. In the dressing room, Kang Woo purposely avoids Myung Wol, even telling the director that Myung Wol isn’t around right now.

Chairman Joo treats the cast and crew to a meal after the shoot for the day wraps up, thanking everyone for making his granddaughter so happy. Everyone agrees to party the night away. Suddenly Dae Kang arrives having brought Myung Wol to the party.

Everyone toasts and Kang Woo turns to In Ah and asks her to do a love shot. Everyone cheers as they do a love shot, with Kang Woo purposely giving Myung Wol a pointed stare. Choi Ryu walks the Chairman out and he asks Choi Ryu to stay and bring In Ah home after the party ends. He asks why Choi Ryu lied to him about not being close to Myung Wol, and he says he didn’t want In Ah to get upset. The Chairman doesn’t care, but merely wanted Choi Ryu to let Myung Wol know that if she did anything to upset In Ah, he’s not going to let it go.

Kang Woo purposely engages In Ah in conversation and drinking, but he keeps staring at Myung Wol. Dae Kang drags Myung Wol up to sing. Myung Wol ends up singing a very old-fashioned song, likely the only type of music she grew up with. Kang Woo looks at her singing and suddenly everyone else falls away and Myung Wol is bathed in shining light.

Kang Woo looks totally enchanted and he finds himself standing up suddenly and staring at Myung Wol with his mouth wide open. Everyone stares at him so he decides to scream at Myung Wol for singing such a horrible song and ruining the mood. He stalks off and Myung Wol has to chase after him.

Myung Wol asks Kang Woo outside why he’s treating her this way. Can he please explain? He tells her to stay away from him because seeing her just pisses him off. Myung Wol informs the elder spies that Kang Woo is avoiding her and mistreating her, and it’s gotten worse since they got back from Singapore.

Love-expert Ok Soon thinks this means Kang Woo likes Myung Wol. When a guy likes a girl, he’s likely to torture her. Ok Soon suggests putting their theory to the test. They want Choi Ryu to pretend to be a couple with Myung Wol to see if Kang Woo gets jealous. Choi Ryu wonders why it has to be him? Ok Soon thinks there is no one else who can play the part.

It has to be a man that is worthy of Kang Woo accepting as a genuine rival. He still demurs until Ok Soon pulls the “for country and comrades” card. She asks Choi Ryo to practice being loveydovey since he’s usually so stiff around Myung Wol. They ask him to put his arm around Myung Wol, to which Choi Ryu holds it around her shoulder stiffly and won’t touch it.

When Hee Bok pushes him into her, he quickly gets up and walks out for some air. Myung Wol laughs and says Choi Ryu clearly doesn’t like her. Choi Ryu goes up to the roof and takes out his frustrations on the punching bag.

The first step is to make Kang Woo aware of their romantic relationship. Myung Wol and Choi Ryu sit on a bench within Kang Woo’s line of sight and pretend to laugh, lightly touch each other, and flirt up a storm. Dae Kang tells Kang Woo that recently Myung Wol parents mentioned that she’s acting weird with Choi Ryu. Maybe they are really dating.

When they get home, Myung Wol moves to go to her room since Kang Woo wants her out of his sight. He makes her get him the script and casually asks if she’s close to In Ah’s bodyguard. Myung Wol starts part 2 of their plan to get Kang Woo even more jealous, which involves complimenting Choi Ryu as a great guy.

She calls Choi Ryu oppa and shows Kang Woo the cell phone accessory her oppa just gave her. Kang Woo wonders why she goes around calling all guys oppa. He grabs the accessory and it tears off her cell phone. He thinks as his bodyguard, she needs to carry around accessories that are worthy of being seen around him.

He chides Myung Wol for treating the film set as her date place, and wonder if she wanted to get re-hired just to stay near Choi Ryu? He stalks off, and once again, berates himself for behaving so immaturely. He tells himself to give his blessings to her and be gracious. But he then kicks the door and hurts himself. Heh.

Myung Wol and Choi Ryu drive in uncomfortable silence heading towards a one night, two day trip the very same resort where Kang Woo happens to be filming a CF. Myung Wol can’t imagine that Kang Woo could possibly like her? Myung Wol wonders what if Kang Woo really misunderstands her relationship with Choi Ryu.

He asks if there is anything wrong with that? Is Myung Wol worried about this mission, or worried about Kang Woo’s feelings? He reminds her to focus on the mission and she says yes.

Kang Woo is filming his CF on the beach when Myung Wol and Choi Ryu casually stroll up and sits down to watch the filing. Choi Ryu puts his arm around Myung Wol and Kang Woo immediately gets a pissy expression on his face. Myung Wol puts her head on Choi Ryu’s shoulder and that wipes the smile from Kang Woo’s face again and he has to force himself to smile.

Choi Ryu and Myung Wol get up and walk over behind a boulder and out of sight. Kang Woo asks for a break and walks down the beach. He sees Choi Ryu and stops to talk. Kang Woo thinks he’s misjudged Choi Ryu as a good guy, since he appears to be fooling around with an innocent girl.

Choi Ryu throws it back to Kang Woo, telling him to stop messing with Myung Wol. Kang Woo asks if Choi Ryu actually thinks Myung Wol likes him? Or is Choi Ryu using Myung Wol to upset Kang Woo. Choi Ryu says that while he doesn’t know what Myung Wol thinks, he’s absolutely serious about her.

In Ah accosts Choi Ryu later that night and demands to know how his relationship progressed with Myung Wol. Choi Ryu says it just happened. In Ah tells him to end it otherwise she’ll fire him. Choi Ryu asks why In Ah cares, since she likes Kang Woo. Isn’t it to her advantage that Choi Ryu and Myung Wol gets together? In Ah says yes but still looks disturbed. He leaves holding a bottle of wine saying that Myung Wol is waiting for him. In Ah wonders why she’s in such a bad mood.

In Ah finds Kang Woo drinking alone at the bar. She thinks it’s very odd that Kang Woo has been played by Myung Wol. She reveals that Choi Ryu took a bottle of wine and went to Myung Wol’s room. She tells Kang Woo not to fall for Myung Wol’s tricks. Kang Woo looks into his whiskey and sees an image of Choi Ryu and Myung Wol kissing. He calls Myung Wol and can’t reach her, so he runs off.

Choi Ryu pours Myung Wol a glass of wine and tells her to drink. She wonders if Kang Woo really will come. He asks if it matters, and whether she’s regretting it. She asks if he regrets it. He says he regrets it constantly, every time he sees Myung Wol. Kang Woo starts banging on the door and Myung Wol goes to open the door.

Choi Ryu pulls her back and tells her than initially everything he did was for country and comrades. Implication being that now it’s for something else. Choi Ryu pulls Myung Wol in for a kiss just as Kang Woo barges in. Kang Woo pulls Choi Ryu off Myung Wol and punches him. He pulls Myung Wol to leave but Choi Ryu returns the punch and the boys fight.

Hee Bok and Ok Soon are discussing the mission and Hee Bok points out that Choi Ryu is a bit odd lately.

In Ah witnessed the two guys fighting over Myung Wol and she walks back all pissed off that all the guys seem to like Myung Wol. She sees Myung Wol and Choi Ryu sitting in the garden and she heads in another direction. Choi Ryu tells Myung Wol that it’s all done, and his role in this play is finished.

Choi Ryu congratulates Myung Wol on having confirmed Kang Woo’s feelings for her. Myung Wol touches his cheek and asks if he’s okay. He pushes her hand away and says he’s fine. He asks her to answer honestly – has she genuinely fallen in love with Kang Woo? She says no, she just wants to marry him for her mission. He says that’s a relief, and wishes her success in this endeavor. He gets up and leaves.

Myung Wol sits in her room and thinks back to her kiss with Choi Ryu and Kang Woo barging in. She shakes her head to clear her mind of these images. She remembers to be patient and wait for Kang Woo to make the next move. Kang Woo walks around throwing things and generally being really upset.

Choi Ryu sits in his room and thinks about his kiss with Myung Wol. He closes his eyes and meditates to clear his mind. But it doesn’t work and he remains unable to let it go easily.

Myung Wol gets a text from Kang Woo asking her to meet outside. She goes outside and sees Kang Woo waiting for her on a park bench. Hee Bok and Ok Soon are hiding in the bushes watching this encounter. Kang Woo says he’s been thinking a lot and figuring out his feelings. He tells Myung Wol that he thinks he’s fallen in love with her. He takes out a ring and asks her to marry him. Ok Soon and Hee Bok happily congratulate each other.

Kang Woo leans in to kiss Myung Wol and she closes her eyes. He stops inches from her face and asks Myung Wol if she thought that was what he would say to her. But why would he say it since he’s not crazy. He takes out his cell phone and shows her a video of Myung Wol talking with Choi Ryu on the park bench where she confesses that she doesn’t really love Kang Woo and only wants to marry him for her own goal.

Myung Wol’s eyes widen in shock. Kang Woo looks at her, asking if she shouldn’t be leaving right about now.

Thoughts of Mine:

I don’t think this gamechanger was THE gamechanger in that Kang Woo found out that Myung Wol was a North Korean spy. I think he found out she’s been playing him for her own goal, which he’s likely going to attribute to her being a golddigger wanting to marry him for wealth and fame.

Did you guys realize that suddenly the North Koreans in Korea and the NSA in South Korea have been missing for the last two episodes. I sense the drama is really trying to downplay the politics, the intrigue, and spy shenanigans in order to focus on developing the inter-personal relationships between Myung Wol and Kang Woo. I’m not bemoaning such an emphasis, but merely pointing out that it’s execution is a little too obvious, as well as might cause problems later on when the drama scrambles to resolve the mission and political stakes.

But this episode was all Myung Wol + Kang Woo + Choi Ryu. The love triangle is finally here, and I’m completely on the side of second lead shipping. You all know I love Eric, and think Lee Jin Wook can’t act his way out of a paper bag. The fact that I ship Choi Ryu and Myung Wol rabidly is purely a reflection of how I connect with the characters, the relationships, and the story. And it’s not because Kang Woo bitchslapped Myung Wol and never even apologized. It’s because his character is just odd and not very compelling for me. In short, I don’t “get” him or what his dealio is.

But I get Choi Ryu loud and clear. Like a billion trumpet blast actually. I love his precision efficiency and spy skills. Furthermore, I love how he’s slowly becoming aware how Myung Wol affects him, and yet he tries to suppress it or ignore it to get the mission done. How many second leads have to assist the heroine he’s in love with to seduce, sleep with, and marry another man? It sucks to be him.

Now that Kang Woo knows Myung Wol is trying to marry him for some sort of goal of her own, it’ll be interesting to see where the drama goes from here. I’m bored by the Myung Wol as Kang Woo’s bodyguard routine, and their living together really hasn’t been as fun as the situation could have been, so the drama taking a new plot direction in the second half is something I welcome. Good or bad, at least it’s trying something new. Now if only Myung Wol can end up with Choi Ryu somehow….. Eh, I can hope, can’t I?


Spy Myung Wol Episode 8 Recap — 63 Comments

  1. Your opening statement cracked me up.

    I’m with you. I want her to end up with Ryu. I’m on team Rru. I think they had plenty in common, and have shared similar interests for years. Plus they seem to have a chemistry that just really isn’t there with Kang Woo. Which segways into part 2- What is up with his crazy hair, and outfits? I know he is a star and what not, but his whole persona is just not doing it for me. I actually prefer Ryu’s subtle acting-he has a whole mystique going for him that makes him that much more likable. I truly hope they focus on the two spies getting together. I really hope this isn’t like the typical dramas where the girl ends up with the guy who has treated her crazy bad all along. And yes, the editing is insane. I hope they fix that by the next episode.

    P.S. Thank you, thank you for the recap!

  2. Call me crazy, but I am on the ‘2nd lead’ bandwagon too. That is usually how it is with me though. I always shit the OC couples when I am not suppose too. I think with HP and City Hunter were one of the rare times that I like the OTP I was suppose to (well according to the ‘writers’ wishes).

  3. Thanks for your super fast recaps! I’m enjoying so much yesterday when I was streaming SMW (though I understand nothing)! I’m still pretty much on KW-MW ship but I admit scenes between CR and MW ytd were adorable and hilarious.. they were so uptight acting like a couple. lol And the ending! It got me by surprise! I totally can’t wait for ep 9 now.. wondering how the story will take off now.

  4. Thank you for the quick recap and dead right comments!
    So the PD says to his staff, “Those viewers really liked that footage we shot with our stars in Singapore before we started this Show. Too bad we had them change clothes halfway in. We could have used them again to complete the sequence and make sense out of the unrelated-to-our-current-plot elements.”
    One of the staff replies, “We can use them. Why not? We’ll pastiche some footage before and hide Eric’s now a LOT longer and less red hair with a hood. Not one of the vampire hoods that looks like a shower curtain, but one of those other ones.”
    “Yeah,” Writer agrees. “Good thing our viewers are really stupid and won’t notice MW has a completely different outfit on later.”
    “But what about the whole feel to the MV footage? Eric’s all cool and sexy during those scenes, but acting all strange with MW after. Won’t it seem a little pycho of him to lose all that charm in the very next scene?”
    “You forgot the stupid viewers!!”

    I am very partial to the soft and sexy voiced KW who held MW’s hand at thw wharf and showed real feelings. Why didn’t they let him come out to play with us all this time? And when do we get to see him again? All of the the shouting “Get outs!” are NOT why I am here.

    I did really enjoy the “make over” scenes and the jealousy causing activity.
    But I gotta say I am really starting to feel sorry for Ryu here. That Eagle Scout may end up with some serious heartache.

    Although, Koala, I just remembered something…The first man we see MW with is NOT KW, but Ryu. The Rules of Romance tell us that means she will end up with Ryu. For those moments when MW touched Ryu bruised mouth (sigh) and thought back to their kiss, MW seemed to be considering him as a possible romantic figure. I would put money on them going home together, and KW continuing on alone with his career.

    • jomo, are you trying to raise my hopes up?

      This screams OTP to me FOREVER MORE.

      Kang Woo and his magically morphing hair can go marry In Ah for all I care. Right now I need Choi Ryu and Myung Wol to go on a mission in the woods and then get lost and then magically find a cave and finally discover that they’ve been totally repressing their secret attraction for each other this entire time. And then say screw North Korea and leave it all behind. But first going to grab Hee Bok and Ok Soon and then skedaddling.

      • OMG! The way he looks at her…
        Your version – IT WILL HAPPEN!
        That is what MW’s father would want, right?
        And in K-drama land, that is what matters.

      • me too Mrs. K.. i moreeee like Choi Ryu that KW…he more cute and handsome than eric (sorry eric fans:P)

        right i really2 want to see MW with CR, i think they fit together…let’s just hope the writer hear our wish…:)

      • OMG, look how he stares at her!
        I SOooooooOOooo want them together right now!
        Cute lil’ North Korean spy babies…

      • this is the only time i’ve really seen LJW’s acting skills – i’d say with that scene alone, it proves that his CR has better chemistry with MW. eric is charismatic as an actor, but i just can’t feel his KW with MW.

        and if drama-gods are listening to us, i hope that MW really ends up with CR.

      • OMO!!! i want it that way too ms K. i’ve been with team ryu since the beginning.

        MW♥CR FTW!!!!!

      • Look at the way he’s looking at her! Arghh they look soo good together, why can’t they be together? I hope that we atleast get more cute scene’s of them together.

  5. Thanks…! I’ve already watched the raw and now I’m able to understand the conversation between Myung wol and Ryu in kang woo’s mobile.

    Interesting… I’m also rooting for Ryu! I like his character and how he’s trying so hard to avoid his feelings for Myung Wol… he’s cute! =D

    I love Eric and I find Kang Woo so funny but a complete jerk. I still can’t forgive him for that slap! I wanted him to suffer a little bit more of jealousy.

    So let’s wait for next week =)

  6. This is the first time I am having second-lead syndrome despite my lurrve for Eric, and I never even knew the actor playing Choi-Ryu before this. The first picture is too cute for words. Thank you koala!

  7. I love reading your recap more than actually watching the drama. You are so funny. ‘snitty because today ends in day’. I still have this big smile.
    As for Kang Woo, well I believe the writer may have come across one or more Hallyu actors that are actually that arrogant, selfish and apathetic. In that fact I am not naive that what we see is not how they really are.
    I am not shipping anyone cause I am still having fun with the dumb spies, that is what I think they are portraying. In my opinion this lady is not that pretty to go all gaga over so I ain’t buying anyone with her but she is communist (acting) so I bet she ends up with the comrade.
    Thank you Ms Koala for the laughter.

  8. I ship choi ryu with her too- have since ep 1. The idea of two spies together is both romantic and angsty.i wish it could happen. I don’t get kang woo either. We’ve sort of had some backstory for him but not enough and I hate those sort of leads that treat the girl badly and it all gets explained away as them ‘strughling with their feelings’ whatever.

  9. I’ve always liked Choi Ryu & this episode finally nails it. I’m completely digging him now over Kang Woo. It’s going to be really heartbreaking for our cool guy though cause in the end, it will still be the main otp of course.

    How I wish that this drama is about two spies falling for each other. </3

    • Haha I remember commenting with you in another post on shipping between CR/MW or KW/MW =).. the thing that I avoid shipping 2nd male lead is that I get heartbreak when eventually the main OTP will end up together (Example: I Need Romance’s ending is disappointing argh think i’m gonna skip the ending sighhhh)

      • oh oh ! Another ”I need romance” dissapointed fan.
        The ending killed me . Of all the endings of all the dramas I have watch, this was in the top 3 of worst.

      • Yes the ending was so disappointing that I feel like giving up watching the last 2 episodes (which I have not watch but read the spoilers) knowing how the writer has chosen to end this drama. I am rooting so much for SH… INR has potential but… arghhh sorry for my rant here btw!

      • @Donut True… it kinda affects me too when the second lead who I like more than the lead is left heartbroken in the end. :/

        But I can’t help but like Ryu. From the beginning, I find his character cool (and hot, haha!). And now that I can finally see him moving towards Myung Wol, I’m liking him even more. He’s much more likeable than Kang Woo. >.<


  11. i’m all happy with this as long as in ah doesn’t get together with choi ryu. she’s too bitchy for me to hope she gets a stable love line. LOLL, no offense.

    currently, i am shipping myung ryu (or choi wol) as my OTP too now. C:

    like lizzy said (above, first comment) i don’t want really want the stereotypical love line again. the nice guys never get the girl, and i’m just watching crying my eyes out for the second lead. i really do hope myung wol will get his REALLY, REALLY, REALLY subtle hints he’s giving her. and i hope that the old couple will realize it and help them. LMAO, and they can help choi ryu in dating myung wol. HAHHAHAA. … maybe i went a little over. hehh, sorry guys. :p

  12. Of course it’s easy to play the good guy than an arrogant, self-center guy, who would not ship him? XP As if KW’s character isn’t annoyed enough, they have to give him the flashiest hairs & wardrobe there is……..

    I still stay firmly KW-MW shipper. CR has feeling for her but she doesn’t quite have the feeling him….. her heart doesn’t go gah gah for CR as it does for KW 😀

    based on the recap, I also have a feeling MW along with CR haven’t blown off her (their) cover as a spy just yet. KW probably thinks MW’s goal is for money & fame…… but I’m very curious to know why he got his hands on the clip in the next episode.

    CR-MW shippers have fun while I’m waiting patiently for things to turn around hahahaha

    • i agree..everybody love good guy.. so in this episode, i’m starting shipping both KW/MW and CR/MW LOL cant decide because i still love KW.

      but, let see if my mind change in later episode!

      Thank you so much ms Koala! so fast and finally get to understand what happen~you are awesome as always!

  13. count me in for the team Ryu:D LOL even from the start myung wol has this admire for Ryu i think (maybe it was a professional level but enough for me to see them getting married in the future as military people:D ) so it would be awesome if they end up together:D

  14. thank’s so much koala..I’ve watched this drama 3 ep but as I would love this drama.spy myung wol action, comedy, and romance blended together.although the storyline is confusing but I think I was watching at home until ep ends.koala’s recap the style that made me love..

  15. So happy I am not the only one!
    I shipped CR since day one! Woah! Ok, the actor is not anything, but this cold look, and the wooden attitude, is what we are looking for, isn’t it?
    For me, is far more interesting, to have him fall for MW rather than KW.
    Eric is way better actor (Que sera sera, I loved !) , and more good looking, but the character he portrays here, is .. can’t say he is not appealing, but just can’t really be the OTP-ish one.
    In Ah, can kill of her self. I don’t want her near anyone. She is such a selfish bitch. Maybe they can take care to North Korea and be the Halluy star there mwahaha!
    Unfortunately, I highly doubt CR will end up together with MW. I just had a heartache accepting the end of “I need romance”, that I was NOT shipping for, for neither of my two pairs, so I ll just have to wait for another one.

    Btw, CR isn’t cute? He punched to box bag to release his tense. Oh, such a cutie pie!! haha, I can find him a best way to release it * wink wink *

    As for the series, I can ”accept” irrelevant/random scenes, I can even accept a dull plot (as it was until now), but …. red hair AGAIN out of nowhere?

  16. Seems like majority is shipping for Ryu and MW.

    But…… Not me. Nah uh! I am all for KANG WOO!!!! 100%!
    KW and MW is the SOLE reason I am living and breathing this drama.

    Their developing romance, their awareness of each other, the funnies they make together, everything about them is the glue that’s holding this drama together, IMHO.

    And sorry, but each time Ryu comes on, I just wished his scene will be over quickly. He’s that boring. Yawn. But that’s not to say that I don’t like him. I do. Just not as a potential husband for MW. That position should only be filled by KW.

    And how much do i love jealous KW. He’s so cute, that Eric Mun. 🙂

    Btw, thanks so much for this recap koala. You are lightning quick! 🙂

    Spy Myung-Wol fighting!
    This drama ia one of the best that I’ve seen. 🙂

  17. i agree, i could care less for KW and his red hair, i really liked this episode , more importantly CR and MW . I hope when MW realizes love, she actually sees how much CR cared for her all the while and not fall for red hair. I will be really mad if MW falls for KW and weeps and sobs to stab back in south , i hope they realize that we actually like the combination of CR and MW and will gladly accept when they go back to North and forget about Halluyu stars.

  18. Your recap is fast. I’ve watched raw this morning but did not understand a single word (l’m no Korean). So your recap really helped a lot, now that l know what they’re saying.

    I’m actually Eric’s Fan since Stronger Chill Woo and Que Sera Sera. Furthermore, he looks more handsome in SMW. But base on the story, l some kind of wanting MW to be with Ryu, the 2nd. lead. Ryu looks more romantic and gentle. l do not even know Ryu before but in this drama, he just gorgeous.

    The 2 kissess and a love triangle in an episodes making this episodes the best so far. But they won’t win oscar for best kissing scene as the camera did not really focus to it. It some sort like just put the face close enough for the viewers to think it is a kiss (just like kiss in You’re Beautiful, they actually do not have that kiss, just close their face together, l’ve watched it 3 times, confirmed). And the kisses, why no passion involve??

    Even playing a good guy is easier than arrogant and bad actor, both Ryu and KW playing do-not-have-feeling character. And l can say, Ryu did better. With no mimic on his serious face, we actually feel his exhaust.

    Now that CH was over, l only watched SMW and heartstring. Heartstring is slow mo drama, SMW is the only company for me.

  19. I’m KW-MW shipper all the way , never was interrested in CR and as soon I saw IA it wa a fact for me that they will be a couple , I know KW is a jirk but I know also that he is falling for her or maybe totally in love with her and I’m sure the opportunity will come to show how much he loves her ( maybe even accept to go to north Korea to make her mission succeed and don’t get killed ) .
    and yes Phi let MW-CR shippers have fun right now , becoz things will change in a near future
    PS : dear koala thankuuuu so much for the recap :))) and I’m waiting for u to return back to our team 😉

    • hehe i’m a choi ryu and myung wol person right now..but i think that will change when kangwoo stops being a jerk…i guess rather than a jerk, i just wish he could realize his feelings of her..
      i hate the way he misunderstands everything.. lol.. but i do a gree with you!

  20. thank you for the recap! super good!
    ockoala, im not trying to be offensive, but in my personal opinion, although lee jin wook is not the best actor around, he’s had a couple of really good roles where he acted pretty well, and i think that he isn’t that terrible of an actor…hehe i ship the choi ryu and myung wol couple, but i do love eric. his real character is this 4D as well..but he’s less dense in real life 😀 i laughed so much these two episodes! FUNNY!!! 🙂

  21. YAY! finally the love triangle and Ryu is becoming humanoid!

    thanks sistah for the recaps… as usual really good recap!

  22. I think this show is coming close to being Coffee house for me shipping the main lead with second lead , KW/eric looked arrogant and headstrong for 8 episodes and this being 16 episode show i think he needs to flip a switch and show more exoressions and emotions during acting , i felt he was not even jealous

  23. Aigoo, it’s going to be a long wait until I’ll be able to watch this week’s episodes … the subs at darksmurf will be delayed, huhuhu.

    I’m with you on Choi Ryu… i prefer him over KW… but, oh well, i’m not gonna invest on that preference so much because it’s not gonna happen, lol. i’ll just support MW and whomever she loves, : )

    thanks for this. I cannot wait to watch this one, : )

    • Can you not watch it on mysoju? That’s where I watch it… Episode 7 is subbed and I opened two browsers for Episode 8 – one for the mysoju raw video, and one for the recap. Worked out real well… 🙂

  24. woah!! i just saw ep.8 and yeah I must agree lots of editing problems..
    nevertheless..I still appreciate how the screenwriters try to pull-out a spy-rom-com here..
    anyways…the ending was a shock for me..haha..I dunno…but in all fairness..the story line is getting better..pretty exciting twists…hopefully..

  25. kaola i’m with you.Kw was suppose to apologize for slapping her.
    I mean come on kw that doesn’t make sense.
    If she is so strong ,how come they are slapping her around like that.something just doesn’t feel right about this drama.

  26. YEEEEESSSSSS!!!!! Can’t wait to see the video with English subtitles. THANK YOU KOALA!! You are the BBBEESSSSTTTT!

    Finally, some serious adorable kisses from comrades Choi Ryu and Myung Wol. These two have more interesting dimensions, and obviously more probable pairing.

    Seriously, what is the likely “life after romance” with Kang Woo and Myung Wol? Myung Wol, the bodyguard wifey?

    Can’t wait for next episodes. thanks in advance Koala!! Bear hugs of thanks to you.

  27. Well I haven’t watched these past 2 episodes (thx for the recaps btw :D) But on the Kang Woo sides. I’m rarely on the second lead side, for the reason I’m on the side that the main girl likes. It does happen sometimes that I’m on the second lead side, but that’s when I’m not convinced the main girl likes the main guy (meaning its all up to how she shows it) and how both 1st and 2nd lead handle it. Although most of the time, I tell myself if it were a real life situation, I’d tell the lead girl to got with the second lead 😛

    I think that next episode won’t change much, and that KW will look for a way to get revenge against MW, by keeping her close (keep you’re enemies closer :P) but I can’t wait to see how he got that video 😀

  28. We are still on the 1st 2 episodes (with Eng sub on cable tv) but I am glad i am not alone on Team Ryu…I thought that LTM OTP had spoil it for me for all k-dramas..

  29. I’m still on Team Kang Woo, but I’m tellin’ ya, if Ryu continues to smile and laugh, I’ll be the first to jump ship. Someone please stand by with the life raft. I’m not a great swimmer.

  30. Rather than bad editing, it’s probably the team scrambling to get enough material filmed with the whole staff/writer change thing. Heard they were still filming for episode 8 on the eve episode 7 was being aired, and the cast (or at least Eric) hasn’t slept for almost a week.

  31. Dear Koala,

    u can´t even imagine how you made me LMFAO with your bellow comment:

    ¨This isn’t even bad editing, this is criminally bad editing. Someone needs to be sacked at KBS for this.
    To preserve my own sanity, I’ll just assume Kang Woo bought Myung Wol a dress and she changed into it, but we never got to see said clothes-changing scene. Everyone cool with that?¨

    Counting that is 3am and I am cracking up with this recap and specially with that quote….hahahha that´s why I love the playground and its one of the first pages I open everyday for my drama recaps and news!!!!!!!!!

    Thanks Koala!!!!!!!!!

  32. thank you very much i watched the raw but didn’t understand the hole meaning
    about the couples i wish that KW and MY end together they are nice also i really love Eric and in this show i even more admire him i think he will fire her and after that he will really miss her and realize that he totally fall for her and wish to marry him even if she love his fortune ( KW thought )
    KW fighting <3 <3

  33. Having a second lead syndrome most of the time, I’ve been rooting for Ryu since first episode and episode 8 just nails it. I actually don’t know about this guy playing Choi Ryu. I just heard of Eric coz of watching LTM wherein he’s being linked to YEH by some of the commenters and I find him really gorgeous and hot. However, it’s the Ryu playing actor that caught my attention. I guess it’s because of his role as stiff, with excellent fighting skills and limited emotional range typical North Korean spy that makes him adorable and somewhat mysterious. After watching this episode, I’m now definitely rooting Ryu all the way and loving Lee Jin Wook for real. Sorry for all Eric lovers, Peace be with you. 😀 LOL

    Thank you so much Ms K for the fast recap. Having been in your playground since PK, if I’m not mistaken, this the first time you’re shipping for the second lead and I’m glad more are jumping ship too. 😀

    MW ♥ CR fighting!!!

  34. May be I am in the minority here but I like Kang-Woo character more, I even like his colorful style (well some are grind worthy) but it’s cool and versatile….. it also build up more to his character and magnify the cockiness of the character.

    As for character development, despite being such a bad ass, his character has more dimension and rooms for development. Choi-Ryu is consistent with being the elite spy but there’s nothing more to grow from here other than showing more of his feeling to Myung-Woo (which Kang-Woo is slowly coming to that realization as well). Underneath the very annoyed Kang-Woo, I see that soft side of him (to Myung-Wol at least).… stopping the bitch from slapping her in earlier episode, saving her from the forceful dance and the very latest throwing away his showcase to rescues Myung-Wol (well ,he can’t save her but it’s the thought & scarifying that I give him extra brownie points). On top of that, he doesn’t take advantage of Myung-Wol despite her keep throwing herself to him on many occasions. With In-Ah, even though Kang-Woo gets a backing (financially) from President Joo, again, he doesn’t take advantage, mislead or fuel up In-Ah’s 1-sided love for him just to keep the cash cow nearby…. and that’s is nice to see. He keeps it diplomatic, actually telling her in many occasions that he’s NOT interested….

    It may not happens but I’m interested in Kang-Woo more because:

    1. More range of emotions
    2. How will he response to Myung-Wol when he find out her true identity
    3. How will he change (better himself) when the MW love-bug really infests him
    4. Why did he buy the old book at Singapore auction that everyone are after
    5. Who is this mysterious Goblin that Kang-Woo has been looking for all these years…

    So yeah, all that said, that’s why I find Kang-Woo character has more color and dimension. It’s refreshing to see such character in K-dramaland for a change. As for Myung-Wol, I wonder sometimes why such elite spy could fail so much in her missions (toilet paper as negotiation for her employment? seriously?) hahahaha but it sure makes me laugh out loud.

    Sorry for the very long comment and thanks for the recap.

    • forgot to say, aside from the handsome and hotness, this charismatic Eric guy is doing a damn fine job for his character! I’m falling… falling hard……

    • im with you team kang woo how could anyone like the bore and come on their is no way a north korean spy would act that way you can see she is in love with kang woo i mean who would even look at the bore with kang woo around maybe im of base but do you think their is a link between kang woo father death and what happen to myung wol father what i dont understand is were you see the chemisty between the bore and myung wol now with kw and mw i can see it and they will end up together what would be the point of the story if they dont .maybe the bore will die in the end for them now the would be good

  35. So Auntie K
    even Im confused about this show. I love Eric but idk if I like what the writers are going to his character. And I can see MW with either guy.Awwww what to do what to do. i think we are all going crazy over here.
    This show’s got me doing the double—dutch, back and forth, back and forth right now ,playmates :/

  36. Thanks for the recap … I am watching episode 3 rite now… I am also in Choi Ryu team… But, I know that in the end he’s not going to get the girl since he is 2nd male lead…

    I had watched most of the Lee Jin- uk dramas and he always didn’t get the girl at the end . But, I love his acting and he is such a cutiepie…hehe…

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