Park Jin Hee Showcases Her Love of the Environment for Allure Korea

It’s not often you see a photoshoot where the actress is not only gorgeous in it, but the theme actually reflects something about who the actress is. Park Jin Hee, currently filming the movie Grape Candy, recently did a photo shoot for Allure Korea where her love of environmental causes was integrated into the shoot in a front and center way. Park Jin Hee is one of the, if not THE, premiere celebrity champions of the environment in Korea, and she really practices what she preaches, doing lots of charity work for environmental conservation and awareness. I’ve loved her since The Woman Who Still Wants to Marry and Giant, and can’t wait to see her back on the small screen soon.

So Jin Hee reminds us, in a pretty and not preachy way, to start carrying around re-usable grocery bags, use your own coffee thermos rather than the coffee shop disposable ones, bring your own utensils, and make the most out of every square of tissue. I think I can do that.

[Allure Korea]


Park Jin Hee Showcases Her Love of the Environment for Allure Korea — 6 Comments

  1. What a great spread! She is seriously one of the most beautiful women I think I’ve ever seen, and I love her even more for being environmentally-minded, and not just giving it lip service.

  2. Wow, first there was news of Kim Bum and now Park Jin Hee. The Woman that Still Wants to Marry just came rushing back to me. Such a beautiful woman and A-list actress. Thank you for the posts Ms Koala. TWTSWTM is that drama I watch over and over when I need to see romance and comedy. That was a great coupling.

  3. I love Park Jin Hee and I think she looks great in the photos….

    BUT the first thing that popped into my head when looking at them was “they wasted all those paper cups(utensils, tissues, etc.) for the photo to tell people not to waste them?” It’s not like people are going to reuse those cups that are glued to the wall are they? She’s trying to get a great message across, but, at least in my mind, it didn’t really work. Anybody else think the same thing?

  4. I love her in The Woman Who Still Wants To Marry!! I have not seen Giant…
    She looks great in this photoshoot. I wish she’d do another romance comedy. She’s just so lovable.

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