Always Releases Gorgeous Stills of So Ji Sub and Han Hyo Joo

This movie looks stunning. I am enthralled by how moody and evocative the first official stills look from the upcoming movie Always with So Ji Sub and Han Hyo Joo. He plays a boxer, she plays a blind artist, clearly they fall for each other. Some couplings just visually look right together, and I’ve thought so about this pairing since it was announced earlier this year they would be doing a movie together. I hope the movie is good and not too sad, because I’m definitely excited to watch it.

[Credit: all pictures from Baidu So Ji Sub bar]


Always Releases Gorgeous Stills of So Ji Sub and Han Hyo Joo — 30 Comments

  1. Hello, is it me you’re looking for? I can see it in your eyes… and I don’t know what to do. Let me tell you something, I love you :->

    • When I read that it made me bust out laughing. I was wondering what that fifth picture remind me of and then I read your post.

  2. ahh.. they are both look good together.. I do hope they make a drama together. Heck.. i wish this is the drama version than then the movie version… ^^

  3. omo, these stills look gorgeous. i’m loving Ji Sub’s crazy hair. and Han Hyo Joo is one of my faves. i remember she said a few years ago that her ideal man is Ji Sub…haha, wonder what if feels like to act opposite your crush. can’t wait to watch this movie! 😉

  4. I haven’t seen so ji sub since i skipped his last drama (Road Number 1)
    He’s still great n adorable.
    Can’t wait to watch this drama …
    Hope this drama will as good as others so ji sub drama

  5. Not sure why many folks think this is a “drama” since it’s written above four times no less that it’s a “movie”. Just want to clarify since otherwise it’ll be fruitless to search for it coming out on TV.

  6. So Ji Sub always can look so tough but then you look at his eyes you seyes tender/soulful man *swoon*. the hair/tough guy image made me think of MISA -if it is even a fraction as good it would be awesome!

    however if they do play Lionel in this – esp THAT scene – it may turn a dramatic scene into an instant comedy LOL

    can’t wait to catch this movie, wonder when the release date is?

    (ockoala unni – it’s bspanda dongseang from DB OTs (cira chats about Kwan Ji Hwan (aka Kwan Ji MINE!)/cha seung won circa city hall etc) *waves* btw is it not awesome both had another awesome dramas come out this year and around the same time? 1st time comment on the playground but been visiting for awhile! Love yr playground – (numerous) daily visits here and DB, are essential partS of my day. Hope you, Mr koala and yr baby koalas are all well! Thank them for allowing you the time to write yr wonderful work here. *hugz*)

    • Having been only recently ‘reeled’ into the world of K-dramas/ movies by the super-addictive series ‘Lie to Me’ and having heard about how great an actor SJS is – and from none other than our dear Capt K herself, I was getting really excited about ‘Only You’. I think the world of KJH’s superb acting but I’ve read that SJS’s superior! Then, I saw your comment.

      Watching the main lead becoming moribund is simply not my cup of tea. So, I’ll earmark this one on my ever-growing list of ‘potential-to-watch K-dramas/movies’. Perhaps the tide might turn for SJS and he might get a happy-ending this time. I’ll catch the movie then. Anyway, thanks to all for the info on it.

  7. this man seriously seriously needs to do at least one happy project. i get depressed just thinking of watching another sad one from him.

  8. So Ji Sub channels angst like nobody’s business. Yeah, we got it. But seriously I’m angst out of SJS. I don’t really mind it so much if we get a happy-ending, or at the very least, satisfactorily-resolved. No more bittersweet, please. and if they give us anothe tragedy, then that settles it, I will never watch another SJS movie or drama again.

  9. The photos are gorgeous.
    I guess it will be a while til I can watch this with subs since its a movie. Just hope that is does well.
    The story isn’t that exciting when I first read it but the pictures make it worth looking forward too 😀

  10. I want to shoot his hairdresser! He looks like someone who has been electrocuted, like a long lost asian cousin of Einstein! Not diggin’ that hair..

  11. The story with a blind girl remind me of Moon Geun Young’s movie on 2006, “Love Me Not”. But of course, it have a different plot and story. And, Love Me Not seem like a darker movie. I think i want to watch this movie too! Because Han Hyo Joo is one of my favorite actress! But, of course, Moon Geun Young is on my TOP list!

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