Protect the Boss Episode 5 Recap

Woah, baby. The ending to episode 5 of Protect the Boss was NOT what I had expected. At all. And definitely not this early in the game. Kudos to PTB for continuing to surprise and thrill me. I’m now so fully invested in this story someone will need to chain me to a tow truck to drag me away from the denizens of this off-beat drama.

I simply adore every single character in this drama, including all the secondary and side folks that normally I treat like wallpaper. The storyline to continues to move purposefully ahead on all fronts: work, play, and a four-way love square that everyone is beginning to see coming towards them like a mack truck.

Episode 5 recap:

We go back a little and see how Eun Seol got her brilliant idea to have Ji Heon present via a video conference. She was brushing her teeth in the morning when her dad called her (to ask why she’s on the cover of a newspaper) on a new smartphone that has video conferencing capability. Her mind clicks and she rushes to Ji Heon’s house.

He’s still asleep so she jumps on his bed and rolls him off the bed in one fluid motion. He’s wearing the yellow boxers she gave him and gets embarrassed when she notices it. She tells him not to be embarrassed because she’s seen it before. Eun Seol grabs his clothes and literally drags him out of his room and out of the house, to the shocked expression of the maid.

Ji Heon, hastily dressed in his suit, goes outside to see his former secretary Mr. Kim and Myung Ran in a car waiting for them. Eun Seol shoves him into the car while explaining that she’s found a solution. They head to an office where they set up video conference capabilities, while Ji Heon practices his presentation and Myung Ran listens and gives criticism.

Back to the presentation, Ji Heon discusses that their DN theme park isn’t competing against other theme parks, but against people more interested in computers, smartphones, and video games. The management is happy with the presentation.

Afterwards, the Chairman can’t help but dig into his sister-in-law a bit by gloating about how well Ji Heon presented today. Someone bumps into her and she uses that opportunity to dig right back, grinding her sharp high heel into the Chairman’s foot for good measure. He yelps in pain and asks why she needs to be so immature. She whispers back that this is how she really behaves, so he better watch it before messing with her. Ha, love their bickering.

The Chairman limps away. His secretary asks what is wrong with his foot and gets yelled at by the Chairman for asking. Moo Won gets chewed out by his mom for Ji Heon’s unexpected stellar performance, telling him that she was so embarrassed today that her son got out-performed by Ji Heon. Moo Won can only listen without saying a word.

After the presentation, Ji Heon walks out with Secretary Kim and Myung Ran, who both demand part time job payment for today’s services. Ji Heon mutters that all Myung Ran did was sleep, to which she claims she was crouching to pray for Ji Heon to successfully deliver the presentation. MWAHAHAHA.

Eun Seol happily runs in to join everyone. She gives Myung Ran and Secretary Kim hugs for a job well done. Ji Heon gets ready with outstretched arms for his hug. When she hugs him, both pause and flash back to the night before. They quickly break apart. Eun Seol reminds him that he has to go to a dinner, and Ji Heon agrees reluctantly. Secretary Kim is shocked, because he used to get yelled at by Ji Heon for making him go to events. Yes, the disparate treatment is pretty obvious.

Ji Heon asks if she’s not joining, and Eun Seol says she has to clean up the meeting office. Ji Heon looks concerned that she stayed up all night, using the excuse that her face looks tired so easily so she needs to go get some rest. He tells her to clean casually, don’t go anywhere else afterwards, and quickly go home and sleep. Myung Ran tries to smack Ji Heon for dictating what Eun Seol can do.

While cleaning the meeting room, Eun Seol smiles as she remembers Ji Heon’s successful presentation. Moo Won is not in a good mood and goes to secretary’s office where he overhears Eun Seol singing as she’s washing dishes. She is so damn cute, and even Moo Won thinks so as he stands behind a wall and smiles at her “performance.” Eun Seol turns mid-dance and sees him, which causes her to freeze and she literally breaks the dish she is holding in half in her nervousness.

Moo Won asks her out to dinner using the excuse that he hasn’t eaten. Moo Won picks at his food during the meal, leading Eun Seol to ask if anything is wrong. He confesses that he was scolded. She wonders who dared to scold him? She asks if he wants her to beat that person up? Moo Won says it was his mom. But he was touched she cares, so he wants to share his thoughts with her.

Moo Won says he’s always been the model child, but now he doesn’t know how to keep doing it. Eun Seol suggests he change his life’s structure around. A person who comes home every day at 10, when suddenly coming home at midnight, will be called crazy. A person always coming home at midnight, if one day comes home at 10, will be greeted happily. Moo Won understands – because he’s always so perfect, even the littlest deviation gets him scolded, whereas Ji Heon is such a mess, that even the littlest success garners him great praise.

Eun Seol tells Moo Won not to emulate Ji Heon, but he can engage in a little bit of rebellion. Moo Won immediately stands up and says he wants to immediately rebel now. He rushes off only to pause and ask Eun Seol how exactly does one engage in rebellion? Eun Seol isn’t so sure anymore, it’s been ages since she went out carousing.

Eun Seol takes Moo Won to a bustling entertainment area. Moo Won is nervous about being seen, since he’s the model citizen of the business world and has a bit of face recognition. Eun Seol drags him to another place and he shields his face as he confesses that people call him “the prince of the business world”….at least on twitter they do. HAHAHA. He runs off and Eun Seol thinks back to how both Cha cousins are very uncomfortable in public places.

Eun Seol buys Moo Won funny glasses that they wear to conceal their identity. They go listen to an outdoor mini concert and then sit down to drink some beer. We see someone taking pictures of them.

The Chairman gets drunk at dinner and Ji Heon has to carry him into the house. Grandma helps Ji Heon deposit her son in his room. The Chairman says he doesn’t care about Secretary Kim or Eun Seol, he gives Ji Heon the right to do with them as he wishes.

Grandma makes her son sit up so she can take off his jacket. He proudly tells his mom how Ji Heon performed today, his face showing up suddenly on the monitor. The shock to the room as akin to someone finding out a birth secret like they do in a drama. Grandma tells him to straighten his legs as she moves to take off his socks. Suddenly she sees a bruise on his foot and asks how he injured himself.

The Chairman says it was all the fault of Seok Hee, his sister-in-law, and Grandma asks why they can’t just get along. The Chairman says he’s getting along just fine recently, like with Moo Won and Ji Heon. Grandma mutters that if it’s one’s kid, one has to love and take care of the child no matter what.

Ji Heon wants to text Eun Seol but doesn’t know what to say. Suddenly he gets a call from her. He’s super excited but pretends to be annoyed when he answers. He hears something which shocks him and makes him go running out of the house. Eun Seol is with a dead drunk Moo Won, who pets her and says she did a good job. Ji Heon comes running demanding that Moo Won stop petting Eun Seol.

Moo Won tells Ji Heon to leave now. Ji Heon demands to know why Eun Seol is with Moo Won, and drinking no less. He turns to Moo Won, asking why Moo Won never accepted his invitations in the past to go drinking, but here he is getting sloshed with Eun Seol? He demands to know why Moo Won petted Eun Seol without his permission? Ji Heon asks Eun Seol in an accusatory voice whether she seduced Moo Won?

Eun Seol says she didn’t do any such thing. Ji Heon keeps pointing to her and saying “wah, wah, wah….” Moo Won pukes his guts out, leading Ji Heon to drag his drunk ass back home. Moo Won’s mom asks what Ji Heon did to her son, and Ji Heon tells her she needs to thank him for bringing her drunk son home. Ji Heon asks his aunt to convey to Moo Won these words – do not covet someone else’s things, and if Moo Won tries to take it away, be prepared to die. Moo Won’s mom is shocked by his words and goes to check on her son.

Ji Heon drives Eun Seol home, but first bickering with her that she ought to take a taxi. She confesses to wanting to save money to buy some things. During the drive, she opens the window and he closes it. They engage in a window fight until Eun Seol gives up because Ji Heon is so immature when he’s in a snit. He asks why she’s giving him that look, she betrayed her boss tonight yet he’s still magnanimous enough to drive her home.

Eun Seol says she’s giving him a look of great gratitude. She gets out of the car and Ji Heon follows her. He asks if she’s planning to remain close to Cha Moo Won? She doesn’t answer and he demands to know if she likes Moo Won? Eun Seol finally says she can’t pretend anymore, and asks Ji Heon if he really has her in his brain. Does he like her? Ji Heon looks shocked and asks if he’s crazy.

Ji Heon tells Eun Seol to look at herself, she’s always unkempt all the time. She asks him to just confess if he likes her. Ji Heon says “I like you.” But he doesn’t know how he could possibly like her, so the answer is that he’s crazy. This time it’s Ji Heon’s turn to ask Eun Seol to answer. She holds her heart for a moment, and tells him to please regain his sanity.

She turns to walk up the stairs to her apartment, with Ji Heon chasing her, demanding to know how she can step on his innocent declaration of love so cruelly like this? He asks if Eun Seol has a heart! Eun Seol says that since she can’t accept, so it’s better if she stepped on his emotions. He asks why she can’t accept? She says “#1..” to which Ji Heon cuts her off and is offended that there is actually more than one reason she can’t accept him.

Eun Seol says that number 1, a secretary that seduces her boss is no good. He asks if she’s afraid of what others will think. She says no, but her future career at the company will be buried because people will never accept her. Same with Ji Heon, this will make people further look down on Ji Heon. Second reason, if the Chairman found out his son like a girl like Eun Seol, even if right now the Chairman likes her well enough, that will change and the Chairman might bury her in the middle of the Pacific Ocean.

Ji Heon asks if she’s that afraid of his dad. She says no, but there is a third reason. She genuinely likes him, but it’s only as a secretary likes her boss. She doesn’t like him beyond that. So all three reasons combined, she wishes for them to please just maintain their current relationship. Ji Heon has no answer for her sincere and honest words. She apologizes to him. She’s also worried that she can’t work for him in the future and will lose her job. She doesn’t want to lose her employee badge.

Eun Seol asks Ji Heon to look at how selfish she is, and to regain his sanity. Ji Heon says no, he doesn’t want to regain his sanity! Eun Seol asks him if he wants her to quit then, she’ll write a resignation letter. Ji Heon asks in shock if she’s threatening him with quitting? She says yes, so can he please stop liking her because she’s really such a bad person. Ji Heon says okay, he’ll consider it. But he tells her not to threaten quitting again, that almost gave him a heart attack.

Eun Seol walks away, and poor Ji Heon makes multiple moves to chase after her. He finally sits down on the steps, taking big breaths to regain his composure. Back home, Eun Seol hugs Myung Ran, asking what will happen to her and Ji Heon? Myung Ran says she would date him immediately if it were her. Ji Heon sits at home and looks at his Eun Seol cut out.

He throws a dart at her, and then says in the cutest aegyo voice that he was just lying to her back there. He will not reconsider regaining his sanity and stop liking her. He. Will. Not. Ji Heon adorably pouts and stands before the cut out. Next thing we see, Ji Heon is putting band aids on the cut out in every spot where he hit it with a dart. OMG, so insanely cute. I LOVE THIS DAMN DRAMA. He tells the cut out Eun Seol that SHE needs to reconsider. He vows to make her reconsider. This I cannot wait to see.

Moo Won wakes up after one night’s rebellion with a hangover and a recollection of petting Eun Seol last night and puking in front of Ji Heon. He lowers his head and sighs. Mom makes him breakfast and apologizes for yesterday, getting mad at him.

“Operation Reconsider” begins the next morning, with both sides getting dressed for battle. Myung Ran helps Eun Seol pick the ugliest outfit ever to make her less attractive, while Ji Heon primps into his most snazzy suit to lure Eun Seol. We see Ji Heon trying to make Eun Seol notice him, while she does her best to look like the cat lady. Everyone at work notices how weird they are lately. Ji Heon and Moo Won run into each other in the lobby with their secretaries in tow. The usual posturing takes place.

The Chairman watches CFs produced by netizens as part of the company’s new outreach towards consumers online, which is getting great feedback. He tells his secretary to contact the media and prepare a picture of Ji Heon for the press. Moo Won’s mom gets wind of it as well. The newspaper ends up carrying a bigger picture of Moo Won on top, with a smaller picture of Ji Heon on the botton, which pisses off the Chairman knowing it’s the handiwork of his nemesis.

Ji Heon hires back Sectetary Kim to work at the company in a marketing capacity on the online smart working project. Eun Seol enters with coffee and Ji Heon purposely says he’s not going to be working recently so Secretary Kim has to handle the project by himself. Once they are alone, Eun Seol asks if Ji Heon’s threat not to work is to get back at her. He says he’s just using her tactic, what with the threat to quit.

Ji Heon says he was fooled by her, she would never quit because she wants this job so much. Ji Heon says that until Eun Seol goes crazy (like him), he won’t work and he won’t make her a permanent employee. Eun Seol almost punches him but restrains herself. Ji Heon takes it one step further, reminding her that she hates to see him being useless.

Secretary Kim runs into the Chairman at the company. The Chairman remembers that he’s the guy who told the media about the violence incident. The Chairman chases after Secretary Kim but loses him in the elevator. Ji Heon explains to his dad that he got permission from his dad to bring back Secretary Kim.

Ji Heon says he wants to clean up the company’s back taxes situation before taking over, remembering Eun Seol saying she doesn’t want to see him becoming a chairman in trouble with the law. The Chairman thinks Ji Heon is ridiculing him right now. Ji Heon asks for some time off recently in order to recharge. Before his dad can get mad, Ji Heon runs off, but promises that he’s doing something more important than his job.

We see the other director secretly meeting with Moo Won’s mom to deliver a report to her on the stock ownership information of the Chairman. Moo Won’s mom suddenly sees a whack-a-mole game on the street and pulls over. She calls the Chairman a sly old fox and pretends that she’s whacking sly old foxes on that game. The director reminds her that it’s a mole, not a fox. Heh.

We see someone secretly taking pictures of Eun Seol’s daddy hunting in the forest. Turns out it’s a private eye hired by Na Yoon’s mom to find out all about Eun Seol’s real family background. She shows the pictures to Na Yoon, who asks why her mom would do this. Her mom says that it doesn’t matter whether Na Yoon ends up marrying Moo Won or Ji Heon, these picture may come in handy. Na Yoon’s mom suggests her daughter change her hair salon, since her hair looks exceedingly flat. Na Yoon immediately plumps up her hair, asking her mom whether she’s informed Moo Won or Ji Heon’s parent about this.

Her mom says she’s headed to tell Moo Won’s mom right now, to warn her to keep an eye on her son. Na Yoon tries to dissuade her mom, explaining that this will only make Na Yoon look pathetic. She grabs her mom’s arm and accidentally jerks it. Na Yoon apologizes, she’s been taking self-defense classes lately. Her mom asks why she needs to learn self-defense, and Na Yoon thinks back to the bottle to the head moment in the last episode, muttering that the world is dangerous and she needs to protect herself. Na Yoon asks her mom to not get involved, and let her handle the situation herself.

Na Yoon calls Eun Seol out and explains that she and Ji Heon wasn’t just an arranged married, they liked each other, but circumstances forced them to be apart temporarily. Eun Seol is happy and asks Na Yoon if there is a chance for them to rekindle their feelings for each other. This catches Na Yoon of guard. Eun Seol asks what she can do to help. Na Yoon says stay away from Ji Heon.

Eun Seol says she can’t do that, since she’s his personal secretary. She promises to stay away outside of work. Na Yoon says she’ll help Eun Seol look for another job, but Eun Seol declines. She likes her job and finally her colleagues have stopped discriminating against her. Eun Seol thinks Na Yoon must know how she feels, but Na Yoon is insulted to be thus lumped together as someone without ability getting a job.

Na Yoon is fuming as she drives off. She calls the Chairman and puts on her cutest aegyo voice and asks the Chairman if he has time to talk. She finds him scraping gum off the street as his community service for today. Na Yoon crouches down and asks the Chairman to step forward and get the kids marriage situation settled. The Chairman says he hasn’t forgiven her. She was the one who left without saying anything, and because of her, his Ji Seok……

The Chairman stops and concedes that was indeed just an accident, and he shouldn’t blame Na Yoon. She in turns says she does feel guilt about it. She asks the Chairman to let her prove her sincerity now. The Chairman explains that he made a promise to Ji Heon that he will stay out of their situation and not interfere. Na Yoon then asks if Eun Seol can be switched, suggesting a male boss with a female secretary may cause gossip. The Chairman yells at Na Yoon for interfering in company business now, and tells her to leave rather than bugging him when he’s doing community service.

Myung Ran and Eun Seol are laying outside their apartment enjoying the night view. Myung Ran asks “ice-cream?” To which Eun Seol answers that she thinks her Moo Won God must really like Ice-cream Girl (Na Yoon). Mwahahaha, oh god, her nickname for Na Yoon is priceless. Eun Seol vows to support her Moo Won God.

Myung Ran draws four cartoon figures to illustrate the love lines – Moo Won God likes Ice-cream Girl, who likes Ji Heon, who likes Bun-head Girl. Myung Ran shows Eun Seol that she is ranked #1 in this love line, and suggests that if Eun Seol liked Moo Won, she can turn the love line into a complete love circle. Eun Seol says she likes herself. You go, girl! Suddenly cartoon Ji Heon pops up in Eun Seol’s mind and she closes her eyes to make him go away.

The Chairman calls Eun Seol in to ask about Ji Heon and whether she has an “understanding” with him. She’s relieved to hear that he wants to know about their working compatibility. He tells her to continue to support Ji Heon, and he will help her succeed. But if she fails, she’s out. He sighs and asks her to just consider this a lifesaving gesture on her part, assisting crazy Ji Heon, and the being driven crazy by community service Chairman. She has to help turn Ji Heon into an adult, the Chairman quietly asks Secretary Noh, he’s putting his faith in her.

Eun Seol walks out of that meeting sighing. Moo Won sees her walking away. He makes a move to follow her, but decides against it. His secretary asks if his plan to use Eun Seol to keep an eye on Ji Heon is not working. Moo Won says that plan failed a long time ago.

Eun Seol takes a bus and thinks back to the Chairman’s sincere entreaty that she help Ji Heon. Suddenly Eun Seol’s face freezes into a grimace as a man walks up behind her. It’s clear he’s groping her, and Eun Seol gives him an elbow to the stomach. Ji Heon is trying to keep himself busy at home but failing. He gets a call from Myung Ran.

Eun Seol is at the police station, where she’s sitting next to the beaten up pervert. Myung Ran walks in asking if both sides can settle this. Ji Heon comes barging in demanding on the top of his lungs, asking who dares to touch Eun Seol’s butt! Outside the police station, Eun Seol asked why Ji Heon settled. She was the victim even though the guy got beaten up pretty bad.

The pervert walks out all smug. Ji Heon stops him, telling him that there is no such thing as a free lunch in this world. The reason Ji Heon gave the guy extra money to settle, was so that Ji Heon can punch him now. Ji Heon throws a punch, and the pervert returns one back to Ji Heon. Which is when Eun Seol steps forward and punches that guy who is down for the count.

Eun Seol tells Ji Heon that she will reconsider, so will he please come back to work now? He says sure. She says that she is only considering it, and will not promise to like him anytime soon, or see him as a man. He’s fine with her just considering it. Eun Seol says she has a new tactic for the Cha Ji Heon Makeover project per the Chairman’s request. She wants Ji Heon to prepare for it, asking if he can handle it. He says he can handle it. Eun Seol says she won’t go easy on him.

Grandma is informed that her car is missing. She wonders how a car can just run off by itself. Then she makes the connection, and we see Ji Heon happily driving off in his grandma’s car. Ji Heon calls Moo Won just to happily inform Moo Won that he is about to undergo extensive training by Eun Seol. Ji Heon warns Moo Won not to bother Eun Seol since she’s going to be busy with Ji Heon going forward. Haha, they are totally boys fighting over their favorite toy. Moo Won hangs up the phone and rolls his eyes.

Eun Seol comes home from a jog to see Ji Heon waiting for her outside her apartment, posed all cool looking next to the car. He tosses her the car keys and tells her that this car is hers to use for work purposes. Myung Ran goes over to admire it, and Ji Heon tells her that she can’t ride in the car since it’s for Eun Seol’s work. Myung Ran correctly reminds Ji Heon that he needs to treat her better. Having Myung Ran on Ji Heon’s side will only be in Ji Heon’s best interest.

Eun Seol tosses the keys back at him, telling him she doesn’t want it. She feels safer taking public transportation. Myung Ran and Eun Seol keep bickering, until Myung Ran takes the car keys and makes the decision for Eun Seol. Ji Heon asks if her makeover plan is ready, because he’s ready. He takes the keys back from Myung Ran, explaining that he needs Eun Seol to drive him home now. Eun Seol drives him home and tries to return the car keys. Ji Heon tells her to come inside, he wants to share information he’s gathered on his phobia problem.

Na Yoon’s mom meet with Moo Won’s mom and dumps a bag full of pictures on the table showing Moo Won out with Eun Seol. There are also pictures of Ji Heon and Eun Seol hitting the pervert. Moo Won’s mom looks like she has a sneaky idea.

Moo Won joins Na Yoon for drinks. She thanks him for coming and hands him the surveillance pictures that were shot of him and Eun Seol. Na Yoon says these pictures are going to be shown to his mom soon. Na Yoon thinks Eun Seol lied about her family background, but Moo Won knows that Na Yoon likely just misconstrued what Eun Seol said. Na Yoon sarcastically concedes she’s at fault for misunderstanding then!

In fact, she’s like a sagging ball that everyone can kick here and there. Moo Won says he doesn’t think of her that way. He doesn’t think she’s laughable. She says he also kicked her when she was down, by rejecting a possible marriage with her off the bat. Moo Won says he simply doesn’t want a loveless arranged marriage. If Na Yoon will bring her heart into it, he will reconsider. Na Yoon thanks him with her usual mopey expression, not sure if he’s being sincere.

Moo Won drives a weepy Na Yoon home. She wonders how she got to this point. Moo Won grabs her head and she pushes his hand away. He sighs and says people like them have so many considerations when it comes to their future spouse. Moo Won asks Na Yoon – when she can let go and give up (on Ji Heon), she can come over to him. He leans over to kiss her.

Ji Heon dumps stacks of books in front of Eun Seol and suggests that she stay here and read it. She asks if he hasn’t tried to overcome the problem. Ji Heon tries to milk it further and says it’s not so easy. Eun Seol is reading with Ji Heon sitting right next to her. She looks over at him, which is when he leans in and kisses her.

Thoughts of Mine:

I’m beginning to wonder if the writer of PTB purposely infused almost every single character in this drama with an extra shot of immaturity, which somehow made them all come alive as vibrant characters. Na Yoon is an immature snot who is so filled with FEELINGS that you can’t help but just want to pet her. She has exhibited no backstabbing tendencies or even passive-aggresive whining. She’s doing everything she can, out in the open, to get back with Ji Heon. I find nothing wrong with that, and am thrilled because it gives me more chances to see her fail in the cutest fashion. Knowing she’s taking self-defense because Eun Seol kicked a can into her forehead? She’s just too precious. I’m looking forward to her picking herself up and go running into Moo Won God’s arms.

Moo Won’s mom, when she grounded her heel on Ji Heon’s dad’s foot and when she went to whack-a-sly-fox, turned her from amusing to downright hilarious and relatable. Moo Won has a supermodel’s appearance but is secretly kinda dorky and juvenile. I can go on and on, but it’s these little character reveals that add such enjoyment to this already fun drama.

So now we officially start the “love” aspect of the drama, though I foresee all the romantic angst will not overwhelm the entire story, to the point where substantive issues as such Ji Heon’s maturation into the heir of the company and Eun Seol finding validation by succeeding in her first real job will not get properly dealt with.

I loved their scene at the stairs when Eun Seol and Ji Heon talked at length about how they feel, and what they think, and what they want to do about it. There is no beating around the bush with either of them, and Ji Heon’s growing feelings for Eun Seol doesn’t appear to risk undermining their unique friendship at this point. Ji Heon and Moo Won are both little boys at heart in their big boy bodies. I’m surprised that Moo Won may really have some feelings for Na Yoon, but I’m wouldn’t be surprised if Eun Seol continues to make him curious about her.

I like the fact that this drama knows it has four very well-written characters, with boatloads of flaws and undeniable charm. It makes sense to have two sets of OTPs, and I would be thrilled to see some cross-angst but ultimately having both couples realize their feelings for the right person. This drama doesn’t like dropping hints like anvils, instead allowing plot to reveal itself effortlessly so that we learn new things without ever feeling that we are being force fed information. I can’t wait to see how Na Yoon and Eun Seol deal with the sudden kiss. A slap? Or a kiss back?


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  1. Me 2 , love all the characters , and that is the first time ever for me ,PTB really bright my day, i’m working with a smile :)thank u koala.

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  3. I loved this episode so much. I can’t believe that I found another crack drama so quickly after City Hunter ended (RIP), but PTB is just as good in its own way as CH was. (Though I know CH wasn’t your cup of tea, unni.)

    I love how all the tropes and the plot devices are being subverted in this drama. Really, the writer(s?) has eschewed your “normal” chaebol, your “normal” chaebol family, your “normal” spunky heroine, and even your “normal” love polygon. And I love it! I wish there was a word stronger than ‘love’, because that’s how I feel about this drama.

    Can I just take a moment to squeal about Ji Sung? I have to admit, at first I wasn’t that intrigued by him, but the moment I saw him in action as Ji-heon, I fell head over heals. His character could be played in such a way that he just came across petulant, or just plain crazy, but I think Ji Sung has done a genius job of making Ji-heon both relatable and adorable while at the same time conveying the struggle and the challenges of the man that he is. And every time he does something immature trying to get or keep Eun-seol’s attention, I fall in love with him a little more. He would probably drive me nuts if I knew him in real life, but as a character, he’s 100% LOVE. ^_^

    Ugh, I could probably write an entire novel about how much I love this drama, but I’d better contain myself. Thanks for the time and energy you put into these awesome recaps, unni! ^_^ <3

    • Drive me nuts, Ji Sung, if possible…in real
      JS’s too adorable in PTB…his actiong is superb…love him to bits!!

      • Ditto. I have been wondering myself about how I relate with Ji Sung, and have been trying to find words on why I like this actor so much.

        I rewatched Save the Last Dance For Me (which I watched some years back when it aired, 2004 or 2005?) the week before PTB started. Reason for the revisit was that I kept thinking about a drama that made an impression on me whose title and cast I have forgotten. It niggled on my mind so much that I just had to find answers. I had to do some serious searching before finding it. Was in fact surprised that Eugene was the female lead. Ji Sung was the other half of the OTP. Though I saw the drama before, it was as if this was my first time seeing Ji Sung in action. And my reaction to him really surprised me.

        Then PTB started and I go Omo, Ji Sung ah! Watching PTB, whenever Ji Sung is onscreen, I find myself zooming in on him, even examining in detail every feature of his face. He really has a luminous screen presence.

        Am still not sure why Ji Sung resonates so much with me. He’s not the usual squeal generating hunk like Lee Min Ho or Cha Seung Won. The best I can come up with is that I feel this great tendresse for him, almost like an ache that makes me want to hug him tightly.

        Am years older, so perhaps, he was my son in a previous life?

        Seriously though, he is an excellent actor.

    • Same four!!! hahaha! Ji Sung at his bestest! My favoritest scene in this episode? his confession – “Yeah, I am just crazy.” His denials, wonder-why-I’m crazy for you wonderment. His expression, ROFL, and Eun Seol’s reaction – classic! Love this OTP, it’s not my LTM to-die-for romance, but am loving it just the same.

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  6. Thanks for the recap!
    I think my favorite moment was when MW asked NY to come (back) to him.
    MW showed he liked NY in a conversation with his mother.
    After his mother said something like, “Take this chance and grab NY.” He replied, “The more I do that, the further NY will run away from me.”

    He understands he has to play hard to get with her, although he failed big time with the feeling revealing kiss!

    Happy to see ES be as realistic as possible about her relationship with the Bossu. I hope she holds out till way past the half-way point.

  7. i love ur new banner… 😀 tengs for recap…. omg!!! eventhough im jaejoong bias but i really3 like jisung since he act in save ur last dance…PTB casts r amazing… all of them have interesting characters n not like other drama… i agree d drama pace is quite fast which kind of shock me… but it makes me eager to know what will happen… d script writer sure know how to attract d audiences… i like cha jihun father character n i think he is sooooooooooo cute…. n also it is funny watching muwon omma n jihun father bickering… they r sooo cute.. i root for them to have a love line… hahaha… btw bout d kiss scene i still cant get over it yet… omg!!!! i expect kiss scene frm jihun n eunsul but not muwon n na yoon… this scene also makes me wonder which girls muwon likes more na yoon or eunsul…. i still cant figure it out.. btw i cant wait to watch tonight episode bcoz jaejoong has hint a scene which will make us ‘explode’…. more kiss scene??? lets watch it tonight… thanks a lot koala for recapping this drama… <33333333333

  8. Koemsahamnida Koala, for the super fast recap! Yey! You are amazing, as always! I am loving this drama so much! The characters are richly layered, it so much fun to peel the layers off little by little to reveal their motivations and core. Now off to watching the episode… it’s 75% subbed now! Double yey!!

  9. Thanks for the recap! This episode was hilarious with Eun Seol dragging Ji Heon out of bed and the battle between frumpified-Eun-Seol and dandified-Ji-Heon. I loved the secretaries’ reactions.

    I love how there are like two pairings in this drama (and two sets of sexy jawlines!) and each one’s got a saner character and a crazy character. Insane Ji Heon with the steady Eun Seol. And then wacky Na Yoon with the more normal, Moo Won. And I love how there may be another OTP in the mix with Myung Ran and Secretary Kim.

    So many happy feelings from this drama.

  10. Omo…the last kiss scene… it’s so unexpected especially Moo Won’s
    I managed to watch the last part live last night, exactly the kiss scene…
    I was totally shocked, never expect 2nd leads kiss can be so hot…
    Thanks for your recap Ms. Koala, now I can digest this ep much better.

  11. I think my favorite thing about this romantic comedy is the fact that there are two OTPs. Most of the time it is hinted at however it is never really played out.
    I am not even going to guess what is going to happen in the next episode because I don’t think I have been correct yet.
    Thanks once again for such an informative recap while some of us are too impatient to wait for subs.

  12. Love this drama. Already seen GIANT spoilers, but still excited to see this episode once is subbed. Thanks for the recap. 😀

  13. Thks for the recap Koala, I absolutely love it. Like few, I was a bit hesitant in the beginning – I like Ji Sung but the hair-do … that puts me off, but once I read your re-cap I decided to give it a go and boy … like you and many others – I was drawn to his character immediately … I love him in Save the last dance and I wouldn’t in my wildest dream imagine him able to pull out an acting so opposite to STLD – but he did … so thank you for introducing me to such a fun drama …Koala hwaiting !

    • Same here, i was skeptic at the beginning but not anymore (still hate the hair, tough). I love how Ji Sung played his role. so natural.
      This episode full of cuteness. The confession and the kisses are too cute. I love the plot, where the story line is simple yet fast pacing and very addicting.

  14. Thank you so much for the recap! I can’t watch until saturday but your recaps are a lifesaver 🙂 Also, love the new header.

  15. My 2nd-ever comment after yestetday…
    Just popping by to check out your comments (I love coming in a few times a day and checking on your recaps again and again!) and thanks so much for the fast/quick/fulloffun write-up!! Will write something here again after I watch this tonight! When I watched this LIVE last night my eyes almost popped out of my eyes! NO NO I mean, my eyeballs nearly popped out of my eye-sockets (and my drools nearly flooded my living room) when Mu Won kissed Na Yoon! Was expecting Ji Sung kissing Eun Seol coz of the spoilers by BOSS tweets but Mu Won!! OMG!! Kill me someone!! No no you don’t understand! I’ve never seen Jae kissing before!! Kyaaaaa faintz… AND, did Jae hinted at something EVEN MORE INTIMIATE tonight? He tweeted asking fans to CALM DOWN and explode only tomorrow (today) while watching the drama…… Aaaaargh why do I feel like I’m underage and trying to stop myself from stealing a glimpse at an adult movie? lol (stop it stop it Jen, no x-rated stuff here!!)
    OK nevermind the shock and putting it aside for now! The scene I was laughing my head off and had to find it back was Papa Cha scraping gum off the ground!! How hilarious can this drama be??? OMO I nearly fell off my sofa from laughter….
    More comments later…. I luv you PtB team! Maji de daisuki da!

    • I saw the tweet abt Jae asking everyone to calm down that it’s just work lol I bet he got tons of tweets abt the kiss..

      When I saw MW-NY scene in the car, I felt that MW seriously wants her back.. but then he likes ES as well. Now, I don’t know if I want MW-NY OTP or more of MW-ES scenes.. may be both?

      • And I forgot to add, omg JH was soo cute. I loved his confession and his honesty. I was half expecting him to go: I went crazy, cancel the confession. But I love how he wants to make her fall for him!!

        P.S: I love the header with both PTB boys 🙂

  16. Dear KDramaLand, thank you so so so much for bringing PtB after losing CH. How much I love these characters, and the story (with no beating around the bush, thankfully), and the whole package!

    I was expecting a kiss between Ji Heon and Eun Seol, but JAE! OMG. Never saw that coming! And I watched him in Sunao ni Narenakute, I didn’t remember that he was THIS good!

    Ji Sung and Choi Kang Hee are just SO ADORABLY CUTE. Another OTP on my list, lol. And I like that Na Yoon is not the typical 2nd lead female. She’s open with her feelings, and she’s not (for now) backstabbing. Cool.

    Now I am curious with Mon Woon’s feeling. His is still the most unclear for me.

    Can’t wait to watch tonight’s episode. Thanks Koala for the recaps 😀

  17. The pace of this drama remind me of jdorama.

    That being said, I LOVE IT!!! I am very curious to what really happen to JiSeok. They keep throwing hint and I can’t guess any of it because this drama is so unpredictable.
    Now we know that Na Yoon got something to do with JiSeok death.

    Arrgghhh.. tonight come faster. I want to know what really happen to my OTP

  18. Awesome recap Koala and totally nailed the vibe of the show beautifully. This is probably one of the smartest written dramas I have seen in quite some time with fully developed characters.

  19. Thanks for the great recap. Just watched the raw episode and raced over here to read your recap.

    OMG…the ending was epic!! I was literally jumping up and down and screaming (I’m such a dork). LOL. 🙂 Such an awesome way to end the episode with OTP’s kissing. Can’t wait for episode 6 now!

  20. All four are outright hilarious, lively and lovable character 🙂 I haven’t DL the episode so this is my lifeline on PTB for the meantime. Thanks sister for doing this very detailed recap, you are such an angel!

    What can I say, I’m just loving this drama more each episode! What I’m dying to know is the story behind Na Yoon, Ji Heon, Mu Woon and Ji Seok and how Ji Heon got that phobia.

    • Wasn’t expecting the NY-MW kiss too. I knew that MW has a thing for NY, and was backing out of the marriage coz he wanted NY to have real feelings for him if ever they get married. BUT, I am so wanting him to fall for ES too. From the looks of it, he is already curious about her and enjoying her company 🙂 I say, more moments for Ji Heon and Eun Seol, Eun Seol and Mu Woon as well as Mu Woon and Na Yoon. Am I being greedy? YES!

  21. Most of us were already prepared for Jihun and EunSoul’s Kiss because the pics were leaked but Cha Muwon and Nayoon’s Kiss was totally unexpected O_______O
    I think I’m still in shock…lol!!
    Thanks Koala for PTB’s RECAP
    Now I can understand what Cha Muwon says to NaYoon
    It was very romantic scene <3
    This just confirm for Cha Muwon his girl is Nayoon <3
    I'm glad because they both made a beautiful and Royal couple <333

  22. This drama reminds me of The Greatest Love. Both have full of fun, excitement and most specially, love. But what i like the most is that…
    other PTB characters are pretty awesome they too are giving colors of the story.
    ‘am looking forward for all of them…

    • yeah, i agree with you… tho, i am still into TGL 🙂 but with PTB, not only are the four leads keeps us engaged but ALL characters here have their uniqueness, even I like Secretary Kim. 🙂

  23. Thanks so much for this. I can’t wait to watch it with subs.

    I hope it stays that way–> ES&JH; NY&MW. it would be a change not to see cousins fight over one girl in a kdrama, lol.

    Ji Heon, fighting!

  24. guess what PTB has just broke the 20% mark & set the record for being the fastest n only drama currently airing weekdays that has ratings in the 20’s. Shows that the drama is fantastic and the going gets stronger and better 🙂

  25. Thanks so much for your lovely recaps! Definitely a joy to read… i find myself watching segments then reading your recaps to see what you wrote! LOOOVE this series! Hope it does well!! ♥♥♥

  26. this show is totally awesome.. first time i experienced live streaming a kdrama without subs and still had fun doing it even with zero knowledge of the language..

  27. Dear koala.. may the heavens blessed you for saving us..
    it’s really difficult to wait for the subs and this drama is so awesome..
    and it is a joy and honor to be watching this wonderful and flawless work.. i am seeing this drama slowly making it alongside other among Rom-Com icons/hall of famer like MNIKSS, Coffee Prince and Delightful Girl Chunhyang..

  28. Can’t believe I watched ep5 3-times already… a good way to relax after a busy day at work. I can’t stop laughing, every scene is well acted. Excellent script and excellent choice of casts. Ji Sung at his best! Fabulous show!

  29. dramabliss :Ditto. I have been wondering myself about how I relate with Ji Sung, and have been trying to find words on why I like this actor so much.
    I rewatched Save the Last Dance For Me (which I watched some years back when it aired, 2004 or 2005?) the week before PTB started. Reason for the revisit was that I kept thinking about a drama that made an impression on me whose title and cast I have forgotten. It niggled on my mind so much that I just had to find answers. I had to do some serious searching before finding it. Was in fact surprised that Eugene was the female lead. Ji Sung was the other half of the OTP. Though I saw the drama before, it was as if this was my first time seeing Ji Sung in action. And my reaction to him really surprised me.
    Then PTB started and I go Omo, Ji Sung ah! Watching PTB, whenever Ji Sung is onscreen, I find myself zooming in on him, even examining in detail every feature of his face. He really has a luminous screen presence.
    Am still not sure why Ji Sung resonates so much with me. He’s not the usual squeal generating hunk like Lee Min Ho or Cha Seung Won. The best I can come up with is that I feel this great tendresse for him, almost like an ache makes me want to hug him tightly.
    Am years older, so perhaps, he was my son in a previous life?
    Seriously though, he is an excellent actor.

    His tenderness…oh yeah…my sentiment exactly!!!

    I’ve had a soft spot for Ji Sung since STLDFM. Besides his talent, what keeps me a loyal fan for years is his perseverance to be real actor. PTB has proved him one of the few versatile actors who can play different types of roles. I’m so proud of him!

    Can’t wait for tonight’s eposide…PTB fighting!

    • I agree with you, karen and dramabliss. Ji Sung is such a versatile, accomplished actor. I loved him in STLDFM, which was one of the first k-dramas I watched and still is in my top ten favorites. But if you had not seen it yet, do watch Ji Sung in Swallow the Sun. Just make sure you have your fan and drool bucket ready because the guy there is HOOTTTTT!!! And I heard that he did some rockin’ awesome acting in Royal Family too (which I have yet to watch). This guy is about the most well rounded thespian I have seen in his age range and I am so proud of him.

      • “Just make sure you have your fan and drool bucket ready..”
        Wits – HAHAHAHAHAHA… and make sure it’s a humongous one!

      • Oh lawd, Yes! He was all muscles and abs in that drama. Totally the opposite of Ji Heon. This really demonstrates what a versatile actor he is.

  30. Thank you for the wonderful recap once again! I just watched ep.5 over at Viki with subs and I have to say that Ji Heon’s confession was the most sweet, innocent and honest confession I have ever seen done in a Kdrama. Now that she knows his feelings and he knows hers they are open with each other and that makes it an even playing field for all. I cannot get enough of this wonderful drama. Loving every second of it. I have pretty much given up on all the other dramas I was watching because there is no more room in my heart for any other drama, at the present, except for PTB. Can’t wait for your recap later on today. Thanks again =)


    that being said, I am loving this drama, I am absolutely ecstatic…..not only is my bb Jaejoong in it, but the characters are so well-developed, i love EVERYBODY in here, absolutely EVERYBODY! I have been pleasantly surprised tbh 😀 Although not gonna lie, in this episode Ji Heon pushed it a little with his man-child ways, but it was still endearing so were cool Ji-Heon and jfahskjdlfhgjdakhjsdjknfdsajksajhkfsjh did not expect that hot kiss at the end!!!!!! sooo excited for the next episode 😀 thanks again

  32. Thanks for the recap of this show, it slows down the impatience until the subs come out. I currently rewatching episode 4. I really like this show. However instead of 4 main characters I have to add a fifth and that is Eun Seol’s cut out doll in Ji Heon’s room. That cut out has been exposed to so many of Ji Heon’s quirks its so funny, he has an emotional attachment to it. That cut out plays an important role in relieving Ji Heon of his stress and showing how he feels for Eun Seol.

    As for Eun Seol what I like about her is that she reminds me of a mutt and not in a negative manner. A mutt is known for its scrapiness and survival instinct which reminds me of Eun seol. Also her quirkiness which attracts and changes people making her the perfect person to deal with OCD,crazy Ji Heon.

    The other thing I like about this show is that its the first one that I have watched that shows a chaebol family who are somewhat normal like everyone else and not suffering from a extreme superiority complex like the other k-dramas. If you are to look into it, they are a family of mutts as well. Its a fun watch.

    Gone for now, looking forward to your recaps for ep 6.

  33. Love the fact that he tried to match her clothes…did u notice?? She’s wearing blue–> he’s wearing blue next day, she’s wearing brown –> next day he’s wearing a brownish suit and so on…like he wants show her what a good match they are…

  34. I LOVE LOVE LOVE THIS SHOW. Hahahah sorry about the caps, but i really love this show. I love all the characters, though Moo Wons mom have me a little iffy. Im really glad moo won is done with all the spying on Ji Heon thing by using Eun Seol.

    • using Eun Seol?? is that so..?
      isn’t it obvious the he likes Eun Seol but dying it himself?
      maybe he tried but realized there’s no used to it…

  35. At the same time I’ve been reading these recaps, I’ve also been reading the recaps over at dramabeans for Kim Sam Soon. Does anyone else see the similarity in the stories? It actually takes me a couple minutes to sort out the separate stories every week!

  36. I can’t think of single word just to describe PTB cause it has everything i wanted to see. The expressions revealed clearly and emotions were directly flowed to the senses of viewers.
    Honestly, this drama makes me dream having this kind of love story… ahahahaha… in my dreams…

  37. does anyone know who played that pervert? He looks soooo familar and its bugging me that I can’t remember who he is. Anyone want to help me out? 🙂 Thank you!

    • I think he was in My Girlfriend is a Gumiho – he was the friend who liked the girl and worked with the director. He played a nice guy that time. Haha sorry I can’t be more helpful but I can’t remember the names!

  38. I read your ep 1 recap and found it hilarious to watch the rest…and now im completely hooked….this drama is so precious, every minute of it is awesome….now im curous as to what other projects the scriptwriter worked on

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