Written and Video Preview for Protect the Boss Episode 14

I’m the first to point out a drama’s descent into latter half insanity and/or doldrums, but in the case of Protect the Boss, I think it’s yet early to make that inference. I have the feeling the kooky denizens of Boss-land might just continue to remain subversive and deal with the arising conflict in ways that are different and refreshing, just like the drama has done from the get go. What I don’t want is any problem dragged out too long, and would rather spend the remaining five episodes watching all the characters enjoy their newfound relationships together.

Written preview for episode 14:

Moo Won feels emotionally conflicted after hearing Na Yoon’s confession. Seeing Moo Won wavering, Na Yoon feels very hurt. After leaving Moo Won, Na Yoon runs home and bursts into tears in Myung Ran’s arms.

Eun Seol calls the representative for the citizen’s reform group, telling him to beware of someone impersonating her, and what to do if he is approached again. Eun Seol gets all her energy back as she throws herself into figuring out who is behind this conspiracy, creating a list called “if the Chairman and I fall into danger, who would benefit the most”

Video preview for episode 14:

[Credit: Written preview released by SBS, translated into Chinese by Baidu Protect the Boss bar, translated into English by me]


Written and Video Preview for Protect the Boss Episode 14 — 5 Comments

  1. An observant, street-wise and quick-witted girl with good business acumen. NES should be Cha Cha Gere’s successor. Go NES…NES for president!

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