Always with So Ji Sub and Han Hyo Joo Releases Official Trailer

This movie? So lovely. This official trailer? So damn spoilery! I mean it, so don’t watch unless you want a major plot twist revealed before we’re even at the final few seconds. But I don’t care, everything about Han Hyo Joo and So Ji Sub’s chemistry rubs me the right way. Plus the last shot of So Ji Sub’s face as he’s walking away just slices me right in the gut with the angst.

They genuinely make it seem like they are head over heels in love with each other. I can’t pinpoint it, but it’s very Jung Woo Sung and Son Ye Jin in A Moment to Remember. And So Ji Sub plays a cage kickboxer and is conveniently training in a lot of scenes. Topless, of course. Rawr. Always premieres this October in Korea.

Official trailer for Always:


Always with So Ji Sub and Han Hyo Joo Releases Official Trailer — 34 Comments

    • I’m pretty sure they meet when she’s blind/almost blind, fall in love when she doesn’t know what he looks like. After his accident, she’s somehow regained her sight, but he’s crippled and mangled and refuses to reveal himself before her. So she runs into him but doesn’t know it’s “him”. Just what I got from the trailer. Agree, so gorgeous.

      • It really sounds like a sad version of The Beast and The Beauty, the RomCom with Shin Minah and Ryoo Seung Beom.

    • Oh my, this looks like one long cinematic swoon. I love the way you put that – very evocative. ^_^

      I agree, though. I’m not so sure I dig the story, and I’m not a particular fan of either HHJ or SJS, but I have to say this looks like a lovely movie, cinematography-wise, and I’m always a sucker for that. I’ll have to check it out and hope it has a happy ending.

    • and this would be why dangermousie called him the angstiest angst muffin who ever angsted. He specializes in these, does he not! Sigh…we do love him, don’t we?

      • Ahahahaha!!!! …the angstiest angst muffin who ever angsted…. indeed…. *sigh* HHJ and SJS are a lovely pair and yep, I can feel the intense chemistry between the two, ala Moment to Remember. But, I still remember the trauma I got from watching that movie. So am I up for the angst one more time…? *deeper sigh*

  1. totally drooling over my keyboard here.. such a beautiful pairing! a couple that excel in melo roles..

    ms. koala – even watching the trailer and getting about the jest of the story, i’d STILL watch to watch it on the big screen. bigger screen = large so ji sub abs. lol

  2. Looks fab! Any idea what the rating will be on this? I know they don’t do the PG, PG-13, R thing, but they do have a system, right?

  3. Was not particularly looking forward to this movie because I’m tired of korean “sad for the sake of glorified close-ups of crying faces” type of stories but this movie looks like it not just “angst for the sake of angst.”

    Thanks Koala!

  4. O man now I have to add one more movie to my to-watch list…you know how long that list is??….but I have a feeling that I wont be disappointed…. this looks good

    • Just how many times have you watch Stairway to Heaven, dear trixi? Or was it that traumatic for you. 😛

      I don’t see another blind person, so figuring she got a magic cure without need for eyeball donation.

      • I’m ashamed to admit that I’ve seen Stairway to Hell once. Early on in my drama watching career. And yes, I’m still traumatized. 🙂

        Unfortunately that is not the only place I’ve seen that trope though. Sheesh, I’ve seen way to many dramas and music vids. 🙂

    • what somebody donated EYES in that drama? good thing a skipped that one…too bad I couldn’t skip winter sonata too where the dude became blind by the end :-\

  5. Ok. So I didn’t watch the trailer… But CRAP how I want to! I hate major spoilers, so, I’ll wait. I’ll wait. I WILL WAIT.
    Glad to hear their chemistry is pretty hot cause I’m thinking a story like this one needs that palpable energy to make it work.
    Thanks for the update.

  6. ok I wont watch the trailer…thanks for the warning… looks pretty awesome, and HHJ’s projects always end with good reviews, all her dramas from iljimae have had good performances in terms of ratings…cant wait to see her in a drama

  7. omg the trailer made me cry… i love them both and they sure look good together… i can’t wait to see the whole film… i hope it has a happy ending… thanks madam K for sharing this to us…

  8. Well said dangermousie, I like it. Stairway To Heaven and A Moment To Remember crossed my mind while watching the trailers too. Thanks Ms. K. Hope So Ji Sub will bag another acting award for this movie.

  9. Sorry, this is totally not in the correct post, but this is such exciting news!
    Haha Mrs Koala! There might be another instalment of Fated to Love You! And this time, Jerry Yan might play in it!
    I love Jerry Yan! Hahahs he is sort of like Li Yi Feng in some ways- he’s a great actor, his singing is soooo gentle and sweet, and he is really hot hehes 🙂
    Anyways, I can’t wait till this drama comes out! I hope you will watch it if it is made, and recap it 🙂

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