Bu Bu Jing Xin Airs Finale and Releases Photobook

So Bu Bu Jing Xin finished it’s television airing today. Just as I suspected, the TV ending ultimately was the same as the leaked DVD version online, which doesn’t mean there weren’t multiple endings filmed as Director Lee revealed. At yesterday’s Sohu-hosted celebration for the cast, Tangren’s Ladyboss was specifically asked about the rumors of 4 different endings. She played coy, but ultimately confirmed there were 3 endings filmed. One was the ending of the novel, the other being the one that has been shown, and one more ending which caused a lot of controversy among the production (half wanting it, half not wanting it), so that ending was scrapped.

Ladyboss mentioned that the third ending still might be shown, perhaps on an subsequent airing of BBJX. I won’t hold my breath about that, since I think she’s just drumming up interest. My gut tells me that ending likely continues where the aired ending left off and provides even more closure, but ultimately might undermine Tong Hua’s original novel ending too much. As a treat to celebrate a wild two weeks of watching and following this exquisite drama, below I bring all the stills from the official BBJX photobook that was just released (the cover is above). It’s perfect to save as wallpaper.


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      • oh i definitely prefer the series ending to the book. with the book it felt like “huh, that’s it! oh crap!”. Good thing they brought her back to life in the series, there’s definitely more closure there. ^___^

      • At first I liked the series ending as well, but when you think about all the stress and pain she went through before death, would it be better to live and repeat the process of life and love and heartache again and still have knowledge of what happened in the past and all those people you knew have all died?

        This was such a tragic tale…but a really great tale.

  1. i liked the TV version where she goes back to the present
    would have been depressing just to have ruo xi die

    the photos are fantastic

  2. Another BBJX post!! Yay!! Is there a site where I can order the photobook from? It is absolutely gorgeous and I really want to own one.

  3. I think that the ending that aired was probably the closest to giving a more optimistic outlook while still staying true to the novel. However, I still want to see the third ending just to hopefully get the happy reunion I’ve been imagining since the series finished =P I can’t listen to Three Inches of Heaven without visualizing a way for 4th Prince and Ruo Xi to be together =.= Just thinking about it makes me want to cry.

    • Hi Trina,

      I don’t plan to watch Qing Shi Huang Fei, and won’t be writing about it consequently. I have no interest in it whatsoever. To be honest, I can’t stand Ruby Lin. I hope the drama is good for those of you who are excited about it. 😀

      • Well….you know what would be awesome? if you could do one of your amazing breakdowns of the fantastic songs in BBJX. they were so great and I’m sure all those not fluent in Chinese would really love a post from you where you give us your thoughts on the meanings behind all the carefully written lyrics. 😀 pretty please with a whole jar of cherries on top?

      • hrmm.. How about it has Wallace Huo… LOL.. oh okay… i want to see it due to Yan Kuan and Wallace Huo… (Pssst.. did you read the news about Wallace Huo and Nicky Wu will be in the same drama..)=D

      • Strangely Wallace does nothing for me. But Yan Kuan is love. Man is literally sex on legs. *___* But I still won’t watch this, not even for him. I’m too allergic to the conquerer/queen trope, plus Ruby.

        I did hear rumors about Nicky and Wallace in a period drama. Should be good once the casting gets finalized.

      • You know..

        It would be totally awesome if Shishi is casted in that new series with Nicky and Wallace.

        Bu Bu and Strange Hero Yizhimei reunion. I would still be rooting for Longshi though..

  4. thank you ockoala! as usual, you just made my day! i still prefer the ending version shown on tv … that gives me hope for RX and 4th.. in modern times.

    now if only some kind-hearted soul will help finish translate/segment the online english version of the novel – bubujingxin english blogspot .com…. hmmmm 🙂 Help!

    it will be a great help for non chinese speaker like me…. and for the others too.

    • yeah, me too. it really, really help us for non Chinese speaker. many non-Chinese people is fans of the drama & novel. they should aim for international market.

  5. The cover of that photobook is beautiful. I want it to be velvet even though I know it’s probably not… and that sadly I’ll never own my own copy 🙁

    Thank you for sharing!

  6. ^______________^~
    Ah I’m going to save up every cent I got and buy the DVD and the photobook. Or if I manage to wait, I’ll beg my parents to gift it to me for Christmas.

    Ah I want to see the other 2 endings. I’m trying to keep my hopes low, but I just can’t help it. I crave a foreshadow of the past yet a foreshadow of what’s to come. Does that make sense? I don’t think so. But BBJX does that to me. Makes me crazy. T_T also someone help me with my obsession with 8th. I can’t help but wish he’d show up with a tissue as well.

    Those pictures are so pretty *____* thank you for sharing them! I’m gonna use them as my new itouch wallpaper. I got a rotating cycle planned already.

    • Hi, I m there with u…I m trying to catch kelvin’s ” under the canopy of love” and is superimposing images of him in that show with ruoxi…I m a 8th-RX shipper all the way…love is unconditioned and even his dying moment, he think about her…how romantic. He is the only one to tell her openly that they are not fated in this life and hope to continue in the next life…. If 4th never return with the tissue, I sure hope 8th does… Fan fic

  7. the pictures are nice! thanks koala for introducing this great drama, otherwise, I won’t be taking even a glimpse on c-drama. I think it’s one of the best c-drama i’ve ever watched. By the way, I’m planning to read the book too.
    The ending was just perfect and giving us the imagination (hope, maybe) on how it will end in between Ruoxi & 4th Prince

  8. I started watching BBJX after reading your post on the final episodes. After many sleepless nights I’m finally done (ok, I did skip a few eps because I was scared of what’s to come) and now I still can’t sleep cos apparently I still have tears left even after all those sobbings!

    This is the first C drama I’ve watched in a looooong time, being more a fan of HK drama and Kdrama, but it’s definitely better than most I’ve seen!

  9. The pictures looks so good. Although I will probably buy the DVD but not the picturebook.
    I’m glad the drama has finally finished airing…now I can begin to recover from this emotional mess and heartbreak that the characters in the drama have put me through. 2 years ago when i finished reading the book for the first time, I was also in a emotional slump for some time. I just can’t reconcile with how things can go so wrong so quickly from bad to worse in the 2nd half of the drama/book.

    There is one thing i can’t figure out about the ending though.. is there any particular significance to Zhang Xiao’s action of taking off her glasses whilst looking tearfully at modern-day-4th-prince as he walks away?

    • see my initial thought was that she was taking off her glasses so maybe when she looked at him she’d see a fuzzy outline of 4th..but it is rather ambiguous isn’t it.

    • am also like this strange emotionate about the entire drama specially the last one where she saw the prince in modern day i could not sleep yesterday night keep asking why he walks away ?

    • Am sorry for being too late at this…you guys here have probably watched it for almost a year and yet I just finished watching it last night and repeating the last 2 episodes again just now…

      It is quite obvious..she thought by taking her glasses off he would then recognize her (guys, including me ^^, are quite dumb at details you know 🙂 or another possibility is that they are shy and would not look at girls properly or more than 5 seconds….

  10. So finally, BBJX officially comes to an end minus the “alternative” ending that was promised earlier. The more I think about the ending, the more it becomes acceptable to me. It wasn’t a tragically sad ending, yet it also wasn’t a sugary sweet one either. It ended with a promise of things to come. Of course, what is to come is left to anyone’s guesses.
    I’m going to miss this drama, definitely (although the last 4-5 episodes left so much sadness in my heart). I haven’t followed a mainland Chinese drama in such an addictive manner ever, never being able to continuously watch more than a few episodes before losing interest. This one had me thinking about it almost 24/7. Kudos to you for this great recommendation! 🙂

    • The same with me! I just keep thinking about it! It might be a bad thing though.. I’m feeling depressive.

      Shishi was too immersed into her role Ruoxi and the story. She had difficulties pulling herself out.. I remember she once asked a host to not call her Ruoxi or else she wouldn’t be able to get out of her role. So the poor girl can’t hold her tears whenever she sees the sad scenes or the little things between Ruoxi and 4th’s relationship. Nicky had the same thing.. Ruoxi and Yinzhen’s love story is just too memorable and strong.

      Shishi really put 100% of her heart in Ruoxi.

      • With respect, “depressive”??
        I think I felt INSPIRED…
        because of the (TV / DVD) ending…
        it shows me that there is hoping in finding a true love in this life..and that person may have come from my past life…the concept of reincarnation in Buddhism..

  11. Something to share about that last scene where Ruoxi looks at the painting and sees the magnolia hairpin to determine that she did exist. If you go back to the episode where the tea drinking took place, you will see that Ruoxi did not wear that pin at that time… She wore it for the first time after that tea drinking event. It is said online that 4th specifically asked the painter to add the pin to Ruoxi’s hair in the painting to 1) symbolize that he no longer hated her and 2) to confirm something that was hinted at multiple times in the last episode, that 4th believe Ruoxi to have come from the future (so she will understand when she sees the painting relic in the future)…

    The director and screenwriter put a lot of thought into giving us the closure and hope without spoiling the overall mood of the drama… Bravo!

    • I would like to believe the first way– just to symbolize his undying love.

      If there is one thing I absolutely disliked.. than it would be the fact that 4th “knew” that Ruoxi is from the future. I really didn’t like that..! 4th liked RX because she was different from the other girls in that era. She was “ping ming 13 mei”, because she had the guts. If we placed RX/ZX in the modern era, she wouldn’t be much different from the girls here and it was emphasized many times that RX had an “abnormal” character (and 13th’s explanation towards 4th is that RX isn’t from “this timezone”, but from another timezone: the future).

      It somehow indicated that RX’s uniqueness is because she is a future person, not because of the way she is. RuoXi was special because she was different and independent unlike the other girls, yet they were “the same” people. That’s why 4th liked her so much. But now it kind of ruined it, since 13 sort of indicated that RuoXi was different not because she is Maertai RuoXi.. but simply because she is from the future.

      I don’t like that thought and now it’s stuck. If they erased that little detail, the ending would have been absolutely perfect to me (although I, deeply within, still prefer the original version: not coming back to the modern times.)

      • Im the opposite…I like it cuz it never really stick out till after her death that she is an oddball. That maybe she really is from the future. How else would explain the bizarre favor she asked from 13th. So maybe 4th is gambling again by commisioning that painting to say what was really he felt after all the longing and agony of being apart from her. So it makes more appealing to me that it is that reason why she cried so hard at the exhibit/gallery. Then the footsteps….

        this kinda cemented me to ship 4th/Rx ….lol cuz I was torn bet 4th and 14th……cuz she’s the only one in his (4th) heart unlike 8th and really knows/understands her and how to communicate with her unlike 14th where it has to be said for 14th to understand her.

        I’ve seen it with my grandparents….my granny died 2 mos after my granpa…..I remember her telling me one day when I visited her when part of u dies, everyday its difficult to breathe and somehow u get lost becuz no one seems to understand you. I remember the nurse asking if she’s having chest pain and she laughs. I was too young then.

    • Wow… I was also wondering about that cos I also notice that RX did not have the hair pin on in that scene. But I won’t have figure out the meaning behind it if you didn’t tell us, the hint is too subtle

    • Hi, when was the painting drawn? It should be during kangxi’s time not yong zheng..so how can he ask the painter to add??? but interesting observation …I remember the camera penning to her pin and the brangle to remind her of her existence…

    • Thank you for the bit of information about the hair pin. My heart was breaking when watching her dying and not only unable to see 4th the last time but still thinking that he hated her. Brought all that back to the future with her will be very painful for her to move on.
      At least it is a closure for us all.

  12. “There is no emperor in Ruoxi’s heart. There is only one person who took my soul away.. and that is Fourth prince”.

    I’m crying again..

  13. Koala – Just a very random question.. Are you Chinese? You seem to know the Chinese history very well =o. I’ve always thought you were Korean..

  14. Just watched the latest interview of the bbjx cast & TR ladyboss on sohu. When posed the question of whether there’s going to be a sequel + modern version following the success of the current version, LB remain non-commital in her reply. She did however let on that there has been several suggestions of a movie version of the show instead. This may be more plausible as the story is based on the internet novel written by Tonghua and a sequel was never written by the latter whose superb writing contributed to the success of the show. A movie version however may still be able to tie up the open ending shown in the drama while not straying too far off from the intended ending from the original novel.

  15. thanks sis for another post on bbjx. 🙂

    this is the first time I am watching a C-drama, thanks to sis Koala. 🙂 okay i did finally manage to find the links where i could DL unfortunately only first episode was subbed there. I checked on viki and it’s subbed till 18 and i have to watch it online. 🙁 i was really hoping some subbing team is doing this drama coz it is just really really wonderful. No softsubs are available to watch with the raw. 🙁

    one question tho, does anyone know how much the dvd box set is and where to order? and does the box-set comes in with english subtitles already? that is my only hope of being to watch this drama. and i so desperately want to watch it already.

  16. Reading the comments almost made me cry again. I need to take a breather and go back to some lighter sillier shows and then rewatch the complete subbed version. I hope I can buy the DVD soon though it feels masochistic to rewatch this show to be honestly. I know i’ll just keep crying. :S Thanks as always!

  17. Please help,
    At the end of the drama, there are words on the scroll that had brought out a lot of questions from a lot of viewers. I was wondering if anyone can translate that for me.
    I am currently google everywhere trying to find the answer to those writing.

  18. koala,i know i am a bit greedy~~~but can u give bu bu jing xin wallpaper to us~i reaally love their photo and hope that u can post it..the one that i really love is that pict of ruoxi,4th and 13th with umbrella and the light of the city at the sky..hope u can give us the link with big wallpaper size~~but if u also did not find it,its ok 🙂

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