First Look at the Cast of the Ranma 1/2 SP with Aragaki Yui and Kaku Kento

You know? The only time I liked Tendo Akane was when she had long hair. Of course that lasted all of, what, two episodes. And then I spent the remaining thirty-something books annoyed with her. Which is why I was hoping the upcoming Ranma 1/2 SP from Japan would let Akane keep her locks. But alas, the first stills have been released for the dorama, and Aragaki Yui gamely lopped off her long locks for the first time since she was in junior high. The cast pictures are all below, so have a gander and see if the live-action versions were what you imagined when you read the manga. I think both Ranmas look spot-on actually.The Ranma SP comes out in December.

Tendo Akane. Gakki looks adorable, but I can’t help but wish they cast someone a few years younger since the kids are all supposed to be in high school. If this was Koizara-era Gakki I’ve be fine with it. But after seeing her in Zenkai Girl, I’m going to have a harder time believing she’s a high school student. And a very emotionally immature one at that.

Boy Saotome Ranma and Girl Ranma. I love how they purposely cast a super busty actress to play girl Ranma and keep the running gag that Girl Ranma has a better figure than real girl Akane. Kaku Kento looks perfect, and even Natsuna has got the move down.

Saotome Genma. Panda Daddy!

Eldest sister Tendo Kasumi and Middle sister Tendo Nabiki

Daddy Tendo Suon

Gosunkugi Hikaru and Dr. Ono Tofu

Kuno Kodachi

First peek at the cast filming Ranma 1/2:


First Look at the Cast of the Ranma 1/2 SP with Aragaki Yui and Kaku Kento — 16 Comments

  1. Where’s my cute little black piggie??? I m so looking forward to this! Ranma is one of my favorite which can makes me laugh my head off!!

  2. ehhh, aragaki yui looks wrong as akane, boy ranma looks meh as well, and the actress for nabiki… what the… the only ones that remotely resemble their manga counterparts are the actors for genma, soun and kasumi.

    btw, it’s kuno tatewaki, kodachi is his psycho sister.

  3. Hello Ms. Koala!
    Would you share with me any website about J-entertainment news?
    I have been looking for a resourceful one for a long time? The only one I know is Japan_now @livejournal but it seems like they don’t update the news daily anymore. Thanks a bunch! ^^

  4. squeeeee~~

    It surprises me how good my baby Kaku Kento looks as Ranma. As much as I find Gakki adorable with the hair-cut, I also wish someone younger was casted for the role. Gosunkugi and Genma look good, I expected Kuno to be more eccentric-looking, and where the hell is Ryoga?

  5. i have fun watching ranma 1/2 anime . . . i like it when girl ranma appears and the i agree with you that they choose one that fits the role for it . . . gonna try watching this SP . . . hope it doesn’t disappoint though 😉

  6. D: It looks like Ranma doesn’t have a braid, but they couldn’t have done that, right? @_@~ Well, I don’t think I’m going to watch this. I just hope they won’t ever do a Inuyasha live-action thingy, ’cause that honestly wouldn’t work, I think XD

    I actually didn’t like Ryoga much until he fell in love with that pig-loving girl XD But there’s only so much that fits in a special, so there’ll probably be a lot of characters missing. And I always found Mr. Tendo handsome in the manga, but here he looks funny ^^

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