My Wonderful Life with Jerry Yan Premieres Mid-November and Releases Official MV Trailers

Jerry Yan, probably the most reluctant A-list leading man in Taiwan what with one project every few years, is finally coming back to the small screen two years after Down with Love. The C-drama My Wonderful Life co-starring Yedda Chen is probably more notable for it being a straight up remake of the hit K-drama Brilliant Legacy/Shining Inheritance. The production recently released two official OST MVs, which double as trailers since it pretty much gives away the entire plot.

In this case, that’s really not a big deal since the plot is readily available if anyone deigned to check out the original drama starring Han Hyo Joo and Lee Seung Gi. The two OST songs are quite lovely, with Jerry and Yedda each singing one. The drama premieres in 3 weeks, so for those of you missing Jerry or hoping for a more mature take on the story, check it out. I’ll probably pass, unless I hear it’s the shiz niz. The drama doesn’t look bad actually, but I’ve seen BL/SI and once was enough for me. While it was addicting, ultimately it’s not a story I care to watch with a completely different cast.

Official MV1 – Jerry Yan’s “My Brilliant”:

Official MV2 – Yedda Chen’s “The Meaning of Sunshine”:


My Wonderful Life with Jerry Yan Premieres Mid-November and Releases Official MV Trailers — 41 Comments

  1. I didn’t watch Brilliant Legacy so I might watch this. Thanks for the post, Ockoala.

    p/s Why is his hairstyle still the same? O_o

  2. I loved the original and this one has Jerry!! (The lead girl actually looks like Han Hyo Joo in the pic above). So even if I don’t usually watch remakes since knowing the story makes it pretty passive and boring at times. I miss Jerry and he will be fun to watch as Hwan with better hair!!

    • I liked autistic brother a lot better than this version.. And also this one seems like it has more couple moments than BL. I guess, i will watch it on fast forward mostly…

  3. hmmm… not digging the hair do. I like Jerry Yan but man, when is he gonna cut the hair!

    I am seeing some DMS’s facial expression.

    thanks for the update.

  4. Jerry’s hair. LOL. Maybe it’s an image thing. I can’t picture him in any other kind of hairstyle.
    I really like Moon Chae Won’s portrayal of the hypocritical obsessed second lead. Though I won’t be checking this out, I think that second lead actress got big shoes to fill in ^^. I like Shinning Inheritance, but I don’t think I can rewatch it again. I don’t think I can handle watching evil stepmother again. 😐

  5. o wow…they’re copying every teeny bit from the hair styles (only slightly diff on Jerry) down to the clothes….idk how this will work for me

  6. totally agree with koala on here:
    “I’ve seen BL/SI and once was enough for me. While it was addicting, ultimately it’s not a story I care to watch with a completely different cast.”

  7. Jerry is one of those actors who create gud chemistry with their partners, but look at this, I dont know what he did with his body, he looks thinner and thinner by dramas, and its absolutely not gud, he looks weak, gosh

    • I’m with you. I saw the MV and was like… That was him? What happened to him? Has he been sick or something? He was so much better looking and healthier in DWL.
      I hope he is okay. I really do like his Yu Ping in DWL, simply adorable.
      As for this remake, I’ll skip and do a rewatch of DWL instead.

  8. I liked Yedda A LOT in single princesses. I hated single princesses but somehow managed to watch as much as i did cause of her – so I guess I’ll check it out for her. Jerry meanwhile seems to be getting thinner ever time. and hey it’s the little brother is that guy who won chinas got talent playing the piano with his toes…

  9. similar plot is one thing….but can they at least be creative about the hair styles..Can’t really stand female leads hair.

  10. The trailer actually does look good. I may watch this tho I’ve watched BL/SI just to see if its any good seeing tht the trailer has lots of sweet main lead moments n they do look good together…anyone know when this will air?

  11. I haven’t seen BL/SI and probably won’t see this drama, but I was curious since I haven’t seen Jerry Yan in anything since Meteor Garden. I rewatched that this year, and I agree that he looks really thin now. Hope it’s nothing. A friend of mine use to be in love with Jerry so maybe she can tell me if this is OK.

  12. Jerry looks so skinny :/ I wish he changed his hairstyle more, he’s had the same style ever since he debuted lol. I think he would look so good in a crew cut 🙂

    I’ll be watching this even though I’ve already seen the originial Korean one only because I find Jerry so likeable (despite not being the best actor) and I’ve missed seeing him in dramas. Well I hope all goes well for the drama, it does look good from the previews!

  13. for me, i think i like jerry yan the best in meteor garden and his voice when he sings. heh. anyways, not sure if I’ll give this a go but we’ll see. definitely like the korean version and shed tears watching it.

  14. ugh I cringed through the trailer….definately not watching…loved the original cast too much, it almost too unfair to compare…plus i find taiwanese dramas tonally different to kdramas and if they do a straight up copy it comes off as awkward… so i hope they do try to do something different with it.

  15. Jerry has this chemistry ..I don’t know..he has this thing with me whenever he look at the leading ladies ,my heart skip a bit…since DWL . I don’t want to watch him acting often because he drive me crazy with his physics, and mannerism..Since he is an actor I can only watch how his leading ladies act normally..I would go gaga like a teenager..LOL Agree with the hair like he stuck in least change the color..I can’t picture him with Yedda..maybe with Han Hyo Joo… but with Ella yes I like their ship.

  16. I never like BL, never able to finish it..

    I see Peter regularly, almost every year, but Jerry is just Jerry.. He will be out for the public to see when he feels like it. So yeah, I’ll definitely watch this, just to satisfy my longing of Jerry Yan, and hopefully it will cure me.. 😀

  17. This will be a treat to his fans. But this will definitely not win him any new fans. It’s like seeing Dao Ming Si get older and older each year. It’s the same old character that he’s playing again – rich, spoiled kid with a bad temper, who later changed his ways because of…..alright, altogether now…..LOVE.

    Seriously, doesn’t he get tired of playing the same old character over and over again? Not to mention the fact that he’s already too old acting in idol dramas. His age is definitenly showing on his face now. No one can’t deny the fact that he already looks his age now, mid-thirties.

    • Well, I actually tend to disagree. He is a bit old for a normal idol age I guess, but his talent, and looks are still there, and people still want to watch him. I mean, there are quite a few 30+ idols in the korean business still, the guys especially, so its not especially knew.

      Personally, I became a fan after DWL, so you can’t say he hasn’t been gaining new fans, and his dramas before that, Hot Shot (which plot-wise was okay, but dude, 3 eye candy, the fans won’t resist) and Starlit (which was good enough) have kept him going even after MG years. So yeah, image wise, Jerry’s been the same throughout the years, but you can’t say he’s always acted in the same roles.

      As for this drama, while it is a remake, its meant for the chinese audience, which is pretty wide, so it’ll probably gain lots of views. As a person who prefers chinese-language dramas, I think I’ll end up watching this rather than the original, which I’m sure is better, but yea, I’m sure quite a few of us will give this a go.

      Anyway, didn’t actually mean to type all that. Lol, there’s just that something about asian idols that’s just different, you just gotta defend them.:)

      • I beg to disagree. Since you are a fan of him, you tend to be blind-sided and that every drama that he comes out with may always seem new and refreshing to you. But for non-fans who are just looking for dramas with real sense and not just “eye candy”, he seems to play the same character over and over again. Do you not think that I have not given Hotshot and Starlit a chance? I watch dramas first before I make my judgment. He was good in MG, but since then, his acting has not progressed anymore. And he did not even bother transforming himself. He is stuck in time. After having watched those dramas, I think I can confidently say that he has acted the same characters over and over again. It’s like watching Dao Ming Si in different times and settings. Only the clothes and names (of course) have changed. Or maybe, they are indeed different roles, but only thing is, he did not portray them well enough to say that they are indeed different from each other. He did not gave his characters their own diversity in order to tell them apart from each other.

        Now I did not say that this new drama of his will not do well. I’m sure it will, since he is giving what his fans wanted and what his fans expected of him. Will it gain him new fans? Maybe, because you just said he has gained you after DWL. But he’s not getting any younger and at this point in his career, he should be aiming for artistic achievement and not popularity.

        And what’s wrong if he keeps acting in idol dramas? Oh nothing much… except, doesn’t he feel kind of awkward to be paired with very young actresses in idol dramas when he himself doesn’t look that young anymore? In those videos above, he looks like a middle-aged guy dating a schoolgirl (no offense meant).

        If you think that I am biased against Taiwanese actors, I am not. Though I am not really a fan of Taiwanese dramas and their actors, I can see a good drama and actor when I see one. Vic Zhou and Ethan Ruan are both Taiwanese actors who have transformed greatly. I never paid much attention to them until of late. Those 2 actors, especially Vic Zhou, are the ones that have progressed much in their acting. Maybe Vic can teach his F4 buddy Jerry a thing or two about acting.

  18. I don’t understand what’s the problem with taiwan/mainland dramas lately… Wu Chun has made a remake of a Korean drama, a it’s, like Jerry’s, a frame by frame copy of the original!!! only one thing changes, Wu Chun acting is horrible.

    And sorry, but I think Jerry is too boring (sorry, sorry, sorry). There are a lot of better actors in Taiwan. But he is overstimated. Sooooooorry!!! Is just that his last two dramas were sooo boring (to me).

  19. Having watched and loved SI, I can confidently say that watching one version was enough for me, I don’t think I could stand watching Jerry play such a frustrating and annoying leading man. I was definitely one of those viewerswho were shipping Eun Soo with Jun Sae all the way.

  20. the original was enough for me. seeing the preview, i think they overdo the drama.. The original casts are better especially Lee Seung Gi portraying Hwan’s role.. good luck to this drama.. expectations are high…

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