First Still from Full House 2 Plus JTB Tours of the Set

Above is the first ever official still from the set of Full House 2, the drama with more casting changes than Lady Gaga changes outfits for a concert. If you are in Tokyo, JTB is taking applications for tours it set up to visit the set of FH2 in early December, and participants can be extras and viewers for the filming. FH2 is a Japanese-Korean collaboration that will be aired first on TBS in Japan next March, though it stars three Korean actors as the leads: No Min Woo, Hwang Jung Eum, and Park Ki Woong. At this point I just want to abduct poor talented Park Ki Woong and take him away from this potential hot mess. No Min Woo is channeling a surlier version of Rain’s superstar character, while the world appears to insist Hwang Jung Eum be forced to sport the mushroom top haircut in drama after drama. I don’t care if its curled here, it’s still hideous. Plus she’s wearing overalls! I can’t even.

Maybe I’m not the right demographic for FH2. I hated the first drama because it violated a basic legal tenet I hold dear (property rights, yo!) and then spiraled out of control from there with Rain’s eye-searing outfits and the dumb romantic developments. While I genuine like the cast of FH2 as actors, I find everything so contrived about how they are styled. No Min Woo is stylish in ways only stars would attempt, Hwang Jung Eum looks like a friendly down-to-earth girl straight out of a farm, and Park Ki Woong got dunked into a vat of hair bleach. My eyes, it’s not happy right now.


First Still from Full House 2 Plus JTB Tours of the Set — 49 Comments

  1. Right on! And I thought I was the only one who didn’t really dig the storyline in Full House 1 and now with these “fantabulous” outfits and looks in FH 2, I will not even bother…

    I crack up when you said “Above is the first ever official still from the set of Full House 2, the drama with more casting changes than Lady Gaga changes outfits for a concert.” LOL I was thinking the outfits in FH 2 can be extras for the same Gaga concert you were talking about… ROFL…

  2. No offense to her fans but I don’t find her pretty. I can’t help but think that Jung So Min would have been great for this role because she can effortlessly spunky.

    No min Woo is really handsome but the flowery boy type of handsome. Sometimes he dresses too much and it makes him look even more feminine. Like the way he dresses above, with the curly hair. Why can’t you just go simple and not try to look like JGS. aiya!

    All of them look better in the second pic.

  3. Egads, I can’t get past PKW’s hair, or NMW’s for that matter. Oye. Why do dramas insist on doing stupid hair? It’s usually the heroine that sports the icky ‘do’, but this time they’ve messed with both leads. I think I’ll skip this one. Yep, I’m shallow. I have to enjoy looking at the heroes of my dramas…

  4. OMG?!!! WHAT IS THAT?!
    How can this drama make three very beautiful people look this bad?!!!!!! I swear No Min Woo’ 70’s and 80’s dos looked much saner than this!!!! This looks more like Full House’s crazier twin! I think the only reason Full House was as popular as it was (at least partly) because it’s cast looked really hot, what will this show have going on for it now??????

    • hmmmmm…you know what you are right, this looks like it will be a very hot mess…and hence very unintentionall funny….looks like I will have to watch the crazy now

  5. Now I’m really curious about the plot. Is this going to be a literal remake of FH1? And since it’s a J/K joint project, I’m wondering if the actor’s voices will be dubbed in Japanese?
    Have to agree with Alyssia – Jung So Min would have been perfect. It’s like she dropped out of sight after PK (other than promoting PK w/KHJ).

    • No Min Woo can dub himself… he can speaks Japanese (way better than English)
      Jung So Min tries to keep herself far from another hot mess… she was already in 2 of them (Bad Guy and Playful Kiss)

      I really hoped that NMW would skip this drama and make Vampire Idol ( I think he’s still doing it). He will be compared with Rain in the morning, noon and evening just because this is FH2.
      I just hope they will minimize the secondary girl ( I was bored to death by the character even it was awesome Han Eun Jung playing it)

      I think I’m the only crazy woman around here who can dig HJE’s ahjummonic haircut ( does it sounds like demonic?). I think it was meant to look like Candy and Park Ki Woong as her hilltop prince… but they failed completely

      • Actually even though bad guy wasn’t the best drama out there it still had average ratings. It always had double ratings, unlike PK which never saw the double number.

        Also she worked with Kim Nam Gil and some good actors, why is it a bad experience for her? I don’t think so.

      • Frankly I loved both dramas, Kim Nam Gil is my bias and Kim Jae Wook was impressive in BG. For me Jung So Min was the cherry on top.

        It sounds that awful? I meant : Jung So Min would choose for her next project something that will make her known to the public: a weekend family drama or a sitcom, or maybe she will go for a short project on cable/movie ( she is still in school and I don’t know if she recovered after filming 2 dramas back to back)

        Ratings wise for the 2 dramas: we can talk about demographics Playful Kiss is one of the most viewed kdramas for the girls in their teens or 20s even worldwide( check it on YT) and Bad Guy had its issues after the World Championship, but mostly it was kinda too dark for Korean taste and had a strong competition in the same time slot

        However I still think that those dramas were 2 hot messes : you don’t believe me? Go watch them for yourself and see the technical reasons! Yes the ratings matters too, but popularity isn’t automatically quality: see BBF, or upsss Full House first season. Guilty! I was obsessed with both! I marathoned both like it was the last drama I would see in this life. No sleep, no food, just THE DRAMA.

        Sometimes you can find gems if you watch a drama with 3% ratings like The woman who still wants to marry (it went against Chuno) or The worlds within (8%). There are many ppl that love Coffee House or Prosecutor Princess or You’re beautiful even though they hardly had double digits ( there are a few dramas with quite a fandom despite the ratings : usually dramas around 10%)

        I loved Personal Taste, but I realize its flaws no matter how much I loved my OTP or Game Over kiss ( damn you LMH the only thing I really like about you is that you dare to kiss a girl as a normal guy would do and not as a virgin who wouldn’t dare to touch the girl even after marriage) . Despite average ratings- 14.4 everyone complained about PT

  6. Ugh. I HATED FH1. Everything about it grated on me, but especially Song Hye Gyo. Her character was everything I can’t stand in a woman, and (I think) gives women bad names. So, I will be passing on this one. *mentally prepares for Full House mania when it arrives*

    Also, I looked at this still and thought you were talking about a really old drama. Something from maybe the year 2000. Good styling choices Korea!

  7. Maybe Full House 2 will be a hit or it could just turn out to be a hot mess (I’m leaning towards the latter), but I won’t be sticking around to find out. I have already sat through Full House the first time and don’t really want to ride it out for a second time.

    No Min Woo does look cute all broody and mean looking, but that’s still not enough for me to tune in; I’m also not a big fan of Hwang Jung Eum or her acting, which is (for me) another strike against this drama. Btw how ridiculous does she look with that curled mushroom cut, pink & red striped fuzzy sweater, and overalls?! She isn’t terrible looking so why do these dramas keep putting her in these farm girl type outfits (it looks like she got dressed in the dark); at least Song Hye Gyo looked cute in the first FH.

  8. I guess.. wait, no, I can’t actually figure out what was going on in the mind of the drama producers (or whoever is in charge of the image) when they decided on the hideous haircuts for ALL 3 leads. I am mortified to see HJE’s mushroom hair curled, as if the straight verson didn’t distract me enough in CYHMH.

    Just for the hairstyles alone, I don’t think I would be able to watch this drama even if I like all the leads as actors. The picture in the poster below, they all look so.. presentable!!

  9. I know, right.. I was excited about Full House 2… Honestly, I didn’t mind the hot hot hot Noh Min Woo because he showed potential in Rock, Rock, Rock.. but the moment Hwang Jung Eum joined… I lost all hope. Sigh, why does this happen and why does she still have that hair..

    • As for me i am really content with the cast. I really like Hwang Jung Eum. She may not be the strongest actress but she very pleasant to watch. I really like her in Giant and CYHMH.

    • lol i couldn’t agree more. i mean why her?? there are lots of better female casts out there but her :X sorry I just can’t stand her. Thought i really wanna see No Min Woo as a lead, I’m gonna skip this one.

  10. The HairThe HairThe Hair!!! How is that all three of them have such unflattering haircuts and hideous hair colours? Don’t tell me FH2 will remake all the awful outfits that plagued FH1?
    I really hope this will turn out good, at least for PKW’s sake. I find the first one enjoyable, but mainly due to Rain and SHK, everything else was forgettable.

  11. how is this even a drama still? the 3 of them look so mismatched sittin next to eachother :/ i wonder who came up wit this idea for the photoshoot

  12. OMG this pic is hilarious. Anyways, i have watched K drama long enough to blind myself to the horrendous styling. I am kinda excited for this drama. Love all the cast.

  13. Koala-sensei, I know first impressions may last, but I think we can still give hope for FH2. Even though their outfits and hairstyles are much, much FUGLIER and UGLIER, we’ll never really know what this new drama will offer. And actually, I’m rooting for No Min Woo (I don’t know who Hwang Jung Eum and Park Ki Woong are).

    An example of giving second chances is City Hunter. The trailers are really shitty, but the story proved great until the end.

    (I know that Park Min Young and Le Min Ho’s outfits are too fabulous to compare, but no matter.)
    You’ll never really know.

  14. The hair –> UGH! The clothes –> UGH!
    I say FIRE the STYLIST!
    I know I may be shallow but sometimes I do watch the drama for the eye candy and OMG! The first still from this drama seems to have an aversion to it!

  15. Um. What the heck happened to MY Park Ki Woong’s hair?!? Oh my goodness. I’m super excited to see him in another drama, but yikes, Full House 2 looks like a bomb waiting to explode.

  16. Oh gosh. Who in their right mind would think that mushroom cuts are cute. Maybe on little kids, for they are the only ones that can get away with anything. Hwang Jung Eum… She should fire her hairstylists. Those overalls… Argh. I really hate when female actress try to be cute by looking “younger”…I’m glad I’m not the only one disappointed with the stills. Full house was a guilty pleasure of mine. I hated Rain’s outfits but I just don’t know why I’m such a sucker for two random strangers falling in love while living under the same roof. I have this feeling that this isn’t going to be a ratings hit. They should have turned the whole concept around. Female star, male writer. That would have spiked my interest more.

  17. Um, ok. Her hair, her overalls, AND her fuzzy shirt… They feel like they don’t belong in the 2010s.

    I don’t know how I feel about a FH2, I’ve been skeptical right from the very beginning. The cast hasn’t made me feel any better – they’ve all had different characters and I can’t imagine them “meshing” well for some reason.

  18. Wow… Hwang Jung Eum’s styling has got to be the worst……….I can handle bleached hair because lots of Kpop idols have been doing it. Noh Min Woo.. omg.. ew.. I wasn’t a big fan of Full House, and I never finished it. I like all the actors in this FH2, but … I don’t know if I’m willing to sit through hours of crap styling and fuglified hot people.

  19. I think JGS is looking for his blazer Min Woo…. 😀 😀

    Srly!! this stills ARE BORING!!!!!!!!….the first think that came to mind when I saw it was WTF are people wearing and why does the chick looks like Punky Brewster…yeah this drama should have just laid out to die, cause I feel this is going to be a mess.

  20. i liked Full House (though last part was a bit boring), it was one of my first dramas… i’ve learned a lot about dramas now, so it’s not in my rewatch list
    rain’s outfits are the worst things i’ve ever seen…
    but i love this cast so maybe not sure but maybe i will give a try

  21. Mr. HOT Fox Hunter…. please get out of this drama and do the Vampire Idol with LOTS of HOT Shower Scene in every episodes.. I think that is better for you…. =D

  22. Eww. I didn’t even realize that it was Noh Min Woo. He need to ditch that jacket. It was ugly in Midas, and it’s still ugly here. But what saved it in Midas was that he didn’t wear what looks like leggings with it. I’m all for tight skinny jeans and leather pants, but not pants that look like leggings. Anyways, you forgot to point out the sweater – I believe it’s chenille, which makes the outfit look even worse. The mushroom hair has got to go (her hair literally looks like a mushroom with the curls). I don’t understand Korea’s fascination with this haircut. It’s the ugliest hair tread ever. No one looks good with it.

    That picture makes me dread what’s coming next. It’s like they picked the ugliest things out there and put it on people who are normally good looking.

  23. i am so glad that I found someone who felt the same ways as me about the first version of full house!! i think it was a waste of all the actors’ talents. I hated it that the male lead was so fickle and i had low tolerance for the ‘secret’ love he had for both female leads. sigh… i won’t make a judgment on full house 2 though… yet.

  24. I don’t know how to take them seriously in that get-up. It’s just so…horrid. My lovely second leads…replaced by a starfish, a jellyfish and Goldilocks.

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