Upcoming Period Movie Hua Yang Casts Joe Cheng, Jerry Yan, Michelle Chen, and Ivy Chen as the Leads

Four of Taiwan’s leading actors are getting together for an upcoming 2012 blockbuster period TW-movie. Jerry Yan and Joe Cheng will pair up with Ivy Chen and Michelle Chen for the rare star-studded lavish Hua Yang, a movie set in the waning days of the Ming Dynasty. Ivy and Michelle will play a pair of theatrical performing sisters, and Joe is learning a bevy of traditional instruments while Jerry is doing martial arts training for their roles. Directing will be one of the few female Taiwanese movie directors Chou Mei Ling, who did the well-received indie film Spider Lilies with Rainie Yang.

The cast held a media day to announce the commencement of filming, but all everyone noticed was how exceedingly surly Jerry looked the entire time.┬áIt was’t just a few frowns, the man positively glowered and bristled through the press conference, though he did crack a smile at the very end when he made a joke to Joe. Oh Jerry, would it have killed you to at least pretend to be pleased to be there? Though his manager did later claim Jerry was sick and not feeling well. I dunno, but in the end all that really matters is the movie turns out to be good and the cast have great chemistry and deliver solid performances.

This is the second time Joe and Michelle have worked together, as earlier this year they did the dreadful Channel X together. Though Michelle was thankfully offed in the first two episodes, so lucky for her she got out early. She’s currently one of THE hottest actresses in Taiwan, with her movie You Are the Apple of My Eye one of the highest grossing movies of the year, and she’s up for a Best Actress award at this week’s Golden Horse Awards (Taiwan’s Oscars). I have to confess not liking what little I saw of her in Channel X, so I need to see that Apple movie to understand why she’s so popular. And I don’t even think she’s pretty, so this is one actress I don’t get the hype as of right now.

So Jerry can smile. I guess he saves it for around Joe. Everyone else gets his pout. All teasing aside, I have no clue how this movie will turn out, but I’m totally looking forward to it. The cast is an intriguing combination of actors, and I love period movies that have an artistic moody bent to it.


Upcoming Period Movie Hua Yang Casts Joe Cheng, Jerry Yan, Michelle Chen, and Ivy Chen as the Leads — 21 Comments

  1. I have the hardest time picturing Joe in a period drama (can’t remember if he did one before) but I do like the cast. I always like period films and if it stars Jerry AND Joe, then I’ll be watching for sure.

  2. Poor Jerry does look under the weather. Or did he just go into character already? lol Hope he is feeling better soon.

    I’m glad to see Joe in another drama already. Channel X didn’t do the actor justice. I can imagine Joe in a period drama given his role in “The Rose”. That role ran the gamut from ridiculous to tender.

  3. LOL Koala…I love your observation on Jerry, spot on. However, I think he gets along with Joe cause Joe has similar personality with Ella, meaning friendly, spontaneous and doesn’t take him self very serious. However, what with Jerry it looks he lost tons of weight……

  4. Apple is the talk of town even in HK and it’s EVERYWHERE, it’ll certain break records and C netizens r already begging it to be shown across the pond. I didn’t watch any of ChannelX (lucky me! ^^) I doubt Apple’s success is riding on her acting though, she’s a part of a successful team effort on good writing and directing?

    I’ve slowly, project by project snapped myself out of JoeCheng’s fandom. :X I still find Jerry very awkward as an actor, trying too hard and not hitting the right note, and to attempt a period, I fear he’ll regress to posing and hamming (my gut is telling me same with Joe, sadly). I’ll stay away from this unless surprise the world of its awesomeness when it’s out.

  5. I can imagine all of them in period costumes accept for Jerry Yan. There’s just something about that doesn’t seem like it matches ancient beauty. Why has he gotten SO much thinner since Down With Love?! It looks like he could collapse at any moment. He should really get some rest and take care of himself.

    I’ve only seen Michelle Chen in Why Why Love. She was cute, but her acting is nothing special. Maybe she improved so we’ll see. You know I love you Ivy Chen, but please change out of those golden gym shorts.

  6. Hmmm…wonder if he’s not happy with the movie or the cast?

    You know… both the Chen’s gals were kissed by his F4 buddy Vic so … maybe that’s why he’s frowning??? hehehehe j/k

  7. Jerry really looks bored.. and tired… and grumpy. haha. oh, and I guess michelle chen i “hot” because she isn’t the typical cutesy girl with the high pitched voice. she showed the audience that she is quite volatile as an actress, plus i think having a lower pitched voice is an advantage. hahahahaha.

  8. Damn…this cast! I LOVE Joe and Ivy…and adored Jerry in Down with Love…though I still don’t think he’s that good of an actor…he’s kinda like Song Seung Hoon to me where both can pull of cutesy rom-com leads but loose me when they try to do serious fare..so idk abt him here…but Ivy and Joe!!!!..I’ve wanted to see this pairing like forever!!!..but I would’ve preferred them in a contemporary movie/drama…simply because I cant really picture them in period clothes and mannerisms etc…..so basically really torn as I love this cast but not sure how any of them will be able to pull this off…well, we’ll have to wait and see

  9. What’s wrong with Jerry Yan? It looks like he’s not healthy nowadays. I just saw a picture of Zai Zai at the Golden Horse awards & he’s so handsome & super hot! I thought he looked like Keannu Reeves, looking sooo amazing together with Ella last night. Hope Jerry can put on some weight & a new haircut, I guess. And same goes with Joe, I like him more with short hair.

  10. on michelle chen, she’s always played second stringer roles all the way from why why love.. i only started seeing why she was so hyped up (as she was in why why love, bagging the role as a fresh newbie alongside idol drama staples like mike and rainie) when i saw her movie ‘hear me’ or ting1 shuo1 with ivy chen and eddie peng… and then came this summer’s apple.. which while i won’t say was a phenomenal movie in any sense, it really is one of the most sincere movies i’ve watched in a while… in fact so sincere, that it had me tearing half the time and laughing through those tears.. and michelle chen was positively luminous in there.. acting was nothing to shout home about, but the way the director filmed her (she was the eponymous apple, in ‘apple of my eye’), she was just glowing… it was the director’s partial biography about his high school days and the character she plays is supposed to be his high school sweetheart… so i guess in that sense, you could say she played the director’s muse and boy oh boy, did the camera love her…. then boom! michelle becomes hot property as the new girl next door that everyone loves.. but yeah in short, go catch apple! high school seemed like eons ago, but that’s why in a way the movie was so bittersweet. not for the love story or the way it ended, but more because of the memories associated with the bravado of the high school years… ahhh… youth!

  11. Watched Apple, get the hype, but feel she’s overrated. Her acting has indeed improved since Why Why Love, but she’s still not quite up there with her fellow Taiwanese female leads. For me, it’s more of luck that she got selected as the female lead for a universally relatable movie about puppy love and growing up.

  12. I actually really like Michelle Chen. There’s something about her I just find adorable. I even almost completed “Wish To See You Again”, which I started watching after I saw her in “Miss No Good” (um, yeah XD) because she was in it, but it had an awesome cast on the whole. Still couldn’t finish it. I was wondering what had happened to her, because after 2008 I didn’t really hear anything about her for a while. It’s awesome that she’s becoming more successful now! ^^
    I’m excited for this movie, hopefully the cast will click.

  13. Jerry is in serious need of a makeover. I’ve seen that look through 39 dragging episodes of The Hospital/ The White Tower and Down With Love’s 16 annoyingly funny episodes, it is time for change!! The Hospital aired in 2006, it has been five long bird-nest-y-look! I’m tired of it!!

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