First Teasers of the Ranma 1/2 SP with Aragaki Yui and Kaku Kento

Thank god Ramna 1/2 isn’t one of those iconic mangas where legions of diehard fans will have a hernia and an aneurysm if it was butchered in any way, shape, or form. The first teasers for the upcoming Ranma 1/2 live-action SP have been released, and I pretty much dialed my expectations from a zero down to whatever it is below zero that can still rate as somewhat positive. This thing looks silly, ridiculous, kitschy, and above all else, rather unnecessary. All the characters and scenes are from the first chapters of the manga, which makes no sense since the canon is so rich in fun escapades to mine. But since the production needs to use a human in a panda suit to play Ranma’s dad, I suppose a live-action version is never going to work given the world is populated with freaks who turn into even bigger freaks upon encountering cold water. With that said, I’m still planning on watching this sucker because I’ve waiting over two decades for a Ranma 1/2 live-action anything. No lame CGI is going to deter me! Even if I’m most likely going to regret it afterwards.

First looks Ranma 1/2 live-action SP:


First Teasers of the Ranma 1/2 SP with Aragaki Yui and Kaku Kento — 9 Comments

  1. I’ve never wanted a Ranma LiveAction, nor any Takahashi’s LiveAction. I’m still regretting seeing any of the Maison Ikkoku TV movie crap, and Ikkoku is the closest to RL.

  2. ok, this does look kind of bad, I knew I shouldn’t have had such high expectations. But, like you, nothing is going to deter me from watching it! bring it on!

  3. I love Ranma to pieces and it’s my favorite of Rumiko Takahashi’s so I’ll give it a chance like I gave Ouran a chance. But after watching the live action of Ouran, I have some serious doubts. I really hope the producers and actors get the chemistry between Ranma and Akane right. That’s definitely the part I’m most excited about. I really wish Ryouga/PChan is in this because let’s face it, if he’s not, the only way to see him is to have another season. =P

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