Cha Seung Won Confirmed as the Lead in Upcoming Medical Drama The Third Hospital

Take a good look at Cha Seung Won as Dokko Jin in Best Love, because his next project will be pretty much the exact opposite of his over-the-top maniacal character with a heart defect. SBS has just confirmed that Cha Seung Won will be playing the lead in its upcoming drama The Third Hospital.Β No other casting has been announced, but it’s yet early since the drama is scheduled for a March 2012 premiere.

As expected, he’s playing a top doctor who is cold and brilliant at his job. Where are all the bumbling doctors with great bedside manners in Korea? With Brain already out first and doing just okay in ratings, I’m not even going to talk about the need for yet another neurosurgery related drama. But hey, it’s Cha Seung Won! I’m definitely checking this out.

The drama will be set in a neurosurgery wing of a prominent hospital, with the story dealing with the balance between Western and Oriental medicine. It’s a shame that all that (see above) will be covered by a white coat. Earlier this week, both Lee Min Jung and Park Hee Son turned down roles in this drama, the former as the leading lady and the latter as the other male lead, a doctor of Oriental medicine who is also Cha Seung Won’s half-brother in the drama.

I’m assuming it’s nothing related to the drama potentially having a sucky script off the bat. The Third Hospital will be produced by Taewon Entertainment (responsible for IRIS and Athena), and PD Jin Hyuk who helmed City Hunter, Prosecutor Princess, Shining Inheritance/Brilliant Legacy, and Painter of the Wind. He’s got a great visual touch, I approve. But my track record with Taewon dramas (0-2) leaves me a tad worried.

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Cha Seung Won Confirmed as the Lead in Upcoming Medical Drama The Third Hospital — 26 Comments

  1. “It’s a shame that all that (see above) will be covered by a white coat”

    Oh there will be showers of angst surely no? πŸ™‚

    I’m with Cha Seung Won all the way (way back from the early days where he just did comedy on films)

  2. What happen in Kdrama land today?? I’ve just read news about JIS&HJW (sorry off the topic but I’m too excited) and now this???!!!
    Gosh…I’m so excited!! ^^

  3. Its gonna be too hard for me to go from Dokko Jin to cold Doctor. But I will follow the hotness namely Cha Seung Won πŸ˜›

  4. I read his character plays a doctor specializing in psychology/psychiatry? But anyway anyhow I don’t mind the cold arrogant ambitious doctor in play, I’ve just been blown away by Kim Myung Min in White Tower (2007) and am currently charmed like no other by Shin Ha Kyun’s hateful doctor character in Brain (he’s really really GOOD in here altho the writing is kinda MEH so far). I can definitely live with more of such characters hehe..

    And it’s CHA.SEUNG.WON. we’re talking abt.

    No complaints here.

  5. OK.
    Deep breath.

    Let’s pretend that Dr. CSW spends a lot of his free time being a champion
    a) swimmer
    b) scuba diver (They are different.)
    c) cliff diver
    d) sauna tester

    White coat problem solved.

  6. OMG I adore Cha Seung Won and to have him in another drama so fast is a delight… I am on cloud nine so I am not going to think about the similarities with Cain and Abel but I am hoping he decided to do the nice role and not be a villain like he said he wanted to do on an interview after Best Love…

  7. Sory for offtop. Brain may be just OK in the ratings game but so far it is an excellent drama! I wasn’t going to watch it but I read an article praising Shin Ha-Kyun acting (and he is just brilliant!) and like he is enjoying stardom now thanks to positive critical and public reaction to the drama. The ratings are in low digits and will probably stay like this but the overall quality is very good. I am going to marathon it on weekend.
    And yes, Cha Seung Won is just too sexy!

  8. Hot da*n!

    I’ll just think of him as the sexier Korean version of House and I’m good … plus, every drama he’s in manages to get him down to his knickers or in the shower or in the bed, I’m sure PD Jin Hyuk knows where to pull his ratings in and will be suitably sensible on THAT front, at least!

      • I would like to see Ko Hyun Jung go toe to toe with the man.
        And by “go toe to toe”, I presume you also mean knee to knee, thigh to thigh, etc… I’m with you, Jomo– I think CSW and KHJ would be one hawt OTP and I’d love to see the sparks fly between the two of them.

        I love Lee Min Jung, but I’m glad she declined this role because I don’t think she’s a great fit for CSW. CSW and Kim Sun Ah were phenomenal together– on the other hand, Kong Hyo Jin (whom I adore) and CSW didn’t have much natural chemistry together, IMO. (I still loved Best Love, though.)

        Looks like spring will be warm next year… πŸ˜€

      • anotheraddict,
        You have read my mind.
        She would be so good at the competitive doctor who knows about that ONE thing he did back in med school which he doesn’t want anyone to know about and she’s using it to torture him, while also wishing he would notice she’s not just a yeoja surgeon, but a yeoja yeoja. He, of course, has secretly had a crush on her since that ONE night where they got drunk together alone and danced in the quad to the sound of a distant radio playing “I’ve Got you Under My Skin…” but then it started to rain and her sister showed up so they had to go home.
        You know?

  9. YES! So exciting. Thanks for the news!

    Honestly despite the overabundance of cold, brilliant characters I’m not disappointed at this news, because it’s so different from Dokko Jin – plus, CSW does cold and brilliant so well. (And so… HOT. Jo Gook anyone?) I kind of prefer him in a role like that – although I loved him as DJ, he was a little too wacky for me at times. I realize he probably will never have a drama I love him in more than City Hall, and that makes me sad, but I’m so happy he’s doing dramas and I can see him for weeks at a time, burning up my screen.

    Thanks for the picture. Made my day. Maybe I should go watch CH again. Except, there is so much other stuff to watch these days… it’s a good problem to have. πŸ™‚

  10. wahhhhhh, yuki no likey medical dramas (in any language) I’m sad I’ll miss a Cha Seung Won series but no, can’t do it. *sigh*

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