The Stars of BH Entertainment Shoot Charity Pictorial for Instyle Korea


Actors from an entertainment agency gathering for a magazine photo shoot might be the new hot thing in Korea. Dropping the same month as the King Kong folks posed for High Cut Magazine, the gang from BH Entertainment shot a charity pictorial for InStyle Korea. This party actually had a purpose, since the photo shoot was done the same day all the stars gathered for the wedding of the CEO of BH Entertainment to his lovely now-wife. The men are all in black tie and looking exceptionally dashing, while the ladies amped up the glamour for the event. Amongst the big name stars of BH are Lee Byung Hyun, Han Hyo Joo, Go Soo, Kim Min Hee, Bae Soo Bin, and Han Chae Young. This idea was created and organized by the stars of the agency, and all proceeds from these pictures, which will be auctioned off, will go to charity. I like the thought behind it and the end result.

It’s funny this picture was released at the same time news reports confirmed that Han Hyo Joo has been cast as the lead in the upcoming sageuk movie The Joseon King with Lee Byung Hyun. Maybe he won’t look so much like her kindly uncle when they are in sageuk garb. Oh, and I insanely love her dress.

Kim Min Hee and Go Soo are surprisingly gorgeous together. After getting burned by the pairing of Go Soo and Han Ye Seul in that Christmas drama which shall not be named, I was worried about his leading ladies being more of the fierce and lanky variety. But Min Hee looks adorable with him, and rawr with the drinking red wine in bed. Lucky girl!

[Credit: Instyle Korea]


The Stars of BH Entertainment Shoot Charity Pictorial for Instyle Korea — 17 Comments

  1. Oh Han Hye Joo are in Lee Byung Hyun’s agency and both get the male and female lead of the drama. Just like MAMA awards most of the presenters are also from his agency…smart…..

  2. OCKoala, thanks so much for the write-up. For the last three years (that I am aware of) BH Entertainment has been doing a pictorial spread for charity; this year’s idea is my favourite so far.

    At MAMA, six presenters including Lee Byung Hun are from BH Entertainment; but the other 14 presenters are from other agencies so “most” is not quite accurate 🙂 It was such a thrill to see the Korean stars in Singapore (especially since my favourites, Bae Soo Bin and Han Hyo Joo, had been appearing in back-to-back dramas shown on local TV (Dong Yi followed immediately by Brilliant Legacy).

    • The CEO of BH is really influential, he knows how to secure good project, major events for his staffs. This is called Penetration Marketing.

    • han hyo joo is so graceful looking, i like her in almost all of her outfit choices. i’m sure she has a great stylist behind her, but she just carries them well.

      my one wish if for her to have a drama with bae soo bin as the leading man.

      oh and she’s really tall for most of her leading men, she was taller than ji jin hee in dong yi too. so i can just imagine if her dramas/films are set in modern times with heels on. ^^:)

  3. Han Hyo Joo definitely has slowly been winning me over – I didn’t really connect with her in her drama with LJK or BL with LMK but I did like her turn in DY. She is really pretty in that white dress. I’m not really into LBH either but I think he looks pretty good with her 🙂

    GS – so much love for him – he looks so nice in black tie formal wear… would love to see him in a drama again!

  4. woohoo.. it has my favorite actress Han Hyo Joo and Three of my favorite HOTT actors LBH, BSB and GS… ohh… by the way, i did saw the trailer of Gi Joe 2 OMG… LBH looks very very fine without the shirt in the trailer… XD

  5. LOL, that’s kinda funny how they seem to be holding the wedding but at the same time, it’s a photo shoot. I wonder how candid they really are or if they just seriously pose like this every few seconds and were just all on for the camera

  6. What a lovely surprise.. thanks cynkdf for highlighting this at BSB-soompi. Always good to read about the BH Entertainment feature and/or Lee Byung Hun, it’s never enough. Ockoala, hope you won’t mistaken Lee Byung HUN with HYUN Bin ^^.. please don’t kill me.. my first time here after hearing a lot of good stuff.

    Love your write-up.. too bad LBH doesn’t do that many drama series anymore.. to be featured in awesome blogs as this one.

    Btw.. the CEO’s wedding will be held on January 5, we sure hope to see many celebs attending including his own BH Entertainment team at the wedding.

  7. Oh, Go Soo, how I heart you! How can you be so effortlessly sexy and elegant and cute at the same time? <333

    Slightly off-topic, but I actually think that his pairing with Han Ye Seul in 'Will It Snow for Christmas?' was a winning one, and they had wonderful onscreen chemistry. Also, the drama had an enchanting, magical, compelling love story that reminded me so much of the one from Amelie, the movie. Pity that it slipped in murky typical melo fare towards the end, but we still got our happily ever after.

  8. Kim Min Hee and Go Soo really do look great together. That’s a gorgeous picture. Are they doign a drama or movie together? Lol, I want it to happen now.

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