First Look at I Love You So Much with Blue Lan and Ivelyn Lee

Ring Ring Bell ended this past weekend. *birds chirping* Yeah, I’m assuming Jia Kai and Xiao Xiang got their happy ending after all those random kidnappings and strange illness issues flew out of nowhere and hijacked the drama from sweet OTP love to WTF-is-going-on insanity. But no harm done, I still love Janine Chang and Peter Ho, who were wonderful together. RRB’s follow up drama, which won’t premere until January 29th since the next two weekends will have Lunar New Year festivities and election-related programs, is the Blue Lan and Ivelyn Lee helmed I Love You So Much (粉愛粉愛你). Lord I hate these generic English titles. The Chinese title is a pun on make up mixed with loving someone very much, since this drama is set in the world of make up artists, wannabe rockers, and hidden identities. The first teaser just came out and I actually like it. It feels snappy and vivid, and Ivelyn is simply adorable with her new curly bob. She looks like Hwang Jung Eum‘s cute Taiwanese twin.

The drama is currently filming, and had Ivelyn and second male lead Nick Chou do some promotional activities last week to start drumming up interest, which is where these stills came from. Nick plays lead Blue’s illegitimate younger half-brother. Ivelyn will be playing the heiress to a cosmetic fortune who suddenly finds her family enterprise in dire straits. To save the company, she hides her identity and goes to work as the assistant for Blue, who is the head make up artist and president of a rival cosmetics company. Even though Blue is gifted at the cosmetic arts, he’s secretly a wannabe rocker that hides his passion from his controlling grandmother and secretly has a band and plays the pub circuit at night.

Teaser for I Love You So Much:

The trailer song is the new single from Show Luo. The voiceover from Ivelyn says: No matter the pretense, my love is not made up. Ivelyn was actually a last minute leading lady for this drama, as the role was originally slated for Amber Kuo, who declined it to do the SETTV drama Walking Forward Towards Love with Tammie Chen. The two dramas will be going head-to-head once Office Girls ends and WFTL takes over.


First Look at I Love You So Much with Blue Lan and Ivelyn Lee — 6 Comments

  1. So undercover boss for her, and undercover rockstar for him. I like the idea. Let’s play hide and seek ! I only know Blue because of PS Man where i found him photogenic. Don’t know much about his acting skills. Well, i guess if he wears guyliner i can forgive almost everything.

  2. yeah, i saw a preview of this on the Last ep of Ring Ring Bell (Sad its over but now moving on to new dramas).. I wasn’t sure what to say about it since Its been a while since I saw Blue ub the Taiwan drama world. Nick Chou.. he looks familiar but cant remember where and the lead lady looks darn cute!! This looks interesting based on the teaser.. BUT we can only tell once the drama airs.. I’m going to stay neutral for now and hope it will make me interested.

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