LOVE Releases Full Trailer for a Valentine Premiere

Director Doze Niu‘s pet project LOVE the movie has finally released it’s official full trailer as it prepares for a Valentine’s Day premiere across Asia. The movie looks fabulous, a Chinese version of Love Actually with a smaller scope and cast. I pretty much like every single actor in this movie, and watching them love, fight, and make out in the trailer was totally up my alley. I’m sure when I watch it, I’ll have a favorite couple story amongst the cast, but from the preview alone, I’m digging the Mark ChaoVicki Zhao combo. Doesn’t hurt they actually have the same last name, just spelled differently since China uses pinyin and Taiwan uses Wade-Giles. He plays a callous dick, she plays a tempermental single mom. I can’t wait to see the sparks fly.

Official Trailer for LOVE:

The title cards read:

What is love?

Love is simple.

Love can also be difficult.

Love is innocent.

Love can also be complicated.

Love can be very sincere.

Love can also be quite inexplicable.

Love hurts a person’s heart.

Love especially makes a person’s heart beat faster.

Eight super stars gather to discuss love.

Vicki Zhao

Shu Qi

Ethan Ruan

Mark Chao

Eddie Peng

Doze Niu

Amber Kuo

Ivy Chen

Final voiceover is from Amber: “Love, it is the purpose behind existence.”


LOVE Releases Full Trailer for a Valentine Premiere — 10 Comments

  1. i’m hoping this would be decent at least condisering that i love most of the actors here. it’s just that there are too many romcoms out there. but i’ll still see it anyway xD
    Ethan <3 !!!! waaahhh!!!

  2. This looks good! And everyone looks so pretteh. ^_^ I can’t wait to see Mark on-screen again, I think I’m feeling a Black&White rewatch coming up.

  3. Looks like I’ve seen this movie a few times already. Rom-coms aren’t original anymore.

    I’m really liking the song that starts at 1:31 -: “I love you. You love him/her. He/She loves him/her ..”

  4. Waah, why aren’t Mark Chao and Ivy Chen together? That would blow my socks off. I think you can tell I’m in the middle of watching Black and White ;P

    • Why isn’t Eddie Peng and Ivy Chen together? (Or maybe they are? From what I gathered from the trailer…Eddie Peng and Amber Guo are dating but Ivy Chen is friend of Amber and the third wheel who got pregnant by Eddie.) They are the cutest couple in 聽說/Hear Me!

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