The King 2 Hearts Holds Press Conference and Releases Five-Minute Trailer

Presenting the press conference for The King 2 Hearts, where puppy has gone back to being a puppy. Lee Seung Gi in a frumpy ill-fitting suit and a fuddy hairstyle once again returns to his cute boyish incarnation. Ha Ji Won has visibly lost weight to play this role, but she still looks healthy, and her figure is insane in that lime green pattern fitted dress. Just a reminder that this drama doesn’t air next week but the week after since the MoonSun finale is next week. In the meantime, have a five-minute long trailer for the drama that continues to leave me befuddled as to what to expect. To be sure, Ha Ji Won and Lee Seung Gi continue to show gasp inducing chemistry, but I’m really wary of the story. I hope they focus on a few critical elements rather than trying to make it all epic or sweeping.

I do get some people’s comments that Ha Ji Won seems to be always playing the same character trope these days – the outwardly bad ass, tough girl who is soft-hearted on the inside. I can’t deny that, which is sad considering she started off her career doing a variety of characters most of whom were amazingly memorable. She and Kim Sun Ah are both starting to flirt with extreme typecasting, but I still love them both nonetheless. Lee Seung Gi is really impressing me here, not doing anything really remarkable acting wise, but his screen presence is really eyecatching.

Five-minute long preview for TK2H:


The King 2 Hearts Holds Press Conference and Releases Five-Minute Trailer — 20 Comments

  1. Ahh yes Ha Ji Won had a such a variety of roles and they were all so memorable because she was able to show her chameleon-like acting. It makes me sad that she’s recently take on the tough girl trope.

    Thanks again unni! 🙂

  2. wow, looks good. I like ha ji won playing strong kickass herione. ^^ I hope there’s some comedy too but by the look of this trailer, doesn’t look like it. (fingers cross)

  3. To be honest, I had a really hard time finishing that 5 minute trailer.. It just doesn’t leave much of an impression on me… I love the casting, but the PD/writer combo just isn’t doing it for me.

    • Third. They seem to have everything I expected: jealousies over second leads (and of course Ha Ji Won has a male colleague with a crush, Myungwol’s Ryu anyone?), petty sniping and tricks, lots of shouting and gesticulating about a Crisis, etc. I’m still going to check it out, but it looks like the writer is going to sink this ship.

  4. Thanks Koala. I like reading opinions from people on things that I have interest on even if they are not necessarily same with mine.

    I dont know why the trailer video has no background music when the one shown at the press conference actually has music on. Its too bad because I think their music choices are great and heighten the mood of the scenes. In case anyone wants to check:

    HJW is almost a legend as an action heroine. Its like Jackie Chan being typecasted as an action hero. If she prefers to continue taking on action roles, kdrama action heroine unfortunately has been the same kind. I hope though, that her character here will be slightly different. i want to see her as a really tough woman unlike her character in Secret garden eventhough she has a soft heart and in search of true love. I have a good feeling when I see her character pointing a gun to Jae Ha.

    I dont know how the conflict played out in Spy Myung Wol, but it looks like the dilemma of the couple here is between choosing love and their country and wanting to unite south and north korea. Watching the trailers I have trust in the director and actors that this drama can be gripping and moving. But it still depend on the writers who I’m still wary of.

    At least for now, I already love Seunggi and Jiwon together as a couple. Please be good show!

  5. nice trailer ^^
    so i think i will see the king 2 hearts for the actors acting and curious for it’s ending
    and see rooftop prince for entertaining story and the F4 ^^

  6. Why is Seunggi dress like that he usually kills it in formal wear. I wish the trailer was subbed I could not get a hold on what the story is about.

  7. Lee Seung Gi has always had great charisma, and his acting certainly looks promising. I’m so excited for this show. Just like MoonSun be done already! (I know it’s a mega-hit, but I personally am just a little over it…)

    Also, just a note on LSG’s clothes. I swear, I think he has the worse stylist in Korean Entertainment. It was always the same in 1n2d, Strong Heart, and all the different events he’s done – this adorable little puppy with unfortunate hairstyle and frumpy clothes. (I mean seriously, what is up with his corsage?) He’s Hook Entertainment’s fine prince, so they really ought to look into getting a new stylist for him.

  8. Hmm…all of that in the first few episodes? Well based on the posters we know they get past it but it looks interesting. Though forcing the King to attend military training against his will is funny

  9. Is it me or does HJW face is a bit swollen and disproportional to her body in the green dress. Please look at the closeup in the press interview when she has the mic and is in that green dress.

  10. I was expecting them to explain a bit more about the drama during the press conference, but the press news articles were mostly quite unrelated with the drama itself (ie. why Seunggi left Strong Heart & 1n2d, when he’ll enter military, Ha Jiwon’s opinion about marriage, etc).

    The female second lead is the younger sister of Lee Jae Ha (Seunggi) and the rumor says that she falls in love with the male second lead. Fingers crossed there will not be any love triangle in this drama, so I can root for both the lead couple & the 2nd lead couple =)

    Yoon Jae Moon, he really loves playing as a villain, doesn’t he? ^^ And he loves playing character to oppose the King, just like his character in TWDR.

    Just by looking at the press conference pictures and fancams, Ha Ji Won & Seunggi have a great chemistry, so can’t wait to see their chemistry on the screen.

    Fingers crossed the writer won’t screw up the storyline

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