Yun Zhong Ge Chapter 7: Heartbeat Wrinkle

Until I got around to translating, I’d had forgotten how beautiful in its playfulness volume 1 of Yun Zhong Ge was. Tong Hua crafts these scenes and imprints it indelibly on the reader’s memory. The fireflies becoming the stars on the ground, the dandelions becoming the snow in the palm, it all makes sense because Yun Ge is such a young and vibrant character, so the things around her are naturally unique. Da Mo Yao is nearing the end of my translation project and I’m finding myself loathe to pick up the final few chapters, almost like I was saying goodbye to a dear friend. In contrast YZG is just ramping up and spending time with it is like hanging out, drinking wine, and looking at the stars. This chapter involves a kiss and an embrace, and not with the same guy. LOL, I’d say that Yun Ge was pretty flighty, especially since neither guy is her fiancee/love of her life Ling gege. Ooooh, the plot thickens.

Chapter 7: Heartbeat Wrinkle

After Meng Jue parted with Yun Ge, he walked down the alley to the street and saw a figure standing in a dark. “Ms. Xu, it’s quite late, why are you still outside?”

“I was purposely waiting for Meng dage. Did Yun Ge go to bed?” Meng Jue smiled “I was planning to sneak in and out, in the end I bothered you all.” Xu Ping Jun replied “Such a beautiful scene, I’m just happy I didn’t miss it. Plus this has nothing to do with Meng dage, I’ve been sleeping poorly these past few days. A few days ago, I saw Yun Ge and Bing Yi laughingly coming back late into the night. They actually went to the remote countryside to play late at night, what could possibly be so entertaining there?”

Meng Jue’s smile didn’t change, like he didn’t understand the hidden meaning of what Xu Ping Jun just said “Ping Jun, I already address you like Bing Yi does, so what is it you want to talk to me about?”

Xu Ping Jun stood there in silence, and Meng Jue didn’t push her other than moving over to block her from the wind blowing into the alley. “Meng dage, I know you can get things done. I beg you to help me, I don’t want to marry into the Ouhou family, I want to marry…….” Xu Ping Jun’s words trailed off and she bit her lip to keep herself from crying.

“Ping Jun, if you want to be a wife and mother, live a peaceful life, then marrying into the Ouhou family is the best choice.” “I just want to marry……I can live a tough life, I’m not afraid of living a hard life.”

Following Liu Bing Yi isn’t simply living a hard life, so Meng Jue was silent for a moment “If you are sure this is what you want, I can help you.” Xu Ping Jun wanted to use Yun Ge as a gamble, but Meng Jue didn’t care. She was despondent and now he was a source of hope for her “Meng dage, you will really help me?” she grabbed his arm.

Meng Jue smiled gently “If you believe me, then go home and sleep. Don’t fight with your mother anymore, be a good daughter and I will make it so you don’t marry into the Ouhou family.” Xu Ping Jun nodded and was about to leave when a deep voice said “Meeting a beauty in the dark of the night, little brother Meng sure can enjoy life.”

This person was wearing a big hat so Ping Jun couldn’t see his face, but he was followed by a few guards. If he wasn’t a noble he was at least very rich. She wanted to clear up the misconception but Meng Jue said “Ping Jun, go home first.”

Xu Ping Jun quickly left. Meng Jue turned to the person with a bow “Your highness is looking for me?” [Meng Jue addressed him as an Infante Duke.]

The person walked up to Meng Jue “After the Crown Prince Wei incident at the North gate, everyone in Chang An is nervous and there is much discussion. The little Emperor’s likely not sitting at ease right now on his throne. Shang Guan Jie and Huo Guang are likely not sleeping well. With such an easy gesture, we got such results. Little brother Meng’s idea was brilliant! I’m very impressed with you now, so I came tonight to talk with you and ran into your personal matter. Someone wants to steal a girl from little brother Meng? I can take care of the Ouhou family, and use this to show my appreciate for you.”

Memg Jue smiled “Meng Jue thanks your highness for your grace.” The man patted Meng Jue on the shoulder “I’m off now, tomorrow come have a drink with me.” Meng Jue’s eyes followed the group as they melted back in the darkness. His slight smile slowly disappeared. Not for the person, but for himself. Why was he feeling nervous? Why didn’t he let Xu Ping Jun clear up the misunderstanding? Why did he let this misunderstanding stand?


Life is so unexpected, and days before Xu Ping Jun’s wedding, her fiancée suddenly dies randomly of an illness. Yun Ge never saw the man before and his death comes as a shock to her. Xu Ping Jun looked wan, completely out of it when she did chores and making lots of mistakes.

Xu Ping Jun’s mom railed to the Heavens and blamed Xu Ping Jun for having a bad luck life. Xu Ping Jun went from talkative to saying nothing for days. Yun Ge and Liu Bing Yi would think of ways to cheer her up. Xu Ping Jun pretended to be fine, but she would often just stare at Liu Bing Yi. Even when her staring made him fidgety, she still didn’t notice.

Yun Ge heard that a fortune teller was renowned in Chang An and wanted to take Xu Ping Jun there. But Mr. Zhang was adamant and refused, his rule was three people a day and it had to be reserved in advance. The waiting list extended into next year.

Liu Bing Yi heard Yun Ge complaining and he laughed and said he will go ask a favor. When Mr. Zhang saw Liu Bing Yi, his attitude completely changed and he agreed to everything she wanted. Yun Ge was confused and asked Liu Bing Yi.

He explained with a laugh “What do fortune tellers do? They use the past of the client to make them believe their powers, and then conjure up vague things for the future. Since he makes all his clients reserve in advance, and everyone who can afford him is rich or powerful, then such people…..”

Before he finished, Yun Ge laughed and interjected “Such people are easy for big brother and your band of hooligans to dig up dirt on them. So this Mr. Zhang relies on big brother for his secrets and insight. With everyone on the lower rungs of Chang An following big brother, then nothing can happen here without big brother knowing.”

When Liu Bing Yi heard this, his expression changed slightly. He was just intendling only to explain a bit, but who knew that Yun Ge has been around all sorts of different people since she was a kid and has seen so much, plus she’s very perceptive and quick on the uptake.

“Yun Ge, you can’t tell any one this, you have to keep my secret.” Yun Ge nodded “I know.”


Mr. Zhang looked at Xu Ping Jun all over and told her that her life was so exceedingly wealth-prone that it was too good and such strong aura was too much for her fiancée so handle so he died.

Xu Ping Jun asked “So I didn’t do anything to kill him?” Mr. Zhang replied “You did and didn’t kill him. He died because your aura was too strong, but that’s just his own lot in life and ordained by the Heavens. You don’t need to feel bad.”

Xu Ping Jun’s mom was giddy and wanted to know how high her Ping Jun would fly with her wealthy aura. Mr. Zhang looked at her “Madam will be living off of your daughter’s good fortune in the future.”

Yun Ge tried hard not to laugh, but she was impressed with this old dude’s ability to make bullshit seem quite believable. After Xu Ping Jun visited the fortune teller, she was happier and Xu Ping Jun’s mom was nicer to her as well.

Yun Ge was pleased, this fortune telling session resolved Xu Ping Jun’s worries and brought mother-daughter closer together. It was worth it, and she vowed to encourage more people to go see the fortune teller.

Yun Ge suddenly saw from the corner of her eye someone who looked like Meng Jue. Since he left that day there was no word from him, not sure what he’s busy with. She hesitated for a moment before quickly saying goodbye to Xu Ping Jun and her mom and then running after Meng Jue.

Meng Jue was turning left and right as he weaved through the streets, almost like he was trying to avoid being followed. Thank goodness Yun Ge was familiar with his form and was also adept like a wolf following its prey, otherwise it was hard to keep up.

Yun Ge was feeling excited thinking about how to surprise him, but then he entered a brothel and Yun Ge immediately pouted. She planned to turn and leave, but she was feeling a tad miffed, and snuck into the brothel.

She searched around but couldn’t find him, and soon it was dark out. When she was about to give up, she saw Meng Jue sitting in an empty courtyard. She snuck behind a fake boulder and saw a richly dressed man in his forties sit down across from Meng Jue.

Yun Ge couldn’t hear what they were discussing, and suddenly the man laughed out loud while Meng Jue had a slight smile. He bowed slightly, such a simple gesture, but from him it just looked so elegant and refined.

They must be done talking because ladies and food and wine were brought in. Yun Ge was trying to figure out how to leave when someone grabbed her by the hair. A heavily made up woman yelled “No wonder I’m short one person, you came here to be lazy. Don’t think that because Madam is sick you guys can take advantage of a new person like me. I was once famous too, and know all your tricks.”

Yun Ge was yelping at the pain as she was dragged into a nearby room. She was relieved that it was just a mistaken identity and the woman didn’t know who she was. She planned to find the opportunity to sneak off.

The woman looked at Yun Ge and took out make up and put it on her. She tried to take off Yun Ge’s clothes but Yun Ge tightly held on “You girls like to pretend all innocent, then keep pretending! Just make sure you take good care of the customer. We all know what the men want at a brothel. But those guys still like this fake innocent act of yours.”

The woman dragged Yun Ge out and before Yun Ge can react she was pushed into a room “My lord Liu, getting her ready took some time, please don’t be mad. She’s the best we have.” Yun Ge stood at the door and gave Meng Jue a silly apologetic smile.

A woman was kneeling next to Meng Jue, and she was just staring at him worshipfully with her eyes wide open. Meng Jue startled momentarily and then immediately returned to normal. Lord Liu looked at Yun Ge coldly “Coming so late, at least you appear worth the wait.” He gestured for Yun Ge to sit next to him.

Yun Ge wanted to slap herself for being such a muttonhead, but she still walked towards Lord Liu while trying to think of a way to extricate herself. Meng Jue suddenly laughed “This girl is indeed the prettiest of the ones tonight.”

Lord Liu laughed “Since little brother Meng likes her, who don’t you go pour him a cup of wine.” Yun Ge immediately knelt beside Meng Jue and poured him a cup and handed it to him. Lord Liu coldly sneered “Is this your first day? Do you not know what it means to pour a cup?”

Yun Ge saw the woman resting on Lord Liu’s shoulder take a drink of the wine before kissing Lord Liu and passing the wine into his mouth. Her tongue even lightly grazed Lord Liu’s lips.

When has Yun Ge ever seen something like this? If it was a stranger that would be at least bearable, but the person next to her was Meng Jue. Yun Ge felt her entire body burn up and her hands holding the cup began to tremble.

She looked at the guards standing in the room, all of them alert and powerful, not like regular guards but more like soldiers. Yun Ge worried about how bad things could get as she slowly drank the wine.

It’s just lip to lip, right? Every one needs to use their lips to eat, to drink. Don’t be scared! Don’t be scared! Just think of him as a cup. Yun Ge tried to give herself all these excuses but she still didn’t make a move.

Meng Jue silently sighed and then lifted Yun Ge’s chin. He stared at her, his obsidian eyes reflecting a hunger even he didn’t fully understand. Meng Jue wrapped one arm around Yun Ge’s waist and another hand went up to cover her eyes.

Yun Ge saw Meng Jue get closer and closer to her, she saw two little hers reflected in his eyes, she saw his lips lightly press on hers, she saw his hands brush over her eyes.

Her world immediately descended into darkness.

The darkness separated her from everything, leaving only the soft warmth on her lips. It was as warm the May sun, causing a heat to spread in her limbs and leaving her feeling weak. It was as satisfying as the finest wine, leaving her flushed from its effects.

She didn’t know if she drank the wine, or Meng Jue drank the wine. She didn’t know if it was due to shame, or other reasons, but Yun Ge’s entire body felt weak and she needed Meng Jue’s arm strength to help her remain sitting upright.

Meng Jue’s arm was gently but firmly wrapped around her, encircling them into a world that was just the two of them. Yun Ge’s face was resting on Meng Jue’s shoulder and her mind was blank. Her ears were humming and her heart was beating so fast and loud it felt like it was about to pop out of her chest.

After some time, Yun Ge finally calmed down and she could make out what they were discussing. Hearing Meng Jue and Lord Liu talking about casual topics calmed Yun Ge down and she gradually straightened herself.

Meng Jue appeared to be deep in conversation with Lord Liu and not paying attention to Yun Ge, but his arm wrapped around her waist casually let go of her. A guard came in and whispered something to Lord Liu, whose face turned cold. He immediately waved everyone out.

Yun Ge was leaving with everyone when suddenly a flash of a sword was heading for her chest. She wanted to duck but she couldn’t avoid it. A hand suddenly pulled her into an embrace and he used his body to shield her.

Lord Liu said to Meng Jue “I’ve seen plenty of women, and when this one walked it I knew something was wrong. My guard just confirmed to me, their Infante lord, that she doesn’t work at this brothel.”

It is a grave offense for an Infante to sneak into Chang An, and for this one to not try to hide it means that he intends to kill her. Seeing the guards in this room, she was done for.

Meng Jue said to Liu Dan, the Infante of Yen “I didn’t realize the misunderstanding could be so grave. I won’t conceal it anymore – her name is Yun Ge and she is the Elegant Chef in Chang An. We know each other and today she’s not here for your highness. She’s here for me. I should have explained it when she walked in, but I didn’t know how to explain these personal matters between a man and a woman. Will your highness forgive me? If you don’t believe me, then I will take whatever punishment you mete out.”

Liu Dan stared at Yun Ge and Meng Jue’s arm around Yun Ge tightened. Yun Ge immediately said “Just like Meng Jue said, I coincidentally saw him enter a brothel and wanted to know what he was doing here so followed him in. I didn’t get close or hear any conversation, and right when I was about to leave, a woman mistook me for one of the girls here and pushed me in here.”

“Your highness, Meng Jue has decided to follow your highness. She is my woman, and I use my life to guarantee that she will not reveal anything.”

“My arrival in Chang An cannot be discovered. If little brother Meng likes her looks, after everything is done, I will search the world over for a woman who looks like her and give her to you.”

An royal duke wanting to kill someone, even explaining so much to Meng Jue is thinking highly of him. Meng Jue said nothing but his arm around Yun Ge didn’t loosen. Liu Dan furrowed his brows and stared at Meng Jue, who didn’t back down. The silence in the room turned into intense pressure.

She can’t die like this! Yun Ge tried to look for something in her waist but Meng Jue appeared to know what she was thinking and his arm became tighter around her, locking her arms in place.

Liu Dan looked at the tip of the sword on Meng Jue’s neck. His hands clenched behind his back. He thought of his ambitions, the fact that his territory was not rich with arable land, the fact that Meng Jue’s businesses littered the desert region, his wealth would be an asset, and then his hands relaxed.

Liu Dan ordered his guards to stand down, pointing at Meng Jue as an elder would a wayward son “Little brother Meng, when I first saw your dashing form, I figured you as a lady killer. Just like I suspected, and already I’ve run into two girls. How much female debt do you have outstanding?”

Yun Ge looked in shock at Meng Jue, who just smiled ruefully. Yun Ge realized she was still in Meng Jue’s arms and immediately struggled free and stood far away from him. To a bystander, it looked like a woman miffed with her man.

Meng Jue smiled at Liu Dan and bowed “Your highness is upset at my deception, so this is how you get back at me?” Liu Dan laughed “Are you pleased with the effectiveness of my subordinates………?” (in offing the Ouhou fiancée). Meng Jue cut him off “I will remember this favor from your highness. I must be off now, and I will come send you off when you leave Chang An in a few days.”

Liu Dan looked at Yun Ge and then at Meng Jue “Then I won’t be a third wheel any longer, you can both leave!”

Yun Ge and Meng Jue walked out of the brothel and didn’t say a word to each other. In the darkness, they walked further and further apart. Meng Jue walked behind Yun Ge and looked at her figure, his eyes full of complicated emotions. Yun Ge walking ahead was filled with such jumbled confusion she wasn’t even paying attention to her surroundings.

Why was an Infante doing hiding in a Chang An brothel? Why was he so close to Meng Jue he would refer to him as a brother? How could Meng Jue save her from an Infante’s sword? He said he was just a businessman, so was he concealing something from her on purpose or he couldn’t say? He saved her at the risk of his own life….why?

All these whys swirled around Yun Ge’s mind when suddenly a carriage rumbled past. Yun Ge didn’t notice and kept walking forward. By the time she heard Meng Jue’s cry and raised her head, two horses were on top of her. Yun Ge tried to avoid it but couldn’t in time so all she could do was close her eyes.

The horses whined pitifully while Yun Ge felt her body being picked up and then tumbling a few times. So dying doesn’t hurt that much after all.

“Yun Ge! Yun Ge? You’re not dead. The Heavens won’t let a little devil like you die that easily.” Yun Ge opened her eyes and all she saw was Liu Bing Yi’s face with his usual lazy and warm smile. His demeanor was actually a tad like her daddy at that moment.

In a short period of time, she just experienced two brushes with death, and her emotions were a roller coaster of up and down. She inexplicably entered a brothel, and even got kissed.

Yun Ge get felt all this bottled up frustration, and it was like she was seeing one of her loved ones in front of her, so she embraced Liu Bing Yi and started wailing “Big brother, someone was mean to me!”

Yun Ge’s usual behavior was very ladylike, but now that she’s crying, her image was nowhere to be found. She looked like a child who had been mistreated, sobbing with tears and snot coming down.

The moment Meng Jue saw Liu Bing Yi rush out and grab Yun Ge, he stopped his already moving forward body that was intending to save Yun Ge. He stood in the darkness on the side of the street silently watching Yun Ge embrace Liu Bing Yi and cry her heart out.

To save Yun Ge, Liu Bing Yi had no choice but to kill the two horses. The lady inside the carriage was all shook up, plus she loved her horses, so she was furious. But looking out, she saw the culprit crying like the world had fallen down. And the other horse killer wasn’t on his knees begging forgiveness, and was instead comforting the crying girl in his arms.

The lady was furious, and forget about maintaining her image. She grabbed the whip from the driver and swung it towards Yun Ge and Liu Bing Yi “Rudely running in front of the carriage, then killing the horses. Rather than beg forgiveness, you insolent…..”

Liu Bing Yi grabbed the descending whip and looked at the lady. The lady saw his eyes fix on her and felt a chill go down her spine. The rest of her curse words disappeared before she could say it.

The maid stumbled down from the carriage “You dare kill my lady’s horses, prepare to die! Even the princess is polite when she sees my lady.” She saw Liu Bing Yi holding the horse whip “And you dare pull my lady’s whip?”

Liu Bing Yi smiled at the maid, who was so stunned by Liu Bing Yi’s fearless and bold behavior “You…’re done for! Done for! Madam will kill you. Will kill your entire family. Ah Xun, you go home and get more help. I’ll protect my lady here. See if you dare again……….”

The lady said in a cold voice “Let go!” Liu Bing Yi released the whip and bowed “My little sister was at fault this time, but seeing my lady careening wildly through the streets is also not blameless. In my urgency I killed your horses, that is my fault. I will repay my lady for the horses, so please do accept my apologies.”

The lady coldly huffed “Can you afford it? These two horses are the Blood Sweat Horses given by the Emperor. Even killing your entire family you can’t afford to pay for them.”

The maid sauntered over “A Blood Sweat Horse! The old Emperor couldn’t even buy one with limitless gold. It later took over twenty thousand men to bring one back. Who do you think you are? You likely have never heard of a Blood Sweat Horse. It’s not a horse from your backyard…..”

Liu Bing Yi was very polite and conciliatory, but the lady was very rude, so Yun Ge lost her temper “It’s just two Blood Sweat Horses? And it’s not even the best. The best breed of Blood Sweat Horse is the five colored mare from the Da Fan kingdom bred with the wild horses on the Gong Shi Cheng Mountain. I heard the Da Fan kingdom sent a thousand Blood Sweat Horses to the Han dynasty back in the day as an offering. These two have been bred down through generations and the bloodline is no longer pure. What’s so impressive about them? Who says one can’t afford to pay for them?”

The lady was furious and swing her whip towards Yun Ge “You insolent whelp! How did such a bold creature like you be in Chang An?”

Liu Bing Yi wanted to shield Yun Ge but she didn’t move and instead grabbed the whip “Why do I need to be afraid. The accident was half the fault of both of us. But this lady starts trying to whip people. Even if the Han Emperor was in front of me right now, I’ll still be as insolent.”

The lady, since she was born until now, people have only done as she wished. This is the first time she’s received such treatment. She tried to wrench the whip back even as she tried to hit Yun Ge with her hand “I am going to hit you today, what are you going to do about it? Even if the Han Emperor is right here I’m going to hit you, who can stop me?”

Yun Ge may have crappy martial arts but it’s enough to deal with this girl. A few moves and she’s subdued her. The maid could see things are not going so well and indicated for the driver to go back and get help. The driver could only stutter “This girl………. Do you know that this lady is Huo……Huo……”

Liu Bing Yi immediately knew who it must be and his face changed expressions. He quickly said “Yun Ge, let go!” Yun Ge heard it and gave a sly smile before immediately letting go. The lady was pulling with all her might on the whip, so when Yun Ge let go, she went flying back and landed on her rump. The whip flew back and struck her hard on her arm.

Yun Ge started laughing loudly. Liu Bing Yi looked worried while Yun Ge stuck her tongue out “You told me to let go.” The lady was embarrassed, and angry, and frustrated. Liu Bing Yi tried to help her up but she pushed his hand away. Tears were pooling in her eyes but she forced it back. She stared at Yun Ge without saying a word.

Liu Bing Yi sighed. Making this enemy is not a good thing, and can’t be resolved easily. Right as he was thinking of what to do next, Meng Jue suddenly appeared. He walked out of the darkness and gradually into the light of the moon.

He walked up to the lady and crouched down “Cheng Jun, it’s quite late. Why are you here? Let me take you home.” Huo Cheng Jun’s tears finally came falling down and she leaned on Meng Jue while wailing “That insolent chit……killed my horses, and…..”

Meng Jue helped Huo Cheng Jun up “She is indeed an insolent chit, and I’ll chastise her later. You can berate her later if you want. Let me take you home first. But you two actually know each other, how come you didn’t recognize each other?”

Huo Cheng Jun and Yun Ge stared at each other. Yun Ge stared and then realized that this lady was the other person who bought one of the hidden judging rooms for the cooking competition.

Yun Ge’s make up from the brothel was cheap quality and it was all smeared from her crying earlier. Her face was streaked with black and red just like a tabby cat. It was hard to make out her features. And last time Huo Cheng Jun was dressed like a man whereas now she was back to being a girl. It was clear why neither recognized each other.

Since they met, Meng Jue has always been distant but cordial to Huo Cheng Jun. This is the first time he’s spoken with some warmth towards her. Huo Cheng Jun was still seething inside, but with the man she liked coaxing and cajoling her to let it go, his voice tender towards her, so her anger gradually dissipated and she allowed Meng Jue to take her back home.

Liu Bing Yi watched them leave and let out a sigh of relief. Yun Ge looked upset and just lowered her head and walked off without saying a word.

Liu Bing Yi walked with her for some time and saw that she still looked upset so he said “That girl is Huo Cheng Jun. She’s the most adored daughter of Huo Guang and his wife. You should have heard about Madam Huo’s behavior. The brother of a high official offended Madam Huo’s brother and rotted away in jail. Even the lower officials in Chang An are polite to servants from the Huo Estate. What the maid said is true, even the princess is polite to Huo Cheng Jun. In Chang An, Huo Cheng Jun and Shang Guan Lan (daughter of Shang Guan Jie) are more princess-like than even the real princesses. If Meng Jue didn’t resolve things back there, we’d be in deep trouble.”

Yun Ge calmed down some. She’s not afraid of princess or no princess, most she can do is leave Chang An and head back to the desert. But she was worried about people connected to her suffering – Xu Ping Jun, Liu dage, Qi Li Xiang…..

Yun Ge mumbled “It was my fault for being so rash. But even if he is friends with Huo Cheng Jun, he shouldn’t have said that she can berate me all she wants later. If she’s his friend, aren’t we his friends, too?”

Liu Bing Yi smiled “You’re angry about that? What Meng Jue said was purely for Huo Cheng Jun’s benefit. He’s making it seem like he’s really close to you, almost like a parent would talk about their child misbehaving.” Yun Ge thought about it and then laughed “Big brother, I’m sorry for almost causing a big disaster.”

Liu Bing Yi looked at Yun Ge and then started laughing “I can’t endure it any longer. With the colors on your face, you can open a dye shop.” Yun Ge rubbed her face and looked at her hand, it was red and black “It’s all the fault of the old biddy. She smeared all this on me.”

Liu Bing Yi thought about what Yun Ge had been crying about earlier and asked “You said someone was mean to you. Who was mean to you?” Yun Ge thought about it. A sneaky Infante! And…..and…..Meng Jue! She thought about what happened in the brothel and her face started burning up.

“Yun Ge, what are you thinking about? Why aren’t you saying anything?” “I…..I’m not thinking of anything. It’s no big deal. I just…..I just wanted to cry.”

Liu Bing Yi laughed and kept asking “Yun Ge, big brother I am just a hooligan in Chang An. I can’t help you with much, but I can listen to your woes.” Yun Ge shook her head “I know, big brother, but you’re not just a hooligan……you’re the most powerful hooligan! And you don’t just have an ear, you also have a pair of hands to save me, and I can cry on your…..”

Yun Ge looked at the front of his robe which was smeared with her make up and she suddenly felt shy. Because she was being candid with him, not using any dismissive or even pitying tone of voice, she was able to joke with him and even feel a bit proud of him.

He didn’t care about strangers pity, it was those who cared about him that he didn’t want their pity. In the dark night, this smiling face all smeared with make up couldn’t be considered cute in the slightest, but when Liu Bing Yi looked at her it made him feel warm inside.

He reached out and ruffled Yun Ge’s hair, making it fluffy and poofy. In a few seconds, Yun Ge really was turned into a tabby cat. Yun Ge touched her hair with some joy and annoyance.

She was feeling joy that Liu Bing Yi was like her Second Brother, enjoying turning her into a ugly little thing. The annoyance came from knowing that she actually like being teased by Liu Bing Yi, and it made her feel comforted.

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      • @Jenny… I TOTALLY emphathise with the ” I am falling for a fictional character. My sanity has gone awry” sentiment… TOTALLY…. if HQB made me giggle and blush at his daring and forthrightness… MengJue has my heart and soul by the end of first book…. poor tortured soul. i just want to coddle him and feed him porridge and keep him safe from eventual heartbreak….

      • Oh my, tell me about it! Hot kiss, indeed. The way he pulled her and looked into her eyes and then covered her eyes before the kiss. *fans self*. Yeah, I don’t think it’s possible that I can love Ling Gege more than Meng Jue at this rate.

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    btw, wasn’t it MJ that quickly peck her on the lips before? And now it’s MJ that kissed her again? right?

    Sooo the HB’s little bro show up… no wonder he knew who she was back when the little emperor and his men were lost desert. am I right on that? because she was his niece, right?

    confuse, may have to go reread it again.

    • but the man was Zhao Pu No….not HQB brother…or is it? I guess I have to re-read the first chapters again…..those Liu names confuse me…..maybe I need a chart to keep tract of all the characters…LOL..if this is an exam…I failed already…

    • HQB younger bro is Huo Guang. Huo Cheng Jun is Huo Guang’s daughter ie HQB niece. The man who brought Liu Fuling to the desert is Zhao Po Nu. Zhao was one of the generals who fought alongside HQB n knew of Yu Er n her pets – Xiao Tao n Xiao Qian – so he guessed Yun Ge’s identity. He is not here in this chapter.

      • Thanks ladies. I got confused w/the names. The pets died saving them on xiong nu land but tong hua brought them back for her daughter unless she is just reusing the pet names…

      • Yu Er’s pets are pigeons. Yun Ge’s pets are falcons or condors (can’t tell the diff sorry). It is likely Yu Er name the falcons in honor of her beloved pigeons.

  5. From your translation, I can tell that Tong Hua is a good writer and you, you are an amazing translator. You capture everything so vividly – I feel like I am watching a drama just from reading your words. Thank you for being an translator extraordinaire!

    I am in love with both MJ and LBY. My heart is shattered knowing that (Spoiler Alert)…………….

    he will end up like his stepdad – losing the woman they love.

    However, knowing this in advance helps temper the pain. Gosh, I wish there was more spoiler so that I can be even more prepared for the storm ahead.

  6. Here we go . . . hold on tight, this story feels like it’s going to be one heck of a roller coaster ride. Thanks again, Ms. K. have a great weekend.

  7. Dear Ms Koala,
    I am writing a letter to you while I can still type coherently. You have told us constantly of your love/ pain; and I still don’t know which is stronger, for this novel. YZG. So we have been warned.

    I took like more than half a year to recover from your love of BBJX. I already feel equal pain and happiness reading your DMY translations. However, I DID TRY to resist reading this translation. As you can see I failed already. Can I say this book 1 is stupendous. I shudder to think how much suffering there will be coming when it’s been so beautifully translated by you now. I love your translations so far. Yun Ge might be ‘what you see is what you get’ sorta but I can maybe comprehend why the men are falling for her. There are no hidden motives ( not much because not much thoughts go behind her actions), she is pretty, she inspires protective instincts ( ??? eh… mostly because she is pretty I think.. and young). Whatever…. all I can say is, are you sure Ling gege is supposed to be more awesome? Because at this point in time I think MJ is the bee’s knees. After reading all you’ve written- I obviously have not been reading the correct romance novels. Am swooning more over him than a romance novel hero or any movie lead in any American production. Even over Mr Darcy. Mr Darcy seems so shallow now compared to those men in DMY and YZG.

    Thank you for all your hard work. After this, would go back to anticipating and dreading the daily instalments. I keep expecting some sort of bad news every time a chapter comes out. Is Chinese history that bloody? A lot of your readers seemed to have watched so many period dramas and read so many books. What was my mum doing letting me read Enid Blyton instead of The Three Kingdoms 🙂 You’ve even got me listening to the DMY audio tapes.

    Going back to being a silent reader after this. Just wanted to say my appreciation. Have no great in depth knowledge of Chinese history like some of the others.

    • Hi sweetie Ck,

      No worries about lack of C-history. I try to give little tidbits of background if possible, but I would recommend reading DMY before YZG to understand how the politics in YZG got to this point. But you are already doing that, so I think you’re in good hands.

      I devoured Enid Blyton, no harm, no foul. I mean, which certified romance novelist lover hasn’t been raised on a combo of Jane Austen and her Pride & Prejudice + Emma as well as consuming Georgette Heyer by the boatload depending on if there was a used bookstore near you.

      Darcy is Darcy, and Austen didn’t write him too in depth. He’s a good man, who was too full of himself and too starchy, but could see quality when he saw Lizzie. In many ways he’s a 2 dimensional hero. I don’t think TH writes her male leads as any more swoonworthy than Darcy. For the most part, they are all fitting a certain prototype and become animated because they meet the heroine.

      Except for Meng Jue – of TH’s four novels I’ve read, MJ is the most 3-dimensional, flesh and blood, believable male lead. TH-fandom pretty much agrees on this point. He’s special, this boy. But he’s still not my favorite male lead in YZG. That would be Ling gege.

      I agree Meng Jue is the bees knees, he’s simply incredible. But I said this before, Ling gege is perfect. And I don’t mean he’s without flaw. I mean he simply is unforgettable. I think all of you who adore MJ (and trust me, you will all love him even more before volume 1 is done), will understand the Ling gege love when you get to volume 2.

      Ling gege makes me believe in the beauty of love again.

      • bless your kind heart for sharing Ling Ge Ge….I, personally dies to know the meaning of love again.

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    Thanks msWonderK *xoxo*

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    aw…i miss hqb

  13. It’s a nice story, but I can’t really care about any of the characters apart from Ling-ge-ge yet and he’s not really there… Yun Ge sorta annoys me 🙁 She’s perky so troubled guys would like that, but in our age and time, she would be a bad role model

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