Daily TW-drama Set Chocolate with Vanness Wu and Joanne Zheng to Follow Inborn Pair

With the surprising but not undeserved ratings success of SETTV‘s daily idol drama Inborn Pair, the network is planning to continue the same streak by following up IP with another daily idol drama. Filming has already commenced for Set Chocolate (愛上巧克力 or Fall in Love with Chocolate) starring Vanness Wu and Joanne Zheng. It’s been years since I’ve seen Joanne onscreen, and she didn’t exactly blow my socks off in The Magicians of Love. But she appears to have switched her image from tomboy into girly girl, and I find her new style suits her better. Everyone knows what I think of Vanness’ acting, which is he shouldn’t act, but he never offends me so I can handle his dramas if I like the story enough. Second leads will be Wang Zi (to have a stage name called Prince is pretty hilariously full of oneself, his real name is Qiu Sheng Xiang) and Jay Chou‘s rumored teenage girlfriend-turned-model Hannah Quinlivan (Kun Ling). Vanness and Joanne attended a press conference two weeks in the middle of filming to show off their chocolate making skills.

Hannah is either going to be the next Tiffany Hsu or the next Angelababy, depending on whether she can act. I’ll reserve my judgment until I watch her in action, though I can accept that she’s really really cute. As for Wang Zi? He’s cute and his acting doesn’t totally bite, so the eye candy factor in this drama will be palatable to say the least. SC premieres in four weeks.

Teaser for Set Chocolate:

Forrest Gump said “You never know what you’re going to get.” You won’t know until you bite down. I….fell in love with chocolate….or you?

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Daily TW-drama Set Chocolate with Vanness Wu and Joanne Zheng to Follow Inborn Pair — 29 Comments

  1. Every time you mention “Angelababy”, I think, “how did a porn star end up getting all these roles in Taiwanese shows?” Because honestly. Who came up with that name?

  2. I’m quite pleased to see Joanne again!! I totally liked her character in “In time with you”, even though it was an extended cameo but a memorable one. Just when the storyline was kinda dragging, her plotline was quite an enjoyment.

    I loved her in “sweety” days, i’ve always preferred her over the other girl =p
    She was damn cute in Magician of love, one of those breezy-fun tw-drama that i loved.
    Judging from the characters description in the drama’s wiki page, it seems like a “1st shop of coffee prince” but this time the theme is chocolate. Because Joanne will be posing as a boy to work in Vanness’ chocolate shop. Haha.. as hinted from the teaser, “I fell in love with you(male) or you(female)”.

    I’m expecting a fun ride but i won’t get my hopes up. Hopefully, it won’t be a long drama. I haven’t start watching Inborn pair, i wanna watch it once it’s done.

    • So I actually was interested until I just read that it’s similar to Coffee Prince. I’m so not into gender bender stories. Never watched a long one and daily seems equivalent to Kdrama Sitcoms.

  3. I’m confused. Is Angelababy the one who can act or is it Tiffany Hsu? I find neither of the actresses performances pull at my heartstrings.

  4. ummm.. i’m not sure what to say in terms of chemistry between Vanness and Joanne..I wouldve never imagined the two being paired up in a drama.. I know Wang Zi’s acting will be fine compared to Vanness. Let’s hope Vanness works hard on this drama! and if it’s going to replace Inborn pair.. its going to be a very long episode drama. Anyways thanks for posting!

    • I’m glad someone brings this up. I see no chemistry whatsoever in these pics. Van is totally just in these for himself. The two seem hardheaded enough I can’t tell who is leading who in this vanity game.

      Is that… Jay Chou’s gf?……… Oh, I think I recognize that boy from Macchiato and/or Brown Sugar dramas. Something off about his hairstyle; he use to be such an attention grabber in those shows.

      Sure, the teaser starts off with Forrest Gump’s famous line… “Life is like a box of chocolates.” I’m glad the teaser doesn’t have the leads interacting with one another, like I said, no chemistry.

  5. I guess I’m against the norm here, but I really loved Vaness’ acting in Autumn’s Concerto. he really sold Guangxi as the warm and passionate college student, and then as the cold blooded turned compassionate lawyer. Anyways, really looking forward to this drama, love Joanne Zeng too…hope her role isn’t too over the top cutesy here tho. Thanks for the update koala!

    • I was impressed with him in Autumn concerto, which is the strongest I’ve seen him…but I think the story got me more, and his chemistry with Ady and Xiao binbin was off the charts…but in Material Queen, his bad acting stuck up like a sore thumb….which is when I realized he improved since his F4 days but still not enough…

    • I’m with you!!.. I find that Vaness acting in Autumn Concerto is definitely super fine. I’m totally looking forward to watch this drama.

    • I agree.
      In Autumn Concerto – Vanness was pretty good (most of the time anyway – he could still be wooden sometimes, and I get the feel he’s trying hard to emote but it comes out wrong) to keep so many people on board. The whole package was so captivating, kid and all. But the real natural in AC was really Chris Wu. – Hua Tuo-ye

      And (for me anyway) Material Queen was not that great acting wise.

  6. I’m undecided about Vanness Wu. It’s just there is nothing awesome about him but after Autumn Concierto, I kind of want to watch him in another drama. And yeah, whether I watch a drama has to do immensely with whether I like the actors. So, this is a pass and story seems ok as well.

  7. I think Vanness and Joanne has 0 chemistry. They did not, even once, looked at each other during the press conference. They were only focused on looking at the cameras – not a good sign. Individually, I think they are not bas, esp Vanness. He needs a cute girl, maybe will have better shot with Hannah : – )

  8. Who is Angelababy? I am so behind on the newbies in the TW scene. I thought she was from HK? Goes to show just how little I know nowadays. I have heard of this Hannah through her dating Jay. All I know is that she’s super super young and mixed. Maybe she can act?

    It’s been a really long time since I’ve seen the Sweety girls. I remember seeing Yan Yan, and thinking woah. Qiao Qiao looks the same but older — I like her girly look better as well. Vanness and QQ don’t jump out at me as a great OTP, but I have been proven wrong before. We’ll see.

  9. Waah, so excited. I hope it’s as good as inborn pair. I don’t mind with the casting I love vaness in autumn concerto but since then his hairstyle has gotten really bad. I think he should just go back to the casual man hairstyle instead on the one up on the picture. Ergghh.

  10. Finally.. Wang Zi :DD
    i miss him so badly. the last drama I watched
    him was BSM and The Legend of Brown Sugar Chivaries.
    And i ship him with Guigui so much <33333333
    oh. and also they kiss again

  11. I feel like I just watched a commercial for chocolate. Darn, now I’m hungry… but where to find chocolate at this ungodly hour. 🙂

    I know what you mean about Vaness’ acting. It can be painful to watch sometimes, but I just can’t hate him somehow. He’s kind of like a hyper puppy jumping all over you – it might be a bit much but the enthusiasm is kinda cute. Plus he’s got that megawatt smile.

    This looks like it’s going to be very full of pretty. How long are TW daily dramas? Are they as long as Korean ones?

  12. I haven’t been able to make it past his horrible haircut (which is why I couldn’t watch Material Queen) Shallow I know but someone seriously messed up Vanness’s hair – it just doesn’t suit his face at all. At least this leading lady isn’t taller than he is. *coughLynnHungcough*

    Wow, I’m pathetically shallow. *hehehe*

  13. I totally agree with you! I hated Vanness’ haircut in Material Queen and couldn’t continute watching it!! I LOVED his haircut in Autumn’s Concerto! He should go back to the clean cut boy-ish haircut! PLEASE PLEASE! 😀

  14. OMG YAY I’m looking forward to this drama! I really liked Joanne Zheng’s character in my fav drama of all time IN TIME WITH YOU! 🙂 Almost couldn’t recognise her there! HEHEHE

  15. i love vanness acting in “autumn concerto” and “material queen”…good job…
    i believe for “love chocolate”, will be success too…ciaa yoo…
    is really couldn’t wait for

  16. Ti Amo Chocolate (the english name for the drama) is set to premiere on April 10 (confirmed) -> IP is speculated to get an extension to 84 episodes~~~~~

    So far the trailers are looking cute :p

    • I love that Ti Amo Choclate is the english title when Ti Amo is not even english. More importantly in spit of his acting, Vannese can be realllllllllllllllllllllly hot. I am often swayed by such factors. At I know my weakness.

  17. I am strongly stand for Vaness acting skill and he acts so well both in autumn concerto and material queen no matter how his hair cut looks like.
    His vision and he knows who he are while in the scene and really live up his character.
    Both character suits him well as he really up to it.
    Thumb up!
    But I am a little bit worry this time as I didn’t find any chemistry between him and Joanna
    Hopefully they can come out with another kinds of feeling , which prove me wrong

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