First Impressions and Quickcap of Rooftop Prince Episode 1

You all know how excited I was for Rooftop Prince, so it’s with a heavy heart that I have to share my first impression that episode 1 was derivative and lackluster. The characterizations were painted in painfully broad and extreme strokes, the narrative was choppy, and the acting was overall pretty flat. The story actually reminds me of a mash up of The Moon Embraces the Sun (fate!, wrong girl becomes Crown Princess!, Prince is sad the woman he loves dies!) tossed in an reincarnation and time-travel bender. Throw in makjang modern drama elements of evil stepsisters and cousins vying for chaebol heir succession, I’m really taken aback at how all the previews just cherry picked the cute scenes which so far don’t combine together to create a compelling broader picture.

On one hand we have super evil sociopathic second leads, and on the other hand we’re supposed to laugh over the fish-out-of-water Joseon foursome in modern day Seoul. So far the juxtaposition of the two is jarring. The only upside is that this drama has nowhere to go but up, and I’ll stayed tuned for a few more episodes to see if it settles into something palatable. I wanted the drama to be cute and fluffy, but so far its odd and boring. Episode 1 of RP premiered with ABG 9.8% nationwide, while The King 2 Hearts came out ahead with 16.2%. I actually like episode 1 of TK2H much better, and I’ll write about it later.

When I say episode 1 of RP disappointed me, I’m taking into account even more than writing, acting, and directing. I thought the sets and costumes were pretty chintzy, especially when the recent spate of sageuks like Tree with Deep Roots and The Princess’s Man were just glorious to behold as a visual treat. In RP, everything feels tinny and slightly second hand. Don’t even get me started on the supposed “New York City” sequence, in which they didn’t even bother to go to NYC to film. At least the risible Fashion King did, but here I was cringing at the entire sequence from story to set piece.

The musical score so far is also rather uninspired. Nothing jumps out to amp up a scene and heighten the emotion. Since I feel the directing and editing is pedestrian and ham-handed, not having a stellar musical score makes it hard to hide those flaws. I do have to say that Micky Yoochun delivered a decent performance so far, and he’s the only main character I like. I might even spend the drama enjoying the antics of his three lackeys who are adorable and fun to watch. But already Han Ji Min’s character annoys me with her pluckiness crossed with sad-sack life story.

As for the two second leads, I want to roast them over a fire already. I wonder why the writers chose to write such EVIL and HEARTLESS and SELFISH second leads rather than write them as plausible human beings. The adjectives above are written in all-caps because that is exactly how over-the-top they are portrayed as. How the heck can this overall story even be compelling when there appears nothing else to be invested in other than the main leads falling in love and getting together? I wish writers would write second leads not as plot drivers or obstacles, but as normal people who generate conflict in an organic situational way.

Enough with my critique, read on and see for yourself.

Dark of the night, a cat prowls on a rooftop. Must portend a bad omen.

Crown Prince Lee Gak wakes up and finds he’s alone. Where is zee wifey?

Anytime a crying eunuch comes to deliver a message, it does not bode well.

Run, Crown Prince, run!

Oops, Crown Prince, you’re too late. Zee wifey is floating face down in the middle of a pond in the Palace. We don’t see the dead Crown Princess’s face, so clearly that will be important later on.

But wait, why does the camera suddenly cut away to our Crown Prince, dressed in modern attire, also floating face down in water? Does this mean something Very Important?

Cut to scene from earlier, where the King is deciding a Crown Princess for his son.

A pair of pretty sisters. Which one will be chosen?

Daddy is sending his younger daughter, much to the dismay and bitterness of the older one. See her face? That is apparently the face of pure and unadulterated EVIL.

Younger daughter is adorable, and clearly of the innocent, kind, and sweet temperament variety, whether in her Joseon or modern era incarnation. Clearly she’s too cute so she must Suffer (with a capital S) first before she can have her happily ever after with her prince charming.

In modern times, these two girls are about to become a blended family, with their parents getting hitched. The older one does not look happy in the slightest. She appears incapable of showing any emotion other than disgruntled scheming petulance.

Turns out older sister is sneaky, devious, and sociopathic, always finding ways to set up little sister to get in trouble.

Finally older sister just decides “to heck with it” and lets little sister get carted off in the back of a delivery trucks. Like, seriously? I might have to beat older sister senseless if I ever get my hands on her.

But wait, the modern incarnation of older sister is actually kinder than the Joseon-era one, if that was even possible.

The Joseon-era older sister “accidentally” trips and presses a red hot poker iron on little sister’s face. Double whoops. Oh well, now little sister is facially scarred for life, and older sister gets to take her place as Crown Princess. Older sister is the Korean drama equivalent of The Bad Seed.

Little sister, wearing a face veil, cries as she watches the Crown Prince marry her sister. Nothing to cry about, girl, he doesn’t seem the brightest bulb in the deck thus far.

Everyone has grown up now, and little sister still wears a veil and appears to have no life except for tagging along with the Crown Prince and Crown Princess. The Crown Prince appears to like his wife very much, so clearly her evil only extends to maiming her own sister.

Crown Prince doesn’t believe his Crown Princess tripped during an early morning walk and drowned in the pond. He’s going to get to the bottom of this tragedy!

A butterfly of fate hovers over the Crown Prince, and then flies off……… apparently across time and distance, landing in NYC of the 21st century.

Modern incarnation of Crown Prince is a budding artist, who likes sitting in bustling NYC and sketching. His interest is drawn to the smiling, plucky fruit seller. (Seriously? She sells fruit? In the middle of what is supposed to be Times Square? Manhattan might have conniptions). The butterfly of fate, which wandered over to the set of Rooftop Prince from the set of MoonSun, flutters around the OTP. Next time I better see something different. Like the buffalo of fate, or the tarantula of fate. Cuz if I see this butterfly one more time, imma gonna squash it.

A Caucasian and an African-American child steals fruit from our plucky Korean fruit-seller. Apparently there must be a set of politically correct teenagers playing fruit thieves. This is also hilarious because the kids stole FRUIT. In the States these days, you can’t even pay kids to eat fruit. Now if she were selling bags of Oreos and Doritos, then it would be more believable. Anyhoo, no one messes with this agasshi. She tosses an apple at the delinquents, which knocks our modern prince over instead.

Plucky fruitseller, named Park Ha, goes to see if her poor accidental apple victim is fine. The cousin of said victim also arrives to help, his name is Yong Tae Moo.

Cousin and modern version of Prince, named Tae Young, gets along, but cousin is the serious business man type who is wholeheartedly devoted to the family enterprise, while Prince just wants to draw and live his life as he wishes.

Park Ha, who got lost after her step-sister left her in the back of a delivery truck, somehow ends up in the States. She gets a call that her father has been located back in Korea. She happily heads back to her homeland.

Cousin and Prince go sailing. A family business call comes in and Prince refuses to take it, insisting he could care less about it. Cousin gets upset with Prince’s entitled attitude and punches him. Prince hits his head and then falls overboard. Cousin is stunned, but turns homicidal but decides NOT to rescue Prince and to cover it up. Good one, suddenly evil cousin.

Cousin Tae Moo and Park Ha are on the same flight back to Korea. Of course they are, the laws of K-dramas dictate it.

So apparently cousin Tae Moo knows and likes evil older sister Se Na. Who is the reincarnation of evil older sister Crown Princess. Apparently evil passes through generations and reincarnations.

Chairman Grandma is told that her precious grandson/heir apparent is missing. Tae Moo conveniently forgets to mention he was the cause.

Park Ha returns to Korea to arrive just in time for her daddy’s funeral. Cuz girlfriend can’t have any happiness or good luck in her life. She cries, and evil sister Se Na continues to look unrepentant and loathsome.

Back to unhappy Joseon we go, where Crown Prince refuses to accept that his wifey died by “accident”. He will go CSI on everyone and investigate himself!

He starts by amassing his crack team. There is brilliant scientist scholar Song Man Bo (cutie pie Lee Min Ho), convicted warrior criminal turned bodyguard Woo Young Soo (Jung Suk Won), and gender-bending eunuch Do Chi San (Choi Woo Sik). Nice to see all the stereotypes being represented.

With the wind machine blowing, the fearless crime-solving foursome walk to nowhere in particular. The visual impact of this scene was really lessened by none of them having manes of glory to whip around their faces all slo-mo like.

During a nighttime investigation, they are pursued by unknown assailants and must flee for their lives. They end up riding their horses to the edge of a cliff and taking a flying leap, right over the moon. I hope no one runs into the cow up there.

Everyone is understandably freaked out. See their extra intense freaked out faces!

Especially our intrepid Crown Prince. Betcha he’s wishing he just accepted the accidental drowning story and left it at that.

So after crying for her dead daddy, Park Ha has decided to reunite with her step-mom and step-sister, as if anything good will come out of it. She’s also gone from selling fruit in Manhattan to becoming a fishmonger in Seoul. Good to see she’s working her way up the grocery chain.

La la la, Park Ha comes home after a hard day’s work to her rooftop apartment. Oops, she’s not alone! Some crazy dudes wearing Joseon attire is sitting in her living room.

Operation: Protect the Crown Prince commences!

It’s a plucky fishmonger girl with a frying pan vs. a quartet of Joseon-era time-travelers. Who will emerge victorious? Only episode 2 will tell.


First Impressions and Quickcap of Rooftop Prince Episode 1 — 73 Comments

  1. Oh vey. That’s all about I can muster after watching it.

    Obviously don’t judge it immediately – hopefully it won’t become a runaway like MoonSun (still not sure why but hey…). I think that this drama should be good for a drinking game…

  2. ‘With the wind machine blowing, the fearless crime-solving foursome walk to nowhere in particular.’

    I love this line.

  3. Well, this doesn’t bode well for the series when it’s the first episode and everything is already WTF and not in a good way. However, the idea of a buffalo of fate / tarantula of fate absolutely makes up for any disappointment! Well, I’m a little sad that I’ll never see either ever used in a K-drama. Heck, I’d even settle for a penguin of fate!

  4. oh! I wanted to watch this before TK2H, but i don’t like much what i see and read here Mrs Koala. Will watch the other one instead and wait for your recap of ep 2.
    Love the analysis about the New York portion of the story (Fruits stealers! Rather beer and chips imo). Maybe it’s the same writer who creates those snippets for all dramaland (Fashion King feeling of déjà vu…). And all that makjang in something supposed to be fluffy and light. There is an epidemic of schizophrenia among writers these days. I will say this just once: YOU CAN’T PLEASE EVERYONE! SO JUST PICK A GENRE!!

    • Apparently picking a genre and sticking with it is passe and out-dated. The new norm is tossing every conceivable plot set up at the screen and hope one sticks.

  5. so we will see king2hearts for acting and story while rooftop prince only for fun?! ^^
    i hope rooftop prince episode 2 will be better in writing and editing..

    thanks mrs. koala for the recaps ^^

  6. Wow. Just wow. Unless this show makes a major U-turn, I am NOT watching it – particularly after the insane evil sister antics. WTF. This is really sad, actually, because I was looking forward to it a lot too 🙁

  7. haha, your comments are awesome and kept me laughing.

    well you are right for sure, it can only get better from here ::crosses fingers:: i didn’t watch the episode but after reading through your recap, i went back to watch the trailer to make myself feel better. it does seem they were trying to go real “dark” in the beginning since all the lighthearted stuff comes later?

    the best part is that you were able to recap the episode fairly quickly because the plot points are so reused in kdrama it didn’t take much describing to know what happened.

    • i truly agree with you dozyrosie. ms ockoala’s recap makes me laugh, too
      i wanna watch this but i have to set it aside… read her recap of TK2H and it excites me to watch it ahead… am also trying to squeeze in the Korean drama Fashion King and marathoning the Japanese culinary series Hungry!…
      BTW, ms ockoala, thanks for the recap. Will keep checking your site for your suggestions and inputs on what series to watch out for. : )

  8. Episode 1 kinda bored me too and I was really really looking forward to this. I watched it was c-subs and was only merely interested. I am hoping that once all the set up is out of the way and we can get to at least some funny btw the OTP and their respective crew, then it will be more enjoyable? I hope so! Please drama gods!

    Well, sounds like I wasn’t the only one who was slightly disappointed. I hope the episodes later will be better. I don’t mind the really evil characters as long as they get exposed and punished! 🙂 But yeah – I was not liking that butterfly there… I don’t really need a reminder of MS.

  9. Mrs. Tarantula of Fate, I like your recap. 🙂 RP seems quick, messy, stereotypical, and shallow. Recycled costumes, setting, and even child actors.

    Hope you will fall in love with King 2 Heart and recap it.

  10. Idk about the real episode but that was a fun recap to read. LOL.
    Too bad they couldn’t do it right. Ah well… *clings to BBJX*

  11. Your recap was hilarious!!. Rooftop prince was not at all what I thought it would be, so i may skip this one, which is a good thing as I’m booked out with Fashion King on my list too (which does have its flaws, but is still entertaining).

  12. Couldn’t help laughing while reading! Great break after all the scheming, angsting and longing we’ve been reading about.

  13. Really it was boring?? Oh noes!!
    but it’s too early to judge it, no?

    I’m crossing my fingers for this one to pick up,
    better wait for the second episode before I start watching this.

    Please dramagods (-/\-)!!
    After all the anticipation…let this be good.

  14. Hello,

    I was just curious (and please pardon my ignorance), how did you know they didn’t shoot the NYC scene in NY (besides the fact that it was maybe mentioned or not mentioned in articles about the drama)? By that I mean what, when you watched the drama gives it away? And if they didn’t shoot it in NY (like for Fashion King), where do you think they shot it, in Korea (Seoul maybe) or another country where people would have more or less the same accent? Does that then mean that they used an aerial view (or shot) of NY and then created a set for that particular scene when the teenagers are stealing the fruit?
    I was a little surprised to see a black teenager in a Kdrama, maybe they wanted to add some realism to the scene? I wouldn’t have known that they didn’t shoot it in NY, although I did ask myself that question, when I saw the 1st episode, because I know they went to NY for Fashion King. I thought the depiction of what looked like NY was pretty good, but then again, maybe my standards are not as high as yours or I might just be more naive? I would love to read your opinion on my questions.

    Thank you!

    • I didn’t read anything about this drama, such as where it was filmed. I knew it wasn’t filmed in NYC because I’ve lived there for many years and THAT ain’t no NYC. Even the skyline in the yacht scene wasn’t the Manhattan, Queens, Brooklyn, or even Jersey City skyline any which way I look at it.

      As for where they shot it in Korea, it looks like a bustling part of Seoul to me. They did insert stock Manhattan street scene footage before we got to the fruit stealing scene.

      • There was also something suspiciously NOT American about all the customers in the bar, or the people who worked there.
        Can’t put my finger on it…Maybe the girls’ hair wasn’t straight enough?

      • I agree w/ Jomo’s comment. There was definitely something off about the “New Yorker’s” in that scene and it wasn’t just the hair. I’m thinking it’s the accents. The english sounded like there was a hint of a European accent (maybe French, Swedish, etc.) to it and it was missing that American english feel you get from watching American TV shows (if that makes any sense). Or maybe it was they way those english sentences were structured. LOL.

      • at first look i thought i was korea but then they started showing street signs, and i was like, what the heck!

        but i love the drama anyways.

    • I remember how the drama searched for foreign people @ their homepage for this scene…so I guess it was filmed in Seoul. I also saw some pictures taken by fans 🙂

    • Actually I didn’t pay much attention to the place, but It was strange even for me to see someone selling apples in NY on the street (maybe hot-dogs, but not apples). And the girl who works in the restaurant with Park Ha is the same from BBF (the chef – and she still can’t act :)))

      To Koala-of-fate “Next time I better see something different. Like the buffalo of fate, or the tarantula of fate. Cuz if I see this butterfly one more time, imma gonna squash it.” – I was thinking the same. It was yellow too!!!!!!!

  15. I haven’t seen the first episode yet, but I’m hoping it gets better. I don’t like it that it’s just not one or even two genres but a bunch thrown in together. The preview seemed okay and funny. Wasn’t this drama suppose to be more of a rom-com? Hmm…
    Well, I’ll wait for more recaps before I decide if I want to watch it or not.
    ps. this kinda remind me of BVS…which was suppose to be light and fluffy rom-com but came out more melo and dark.

  16. I couldn’t get pass the first 15 mins of Ep 1 @_@
    But I loooove your hilarious recap, i just love every single line of it LOL

    K2H, on the other hand, surpassed my expectation. Looking forward to hearing your comments Ms Koala.

  17. I like it. Npthing is blown away, but it’s cute and it’s not taking itself too seriously

    I was quite entertained throughout even with a bit of shoddy editing and 3 or more too many time jumps. I thought everyone was tilting towards a decent first outting, HJM being a bit trying too hard cutesy but not yet bugging me to OTTville, we’ll see. I see no huge bugs IF I can ignore the NYC/TSq part and I can because it’s one tiny minute out of 60 that’s full of stuff, trying a bit too hard to cramp in too much, if I’m complaining.

    OT: is FK’s NYC shots shot on location!?! Wow I have no idea. I thought they just used some stock clip of Fashion Inst. and that’s about it coz I see those CG outlines through out.

    I’m expecting RP being a Stephen Chow parody: Joseon Oddyssey Pandora’s Box Cinderella all along and it’s squarely there, nth more or less. I don’t see the melo being anything they’ll dwell on much, just like we see peeps dying, evil bitches being evil in a SC and we wouldn’t give a blink. Never would I thought this will remotely have anything semblance with MoonSun or PrincessMan though.

  18. I have read another two recaps and it’s totally different from yours. Seems like your recap always have negative views.

    • Dear, as you said…this is the first episode and it also about ‘personal taste’, so I’m suggesting you to not remind anyone else because everybody has their own perspective. We are here to see, does this drama worth enough to watch, for sure, we hope the drama will got better in the next episode, but that is the impression of first episode, I said once more.

      Plus, I’m reading the recaps from other site, which is indeed being more positive, but as Mrs.Koala pointed out: the makjang element is absolutely visible. And for my personal taste, I don’t like it

  19. Thanks for the recap!
    This show, good or bad, is going to be really fun to watch and talk about.
    My favorite type of drama!

  20. Really enjoyed the funny and snarky quickcap– in fact, I enjoyed it more than an actual recap. I had a lot of the same issues with this ep. that you did, koala (though I am expecting ep. 2 to be better). And like you, I’m so tired of the one-dimensional evil second leads. (Where’s Ice Cream Girl when you need her?) Looking forward to reading your thoughts on King2♥s.

  21. Okay. So I guess, most people here should be reminded that THIS is the FIRST episode. What, did you actually expect “the fish out of the water” context would be brought in within the first 45 minutes of the drama? -.- I get it that we all have different taste but it’s just so frustrating to read comments like “this is not funny as expected” etc., and you based all that just by reading a recap (if you watched the whole thing, great.)? After you have watched the next episode and if it’s still not up to your liking, fine, feel free to let the world know that you felt so copped out by this drama.

    • The higher the expections, the higher the disappointment. I haven’t watched the episode but after reading a few recaps, this definitely was not what I expected. Character depth & pacing wise. I was hoping for a bit more since the trailer was so goooood. I’m sure it’s still enjoyable though.

    • Don’t take it so personally. If you enjoyed it, then enjoy it and don’t care what anyone else says. I watched, didn’t enjoy it as much as I’d hoped but I’m not giving it up yet – I’m going to wait and see. To each his own. Not everyone likes the same things. (THANK GOD) I do love ockoala’s sense of humor & wit but I’m not letting her review anger me. Life’s too short. Enjoy yourself.

  22. Haha… LOL… Your writing is very witty, Ms Koala. Hats off to you. Been having a bad day and your recap does cheer me up a lot. Thank you for these little installments in between YZG and DMY.

  23. I must say I completely disagree with your review, but that’s just my opinion.

    Yes, Rooftop Prince is incredibly cliche (you mentioned both the evil step sister plot machination and the inaccuracy of the overseas/abroad scenes). However, to specifically target Rooftop Prince for these cliches is unreasonable, because most dramas have some of these cliches some time or another. It’s almost universally known for the second female lead to be portrayed as an evil, plot-scheming character (I.e. In Hee in Personal Taste, UEE in You’re Beautiful, etc.), and Se Na is no different (a corollary to this, is the occasional evil second male lead, in which this drama shoes to be Tae Mu), so to single this drama out specifically seems unfair. So, before you bash Rooftop Prince as being a drama full of evil step-sister plots and other cliches, look past on previous dramas you’ve watched. I am absolutely certain that all of the dramas you have watched have had a degree of cliche-ness some form of another.

    Also, the inauthenticity of the New York scene is also not completely outrageous. Many dramas have had their main male leads, rich chaebol sons, go “study abroad” several years, and come back with flawed English. But honestly, just because one fruit-stand scene appears to be shot a little awkwardly doesn’t make the drama a complete let down. And also, if you are focusing on the awkwardness of scenes “shot outside” the country it was filled in, let’s go to Fondant Garden. In Fondant Garden, the scenes shot in Korea were unnecessary and trivial to the story – I almost felt as though they put the Korean scenes in their just to show Jung So Min’s native tongue and insert a few cute cross-language scenes here and there. But I guess through these scenes, we glimpse the male lead’s background (similarly with Yoochun’s character in New York).

    To be fair, the first episode does seem a bit clunky, but only because there is a lot of set up in this drama and we have two sets of characters from two different time periods on the get go, and set up the premise of how these character’s lives will be intwined in the future. To rapidly set up the plot in a span of an hour may make the story feel disjointed and rushed.

    One more important note: much of the footage in the first episode was already seen in the long trailer that was released a few weeks earlier. Hence, the perceived irritation and boredom that you’re feeling, Koala, could be simply due to re-watching some of the scenes.

    But this drama could be just completely out of your taste. I understand that a lot of readers here also seem to dislike the drama based on the fact that its “boring” and “cliched”, however, I personally think the drama is off to an optimistic start. I really an excited to see Yoochun acting again, and I’m particularly intrigued with this premise, especially since we haven’t seen a drama about time-travelling in a very long time (possibly ever?). So, that’s just my two-cents.

    I hope you will find the following episodes more exciting, as I look forward to your later recaps.

  24. I haven’t watched RP yet, but have read 3 recaps so far and I will reserve my judgement after I watch the first few RP episodes (still waiting for the subs ^^). The expectations are high because of the teasers that they’ve released; but I noticed that even the teasers were a bit choppy and the editing wasn’t as good as TK2H & EM teasers.

    Episode 2 will be the turning point as these four flower boys will taste their first hilarious journey in the modern world.

    Ms Koala, I love your witty writing hehe…

  25. Haven’t watched it yet but I love your snarky weecap, Koala. Or shall I call you Tarantula of Fate? 😉

    I did watch TK2<3s and was very surprised at how much I enjoyed it. Puppy LSG who's not really a pup anymore but still so adorable! Really looking forward to reading your first impression and thoughts on the show.

  26. Maybe it’s indeed too early to judge, I hope that this show won’t disappoint us jus hope for the best. Anyway, so you are going to continue recapping this. What about king 2hearts? Cos to be honest, I think king 2hearts has a more interesting plot, since it’s just like what we expected to be in the spy myung wol with all the angst but also the comedy. Heheh anyway, really appreciate this, thankyouu! 🙂

  27. too bad that you did not like it but I TOTALLY LOVE IT and I am excited for Episode 2! I like everything that was thrown into it. While 2hearts is good as well, i am going for RTP because I find the storyline in 2hearts quite predictable. Thanks Koala for the recap.

  28. “With the wind machine blowing, the fearless crime-solving foursome walk to nowhere in particular.”

    “Good to see she’s working her way up the grocery chain”

    This is the best recap ever! So many LOL lines. I had to repress my laughter in the office! 😀

  29. LMFAO! This recap is hilarious! Bravo, Ms Koala!

    I did, however, like the show. The transitions are kinda wonky but it was a harmless and zippy episode that kept me intrigued enough to check out the second episode. I didn’t really keep my expectations high for it and what I saw satisfied my curiosity. And I actually kinda like the mash-up of different genres (if the overarching narrative can hold it together) because it means unexpected twists and turns not usually expected of a trendy romcom along the way. Episode 2 fish-out-of-water hijinks, bring it!

    PS. Please can we have more of these hilarious recaps? 😀

  30. lol, ppl gettin defensive

    hair-raisingly far-fetched + gettin’ bored to tears + checkin every cliche there is means checkin out of this fast, easy

  31. LOL at the hilarious recap too! Really like this short and speedy recap.

    Personally I love the drama a lot! I’m willing to make do with the awful NY screens because as a whole it is pretty light hearted with a little twist in mystery. I’m eager to find out about the death of the crown princess n waiting for the leads to fall in love. Cant wait for tonight episode!

  32. I have to agree with Rin, who wrote everything I thought after I read your “recap”. I think you’re judging too fast and I DON’T like the way you judge.

    I’m fine with it if you don’t like it. But IF you don’t like it and you don’t have anything to write what is objective than leave it. Otherwise you’re just as plain as the drama you’re judging.

    • Come on, this is her blog and she can write whatever she wants. Who says she has to be objective?
      Anyway, thanks for the recaps, Koala! I had a blast reading it just for the snark hee.

  33. My, oh my, people are getting defensive. If we’d all like the same dramas, how boring would that be?

    I do think we need dramas like this for the snark factor, perhaps a drinking game for every K-drama cliche that is checked off with each episode? Or how many times the time-traveling butterfly of everlasting love appears onscreen? 😉

  34. I find the recap a bit snarky. If a reader went ahead and read it first before seeing the first episode, there is a big chance that viewers will take it as this recap did. Good thing I watched it first before reading this because this is a let down. :p

  35. One thing I feel upset about the casting is that the young actress played the young evel sister is the same one playing the role of the young BK, the evil queen, in moon embraces sun. Why did her parents even allow her to take up the second evil role right after moon sun???

  36. One thing I feel upset about the casting is that the young actress played the young evel sister is the same one playing the role of the young BK, the evil queen, in moon embraces sun. Why did her parents even allow her to take up the second evil role right after moon sun??? I have nothing against actors/actresses playing the evil role, but for such a young girl to pose such negative image 2x consecutively … haaaizzz. Or it’s just me- i may have read too much into this…

  37. I’ve changed my opinion about this drama; it’s funny and unpretentious. If you lower your expectations, you can laugh freely at the absurdity of this show. Playtime!

  38. I read some of your review before seeing the ep, and I usually agree with you, but maybe I went into watching RP knowing it would be a bit OTP.

    Not to say I don’t disagree about certain things. There was definite cliches and the NYC was laughable. I’ve never been, but it was very off. This typical k-drama though, there is usually awkward English or awkwardness in general in kdramas. I didn’t expect them to film in NYC for such a short scene. The past scenes weren’t as well designed as some other sageuks, but I think the budget is going elsewhere. There was a lot exposition which reminded me this is the first episode.

    So it wasn’t the best first ep of kdrama, but it had me looking forward to it. In general, I enjoyed it and I think it will go up, the cast look decent and Yoochun has improved so he’s a good lead so far.

  39. Well, I remember in the past when I loved a drama and Koala didn’t and commented about it showing all its flaws, I got angry and I was hurt and stopped coming here. (LOL childish I know).

    But after the time passed, I came back here and this time I could see the dramas flaws and why Koala didn’t like the drama or the episode, and was fine with it.

    For me be able to enjoy dramas more I decided to not care about its plot too much because I would just suffer to find a good drama…

    And so I’m able to ”ignore” some flaws to be able to enjoy it.

    What koala said is truth, the camera work in the start of the episode was so choppy, I cringed. And then the zooms out and in of the actors’ face. Ugh. The butterfly of moon/sun again here… the historical part, the clothes really didn’t have quality – after watching Tree deeped roots, princess’ man and Moon/sun I could see how cheap the clothes looked here. For example see the royal white pajamas of Yoochun. Compare it with KHS’s from Moon sun , you can see the difference. Now go to princess’ man, look the princess’ clothes, and you will see how gorgeous and amazing they are and then go see the crown princess’ clothes here in RT…….. even the Accessories seem cheap (In moon/sun had some that were made by pure gold…)

    But the clothes’ color are pretty and the places too, so I’m okay with it.

    Yeah I see the flaws but for me doesn’t make me turned off or something like this. I did enjoy the episode and even though the story isn’t that fresh and have some cliches I’ll keep watching.

    So, I understand why Koala didn’t like it and even though I liked it I laughed so hard reading what she said LOL it was funny – if you can’t take it go read the recaps of people that have the same taste like you.

    Now, all of sudden I wonder what Koala would write about Feast of Gods! OMG I think Koala would bang her head in the wall with the first episode of it and would have no pity of poking fun of it. Koala stay away from FOTG… you will just hurt yourself… lol

    I enjoy FOTG but it has so many cliches that I can see why some people don’t enjoy it.

  40. I haven’t watched any new drama since Me Too Flower and Flower Bo Ramyun… nothing had caught my eyes until the two King dramas. Rooftop trailers seemed more fun and exciting so I was actually really excited to watch it. King seemed more serious and boring until a longer trailer came out. Now that I’ve watched both, I have to say, I’m enjoying both for different reasons.

    As for Rooftop, I’ve read the reviews on dramabeans which are positive, but I can also see the flaws that Ms. Koala wrote about. I think when you don’t like the drama at all, you will notice the flaws more and if you like it overall, you’re more forgiving of the flaws. I like Rooftop overall, but the flaws are definitely annoying… why does the step-sister have to be pure evil? I hate those types of characters… but the fun parts are fun. Hopefully there will be enough fun parts to cover up the annoying making.

    As for people getting defensive about the negative review, dramas affect everyone differently. As someone already mentioned, if you don’t like it, there are positive recaps out there to follow.

    I do wish Ms. Koala could continue to recap Rooftop b/c it is fun reading her barbed comments on the scenes that annoy me too. But, with so little time in a day, I know it would be hard to do. Thanks though for your opinion for the first two episodes!

  41. I’ve watched up to episode 12 of this drama and the plot definitely got a lot better as it progressed. I’m the type of person that gives a drama 1-2 episodes before I give up, but this drama was different, so I stuck with it and I’m not disappointed. Sure it may have its own cliches, but which Korean drama doesn’t? I adore this drama and I’m excited to see how everything will play out in the end with Crown Prince and the modern day Park Ha falling in love and all.

  42. Actually when I rewatched that part where the sister trips and scars her younger sister for life, the older sister did it on purpose. She tried the iron several times by her face to make sure it was hot enough. If it wasn’t, she pushed the iron further into the hot coal. And when the timing was right, she planned the accident so she could become the crown princess. The elder sister was really evil.

  43. I love reading your comments, Ms Koala. Your comments are so barbed and with such candor but it hits home all the time. Could not stop guffawing out loud reading your recap on RP. I love your take on WGM Gui Gui and Taecyeon too. Kudos and keep the brain juice flowing and those fingers tapping the keyboard! Cheers!

  44. Fuck. Off. All of your ‘opinions’ are purely subjective, do bear in mind. I don’t agree, once you get through the entire season, the first episode suddenly makes much more sense, and you realize it wasn’t so bad after all. It is a tough episode to get through, but immediately after the first episode the ENTIRE SERIES is nothing short of a masterpiece. And very accurate to the concepts behind reincarnation, at that. Terrible review. You don’t deserve Rooftop Prince!

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