C-news Speculate about New C-couple Han Geng and Kiton Jiang

Potential new C-couple alert! After a few months of fan sightings and media speculation, the not-yet-confirmed couple of Han Geng and Kiton Jiang continue their game of no-comment to the press. I’ve heard about this new couple for a few months now, but I was waiting to get more confirmation before posting about it. This week Han Geng stormed off the set of an interview when he was asked about Kiton, and when she was told about the incident at her press junket for an upcoming drama with Hans Zhang, she didn’t deny their relationship and merely said that if she was every getting married, then she would tell the media about it.

Apparently this relationship is serious enough that Han Geng has brought Kiton home to meet his parents. I like Han Geng and Kiton well enough when they are not acting, especially the latter, who really reminds me of Zheng Shuang, and that is not a good thing. Its also oddly coincidental that both actresses constantly act opposite Hans. Above is a picture shot by a fan at the airport who caught Han Geng and Kiton heading off somewhere together. Of course there is no confirmation its really them, but since the news started trickling out, neither has denied anything, merely electing not to answer any direct questions about a relationship. I think that’s enough confirmation for me. Good luck to the happy secret couple, especially to Kiton, It’s not easy to date a former boyband popstar, especially someone as popular as Han Geng is in China.


C-news Speculate about New C-couple Han Geng and Kiton Jiang — 10 Comments

    • They’ve never been together in a drama before, actually – or at least, not as leads and not as a couple. The header’s picture was shot for the poster of a Korean cinema festival, I believe. Can’t remember the exact name, though.

      *goes back to drooling all over Jung Il-woo*

  1. He stormed off?? Bit extreme isn’t it? Way to fuel further speculation. He could’ve just politely declined to comment.

    • His storming off was a drama-like moment.. I didnt think it happened in real life. He just admitted everything by doing that.

      I haven’t seen him for ages it seems! And I dont know the girl.. Good luck to them both!

  2. This is pretty inaccurate. He left the set because they were asking him about multiple rumors, not just Kitong, plus, Sun Le already said they weren’t in a relationship. The Chinese media is crazy, especially when they speculate about couples who haven’t even met each other!

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