Official Spoiler Stills for Upcoming Episode 9 of The King 2 Hearts

Time is seriously crawling around my neck of the woods. I swear I can hear water drops counting down each second. Drip, drip, drip……The King 2 Hearts come to momma now! I’m so glad we’re back to a normal one episode a night airing this week, Last Thursday I was seeing chirping birds floating around my head by the time I submitted my recap for episode 8. The spoiler pictures for episode 9 clearly show that its Hang Ah’s time to face the proverbial firing squad, after Jae Ha really stepped up in the last episode when he seamlessly went from lazy playboy Prince into diligent and solemn King. I’m fine with minor misunderstandings, but imma going to get pissed if my OTP is put through the wringer with some serious distrust stemming from this plot to frame the North for Jae Kang’s death.


Official Spoiler Stills for Upcoming Episode 9 of The King 2 Hearts — 36 Comments

  1. Time is seriously crawling around my neck of the woods. I swear I can hear water drops counting down each second. Drip, drip, drip….

    – same here, ms. koala. Time’s moving so sssssssslow.

  2. This is crazy. I love this drama!!
    But I feel like I’m going to experience a heart attack.
    My heartbeat is beating faster and faster. I CAN’T WAIT…yet I feel like the episodes this week are going to be gloomy. Stupid misunderstandings…

  3. Love that first photo~
    His eyes is conveying, screaming “I love you!”~~~

    I really love his telling, expressive eyes~~~

    • I am going to ignore all the angst until the last moment that is before the show as best I could… If not, my weak heart won’t be able to take it~

    • Me too! I love the expression of JH’s eyes in the first photo.
      It’s not the look of a man that does not trust his fiancee! Hope this scene comes AFTER all hell broke loose, which mean the man still loves and trust his woman.

      Oh gosh… I’m checking this playground like every other minute.
      I have not been so obssessed with a drama since LTM!

    • Even though his lips isn’t yet said: I love you, but everyone can feel what is his heart said from his stare. Oh love….make me in heaven 🙂

  4. At this point, if she were real, I’d be telling Hang Ah to pack it up and go back home. I mean, she’s getting married to a guy whose position would mean she’s always in a fishbowl, she’s had to give up her family, career and basic self like national identity (giving up being a NKorean), there is a powerful madman gunning for her family-by-marriage, and now she’s being suspected of murder? Sure, Jae Ha is a dead ringer for LSG but a girl’s got to know when to give up 😛

    Of course, since this is fiction, I want MOAR!!!

    • Yes, if she was just an average girl, she would have run miles away and not gotten herself in this mess. BUT she is KHA, who is cute but have a lot of guts. So I hope she is smart enough to not only fish the most out of the situation but turn it around to the advantages of her loved ones (means both the King, her/their family(-ies) and NKorea). I pray that they don’t solve the problems using “fate”, “destiny” or “miracle”. The King seems to be smart and have real capabilities. So is KHA. So I hope they work on those capabilities now to untangle the mess (and more kisses and hotness along the way won’t hurt either :D)

  5. I need this next episode like I need air…

    Btw, does anyone know if there is a fansub team subbing this into english? I can’t seem to find any info on it..

  6. Can’t wait!!! But after they slept, no lovey dovey scene between them first? argh! Btw, does anyone happen to know where we can watch the drama online LIVE? hahaha! that’s how impatient, I am.. 😀

  7. Every time Jae Ha looks at Hang Ah.. its like his entire world disappears..It is heart warming to see how much comfort Hang Ah bring to his life.. No words.. just that awesome stare.. 🙂

  8. I feel sad for Hang Ah it looks like she is going to be questioned/interrogated for the planted evidence against the N. Koreans.

    On a side note Jae Ha’s sister sitting in the wheelchair pic reminds me of the character of Nessa Rose from the musical Wicked.

  9. o man i forgot this was airing tomorrow…stupid me…I feel like I;ve failed my addiciton…why does this drama always air on my busiest days…i was even free last wednesday adn there was no episode…thank you for the pics unni…i’m hoping Shi Kyung and Jae Shin can bring some romance and lightness into what looks to be two very angsty episodes for our OTP

  10. This is so depressing. We were making progress! Leaps and heaps! They were beginning to bond! Jae Ha I hope that you kick yourself later for making such a huge mistake.
    Oh, I wonder if Hang Ah is going to explain to Jae Ha why she decided to testify. I’m hoping that she will figure out that there is something wrong after Jae Ha tells her that he had nothing to do with it.

  11. They said after every rain comes sun…
    O I really need to believe now…
    After ep 9 and 10…I want thousand kisses to see from JH and KHA 😉
    P.S. Wish me luck, I have master exam today…
    You guys have fun on playground 🙂

    • job requires me to think, analyze, sort basically everything.

      but tonight’s episode has just killed my ability to do that. whyyy?? whyyyy??? whyy are we at this point? damn u secretary eun!

      but i’d be like hang ah and i think what she feels n thinks r real. can u bear the burden alone? well i can’t and jae ha really needs to show his support for me. (since when i’ve become Hang Ah? lol XD)

      • OMG.. I hate to say this but I sided JH this time honey…. I know HA feels hurt, especially after what she gave up on him ( virginity ).. but.. saying trash to a King slash fiancee? that is too much.. I know they love each other so deeply, the thing is.. when you love too much, you’ll get hurt more by the person you love too much with. So the line between love and hate is so damn thin… And trust me, a woman can do both and still act like it’s okay but actually in the heart is unbearable painful.. I’m afraid she will discover soon that she carrying Jae Ha’s baby..

        The key is in Lee Jae Shin’s memory….. I hope she’ll start remember a bit by bit or get a shock that makes her remember everything at once. I honestly can’t endure the misunderstanding between out OTP…

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