Ha Ji Won is a Sultry Queen for High Cut Magazine

Hubba, hubba, hubba. Let’s all collectively fan ourselves, shall we? If I try to go back into the annals of my K-drama watching history, it might be accurate to say that Ha Ji Won was my first K-drama lady crush. The drama was What Happened in Bali, and I watched that sucker three times in a row. Yes, I was surely a glutton for punishment, but dang it the drama was brilliantly subversive and Ji Won was achingly pitiful in it. I followed that up with Damo (yup, still on my punishment binge), where I pretty much worshipped the ground she walked on. I don’t always like her performances or projects, but when she hits one of the park, it’s a keeper for me. Currently she’s setting my screen on fire with her turn as North Korean solider-turned-South Korean Queen in The King 2 Hearts. So it’s fitting that her latest dazzling photo spread for High Cut magazine is called “The Queen.” She’s been the queen of my actress stable for years, and deserves every accolade I give her when she chooses to bring it.

[Credit: High Cut magazine]


Ha Ji Won is a Sultry Queen for High Cut Magazine — 15 Comments

  1. Absolutely stunning. Your rant about Damo and WHIB also makes me nostalgic <3

    They should use these in the drama as promotional posters. Take that Kate Middleton!

  2. She’s the best product in Korea, not only born beautiful, talented, she oozes out natural sexiness in her…she’s simply gorgeous!!! I cant think of anyone better than her!!!

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