Kim Ji Hoon and Im Joo Hwan Gather to Send off Mithra Jin From Army Service

While discussing the characterization of the yangban du jour Kim Boong Do got me thinking of the perfect yangban to end all perfect yangban’s Park Kyu, which of course led to a desire to rewatch Tamra the Island, and then segued into missing Im Joo Hwan who is in the army, and finally a reminder that my beloved Kim Ji Hoon is almost scheduled to be released this Summer. Whew, that was a long sentence. Anyways, recently Mithra Jin of Epik High was released from his military service and to send him off, his army buddies which included Kim Ji Hoon and Im Joo Hwan all gathered for a round of hugs and fare thee wells. I know I shouldn’t be greedy since Lee Jun Ki has been returned to me already, but it doesn’t hurt to pray for the drama gods to return both the adorable Im Joo Hwan and the sizzling Kim Ji Hoon back into my embrace. Have some recent cute pics of them if you miss them as much as I do.


Kim Ji Hoon and Im Joo Hwan Gather to Send off Mithra Jin From Army Service — 22 Comments

  1. Ok once I’m done grieving the end of TK2H I shall start watching Tamra and TBDW. You keep raving about the both of them…so they’re next on my agenda.

    Ms. Koala, do you have any recent J-dorama recommendations? I’m just in the mood to either give a new series a go or marathon some old ones.

    • Sorry to butt in haha but just wanted to chip in about Jdrama recommendation – I’ve been out of the loop for aeons BUT I recently checked out Papa Doru and it’s actually pretty entertaining! Jdramas of today are SO different from the old ones (my heart, it bleeds at the fact) but Papa Doru actually seemed promising. An old one I’d recommend any day would be Orange Days, PRIDE and well, any KimuTaku old ones circa 2001 depending on what your cup of tea is.

      • I also really like Papadoru. 🙂 Next week’s episode is going to be a doozy. I think it’s really entertaining, however, I feel like it’s definitely not for everyone. It’s been 2 years since I followed a dorama but I do miss them from time to time.

    • I liked the concept of Papadoru (the remake of Mamadoru, of course), but ugh I hate the female lead. No chemistry with Ryo-chan whatsoever, and quite unattractive to boot. Of the current crop, I’m watching the adorable and quirky detective mystery Mikeneko (for the fat cat and Naohito), and planning to check out Legal High (for Gakki). I’m tempted to do the W tragedy drama with Emi Takei cuz darkeyedwolf pimped it, but its hard for me to get excited about anything with Emi in it.

      As for oldies, depends on what you’re in the mood for. I can run the gamut from Bloody Monday to Nobuta no Produce to Hana Kimi to One Litre of Tears to Zenkai Girl. J-doramas are all over the place like that. But since it’s the Summer, I say go for Buzzer Beat, always my Summer go-to dorama.

      • Thank you for the recommendations!

        I’ve watched most of the old ones that you’ve mentioned….just wanted to watch something new that’s come out this year.

  2. Sigh, I guess this will have to do for the next several months, cannot wait to get them both back (and I’ll fight you for them, Koala, words at 20 paces?). 😉

  3. awww I miss these two….so glad KJH will be back soon enough..but before that we will have Kim Nam Gil and Shin Dong Wook like in the next 2 months and then Kang Dong Won and Jung Kyung Ho too!!! Yipeee.

  4. I’ve missed Kim Ji Hoon ’cause I’ve been hoping for Secret Investigation Record 2. I’ll be happy to see him in anything, tho’

  5. Ok so the cooing noise that just escaped from my body at Kim JiHoon is not appropriate for a rational woman of my age!
    And I actually think it’s natural to get greedy cause once one love is released you are ready for all! I’ve been counting the days for Nam Gil and JiHoon since the year began.

  6. AWW…but can we talk about the fact that I didn’t recognize Mithra when the photos of him hugging Tukutz and Tablo were being posted on Tumblr as his ceremony was happening. The Bear lost all that weight. He shouldn’t be ashamed to hang out with Heechul and Chocoball anymore

  7. i’m one of kim ji hoon’s biggest fans & thnx for sharing these photos and woah i can’t believe he’s going to come home this summer! u made my day with this great news! when kim ji hoon left for the army i felt as if i was his g/friend feeling so sad & lonely that it will take 2 yrs almost i guess for him to come back but now i can’t believe this is happening this summer! i’m so happy for him & the others in this group photo! sarang hae kim ji hoon ssi! i hope you do another drama after that nice one before you left called stars falling from the sky! 🙂

  8. Im Joo-Hwan cakep ya.
    Apalagi pas dia main di film what’s up,widihhhhh cakep banget.
    Dah gitu saya juga suka sama Kim Ji-Won yang perannya sebagai pacar Im Joo-Hwan.
    Saya berharap banget kalo Im Joo-Hwan sama Kim Ji-Won beneran pacaran.
    Soalnya mereka cocok banget.
    Cowonya cakep,cewenya cakep pula.
    Duhhhhhh, pokoknya cocok banget dahhhh.
    Didoain ya supaya mereka berdua jadi………Aminnnnnnn

  9. wowwwwwwww
    Im Ju-Hwan is the best,good boy,handsome,gentle.
    Go go go
    Im Ju- Hwan,,,,,,,,,Fighting
    Im Ju-Hwan and Kim Ji-Won best couple.

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