Queen In Hyuns Man Wraps Filming and Releases New BTS Stills

With all the commotion that came with Big‘s premiere this week, what with it being Gong Yoo‘s return to TV-land plus a Hong Sisters drama, it would still be impossible to ignore the imminent end to Queen In Hyun’s Man. I really understood the fan fervor for this drama, and I surely did love it, but perhaps just not that ardently. I think it did most everything wonderfully well, and some trip ups were not enough to mar the drama in any meaningful way. I found the love story across centuries to be as grounded as anything I’ve seen in dramas, and really it was just two people finding love when least expected but then being wise enough not to let it go. I’m fingers-crossed the ending will be worth the journey.


Queen In Hyuns Man Wraps Filming and Releases New BTS Stills — 24 Comments

  1. It may not be the best written drama, but for a fan of romcom like me, it’s just perfect. Lots of cute moments and romantic scenes that left me thinking and being happy for a long time… so I’m pleased. Of course, Big is my next passion after this… ^^

    • huh? Not the best? Really? Your standards are very high indeed… hahahaha
      I think it’s perfect. At least the writer didn’t suddenly turn stupid haldway through the series like 98% of the k-dramas out there…

  2. I know that I’m in the minority, but I just couldn’t get into this show. I tried so many times (even made it to episode 10) and SO wanted to love it, but I just wasn’t compelled to keep watching. It was very well done, and super adorable, and I loved the earnest and surprisingly angst-less exploration of a budding relationship, but I guess it just didn’t grab me.

    But anyway, these BTS stills are adorable. Although that fourth image of the kissy kissy action with the people in the foreground is super awkward. Haha.

    • with ya sista.
      i made it to episode 9.
      but for some reason, admist ALL the other shows, i just couldnt find myself continuing on..
      Agree with you on every word you’ve said, rearwindow.
      I’ll remember this show as romantic, cute, and well-made.. But for some reason, i couldn’t find that GRAB.

      • MANGOS! I’m so happy that I’m not alone, and that you (of all people) are right there beside me. I was beginning to think that I was a freak. Let’s go to a corner and daydream about Jae-ha/Hang-ah, mmkay?

      • Can I come join the daydreams even though I loved QIHM? <333 You both are watching BIG though, right? (I saw mangoes, but no windows…)

      • Yes, Nutella! Please join our corner :).

        I just watched both episodes of Big today and loved it. And have since been commenting up a storm (well, ok, maybe not a storm…yet…a drizzle, perhaps?) on DB ever since. Ha.

      • omigahhhh!! All of my lovelies right here!! Am not yet in the mood for an out and out romance so holding off on watching QIHM…will do so when I can appreciate the romance more and go gooey-hearted!!

        Hope everyone knows that I’m always down for JH-HA AND Seung-gi filled daydreams!! <3

      • Same with me sista!
        I love the cuteness, but can’t feel the ‘GRAB IT’!
        Sorry for others 🙂
        The BTS is cute though…

      • *giggles like mental at the unexpected reunion* I want more subbed BTS videos from TK2H… miss it all shooo muuucchhh :c

        @rearwindows Mission to find you in BIG threads: commence!

        @Saima Yaar, everyone’s down for more JH-HA AND Seung-gi filled daydreams *claps hands ebilly for no reason*

      • @Nutella: TAG! YOU’RE IT!

        @Saima & Reglest: REUUUUUUNIOOOOOONNNNN! I’ve missed you so much!

      • @Rearwindow and @Nutella;
        I miss you two too!!
        I’m still ‘there’…keep making assumption and guess like usual ^^

  3. It’s good escapism fun with perfect romance, but to me too much of a fanservice type of show. But it doesn’t drag and 16 is really a good number to end it.

  4. i think this maybe the first time i heard someone who not totally in love with this drama..
    it perfect…just perfect for me..
    and i hope it will never end…arghhhhh

    how can i live after this…..other previous drama totally suck and never can across the bar that queen in hyun’s man have set….
    i maybe need to wait another 5 year for drama like this to appear again….

  5. So far so good, Koala, 15/16 perfect episodes…

    Someone knock me out so I don’t have to be awake until the last one. Can’t I just close my eyes and it be Thursday at whatever time my download is done?

    • I know you’re one of the greatest fans of this show. Hope you have all the tools in your arsenal to keep the QIHM withdrawals at bay once this show wraps up!! THAT feeling is the worst wherein you don’t have new episodes to feed your addiction…

      • Saima – (sad face)
        I think I am ready because they always give you last episodes that are so painful you really can’t imagine living through their tears again!

        Plus, there is: AGD, Ghost, IDID, Big and G (BM) to feed the addiction. 🙂
        I think 16 eps is perfect. They get two months of my life: heart and soul, and then out. I wonder if that matches how long the brain’s chemistry works.

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