The Family with Ivy Chen and Chun Jung Myung Releases First Official Stills

Chun Jung Myung and Ivy Chen could quite possibly be the two cutest actors in their respective industries, so seeing them embracing pretty much exponentially explodes the adorableness factor until all I see is a puppy cuddling with a kitten. The filming continues on the C-drama The Family, which is actually directed by Korean PD Choi Yoon Seok (Glass Slippers), and reads totally like a K-drama weekend fare because it’s also written by a Korean screenwriter. Ivy continues raking in her share of K-actors, with her romance with PIE in this drama following her nebulous love triangle with Choi Siwon and Donghae in Skip Beat. I wish PIE’s look in this drama weren’t so stodgy, but that’s a minor quibble since this pairing already makes me uber happy and I can’t to check out this drama when it air later this year.

It’s too bad PIE doesn’t speak any Chinese. When Ivy did Skip Beat with Siwon and Donghae, since those two boys were learning Chinese and were super outgoing, the leads apparently had great fun on the set goofing off. Poor PIE seems so shy and quiet in comparison, but it’s cute that he draws pictures with Ivy as a form of communication.

Sina Entertainment visits the set of The Family:


The Family with Ivy Chen and Chun Jung Myung Releases First Official Stills — 8 Comments

  1. They’re both so cute they seem related! Not really interested in this yet, but we’ll see, thanks for the update! ^^

  2. It must be so difficult being in another country, not understanding anything about what people are saying… days must seem soooooo long.

  3. I have loved CJM ever since What’s up Fox and Cinderella’s sister. CS was exhausting but the two leads were just too good to drop the drama. I still go and look at that amazing scene when she runs away and he chases her. The music, her intensity, the hair , the look on his face……Those shots were magical.
    I loved Ivy Chen in SB so I am really looking forward to watching this. But why is he wearing those ill fitting 70’s looking suits? He’s got such a nice body and long long legs but he’s looking ridiculous.
    Can someone tell me why he is called PIE?

    • Haha! you should look in the Glosary file, there are a lot of explanations
      “PIE – refers to Chung Jung Myung, because he is a cutie pie. We’ve also discussed dividing him up into pieces like a pie so we can all share equally in the cute hotness that is PIE.”

  4. It’s always interesting to hear about joint projects. On a superficial note, I’m really not liking CJM’s hair. Oh, well. Ivy looks very cute.

  5. Not too thrilled about CJM’s hair, nor the way he’s dressed. I think it’s about time he changes the stylist he often works with.

  6. wow, it is kind of sad for me that the production company do not have enough faith in local directors and script writers, instead they have to hire koreans to recreate k drama.

    dont get me wrong, i love k drama, but i just think it is kind of sad that mainland chinese do not have enough faith in themselves

    and, yes, who ever come up with oppas styling need to be fired, NOW!

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