King of Lan Ling Releases Fantastic First Official Trailer

There is so much pretty in King of Lan Ling that I’m flailing from the want. This drama started filming a scant few months ago, but the production appears to have its shit together because a 3-minute official trailer was just released (on the heels of 7-minutes of footage shown at the Shanghai Film Festival last week – the official trailer is dubbed as all C-dramas are, but the 7-minutes of footage is not dubbed). Starring Feng Shao Feng, Ariel Lin, Daniel Chan, and George Hu, this period drama hits all my period drama kinks based on the trailer alone. The romance looks epic and full of angst, we’ve got a love triangle, and there will be plenty of action to warrant a drama about one of the greatest legendary warriors of ancient Chinese history, the masked general King of Lan Ling Gao Chang Gong. By the way, Ariel’s character Yang Xue Wu calls the King of Lan Ling Si Ye (4th Lord), which is what Liu Shi Shi‘s Ruo Xi called Nicky Wu‘s 4th Prince in Bu Bu Jing Xin, so when I heard it I started having BBJX flashbacks, especially with what looks like the same copious amounts of crying involved.

Official trailer for King of Lan Ling:


King of Lan Ling Releases Fantastic First Official Trailer — 13 Comments

  1. Looks really great and epic. Military scenes are epic, and Ariel has never looked so epic as she walked up the red aisle surrounded on all sides by the courtiers dressed in the white stately robe trailing the train behind her.
    Looks like her voice will be dubbed for this drama although it would have to be coz her Chinese had quite a pronounced Taiwanese twang to it. In in time with you though, her voice was clearly more matured.

  2. Ohohoho, if you know the storyline, is Daniel Chan playing someone evuuuuuul? Because I have never seen someone manage silently menacing the way he managed in MQ (even if that storyline threw all that menacing in there and then… went nowhere with it). More of that sexy-menacing Daniel Chan would be awesomesauce.

  3. Oh God, need this in my life! Any idea of the air date? I might be too impatient to wait for subs with this one.

  4. Hey Ms. Koala,
    Can you give a brief explanation as to why they always have to dub C-dramas and then why some of C-dramas let the actors and actresses use their own voice? I really hate the dubbing of the voices. The voices that they use to dub is a big turn off, which is why I don’t watch a lot of C-dramas, unless it has Wallace Huo in it. And even then I have to consider is the plot going to be any good.

    Thanks Koala!
    Highly appreciate it.

  5. OMG Ariel looks so good in here. I never really find FSF handsome so i think he looks worser in here than in Gong. I miss Daniel. Wish he was the lead instead.

  6. Hi! Ms koala, can you give a brief summary of this series? If I’m not wrong, lan lin wang died pretty early right? Is it gonna be so in the drama?

  7. wow….this doesn’t look shabby at all. When the cast pictures revealed earlier I actually was scared what this would turn out like. Pretty amazing considering it’s Feng Shao Feng’s first production. But even though I really want to watch this for Ariel, it’s pretty hard to start knowing it’s definitely a tragedy.

  8. Aww the scene under the rain, it’s just like in BBJX. But, the first time is always the best… Plus, in BBXJ, the scene go along with the wonderful sad song… oh I’m so addicted to Ruo Xi and 4th Prince.. lol

    By the way, can’t wait to see more of Ariel (who did a great job in ‘In time with you’).

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