Choi Siwon and Yuan Hong Relocate to Kenting to Continue Filming Fall in Love with You Again

The upcoming C-drama starring Choi Siwon, Yuan Hong, and Wang Luo Dan has already gotten one name change in its Chinese title, but hopefully this one will stick. It’s now called Fall in Love with You Again (Chinese title literally means turn around and fall in love with you). Most C-dramas are filmed in sprawling movie studios in Hen Dian or Xiang Shan, or in one of the big cities like Beijing or Shanghai. But since Fall in Love is a joint C-TW production with a heavy hitting TW director and screenwriter, the four leads must feel like they hit the filming jackpot because last week the production moved the filming to Kenting for next month.

Those of you unfamiliar with Taiwan need only know that Kenting is one of Taiwan’s most scenic spots located in the Southern most tip of the island. It has bits of Okinawa and Jeju in the atmosphere and vibe, and some great surfing to be had. Apparently Siwon and his new buddy Yuan Hong have been catching the waves during their downtime, and probably enjoying the sun along with the surf. So jealous! Check out the latest stills from the set. I could swear the OTP must be Siwon and Yuan Hong, and Wang Luo Dan is just along for the ride so she can oogle her two leading men. Who can blame her? I’m looking forward to this drama rabidly, love the cast and the concept. 

Okay, Yuan Hong and Choi Siwon are TOO cute for words. Are they wearing matching couples shirts or doth my eyes deceive me. *flailing at the pretty*


Choi Siwon and Yuan Hong Relocate to Kenting to Continue Filming Fall in Love with You Again — 13 Comments

  1. Aww..can’t wait to see Siwon again in a drama. Love the pic he posted on twitter. beautiful.

    I do not like her hairstyle.

  2. Ooh. Kenting must be quite a beautiful (and protected?) spot indeed.

    Seems like Choi Si Won has shed many pounds, yet again. :-/

  3. Siwon seems fun, well brought up…….really nice but somehow it doesn’t translate onscreen. He gets uptight, awkward body language, funny wooden expressions. …..I did like him a lot in Skip Beat.

  4. Si Won is such a fine specimen of a man. I remember when I thought he was way too hot. Heeheh, but then I found out he was in a boy band and ….yeah, that was it. But he’s just going on the c-dramas nonstop.
    But Koala, I have no other way to get in touch with you, so I wanted to ask if you heard about the Yoo In Ah Ji Hyun Woosituation? She said YES! hehe so cute. You should make a contact page lol.

    • OMG, I immediately google Ji Huyn Woo and Yoo In-na after reading their news from your post. So happy for them ^^

  5. OH I love Siwon!!!!!seen him upclose and personal at a hotel here in the philippines
    He is a real gent…..
    I hope he does well in this new Drama ….followed him from Oh my Lady to Skip Beat.
    Thanks koalshii for the feature…mwah

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