Jo Jung Seok and Lee Hyun Woo Join Kim Soo Hyun in Undercover Spy Movie

Due to a change in PD, filming has been pushed back from July on the upcoming K-movie Covertly Grandly (also translated as Secretive and Great) starring Kim Soo Hyun as a North Korean undercover operative stationed in rural South Korea. Based on a popular Korean webtoon of the same name, this story apparently toggles both the comedy and intensity with equal aplomb. I adore Kim Soo Hyun but I was sorta shaking my head at the absurdity at him bagging a Best Drama Actor Baeksang for his performance in The Moon that Embraces the Sun. I though he did a swell job, and kept me onboard for longer than the wafer-thin story ought to, but compared to some of the other performances of the year, I thought he has a few more years and performances to go before I’ll accord him a Baeksang. Don’t get me wrong, he’s definitely Baeksang worthy, but winning for MoonSun rather deflates the win for me. But I still love him, and this new movie and roles looks to be awesomesauce, especially considering that he’s joined by Jo Jung Seok and Lee Hyun Woo as fellow North Korean spies pretending to be dim-witted South Korean idol wannabes. I literally squealed out loud when I saw this cast of talented guys joining forces. 

I think its hilarious that our favorite straight-laced South Korean royal guard Eun Shi Kyung from The King 2 Hearts will be in yet another North-South Korean subject matter project. Even funnier is that he’s defecting to the other side and playing a North Korean government agent rather than a South Korean one. Jo Jung Seok is a fantastic actor who deserves breaking into the big leagues and I couldn’t be happier with him doing more high profile movie roles. Lee Hyun Woo, who just signed on as the second make lead in the Korea Hana Kimi adaptation To the Beautiful You, will be pulling double duty to film this movie. I’m assuming he plays the maknae in this South Korean idol group charade, with Jo Jung Seok as the hyung to his fellow younger spies. Kim Soo Hyun is really picking his projects well, and whomever his agent is deserves a raise and then some. Before this movie even gets released next year, everyone will get to see him in the upcoming ensemble caper movie Thieves with Lee Jung Jae and Jeon Ji Hyun. If you ask me, this movie just rounded up three of the most promising young actors in Korean entertainment right now (though some can argue Lee Je Hoon ought to be considered in this group, but after Fashion King I cannot imagine him being able to act AT ALL, much less be good at it). I’m for sure keeping an eye on this project.


Jo Jung Seok and Lee Hyun Woo Join Kim Soo Hyun in Undercover Spy Movie — 17 Comments

  1. I kow im going to watch this for sure. Jo Jeong Seok and Kim Soo Hyun, what an awesome ensemble of cast.

    Did you read about Jo Jeong Seok and the draft dodging controversy? I’m honestly quite curious about your take it, since you also quite like him and his acting abilities.

    • Apparently JJS was exempt from MS on personal grounds. He was the sole provider for his widowed mum. But, as always appreciation and fan love in Korea comes hand-in-hand with unnecessary scrutiny, entitlement, and ownership. Tablo’s case is a very famous one. Despite providing proof of graduating (both undergrad and masters) from Stanford the netizens didn’t believe him and maligned the poor guy’s rep.

      • OH MAN. i’ve been following the news regarding his supposedly draft-dodging issue…. from what i’ve read, it seems his exemption was approved. and since it has been approved, shouldn’t the matter be closed/resolved already?!?! seriously, there shouldn’t even be this big hoo-haa -_- although i think they brought this up because the guy, kim mu yeol, who jo jung suk performed with in Spring Awakening Korea, was exempted due to the same reasons.

        ANYHOO, yessssssss. i cannot wait for this movie to come out. they better stick to this casting cause its AWEEESOME.

  2. Yey for Jo Jeung Seok, our unforgettable earnest-bot! He deserves to be in another great, high-profile drama, depicting another remarkable character. Add Kim Soo Hyun, whom I have always loved, and I’m totally on board this project. Oh, this is going to be awesome! Can’t wait…

  3. aww.. your crack on Lee Je Hoon stings.. I am perfectly happy with those three but if LJH jumps on the idol train I would be ecstatic!! LJH proved in his other projects that he could act. It’s unfair to say that he can’t by just it basing it on one project alone.

      • well good for us, lee seung ki did a fantastic job and I can’t imagine anyone else!

        i am happy to see jjs in another venture. Whp cares about the dodging military crap? Cherist, who is so obsessed to blame him? Of course he wouldn;t want to go? besides, let he who is without fault first throw the stone. JJS is very talented and he was working his fours off befefore he emrged from the depths of the unknown. I want to see him on screen not in the military.

  4. I like all 3 of them individually but together as a team they feel a bit off, especially as an idol group…but I’ll be happy to be proven wrong here as I’m definitely going to want to watch this now…the premise sounds a bit wacky…so this could either be wacky fun or just plain wacky…for KSH’s sake I’m hoping its the former cuz if not this will be his third project that would have sucked for me ( sorry DH.and MoonSun fans…didn’t really like either despite liking his performances in them)

  5. lee hyunwoo!!!! I’m so glad to see him taking more roles. he’s definitely one of the most talented teen actors right now

  6. JO JUNG SEOK!!! Is there a chance he will be a singer/north Korean spy? I’d love to hear him sing again. If he picks a musical for his next project this year, I will be flying to Korea!!

    Now if only Lee Je Hoon would join this movie.. but in any case I am sold!!

  7. What a beautiful cast! 🙂 The plot sounds interesting and if done well could be fun to watch. If Lee Je Hoon joins that would be… I’m flying to Korea to catch the movie lol It’s a shame LJH declines King2Hearts for Fashion King because I would have probably watched K2H instead of watching nothing.

  8. I’ve only visited Seoul once and I’d really like to plan my next visit for when Jo Jung Seok stars in another musical! Love his voice, and I think his acting is so organic, love love him!

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