Cable Drama Panda and Hedgehog with Donghae and Yoon Seung Ah Releases Stills

Oh boy, Panda and Hedgehog has the potential to be such a mess it’s not even funny. Not because it airs on cable network Channel A, or stars up-and-coming young actors Donghae and Yoon Seung Ah, but because the writer of this drama also produced It’s Okay, Daddy’s Girl. That drama was a hot mess of the first degree, and funny enough Donghae was also in it! Has he not learned from last time? But I like he so much, especially when he really did so much with so very little as Bu Puo Shang in Skip Beat. The story here centers around a warm and cuddly café owner heroine who falls for a prickly and acerbic baker who works for her. Rounding out the obligatory love triangle is Choi Jin Hyuk. Good or bad, hopefully there will be plenty of cute to be had. P&H premieres in July on Channel A. Though if Pandas are being made into a drama, wherefore art thou a Koala?


Cable Drama Panda and Hedgehog with Donghae and Yoon Seung Ah Releases Stills — 8 Comments

  1. Find it funny that the two males in the drama were both in ‘It’s Okay, Daddy’s Girl’ but this drama looks a lot more fun and happy compared to Daddy’s Girl so hopefully the drama won’t be a hot mess like Daddy’s Girl. So hopefully it will be a good watch.

    • Yeah, they were playing hyung and donsaeng in Daddy’s girl and rivals here…but you wanna know wat’s even more funny? Apparently Dong Hae’s ‘We Got Married’ partner Seo Eun So, recently announced that she’s dating Choi Jin Hyuk in real life…So basically he lost his wifey to his ex-(fake)hyung who will also be his love rival in this drama

  2. *Hot potato alert*: I even never heard of that project before. Looks like a mix of Fondant Garden and every drama having “coffee” in its title. Hmmm. Not even sure I will watch this as a guilty pleasure. Maybe just for Choi Jin-hyuk. I like the pic of Donghae with the back lightning: Very Jung Il-woo when he was the Scheduler.

  3. Choi Jin-hyuk is dating Son Eun Seo in real life. Donghae and Son Eun Seo dated in We Got Married. Now, Choi Jin-Hyuk and Donghae are in the same drama… Waaaa…. interesting~~~

  4. The leads and the premise look so adorable…Daddy’s girl was a mess plot wise but there were some cute /charming elements to it…so I’m thinking that as long as there are no murder or framing stories here it should be fine…it kinda reminds me of the TW drama Sweet Relationship with Zai.Zai that I adored…that said the only lead with any potential I see here is Choi Jin Hyuk who was great in INR, I cant speak for DongHae as I haven’t seen much of him since Daddy’s girl and idk if he’s gotten any better….Yoon Seung Ah, though I think is very cute has a long way to go in the acting department…I was really dissapointed that she hadn’t shown much growth going from All My Love to Moon that embraces the Sun

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