Written Preview for Episode 4 of Miss Rose

I feel like every post of mine about Miss Rose is me talking to myself, since pretty much no one else is watching it since its not being subbed. Oh well, I do enjoy sharing secret little pleasures of mine with other drama lovers, though the inability to have flailing discussions for how much awesome this drama is does dampen my spirits just a smidge. Three episodes in, I can safely say this drama has broken out of its earlier similarities to Office Girls and shown that its focusing on the OTP romance much more than OG did. I loved OG, but the OTP of Xing Ren and Zi Qi lacked the passionate romance and instead subsisted on the cute sweetness to showcase their mutual maturation. In MR, neither Cheng Kuan and Si Yi are immature in the slightest, though she does tend to jump to conclusions and over-react while he’s a grumpy ass when he wants to be.

Since this couple is older, I love that they are falling for each other in much more self-aware ways and actually thinking about what it might mean in the long run. Si Yi doesn’t think Cheng Kuan is a possibility, and I bet Cheng Kuan asked VIvian what he means to her at the end of episode 3 because his recent interactions with Si Yi is leading him to question his path in life. Should he marry for his career, or perhaps love isn’t something out of his reach. Episode 4 looks to be chock full of OTP goodness and some burgeoning complications with Vivian start to arise. I love it, because the former makes this story so satisfying to watch, and the latter starts to raise the stakes all around.

Written preview for episode 4:

Cheng Kuan and Si Yi – the later it gets, the more beautiful it is?

The TV is showing a passionate kiss between the leading man and leading lady. Si Yi can’t help but replay her kiss with Cheng Kuan. There was no love…..there was no passion……just two lips lightly pressed together. A touch like this without any warmth, what does it mean?

In order to win the large government bid in an effort to save Guang Qiang, Si Yi and Cheng Kuan take a long distance trip to gather intel. The two of them overnight in the same hotel, what other pratfalls will befall them? Faced with the beautiful scenery of an aquarium, Si Yi and Cheng Kuan feel the romantic atmosphere around them. Si Yi awkwardly wearing her pajamas, Cheng Kuan sipping an apertif, the mood is very interesting.

The normally cold and reserved Cheng Kuan gradually lowers his barriers, but the increasingly closeness between them is interrupted by a phone call. The caller ID shows that its from Vivian. Cheng Kuan slowly presses the answer button, is a bomb about to drop on them?

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Written Preview for Episode 4 of Miss Rose — 38 Comments

  1. You’re not talking to yourself! I love your recaps and thoughts on Miss Rose. It’s the only thing tiding me over until someone subs it eventually.

      • Miss Rose is Coming!!! Miss Rose is Coming!!! Oh yeah, I already said that below. Anyway, was that a Prius I saw him driving? Can I love this man any more? Now he’s fuel-efficient?!?!?! They better start selling those stuffed manatees online STAT. Oh, Miss Koala. How can you think you are alone on this one? I am spazzing just from your recaps. I can’t imagine what will happen once they start posting them on dramafever once a week.

  2. Ms. Koala,

    Thank you for all the “Miss Rose” posts. I love reading the recaps and any other information you share with us about the drama. How I wish it was available with English subs. Even without, I’m following the story and watching the episodes raw. Your recpas greatly help me better understand what is going on. Please keep sharing!!!

    I have a questions though about the title “Miss Rose”, what is it referring to? I know the title of most dramas will refer to something in the storyline or in regards to the main character(s). I was curious about the meaning of the title for this drama.

    • can you share where we can watch this raw?

      ms. koala — won’t understand a word of this but dying to watch it. really appreciate your recaps. i miss roy!

    • I don’t know Chinese but I think miss rose might come from her name “Luo si yi” because it sounds like rose. Ro (Luo) – Se (Si yi).

  3. No, you are not alone Ms. Koala. I’m all over MR too. I’m waiting and counting down every single hour for the 4th ep. I’m so crazy about Mr. Qiu. This drama is really good in capturing the audience. Hehe…
    Keep posting, I love every post of your of Roy Qiu and his dramas.

  4. No, you are certianly not only talking to yourself. I enjoy all your posts about Miss Rose too. Although I can understand basic Mandarin oral conversation and read all Chinese subtitle, I still like to read your comments about the past episodes and like to check out all the previews. Although this is the first time I put comment on your page, I have followed your playground for almost two years. I like that you covers Asian drama from different regions. Since I don’t have much time to watch drama, your playground has helped me greatly to find the best drama to watch… City Hall, Lie to Me, BBJX (books and TV), Office Girls, etc…. and now Miss Rose! Thanks.

      • MISS ROSE IS COMING!!! MISS ROSE IS COMING!!! MISS ROSE IS COMING!!! I prayed to the dramagods that I would try to be a better person if someone would sub this drama. Now my prayers have been answered. I just saw it in the announcement on dramafever, too. And instead of looking at/for anything else, I came over to A Koala’s Playground to share. The only reason I am NOT doing a jig right now is because I cannot type and do a jig at the same time. The only problem is that I promised the drama gods to try to be a better person. Sigh. The things I do for more drama.

  5. Honestly if this show was being subbed I would check it out because I loved CH and this looks like it’s right up my alley.
    Still I do enjoy reading your recaps :)

  6. You’re not alone, I totally love reading your recaps on Miss Rose!! Can’t wait until the drama actually get’s subbed.

  7. You’re not alone, I check your recap/thoughts every episode after I watch the drama itself. I love a second opinion on an ep while its fresh in my mind

  8. I’m also watching MR!!! Hahaha.. and i have to go somewhere this weekend i’m so pissed solely because i have to miss ep 4.. arrrga\lhhh.. well, at least i know ep 4 will be waiting for me when i’m back. Ep 3 is so far the best out of the first 3 episodes. And ms. koala, i really appreciate your recapping & posting on MR although I totally understand and speak Mandarin. I just like to come here and read how other people are also loving it. :)

  9. You are definitely not alone!!! :) Between MR and Arang, our drama tastes are completely aligned this time! :) Yippee! I too also appreciate your recaps, thoughts and posts on MR. I also can read/speak/write Chinese & speak taiwanese so I don’t need subs to view it but it’s still great to read your thoughts and see previews in one spot and all the parallels to City Hall. Of course, your recaps are fun to read regardless of whether it’s jdrama, twdrama, kdramas or cdrama.

    I hope they sub it soon for everyone else too. I know how it feels to wait for subs for kdramas and jdramas (which I don’t understand). Thanks for tiding readers over.

    I want more SY & CK moments. I can see myself really hating Vivian :) Can’t wait for ep 4. My only hope is that this series keeps me interested all the way to the end. I dropped a lot of tw series this year at around ep 11 or 12. MR – fighting! Jia you!

  10. I echo everyone, have been enjoying this series even without the subs though it makes it like torture. SO I’m happy that you’re recapping it so that at least I get a more accurate idea of what’s going on. Love that they are both older like you said and more self-aware and mature, also enjoying CK’s bromance with his pal. Anyway, good news abt dramafever subbing! Maybe they heard the numerous fans praying for it LOL!

  11. Thank you so much for your recaps! I like to read them and then watch the raw versions, while referring back to your recaps. Such a cute drama!

    Also, have you started Love Actually yet? (I know you’re on vacation, but you seemed so excited about it.) There are some episodes up online, but they are mostly raw. Good thing I know the plot of Lunch Queen. ^^

  12. Hi Ockoala, don’t be disheartened, I love all your recaps, as a matter of fact, i’ll have my first e-reader soon and the first book i’m going to read is the one you reviewed ” Ballads of the desert and Song in the Clouds. I also started to watch RMPW because of your recap. I’m an expat living in taiwan and I really love to watch taiwanese drama in the hope of learning some expressions but the whole part I still want a English sub, once it’s sub, i’m on the boat, and please continue to recap. thank you!

  13. Our inability to understand the language does limit our willingness to comment or bring another element to their interactions/dialogues, since we pretty much solely rely on your recaps to get a full understanding of the episodes. :)

    Therefore once the drama gets subbed and available worldwide – because dramafever is not in Europe for instance, comments will flow on your recaps. ;)

    I have been so anticipating ep 4 that I mistook last Wednesday, a National Day over here, as a Sunday and I was eagerly looking for raw streaming links that same night, in vain. lol

    Since you have been on vacation, I did not want to rant and rave too much but after reading your entry, here are a few others thoughts on ep 3:
    - the bribery through the golf bag was so obvious and again a reminder of CH. I mean, the way the “lackey” was carrying it from the car truck up the stairs right in front of Si Yi and Sheng Jun screamed “fishy” to me.
    - I wish the PD would have shot a close-up of Si Yi’s face when she found out at the press con that the bouquet of flowers Cheng Kuan had requested for her to purchase was intended for his fiancee. Him being engaged was news to her (right?), thus seeing her reaction would have been a bonus point.
    - I did enjoy the contrast of the rides with Si Yi and Vivian in Cheng Kuan’s very interesting. The former immediately noticed his telescope and earnestly talked about their common passion. On the other hand, Vivian did not pay any attention to Cheng Kuan, all about herself and her cell phone, which did indeed elicit his question as who he is to her?
    - I just love seeing how Si Yi has begun to open herself up, partly because of Cheng Kuan. Because of her wounds in her past lovelife, she had focused her life on her career and a strict appearance, which in fact did prevent her from getting any romantic interest. This was like a shell that would protect her from getting hurt. Yet, because of the “professor date”, she agrees to wear that niiiice pink outfit plus contacts then the yellow tailor and her hair down at work. This is the makeover I was referring to in a previous post, that I was so eager to watch if the writer would follow that bit of CH story.
    - Last but not least, Mi Rae could not compete with chaebol’s daughter Go Hae until she was appointed Mayor. That sort of gave her power versus her rival’s money. Thus I wonder how Si Yi will gain “power” versus Vivian’s wealth, else she will crumble under the witch’s wrath as some previews did seem to show, at least for now.

  14. Hi Ms Koala, you’re not alone. Your posts got me interested and I’ve it on my computer in fact after this going to start ep 1. It’s just I’ve been flat out with the Korean dramas working on 3 series. The viki subs won’t ever be done unless a miracle occurs. The manager is so new she doesn’t even have staff to cut the segments for translators.

    However Miss Rose is my carrot which I dangle for myself. My treat for when I am done editing. So today and tomorrow… woo hoo going to marathon all of three episodes. About the only thing bugging me is his hair- it is just a bit too long. But everything else about the drama looks so spot on and I love his ? friend/secretary guy. Love those 2. Currently even more than the OTP.
    So please continue to give us the preview and other goodies.

  15. Yup you’re definitely not alone. Thanks for introducing this drama. Good thing I understand it without subs but waiting for 1 episode per week is tough. Oh the agony…

  16. im a huge fan of your blog therefore i visit your page daily and read up on pretty much anything and everything you write about, i like your thoughts and insights….b/c of you im watching this drama, although im clueless on whats being said but thanks to your recaps i can comprehend the storyline…*sigh* i just cant wait for subs!!!! until then thank you and much much love and appreciation :)

  17. i don’t comment that much here, but i do love your recaps too, even though i’m fluent in Mando and can just watch it raw. but i looove reading people’s recaps on the shows i watch. :) good job, and keep on! :)

    just wondering – i can do translating rather quickly, so i’d love to help with getting Miss Rose subbed for everyone to watch. but i’m not so good with the techy stuff…so is there a way i can just do one and not the other?

  18. This drama is awesome, and I love it!
    Luckily, due to my tedious Cantonese classes in Hong Kong every summer, I’m able to read the chinese subtitles without any difficulties…..and my subpar Mandarin suffices….
    Im anticipating tomorrow’s episode! Hopefully, it’ll be a good one.

  19. Usually just a quiet reader. Ms. Koala, you’ve gotten me started on all of the dramas you write favorable recaps for :D

    *ahem* Public Service Announcement!

    I’m trying to get the viki channel going for this show, so if anyone has time to help, please do! You don’t need to translate. In fact, we’re most in need of people to segment (basically cut up the video by sentence). But if anyone can translate, we’ll need that soon too!

    And anyone waiting for subs, keep an eye on the channel too. :)

    Link: http://www.viki.com/channels/9112

  20. Ms Koala: You’re not alone! i am chinese and love this show and also watching Love actually. I try to watch other stuff as well so i am not waiting around inpatiently for the next episode to come..but you’re right its an awesome drama! every episode something interesting happens that brings them closer together! can’t wait for tomorrow morning, 10 am my time…!!

  21. I really enjoy your recaps too since I’m too impatient for subs I need to watch them raw. It’s your fault for having me hooked on Roy. Got several girls at my work hooked on him too. Can’t wait for your recap on epi 4 soon.

  22. Miss koala, understand mandarin enuff to watch w/o subs but still visit ur site to watch ur translation as ur pix n interpretation make me feel like I’m not alone. Thank u!!

  23. Ms K, you are not alone on MR. I am watching it every week and loving it. As you have referred MR following the K drama – City Hall, now I am also interested to check out City Hall~!

    Just finished Ep 4 of MR, sigh…another long week of waiting, but this ep is so hilarious….loving the fast-paced story telling

  24. Just adding to all the other love — I am enjoying your recaps as well. I was hoping someone would sub it because my Chinese is only so-so, but I couldn’t wait so I just watch it on tudou and then read your recaps to make sure I understood everything :) I’m a little behind so I am just about to watch ep 4, so excited to see SiYi and Cheng Kuan’s relationship heat up with this road trip. I agree with you about liking the maturity of this in contrast to OG. I LOVED OG, don’t get me wrong, but XingRen and ZiQi were indeed kind of juvenile, so I am also looking forward to watching Roy as part of a more mature OTP.

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