A Werewolf Boy with Song Joong Ki and Park Bo Young to Premiere at Toronto Film Festival

Before Song Joong Ki was a Nice Guy, he was first a werewolf boy in the upcoming PD Jo Sung Hee directed A Werewolf Boy (literal title is Wolfboy). The movie has been officially selected to show at the Toronto International Film Festival so an English movie poster and trailer has just been released. Song Joong Ki co-stars with one of my favorite young Korean actresses in Park Bo Young, and together they play the titular feral boy raised in the wild and the young girl who befriends him and tries to teach him to live amongst the humans. The trailer is short but quite riveting, though that’s all due to Song Joong Ki’s beautiful face showing so much emotion in with such limited expressions of wonder and fear. I can’t wait to check this movie out, though we’ll be able to watch Song Joong Ki in Nice Guy first before the movie is released in Korea. Check out the trailer below for a glimpse of how K-movies wants to tackle the wild child subject matter. I love the dreamy and sad feel of it.

TIFF Trailer for A Werewolf Boy (English-subbed):


A Werewolf Boy with Song Joong Ki and Park Bo Young to Premiere at Toronto Film Festival — 35 Comments

  1. It and he do look beautiful.
    I hope they don’t Edward Scissorhands this story. I haven’t recovered from that sadness yet.

    I am curious why Park Bo Young is one of your favs? What was she in that you particularly liked?

    • Speedy Scandal and Jungle Fish. She took a 3 year hiatus but I love how she acts. Reminds me of a cross between Moon Geun Young and Im Soo Jung.

  2. It looks very dreamy indeed 🙂
    SJK looks like a pretty pretty boy… me likes!
    Does not look like a happy ending – better get ready a box of tissues 🙁

    Thank you Ms K!

  3. y do i feel the ending is not gonna be of the NICE one!!! i knw its a tearjerker!! gawd!!!! hw am i ever gonna AVOID it!! i surrender!!
    come out soon u lovely lonely handsome wolfboy
    song joonki saranghee!!<3

  4. OMO. Does this mean Song Joong Ki will be at TIFF?! Or is that just my own wishful thinking? *jumps up and down* I must go this year!

    These two are both cute enough to give me cavities on their own, but together they’re practically an explosion of blinding cuteness. I can’t wait to see this. Although I’m pretty sure it will make me cry.

    • Will he be @ TIFF next month? Well, it doesn’t look good. 🙁 The week of the festival happens to be the week of Nice Guy’s premiere on KBS, and between the the 15-hour flight to Toronto (direct) and the promotional events he’d have to do, he’d have to take off min. 3-4 days from NG and I just don’t think his filming schedule would allow it. Which is most likely why his name was conspicuously absent in most of the articles reporting on TIFF’s invitation to AWB (“Park Bo-Young and director Jo Sung-Hee will attend the premiere”, leaving out the lead actor on the poster). There’s no final confirmation yet so maybe they’re doing some serious reshuffling to clear his schedule but the chances are rather remote.

      • Aww, that’s too bad. Though I hadn’t had my hopes up really, but how cool would it be if he was going to be in my neighbourhood? Nobody ever comes to Canada. :/

        Thanks for the info! 🙂

      • Ahhh, I was so excited that there’s a possibility that he’s coming to Toronto…until I realized that I’m leaving this fall for uni in Montreal. So disappointed about the timing 🙁

  5. Ah, this looks so good! Joong Ki and Park Bo Young look like they could be soul twins, like a boy and girl version of each other. I hope it will be released in the U.S.

  6. That was beautiful. Although I wish the actual film will retrain from overly using the epically sentimental music like the one in the trailer.

    • The composer/music producer for this film is Shim Hyun-Jung, who was responsible for Old Boy and Ajusshi/The Man from Nowhere. Whether it means we should expect something better/more appropriate in the actual film, we’ll have to see. That poster is far more director Jo Sung-Hee’s style than the sentimental trailer, but he could be opting for a more conventional route for his first commercial film ever. (Sort of like Park Chan-Wook having to prove his commercial abilities with JSA before he got to do Old Boy.)

  7. wooooooooohoooooooooo! regardless if song joong ki comes to toronto or not, this movie is at the top of my must-watch movies.

  8. Hope this will be release soon at Philippine cinema, looking at the preview this is quite an excellent & interesting love story to watch! Thanks for the update & info.

  9. Ack, is that the typical third act sudden illness I see? Touch wood!

    Other than that, the movie looks ethereal and those two cutie pies match each other <3

  10. Why does he look like a 12 year old boy in this movie lol, I can’t even swoon over him because he looks so young. I love the actors though yay Park Bo Young. I thought Werewolf boy was going to be a campy fun ride like that movie of Michael J. Fox but it looks sad. I’m happy for the Toronto FF invite it means it will have awesome subs and be available earlier.

  11. I’m so glad that she finally got to work again (wasn’t there something with her old agency)
    And Joong Ki looks as baby faced as ever but he is still oh so adorable.
    This looks so dreamy and wonderful and also like it will make me cry my eyes out.

  12. So beautiful! Tear jerker it is….. Song joongki is dreamy~~ loved him since OBGYD! He still hasn’t aged this baby faced kid! Cant wait till the whole thing is out for us to see!

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